Safety First | 위기탈출 넘버원 – Heavy Loads / New Semester / Bad Breath (2016.03.13)

Safety First | 위기탈출 넘버원 – Heavy Loads / New Semester / Bad Breath (2016.03.13)

Stay safe and protect your body! This is Korea’s center of safety! Safety First! We have a welcome guest today. He debuted in the 1990s just like me. Mino of Freestyle! Good to be here. Freestyle! You don’t seem like a 1990s star. He seems more 2000s. He just became famous. It took a while. You look young. As many people may know, I debuted 17 years ago. Many people don’t know. You all reacted like you have no idea. He debuted 17 years ago. That’s why I prepared a Safety Profile so you can get a better idea of what Mino is like. Name: Mino. Real name: Choi Minho. – Minho. / – Cool name. He gave up on studying early on as a student and he enjoyed playing in nature. He tried to pick a chestnut from a chestnut tree when his friend hit him on the head with a rice mallet causing him to pass out. So that was the turning point. The turning point of your life. I was very smart then. He lost his intelligence. My genre changed. He stayed safe and out of danger and then he came up with the group Freestyle with his younger brother when he was 23. He thought he’d be a big hit as soon as he debuted, but he endured many hardships and even lived in a container and couldn’t afford 3 meals a day. Anyway, he recovered from that and because of his talking skills he’s now seen as a late rising star in variety but he encounters trouble again. Again? Trouble for middle-aged men. Balding. So you’re balding… He’s very concerned over his thinning hair. When one door closes, another opens. He got a beautiful woman. He married a really pretty woman. I was shocked. She’s so pretty. Looks like a Western beauty. How’d you meet her? She’s actually an English teacher. She sings in a band as a hobby. Good at singing and English… So you were her tutor? So that’s how we started. When a man and woman spend a long time together… You never know what will happen. You grow fond of each other. – Try teaching exercise, Jongkook. / – Yeah. Or fighting. The only thing you can teach is exercising. How about you teach Jongkook a tip on how to get a great woman? A way to get the woman for you. You have to look mellow when you look at her. How? Show us. 1, 2, 3. (Isn’t this mellow?) Are you tired? They look like the eyes of a conman. If my husband looked at me like that I’d think he was ill. They look like eyes that need to rest. My wife likes it. So that’s all that matters. It’s almost time for dinner. Marts and markets are filled with housewives grocery shopping. It looks tough to carry those heavy loads in both hands on the way home. Sometimes you try to switch to the other hand because the bags get heavy. Sometimes you put them down to take a rest. We’ll try to change the way those housewives carry their bags. How does that feel? More comfortable. This feels less heavy. It feels much lighter like this. My hand doesn’t hurt, it’s amazing. Is there a way? The housewives say it’s a lot more comfortable. What is this method? This is how the housewives carried a heavy bag easily. Make sure that the palm faces out. Does it really feel lighter when you just turn the direction of your hand? We’ll find out more precisely now. For our experiment we go to Korea’s first weightlifting-only gym. Many aspiring weightlifters pursue their dreams here. Who will be taking part in our experiment here? One has rock-hard abs. The other is the Bruce Lee of idols. Xiao and Gyujin of UP10TION. I was like that too once. The team competing against them has what it takes when it comes to strength. Comedians Jung Myunghoon and Kim Sungwon. My chest went too far up. (The funny and entertaining comedian team) And a special guest to be a fair referee. Hello. I won the silver medal for weightlifting in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. I’m Lee Baeyoung. This is how the competition will go. They’ll lift up shopping baskets filled with water bottles with their palms facing in and hold it for 5 seconds to succeed. After each team succeeds, weights will be increased. If they fail, they’ll try again with the same amount of weight only with their palms facing out. Comedians vs. idols. Who will be the victor? Contestant, step forward please. The first to go is UP10TION’s Gyujin. (Nervous) He’ll attempt 25kg in each hand for a total of 50kg. That’s the weight of most women. Really? Most… Not all… 1, 2, 3. Nice. Count! Stay calm. Look out into the distance. Success! As expected. Gyujin succeeds in lifting 50kg. Let’s see one more time. (Gyujin lifts the baskets with stable form) Good form. (His face didn’t change much) Success! Red team athlete, step forward. Got it. This time, Kim Sungwon of the comedian team will lift the same 50kg. It’s light. Don’t use too much strength at the start. (He uses his strength to lift) Why is it so hard for him? Count! Success! Comedian Sungwon also successfully lifts 50kg. Let’s take another look. (Sungwon lifts the basket with trembling legs) Good form. But he’s trembling. (You can tell he’s using a lot of strength) – He usually has big dark circles, right? / – Yes. Success! This time the weight will be increased to 30kg for each basket for a total of 60kg. (Sungwon on the comedian team goes first) Go ahead. (He struggles to lift the baskets again) Count! Nice. I bet it’s hard to hold them up. Success! Slowly. Comedian Sungwon succeeds in lifting 60kg. Gyujin will attempt lifting 60kg as well. Will he succeed? You can do this. Xiao’s laughter makes Gyujin lose focus and he puts the baskets down. Will he fail? He tries lifting again. Hang in there a bit. Look into the distance. He makes it look easier than Sungwon. Idols are strong these days. Gyujin successfully lifts 60kg. The weight is increased again to 40kg per basket for a total weight of 80kg Isn’t 80kg one straw sack of rice? – Step forward please. / – My pregnancy weight. Let’s go. You can do this! He’s strong… Look into the distance. Breathe, breathe. Inhale… Success! Gyujin successfully lifts 80kg. Good job. Let’s take another look. Let’s do this! (Gyujin’s form seems flawless from the side) (But his legs look shaky from the front) (And he’s really cringing) Idols always look handsome. Even when cringing. Inhale. Success! This time Sungwon will attempt to lift 80kg. No problem. I still have a long way to go. Will he be able to lift 80kg like Gyujin did? (The baskets don’t move) His face looks like a gold medalist. Keep your arms straight. You can’t even lift it a little? (He tries again) I’m out of strength. Can he change his grip? I can’t do this. Fail! Comedian Sungwon fails at lifting 80kg. So the idol team UP10TION wins the battle of strength. Make a battle cry. Focus. But what would happen if Sungwon lifted with his palms facing out? Sungwon changes the direction of his palms and attempts to lift the 80kg he failed to earlier. (He lifts with a battle cry) Count! Success! – Help me… / – Nice! Sungwon successfully lifts 80kg! Let’s take another look. When he lifted with his palms facing out, he was able to lift the baskets he couldn’t before. Success! – Help me… / – Nice! It felt a bit more comfortable with my palms facing out. It felt a bit lighter. It was fascinating. We were able to confirm that just changing the direction of your palms will allow you to lift more. Why is this? There are 3 main muscles we use for strength when we lift an object. When lifting with your palms facing out, the direction of strength for those 3 muscles align allowing you to produce greater strength. The 3 muscles we use to lift objects are the supraspinous muscle which is located near the first axillary wrapping the shoulder blade, the deltoid on our shoulder and the trapezius that connects the shoulders and neck. When lifting with your palms facing in, you use your strength with the deltoid away from the other muscles. But when you lift with your palms facing out, the deltoid turns and sticks to the trapezius and supraspinous muscle. The 3 muscles gather into one, creating a synergy effect in strength. It allows you to produce an even greater strength. But there are things to watch out for when we lift heavy loads. When lifting objects off the ground, do not bend over. Bend your knees and lift from a sitting position to prevent lower back injury. When straightening out your legs, do it slowly as not to strain the muscles. It’s good to lift with your elbows as close as possible to your body. It’s because your shoulder muscles are more stressed when your elbows are farther apart from your body, A study shows that regardless of gender or age, any weight 10kg or more can overexert muscles. Try not to lift heavy loads by yourself. When you go home with a heavy load of groceries… How about changing the direction of your palms? It was really hard one time when I went shopping. The plastic bags gave me bruises once. We have a shopping basket with barbells in them prepared. I’ll try lifting them. I don’t have deltoids. If you two can’t do it, Jongkook can… Sure. Just try lifting like normal. Like a regular person. – Change the location… / – Wow! Hold on… – Change the location… / – Wow! Hold on… Wait… Are there rocks in here? I was a bit shocked too. Bend your knees, keep your upper body straight… Straight. – This is weightlifting form. / – Right. Lift your head. I hope I don’t look ugly. Here I go. (Mind the ugliness…) So they’re heavy. Each bag is 20kg. Hold on, what is this? – Is it heavy? / – It’s 40kg total. – That was really hard. / – Really? – I’ll turn them now. / – Your palms. They face out… Lift your face. Bend your knees and try standing. Why do I feel bad for him? Jongkook’s like a personal trainer. – This form feels a bit weird. / – It’s okay. It’s like you’re about to do the ski jump. Right… Try flying now! Rise up! (I’m coming, honey) Try flying now! Rise up! Here I go. Really? For real! It’s different? Well… What’s going on? I didn’t look ugly just then, right? Lifting with my palms out… – Feels different? / – For real. I want to feel that too. Try it. For real. You can sense the weight but it feels easier to lift. I have heels on so I won’t step up. Yeah? Alright… – This is actually pretty… / – Heavy? It should be hard to lift in high heels. What is this? What is this? This is the power of shopping. All the shopping has trained me. Try lifting with your palms out to see how it feels. It feels weird. Something feels weird. How’s that? Keep your hands to your side. How’s that? I feel like I can walk around while carrying these. I’m sorry, but that’ll make me look really bad. Jongkook, you work out a lot. To prevent back injury, you should… This is the basic form. (The direction of his palms don’t matter to him) Like that. – The other way. / – Turn the palms. – Have you ever tried lifting like that? / – Never. Never. Earlier, it definitely felt like I was using arm strength. This time, my arms are just holding them and it feels like I lifted with just my body. This is definitely easier on the arms. I think once this airs, all the neighborhood men will haul around two big water containers. Like this. When their wives ask them to buy water… A mysterious accident. All accidents happen for a reason. The traces of the accident point to one cause. Detective Kim Jimin’s Pretty Detective K starts now. A sinkhole accident at the redevelopment construction site. Choi who was working is found buried and dead. Jimin comes to the scene of the accident to solve the case. There’s no such thing as an unsolvable case. Pretty Detective K. Did I come to the wrong place? (But then!) Who are you? Me? To tell you about myself… I’m the Picasso of graffiti, Nop.K. Self-proclaimed graffiti artist Nop.K. Picasso? Oh, please… What’s your deal? Don’t you know about graffiti? I know. It’s a paint job. No, no! I’m a graffiti artist! It’s the same thing… Oh, that… They get in trouble for doing this. There are a lot of cracks here. This place is old. Picasso will make it pretty. (Whatever) (Jimin focuses on the cracks on the wall) (Day of the accident) (3 men working at the construction site) The construction is almost over. I should buy an apartment when this place is redeveloped. Make money first. Let’s get to work. Alright. Demolition? There were a lot of cracked buildings at the construction site the deceased Choi worked. What should we do about this place? What? Is there a problem? It’s hard to color the wall if it sticks out. You sure try hard on a paint job. I’m a graffiti artist! Good for you, Mr. Artsy-fartsy. Hold on… The wall’s uneven? Why is this part sticking out? Choi! Wake up! How can you sleep here? I got so sleepy after lunch. (Choi gets up and heads to the construction site) Choi! The ground sank? There was a fence around the construction site so it was pretty safe. Why did Choi… What’s with this wall? The paint won’t dry because of the water. Water on the wall? It looks like the ice stuck on the wall that was frozen all winter has started to melt. A true Picasso doesn’t blame his brush. Give me a break… Hold it! Melt? That’s it! So… What was the deciding cause of the sinkhole accident at the construction site? The constant freezing and melting from the weather has destroyed the ground. On the day of the accident, construction was going on in multiple places of the redevelopment area. There were cracks here and there, but they didn’t stand out because the building was so old. The weather happened to be getting warmer. The ground constantly froze and melted all winter accelerating this collapse. The wall sticking out or the road being cracked was an urgent warning that this is damage from thawing. But Choi never expected the accident because it happened at a nearby building and not at the construction site. From 2012 to 2014 there have been 70 deaths and 866 injured from collapses due to thawing. During February to April, the ground that was frozen during the winter melts making it unstable. This makes it easy for collapsing accidents to occur. You should check if there’s any damage or if the drains are clogged before working on a building or construction site. If something dangerous is spotted it must be reported immediately. When ground sinking occurs at redevelopment sites, it can destroy the building or embankment, damaging gas and electric pipes which could cause a big disaster. We’ll tell you how to avoid collapses from thawing. First, when buildings nearby suddenly tilt or it smells like gas around the construction site, you should suspect that they’re signs that a collapse will happen. Second, if the ground at a construction site is uneven or cracked, immediately call the police or emergency services. Lastly, safety fences must be placed around construction sites where the ground is weak. Danger zones should also be marked with a sign. Collapses due to thawing. If you remember the signs and follow precautionary rules, you can stay safe. We’d better be careful. Especially around this time. That’s right. We have a keyword about our next safety lesson. Let’s take a look. The new semester? School’s going to start soon. How exciting. The new semester brings many things to mind. What is there? – New friends. / – Sure. It’s exciting to meet new friends but it also makes you nervous. I never stood up from my desk until I got used to my new friends. Why not? Because they’d be shocked if they suddenly saw my legs. So I stayed seated for a while… I tried not to stand. I see. What about new semester syndrome? The new semester is always fun and exciting… Not for kids that have trouble adjusting. That’s true… It could be hard for them to change classes. It takes a long time for shy kids to befriend their new desk mate when they change classes. Show us the keyword to see if someone got it right. (New semester syndrome) – This really exists? / – You were precise. You really feel anxiety. It could happen. We used to fake being sick because we didn’t want to go to school. Sometimes you really get sick thinking like that. Since I’ll be the parent of a student soon… My daughter will be in elementary school next year. Really? I’m nervous that she won’t like school. I’m curious about what kids these days think. The new school year and semester are approaching. What do Korean parents worry about the most when it comes to their children’s education? I’m worried about their studies and friends. My oldest son was ostracized in elementary school. I’m most worried about that. I’m most worried about that stress being taken out on the friends. My child should get used to school, so I’m worried she won’t adjust to that environment. There were many concerns about whether the child can adjust to a new environment and about making friends. – I don’t want to go to school… / – You should. Are you concerned because your child doesn’t want to go to school now that school will start soon? Perhaps it’s new semester syndrome. When starting a new school year or semester, some kids can find it difficult to adjust to an unfamiliar classroom and students. They call this new semester syndrome. They can whine or even get a stomachache or headache. In severe cases they can develop depression or anxiety, so parents should watch out for this. So what is new semester syndrome? It’s mostly the anxiety felt over adjusting to a new environment. This is especially stressful for introverted kids. Students experience an increasing amount of study and the pressure to get into university as they go up a grade which also plays a big factor. There’s another reason you shouldn’t think lightly of your child’s new semester syndrome symptoms. It could be a sign of bullying in school. Bullying occurs the most from March to May during the new semester. The most bullying occurs in junior high. In the beginning of the semester, there’s an unseen tension among the students. Ranks are formed, which is a problem. Something really needs to be done to prevent bullying in school from March to May. More people have to be aware of this. The problem is that it’s hard to tell if your child is being bullied. They don’t tell you. Boys especially don’t talk much. According to a study by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, more than 30% of youths do not tell anyone if they are bullied in school. Then is there a way for parents to tell that their kid is being bullied in school? That’s why we prepared this. How to confirm if your child is being bullied. The first method… You keep getting texts. It’s nothing. What is it? I said nothing! Leave me alone. If your child’s smart phone keeps going off, but they’re anxious and won’t check it… Or if they’re way too obsessed with their phone, they may be being ostracized in group chat rooms. What is this cyber-bullying that goes on secretly in the world of smart phones? When the entire class makes a group chat room on their smart phone messenger app neglecting only the victim so that they can’t get important notices… Or every student can leave the group chat room at the same time, leaving behind the ostracized student, causing the student to feel like an outcast. Another method is posting a humiliating photo of the victim as a profile photo or on the group chat room so that the victim is ridiculed. Harsh words are also written about the victim. Even if the victim leaves the chat room they are invited again. They call this chat room prison. This cyber-bullying happens on SNS too. Humiliating photos are posted without permission. Negative comments are written and wild rumors are spread. In some instances, the victim’s photo, name, phone number and other personal information are posted on adult websites for more harassment. That’s awful… There was an unfortunate incident in Seoul recently where a female high school student ended her life because of this type of ostracism. Parents need to pay closer attention because a child that is cyber-bullied on their smart phone or SNS is 3 times more likely to attempt suicide than one that hasn’t been bullied. Cyber-bullying through messenger apps or SNS is hard to see, which is a big problem because the bullying can go on a longer time. If you are friends with your child on SNS, check the comments posted on the photos posted by your child. You can sum things up by seeing what their peers wrote and how they treat your child. Also, regularly posting messages on your child’s SNS account or showing an interest can be a warning for potential cyber-bullies. Here’s the second way to check if your child is being bullied in school. Mom, I need my data recharged. I did that for you a few days ago! Whatever! Get me on an unlimited plan then! If your child suddenly uses a lot of data on their smart phone, or if there’s an increase of small purchases on their cell phone, it might be a case of bullying at school. The tethering or hot spot function on the victimized student’s phone is turned on forcing them to become a WiFi provider. They call this the WiFi bullying. The data of the victim is used indefinitely. If the internet is slow, sometimes violence occurs. Many people are sharing ways on how to prevent the WiFi bullying on the internet, which shows how frequently this occurs with teenagers. And that’s not all. A bully will show the victim an expensive item and force the victim to have that item sent to their house. This is the internet delivery bullying. How often do things like this happen among students? We asked 56 students about WiFi bullying and internet delivery bullying. 29 students, or over half, have directly witnessed these things or have heard of them. It’s hard to tell when this kind of bullying goes on because it happens silently on smart phones or the internet. So is there a way for parents to check? For the WiFi bullying, you can easily check how much data your child used by going on the telecom company app on your child’s phone. If your child won’t give you their phone, you can see the data used on the phone bill. If your child is using twice as much data than the month before, it might be from WiFi bullying. For the internet delivery bullying… Kids make small purchases on their cell phones because it’s convenient. Go into the site for small purchases and look around a bit. You can see the user history to see if your child is being bullied. Here’s the third way to check if your child is being bullied in school. Mom, I need some pocket money. I lost my transit card. Your transit card? How many times has it been this month? Hurry, mom. I’ll be late for school. If your child loses their transit card often and tends to lose it more often after charging their transit card with cash, they might be the victim of bus bullying. Bus bullying happens in two ways. The victim’s transit card is taken away or the victim is forced to go in the same direction of the bullies and pay for the fare. “Pay for my fare.” Mister, 3 students. Bus bullying steals the victim’s money, breaks their spirit and wastes their time. Out of 56 students surveyed… 24 have witnessed or heard of this meaning that this happens frequently. Is there any way to check it your child is a victim of bus bullying? With transit cards, you just have to sign up for something and you can view the usage report. You can check where the child boarded and got off and how much they spent. So make sure you sign up on the website before the child uses the card so you can see the usage report. Then what should a parent do if your child is being violently bullied at school? It’s important to first check all the facts. The child will be psychologically withdrawn so if you’re too forceful when you question your child or discipline them, they could hide facts or give you false information. Try to be convincing through talking so that the child will calmly tell the truth. This is very important. Then what should you do if your child keeps trying to hide the fact that they’re being bullied in school? Bullying mostly occurs in school, so you should talk to the homeroom teacher. At school there are also counseling teachers that specialize in consultation. You should talk to them too. And if you want to be a bit more active, you get can more expert consultation from a youth counseling center or the Wee Center. With some effort from everyone, you can ensure your child has a bright new semester at school. I thought it was just acting sick. I learned today that there are great dangers a child can face at the new semester. I think it’s important to know this information so you know how bullying can happen. And you can try to prevent it. Don’t just worry about your child becoming a victim. They could be the bully too. Parents have to be more active. Let’s take a look at the keyword about our next safety lesson. The danger of odor? What odor is this? The danger of blank odor. I smelled this recently while doing comedy. The top of the head. – Here? / – It really stinks. For me, it’s the smell of cigarettes… Right… I hate it. It gets on your clothes… Think about something that was wrapped up tight and then suddenly exposed. It’s seriously offensive. It’s foot odor. Boots. Boots on women… There are fur shoes too. If you wear stockings and fur shoes your feet will definitely stink. It makes your head hurt. Body odor. That stink, sweat smell… The worst is the smell of arm pit sweat. Are we really talking about this? We wear thick jackets during winter. I keep imagining this… When you take it off in the subway.. Sometimes it stinks. You can’t tell that it’s coming from you. But if someone else smells it… If you’ve been running… Watch out for your dad’s farting. Dads always do it. Why are dads like that? You start farting more when you get married. I hated when my dad did this when I was a kid. My dad did this. “Press my thumb.” – I hated that. / – Right. We’ve talked about a lot of odors. I think we’ve mentioned every one of them. One of these should be the answer. Let’s check. What odor is it? So breath odor could be dangerous. This is very important in society. And your relationships with people… It could destroy relationships. Of if you’re in a couple… You might want to avoid that person. Right. Let’s see if there’s a way to get rid of bad breath. There’s a way? Let’s take a look. You’re happy when you eat tasty food. But after eating, this can make someone else feel disgusted. But you usually can’t tell you have it… Bad breath. Is there any way to get rid of foul breath? Hello! Hello, hello! What’s this? – He’s so happy. / – He’s excited. Spicy pork, raw garlic, raw onion, kimchi and fast-fermented paste stew. It’s a feast of food that make your breath stink. Comedians Lee Wongu and Kim Jeonghun drool over the food without knowing the experiment. You just have to finish all of that food. Really? This looks great. Thank you for the meal. Enjoy. The two enjoy eating meat wraps. Let’s take a look at how they eat. As soon as the meal starts, Jeonghun adds a piece of garlic… No, two pieces of garlic to his meat wrap. Garlic is delicious. Wongu was watching. He takes some seasoned green onions… One piece of garlic… Two… Three… He’s going to add raw onion too? And the sauce… He stuffs a wrap in his face after he adds a piece of spicy chili. It’s good. Jeonghun won’t lose. The garlic is good. He eats a wrap with 3 pieces of garlic… Then he chases it with some fast-fermented stew. He’s really enjoying the food. Wongu also has some stew after every wrap he eats. He’s enjoying it. Those two really enjoy their food in real life. They eat like it’s a competition. The food disappears in an instant. I think all “Gag Concert comedians” like eating. I’m so full. We finished everything. Ate every scrap. Can you both smell your own breath? My breath? The two of them ate a bunch of garlic, onion and fast-fermented bean paste stew. I bet their breath smells horrible. Well… I don’t smell much of a difference. Right? I don’t smell anything unusual. It’s the same as usual. I can’t tell. Their breath doesn’t stink? They couldn’t smell their breath on their own. Is there a way to check how your own breath smells? Is there a way to check that? You just do this with your hands… Right. Blow into your hand and smell. There are two ways to check your breath objectively. Objectively? Let’s see the first method. Please show us. “Lick the back of your hand and smell from 3cm away 10 seconds later.” I didn’t know about this one. I’ll demonstrate. You lick and then… Right. It’s very easy. I just brushed my teeth. The back of your hand? I brush my teeth habitually before shoots. We all do. Will it stink now? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Why are you shaking your hand? I’m worried someone else will smell mine too. I apologize. I should’ve checked sooner. It definitely stinks now. – That saliva smell… / – Right. It smells like saliva. We all brushed our teeth before the shoot. We have to be tested when we’re defenseless. We have some pork hocks, raw garlic, raw chilies and raw green onions. Let’s all eat a wrap. Then we’ll do another breath check. We’ll all add a piece of garlic and chili… – Onion. / – There’s onion too. There are onions with the cabbage. This is a leek. Let’s add a lot of garlic. Two pieces each. We’ll each eat a wrap… This is an average wrap… Very basic. Will this fit? The garlic sure is delicious. This place is good. I can already… We’ll lick the back of our hands again… I bet we can smell it by blowing. – I can smell it. / – We’ll do the test. Really get the back of your tongue on there. I went deep. I smelled it as soon as I licked myself. We’ll have Jimin go first. I can slightly smell the spicy smell of garlic. It smells. I feel like someone spilled wrap sauce on me. Right! Like someone spilled sauce on me… It’s like you got some on you, but you didn’t get all of it off. As if you brushed it off with your hand. It is that smell. It’s not a good smell. Shall we see the next method then? I hope it’s simple. Oh, this! Keep your mouth closed for 3 minutes… We jokingly say, “Say something. Your breath will start to stink.” Should we keep our mouths closed for 3 minutes? The staff prepared a game in case we get bored just breathing through our noses for 3 minutes. When a question appears on screen, use your hand to point. Do not open your mouth. Just use your hand. We’ll start now. (Who hasn’t been kissed in the longest time?) (1, 2, 3) (You!) (Everyone points to Jongkook) (Who will be forever alone? Jongkook or Jimin?) (Not me!) (1, 2, 3) (I’m the great Kim Jongkook!) (Fine!) It’s been 3 minutes. We’ll check our breaths now. 1, 2, 3. Oh, it smells… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. There’s a definite difference after you keep your mouth closed for 3 minutes than when you don’t. It’s different. Smelling it after saving it up… We should learn what we should do when we eat foods like this but don’t have a toothbrush on hand. That’s why we’ve prepared something. Let’s take a look to see what foods can reduce bad breath. The major cause of bad breath is hydrogen sulfide gas. Foods with sulfide like garlic, onions and fatty foods enhance the appetite, yet cause bad breath when that hydrogen sulfide gas comes out. So what’s the most effective way to eliminate bad breath when you can’t brush your teeth right away? We’ll find out with the idol group HALO. Did you eat yet? – Not yet. / – No. I’m so hungry. I’m starving. What is this? (The food comes in) That’s… That looks great. We prepared black bean noodles for the hungry members. Thank you for the food! They take a bite of noodles after mixing the sauce in. They even dip raw onions in the black bean paste. Do you usually eat a lot of onions? Yes. I can’t really eat onions as is, but I can with the black bean paste. I eat more onions than I do pickled radish. Just eating the noodles can be heavy, so I eat onions on the side. All of the members finished their bowl of black bean noodles. The members enjoy some sweet instant coffee for dessert. They wait 5 minutes with their mouths shut. Now their breath odor will be measured. First, a Safety Man checks his breath after using mouthwash. The result was 51ppb. Then how about the members who ate black bean noodles, raw onion and instant coffee? First, we’ll check Ooon’s breath. 76ppb. How about Dino’s breath? I bet the members are nervous. Right. They’re idols. A bit higher than Ooon. 78ppb. There were slight differences but the average was 73ppb among the members. How bad is this? At that level, anyone can smell the foul odor from an average talking distance. Now we’ll conduct an experiment on how to get rid of this foul breath. You can get rid of it? We prepared 6 foods that are known to be good at getting rid of bad breath. Which one is the most effective? – Laver is good for bad breath? / – Unexpected… Wow, that laver looks great! I want the tomato juice. I want the gum. Anyone want the green tea? I want the green tea. We had them each pick out what they thought would get rid of bad breath. Now the members will try. That number on the gauge just has to be lower. A lot of people chew gum to get rid of bad breath. Does it actually work? We measured his breath after having him chew gum for 5 minutes. Before he chewed gum, he got 75ppb. It’s covering up one smell with another. Then how about after chewing gum? His mouth odor has increased to 83ppb. So gum doesn’t work. Right. Gum adds more of a smell. Will the number drop over time? We wait for 10 minutes and measure his breath again. What? It got worse. It’s over 100. Yoondong is shocked after seeing his number. How much did he get? He got 89ppb. His mouth odor increased over time. So gum doesn’t work. A lot of people chew scented gum to get rid of bad breath. Germs that cause bad breath feed off of the sugar in gum causing your breath to become worse. How about Jaeyong who ate sweet candy? How did his breath change? According to the explanation, it should be higher. He got 67ppb at first. It became 87ppb after eating the candy. 10 minutes later it became 91ppb. A big jump. No way. Then which one is most effective at getting rid of bad breath? Green tea, tomato juice, laver or water? 3rd is… Green tea. 3rd is green tea. His breath was 67ppb before drinking green tea. After drinking a cup of green tea… It has to go in his mouth… Wow, it went down. His breath went down to 57ppb. 2nd best food for getting rid of bad breath… Is tomato juice. With no sugar. His breath measured 78ppb before drinking tomato juice. After drinking the juice… He doubted his eyes. His breath went down to 67ppb. Now only the water and laver remain. Which one is the most effective at getting rid of bad breath? I say water. It’s water. His breath was 76ppm before drinking water. After he drank a cup of water, we measured his breath again. 3rd place green tea showed a 10ppm drop. 2nd place tomato juice showed a 11ppm drop. How much will the number drop after drinking water? Let’s see the result… Everyone, this is nuts. He got 54ppb which is a drop of 22ppb. Tomatoes contain “anollin.” Green tea contains catechin. These things reduce bad breath. Although they suppress bad breath, they’re only temporary cures. The best way to urgently get rid of bad breath is to wash your mouth out with water and drink water. There’s one way that’s better for getting rid of bad breath. Brushing your teeth. But your breath can get even worse because of the toothpaste you use. If you don’t thoroughly rinse our your mouth when brushing your teeth, the remaining toothpaste will make your mouth dry causing bad breath. That’s why you should rinse at least 4 times. You can escape bad breath by keeping a habit of checking and preventing. I should drink some water… I should drink some too. So water’s the best. – We didn’t know something so simple. / – Right. I want to become a clean woman that carries around a water bottle. It’s not just for yourself. This could get you in big trouble with others. So please make it a habit to drink water. We will keep you safe. Safety First! (“Feel So Good” by B.A.P)

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  2. Doesnt Really Agree with consulting with the homeroom teacher at that part though…. 34:40 More often than not, it would just make the situations worse…

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