Ring Fit Adventure Reveal Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure Reveal Trailer – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [gentle audio starts] -Hey everyone. Last week,
we released this video. You saw some people
moving their bodies, doing some kind of activity. -And having
a pretty good laugh. Truthfully, they were playing
a brand-new adventure game
for Nintendo Switch. It’s a bit different from
what you would expect. -It’s an adventure game,
first and foremost. But you’ll actually be
moving your body. You might even break a
sweat while playing. It’s called, [together]
Ring Fit Adventure -When you think
of an adventure, you probably picture
a world in peril and enemies to battle, as you work
toward a goal. That’s the core
of an adventure game. – So how will you
battle your enemies? Well you can’t
go on a quest
without cool gear. These are the Ring-Con
and Leg Strap accessories. Just insert the Nintendo Switch
Joy-Con controllers, into the Ring-Con and
Leg-Strap like this. Once they’re in place
your quest can begin. In this game you won’t be
pressing buttons
on the Joy-Con controllers to move and attack. Instead you’ll use your whole
body to explore the world, battle enemies,
and reach the goal. -See this isn’t just any ring, it’s actually
an electronic device that senses and reacts
to your movements. It’ll turn physical force
into powerful attacks. [man]
-Likewise, the leg strap will sense the movements
of your lower body. Whether you’re super fit. Or it’s your first time
exercising in a while. You can calibrate the
Ring-Con to match
your personal ability. -That means Ring Fit Adventure
can be enjoyed by players
of any fitness level. [man]
-Let’s introduce the world
of Ring Fit Adventure. [low female voice]
-The adventure begins when an evil bodybuilding
dragon named Dragaux throws the world into chaos. This world needs your help and there’s a lot of it to save. [female]
-To move forward
simply jog in place. [open world game sounds] You can go slowly
or quickly, to navigate a guided path
through each course. Press in on the Ring-Con
to create a blast of air
in the game. If you aim downwards,
you can jump. You may find yourself
paddle boarding, flying through the sky, or rolling ahead to
get to each destination. [man]
-Along the way, curious enemies
will try to block your path
and engage you in Fit Battles. In these encounters, you and the enemy
will take turns to attack
each other with Fit Skills. There are over forty
different Fit Skills to learn. Separated into
four different categories. Red Fit Skills
will use your arms. Yellow skills
rely on your core muscles. The skills in blue
target your legs. And green skills
are inspired
by Yoga activities. The color of each enemy
will tell you which
Fit Skills to use. If you use the right skills
on the right enemies, you’ll inflict greater damage. [woman]
-When it’s the enemy’s
turn to attack, press the Ring-Con
against your abs and hold. This creates a shield that will
reduce the damage of the attack. So work hard to make sure
your defense is ab-solute. -Whether you’re attacking
or defending, your success will be directly
related to the accuracy
of your movements. Take your time
and make each turn count. Defeating enemies
and completing courses, will earn you experience
to help you level up. As you level up, your offensive and defensive
stats will improve. And you’ll earn new Fit Skills
to choose from. The length of each session
is up to you. So focus on leveling up
your character at your own pace. Once you’ve rested, you can jump back in
for more. There will always be
something new for you,
waiting to be explored. Playing this adventure game
everyday will become a natural way
to enjoy regular exercise. It’s an adventure, and fitness, for everyone. From dads and moms,
to sisters and brothers. And everyone in between. -But there’s much more
to experience
in Ring Fit Adventure. Let’s show you what else
you can do in the game. [female]
Let’s try quick play. This is where you can do
a variety of exercises in short bursts of time. We’ll start with a mode that
targets specific muscle groups. Simple. Take the pectoralis major
challenge for instance. The goal here is to do the specified move, as many times as possible
within 20 seconds. [male]
-Next a mode where you’ll
aim for the high score. Minigames. Run. Climb. And fly through the air. Bust a move, and some crates. You can even squeeze in
a little pottery. There are lots of different
games to choose from. And lots of different ways
to move your body. It’s a great way
to get a fun
full body exercise. [female]
-But if you wanna
cut right to the action. You can try a more
traditional exercise mode. Set. Choose your favorite
set of exercises. Based on targeted
muscle groups. Like shoulders, or lower body. [male]
-In Quick Play mode, it’s easy to casually jump
in and out of play. So everyone
can enjoy a bit of fitness
in different ways. Like taking turns
to compete for high scores against friends
and family. What do you think? Get your daily fitness in while
adventuring on your own. Or get together
with friends and family. And take turns
playing fun minigames that keep your body moving. That’s [together]
-Ring Fit Adventure -And if you have
no experience with fitness. That’s no problem. -Adjust the exercise level
to your ability, so you can continue everyday without
pushing yourself too hard. [male]
-A visual guide
will be present on screen, to show you the proper form
and technique for each skill. Correct posture is essential
to good exercise. So be sure
to rely on the guide. At the end of each exercise, you can track your performance with some estimated stats. Like calories burned
and heart rate. This way you can make sure
you’re hitting your goals. [female]
-If you want a real workout, but don’t want to
cause too much noise. You can also turn on,
Silent Mode, to keep your legs active
without making heavy impacts. [male]
-Each step forward in
Ring Fit Adventure, is a real step forward on your own fitness journey. Get together with
family and friends. And see how
your skills compare. Or go solo
on a quest to save the world. Ring Fit Adventure,
for the Nintendo Switch. [female]
-Ring Fit Adventure includes a Ring-Con,
Leg Strap and game. A Nintendo Switch system is sold separately
and required to play this game. -Let’s explore a new world
where adventure game
meets physical fitness. [female]
that keep you moving. [male]
-Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure. Please visit the Nintendo Switch
website for details.

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  1. can't wait to find this at value village for 5.99 because that is where all the wii fit boards are. although I don't mind wii fit

  2. I really like the direction of this game, but they should make it even more like an RPG with items and drops, maybe even online mode

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  5. The presenters look like they are at the end of their rope, like they must have done those takes a million times XD

  6. Infant Adventure how come on ring fit Adventure when you put your thumb on the red Joy con how come it rate it reads like your heartbeat

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  8. They are very weird and I feel like if I don’t buy this they will kill my family but at the same time I genuinely want this and I think I’ll get it

  9. Why so many dislikes?
    I can't have this because this will make me do a lot of noise on these squeaky wooden floors even though it has a silent mode.

  10. We definitely are normal human beings aren't we 'Claire'? You sure are right Smegmatron 7 uhhh I mean 'Jeff'. Not at all like those cosmic creatures from the Bubentalon region.

  11. Still don't understand this video. Is this how Japanese people see us in the west? Is this how Nintendo Of America sees us in the west. The way this is edited and they way that dude just plain is looking, seems like a horror video. Great game tho!

  12. I kind of want this, but I’m afraid the leg strap won’t fit around my obese thighs. I’m over 300 lbs, so my fat might be a problem. And I’m far from flexible.

  13. I used to not workout at all and I suffer from severe anxiety. I bought ring fit 2 months ago and have used it for around 40 days. I started on difficulty 7 and could barely handle 5min each time. Now I'm on difficulty 17 and work out 30 minutes. I feel so much better both physically and mentally. Sure it's not the best way to get muscle mass even though I found muscles I didn't know I have and I have gained a bit of muscles. But it helps you feel better for sure and I'm motivated to go and do other exercises. Honestly this game has changed my life. Hoping for a sequel.

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