Revealing The Genius Foods That Help You Prevent Disease | Max Lugavere | LIFESTYLE | Rubin Report

Revealing The Genius Foods That Help You Prevent Disease | Max Lugavere | LIFESTYLE | Rubin Report

100 thoughts on “Revealing The Genius Foods That Help You Prevent Disease | Max Lugavere | LIFESTYLE | Rubin Report

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  2. Jeez another would be doctor pretending they are nutrition experts. Registered Dietitans are experts here. They spend years and years in college and on clinical and non clinical placements learning complex nutritional science. Go to them. Not fear mongering bloggers and authors who interpret nutrition studies like medical studies (which you shouldn't do). This dude is profiting off people's fears about aging and mental illness and its irresponsible to conflate collation with causation when it comes to diet and disease.

  3. ALL processed "foods" have additives that are really unhealthy for ya and also make you eat more, they do NOT deserve to be called "foods", then you try to grow your own veggies and you are told to use Round-Up to attack the weeds, which is a poison at itself and so on. GMO's are amongst people and give you health problems which you then "cure" with chemicals given by a doctor!? Herewith financing many multinationals on a huge scale and on a lesser scale the doctors as they get paid by BIGPharma for each pill they prescribe. And the circle is closed.

  4. Wait… don’t use hand sanitizer!!! All right people…listen up…. discontinue us of hand sanitizer before handling register tapes or going into….
    Wait…..wut? Cray cray people. Use your head. Live your life. Exercise. From a food availability perspective it’s never been a better time for humans to have access to enough healthy foods and live a longer healthier life. Do it yourself. Be self reliant. Don’t rob your children of the joy of learning to drive a car and change a tire. 😉

  5. You can eat good “food” but if it is not organic you are feeding yourself food that will promote cancer.

  6. Just stop consuming processed foods, dairy, soft drinks, and red meat. Stop smoking. Cut down on sugars, salts, bread and oils. Increase consumption of plant based foods. Read the food labels, and know what you are reading. If possible, see a homeopathic doctor to see if you can eliminate any prescription drugs. No charge.

  7. Pastuer was wrong about germ theory. He was political and chased the money in medicine. Check out Bechamp, Pastuer's rival at the time, a real scientist. He was about making the person healthy instead of outside the body. Explains why some get sick and why some don't.

  8. When I was doing chemo for brain cancer THERE WAS A CANDY DISH IN THE WAITING ROOM, I kid you not! 😳

  9. The best a doctor can say to you is ,if it works keep doing it. They are just covering their asses in court.

  10. That thing where older people – usually with dementia or disease process – become more forgetful, confused, or even violent later in the day is Sundowners. Ask any nurse! Well, maybe not a pediatric nurse.

  11. Now that Dave is brazenly right-wing, he’s doing pseudoscience too. What a con artist Dave turned out to be.

  12. Listening to this talk makes me think we are wrestling more with guilt than our waistlines. Sounds like we all know better but can resist everything but temptation. Maybe it’s what is at the core of our beings.

  13. Shame this stuff is so "iffy," and " maybe", almost no clinically proven basis to it …there are sooo many sick people who eat poorly..autoimmune diseases on the rise…maybe a real healthy diet is on hand.

  14. get ready to go grocery shopping about every two days if you eliminate all processed foods because fresh stuff doesn't stay fresh forever. Also get ready to feel like you've never felt before. I eliminated all processed food about 10 years ago. My only source of refined sugar is in my coffee in the morning. The change in your mental and physical well being will amaze you. Oh and I aint a puritan about it. I run 50 minutes five days a week so that I can drink whiskey and eat anything I want to….. which is about three times a month.

  15. Jordyn and mckayla both tried to reintroduce other foods, but I don’t expect him to know their history.

  16. Not everyone can digest whole grain effectively, if any at all can. It does fill you up but what havoc it wreaks on your digestive system if you don't have a way to counter balance that.

  17. All things in moderation…seems to actually be the best advice. Our ancestors didn't eat processed foods. And humans haven't mutated that much away from out ancestors, have they? And stress, try being the worst hunter among your carnivorous group…that's stress! Don't act like we are the only iteration of human that has outside stressors. That is completely ridiculous!
    Get more sleep!

  18. Some of these symptoms sound like hemochromatosis (very underdiagnosed) which can then cause/lead to greater problems. More doctors need to be aware to test for hemochromatosis.

  19. Body integrity. Your body reveals. Everything you consume makes a reaction with your body, beyond mere flavor and emotion. Any food can be problematic, "it's" all about balance.

  20. I was prepared to look at this guy was just another health food "nut job", but he comes across as pretty reasonable in what he says. I think Dave conducts interviews very well compared to many in the business currently. He doesn't try to talk over his guests and put words in their mouth like many well known Commi News Network anchors. I'm looking at you Don Le'moan "Worst Journalist Of The Year" Don Le'moan. 🙂

  21. 3:57 – So he’s skeptical of western medicine because rare, devastating diseases exist and challenged his prior assumptions regarding dementia?… mother presented with symptoms of both a movement disorder AND cognitive change… meanwhile, there are conditions like Parkinson’s dz with dementia (PDD) that exist. He thinks ALL dementia is Alzheimer’s… yet there's an entire category within neurology related to Lewy body pathology where many of these symptoms are present.

    4:37 – “it doesn’t compute” to him that his mother could develop a disease despite a clean maternal family history because he’s conveniently neglecting his mother’s paternal fam history.

    10:00 – Classic, “she was on one drug that was contraindicated in _____” yet then doesn’t name the specific drug. There’s a high likelihood that his mother (jaundiced due to the terminal panc ca) was prescribed an antihistamine, eg Benadryl, for the vicious itching that jaundice patients can have. If that were the case, did he want physicians to refuse to palliate his mother’s end-stage symptoms? He wouldn’t reveal such an important detail like that because he needs ppl to believe his narrative.

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  23. At around 30:00. Jeez, I feel lazy. I started losing my hair……. and just immediately accepted it. lol. And I was like 18.

  24. Thanks for a good show! I’m a Swede, and I’d say the average Swede eats significantly less processed foods than the average American. My question is: do you see significantly lower rates of cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s etc in the Northern European population than in the states?

  25. Cannabis Root oil Cures all inflammation caused pain. Which is 100% of the cause of pain. Mix 1oz of leaves with 16oz of olive oil and soak for a week, can replace All OTC pain meds. And not THC activated so it's safe for babies too. Great for tummy aches.

  26. The trap of developing thick skin is the risk of you becoming the one that caused you to have a thick skin or even worse. Then you are left confused why are you the bad guy but then you grow ignorant to that too.

  27. God, this is so cringeworthy. Why are you giving airtime to a quack and making a clickbait title for the video?

  28. Invite Jeff Cavalier at Athlean-X. I've been saying for years don't "diet" but improve your nutrition and lifestyle OR lifestyle which then drives nutrition. Give it time as its like improving your strength – you have to get used to it. Figure out what type of tastes you like [ie; spices, foods]…if you genuinely enjoy what you're eating you'll stick with it. And be consistent because there's no miracle to losing excessive weight or keeping fit in general.

  29. Another Mike Adams, Depak Chopra, Vani Hari, Andrew Weil clone. Is Dave desperate for interviewees or is he not as reasonable as he presents himself.

  30. Hearing the first third of the interview, Max has hit on several healthcare "truths" that I've found elsewhere. I wonder if he's contacted the work of Dr. Peter Glidden, ND… I've found the following informative and would encourage Dave Rubin to use his profound interview skills and platform to perhaps host a discussion with Glidden and Lugavere… I think it would be fascinating:

    Naturopathic approach to health AND cancer treatment
    (links didn't transfer… you can find all of these on YouTube)

    12 Bad Foods – Peter Glidden, ND

    Muscadine Extract Story – cancer breakthrough – Janda/Glidden
    (Operation Freedom Healthcare)*
    Big Pharma & Allopathic Medicine – Janda/Glidden

    Liver Function & Health – basic naturopathic info – Janda/Glidden

    Chemotherapy – by the numbers – Peter Glidden, ND

    Glidden Healthcare channel on YouTube – hit his VIDEOS tab and sort by date
    *Operation Freedom Healthcare is a site and Youtube segment on Dave Janda's channel

  31. I work in healthcare, the part of medicine I love to discuss is health and wellness. To be honest though, society has placed a barrier, albeit a prudent barrier, to accessing pharmaceuticals. It's for that reason that I focus my learning and efforts on effectively prescribing. My efforts toward diets, exercise, stress management etc tend to point people toward YouTube, books, and professionals who's practice affords a greater degree of competence and specialized training. Medicine cannot be expected to be a one stop shop in 2020 where every aspect of health is so deep and rich with possibility.

  32. Our food is being poisoned. Population control. Atrazine is a hormone disrupter. Theyre turning the friggin frogs gay!

  33. Low carb, no processed foods, no sodas or fruit juices, no junk food, no fast food, lots of healthy fats. Also try to get omega-6 to omega-3 ratios to around 4-1. I also take resveratrol, fish oil, D3, K2, magnesium, zinc and a quality beef gelatin.

    Eat a wide variety of quality meat, fish, veggies, nuts, stay away from seed oils, use EVOO, coconut oil, ghee, unsweetened 100% cacao, flax & chia seeds. Keep an eye on the GL for veggies and any of the heavy-hitting carbs like rolled oats or whole wheat.

    Eat foods with probiotics – yogurt, ACV, sauerkraut, etc… Use a variety of spices.

    Restrict eating to less than 12 hours and don't snack between meals. Fast. I restrict eating to between 8 AM – 6 PM and a 27 or so hour fast every week and a 36 hour fast once a month.

    I started this routine end of summer and I was 215 lbs at 6'. Now I'm about 175 and yes, I also started working out regularly, both resistance and aerobic. I've put on a good amount of muscle so the fat loss is even greater than the 215 – 175 indicates.

    I just had my yearly physical and it was good. BP 121/80 and because of all the fat I'm now eating my cholesterol is what one might consider high at 254 total and 139 LDL, however my HDL was super high at 97 and my trygliceride very low at 55 so the ratios are very good. Glucose was also normal at 91.

  34. Enjoyed this interview very much. Have been trying to stay away from processed foods last 5 years, I have really noticed a decline in our fresh Vegetables and fruits. They are imported from other countries, don’t look as good and the berries & bananas especially hardly last a few days. It is very concerning to me how these items are being grown & under what conditions, who’s watching? Why aren’t we growing food for ourselves?

  35. i’ve been on Dr. Stephen Gundry’s plant paradox program since July 1, 2018. I’ve lost 40 pounds of weight I’ve lost brain fog I’ve lost all symptoms as for diabetes and my blood pressure has dropped dramatically.

  36. Doctors have clients who need patients with the doctor because docs know NOTHING about health. If you want to get sick go to the doctor. If you want to die. Go to the hospital.

  37. Still a liberal Dave. We’re too dumb to know what to eat. Golly gee willikers! If only Dave could come and feed me. Drrrr.

  38. I don't go to the Doctor, I call them the Quacks, I have good reason to believe that. I live near a health centre or rather a sick centre, the quacks leave proudly around five. Usually, I am walking my dog, passing by I shout quack at them just for the hell of it. I am 61 I eat the food my mother put on the table, her philosophy was if you don't put it on the table you will give it to the Dr. I don't like eating glyphosate my Dad died from it back in the '80s. I don't eat processed food it tastes like poison to me.

  39. do we really need coifed hair and invisible chest hair for an intellectual interview? this bro looks softer than ice cream

  40. Thank you for addressing this topic! I have struggled for almost a decade with health problems, due in part to the incompetence of Western Medicine.

  41. This guest is full of shit. You can tell when they keep trying to confuse you with language, but can't answer a basic question.

  42. Obviously fresh foods and exercise should be the baseline, You shouldn’t need someone with a decade in graduate school to tell you this. Doctors would prefer to focus on everything that happens despite good self care

  43. Lugavere pales in comparison to Dr. Rhonda Patrick and even Chris Kresser. He's not a quack like you insane commenters think, but there's nothing that special about him and he's spouting random facts/studies that's scattered and confusing. No real synthesis of information and practical advice.

    Also the blue light blocking glasses is a complete myth lol.

    You can easily start being healthier from just eating less in general, eating more whole foods (fruits , veggies, nuts), getting more sunlight, getting adequate sleep, and walking 30 minutes a day.

  44. I believe in a heathy diet. This guy sounds like he knows something. Want to be healthy ? Lose weight and exercise! No mystery.
    He could have had the same gig with more credibility if he could have made the cut to get into medical school. He will never show you a college transcript. You are what you eat? Not exactly. You are what your genome allows you to absorb and metabolize. Everyone is slightly different. You can affect a medical parameter about 15% with out drugs. His mom was too far gone for diet to make any difference at all. This is 90% BS that people believe. Propaganda works!

  45. Your diet and lifestyle choices are your responsibility, not your physicians'. A beneficial change would be to make direct to consumer marketing by Big Pharma illegal again.

  46. Maybe it's just me, I get told that "sometime's", but, I find this guy extremely difficult to follow. He seems to veer off track and get's onto something else then either stays there too long OR just doesn't return from what and where he left. I'm sure this is good important information but, it's changing all the time and I seriously doubt anyone will ever come up with the right diet. I don't want to get any older than I already am, I HATE THIS WORLD and all the Stupidity, Greed, Doing the SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! FOR WHAT? I WASN'T ASKED IF I WANTED TO ATTEND THIS STUPID, IGNORANT EXPERIMENT! So that means that you're FORCED TO BE HERE, like it or not! I'm a "NOT"! AND all for "WHAT"? FOR WHAT??? NOTHING, YEAH, ALL FOR NOTHING! IT'S MISERABLE, IT'S SUFFERING, IT'S HOPELESS! IF THERE IS/WAS A "GOD", Well, what a "PRICK", huh? The God wants respect but offer's you NONE! I don't think so…

  47. I started fermenting my own vegetables… it cured my memory issues, autoimmune symptoms (food allergies, joint issues), it also cured my autism

  48. Interesting interview. Yes, the medical profession has absolutely no training in the effects of nutrition on health. Look at the history of this to find out why, it is very very disgusting on the part of the people concerned. They (the medical profession and universities) have betrayed the man considered to be the father of modern medicine (Hippocrates)who repeated time after time that "Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food". The universities and the medical profession are in the hip pocket of Big Pharma. It would not be so bad if their remedies worked, but they don't and have resulted in millions of deaths.

  49. to think ppl need to be told excess weight causes health issues- all due to fat acceptance movement. the post 2015 movement that claims you can be healthy at any size….yes even 400kg.

  50. Very hip and snappy interview. But the food stuff. Verry wishy washy. Bla bla bla. Mentioned insulin but very weak presentation.

  51. audio level ~6dB too low. Many devices have limited audio output levels. Please have your audio person restore correct audio levels; thx

  52. Everyone's body reacts to different foods differently. Another problem is that we live in the age of chemistry and our food gets less and less nutritional and full of more and more chemicals. The biggest problem is that corporate government cares more for corporate profit than people's health. Poisoning you has become legal as long as corporations are profiting.

  53. Please do a report on laetrile to find out if there is truth to the idea that it can cure cancer. I have watched videos of people who claim that it cured them and a video of G. Edward Griffin, (author of The Creature from Jekyll Island),who has a video called The Science and Politics of Cancer. He says the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for what doctors are taught concerning cancer, which leads them to push drugs, instead of a natural cure, that they cannot patent.

  54. When a mcchicken is a dollar and a salad is 6 dollars something is wrong,the key to health as far as nutrition is everything in moderation and no transfats or high fructose corn syrup

  55. Too bad Dave only has food advocates that promote one side of the plant based question. How about Neil Barnard a real doctor.

  56. We eat carnivore almost exclusively and fast regularly. No weight issues, no gut issues, no blood pressure issues, all cholesterol have come into range. Hormones are back into range including insulin. Oh, and it’s sustainable and delicious. Yes, sustainable. Our food eats plants then we eat them.

  57. I dont know if Dave reads these comments but has he had on Paul Stamets? He has been promoting the restorative properties of mushrooms for years, and has a business selling Lions Mane mushrooms among other fungi.

  58. The sure sign of trouble is when you push back from the table after a meal and moan: These sweat pants are killing me! LOL

  59. Lara bar's slogan is "Food made from food." That's how terrible food is right now. Companies can simply boast that their product is made from real food, and it sets them above the competition.

  60. I loved Current when it first started. Then it decided to become a propaganda arm for Democratic ideas. It was awful and then it slowly died, and I was glad.

  61. As a physician, I appreciate many of the things he is saying, but there is more to the story. Of course, diet is foundational for good health. However, a healthy diet is is eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, beans, nuts etc.. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Avoid extreme diets, don't smoke, avoid excessive alcohol, but do exercise. Supplements are not that helpful. The main issue here is that you don't need a doctor to tell you all of this. You don't need a doctor to tell you to not overconsume and gorge yourself. You don't need a doctor to tell you to stop smoking. If you really want the best nutritional information based on the latest science, seek out a registered dietitian. Really, the medical body of literature cannot tell you how to change you are diet for specific pathologic conditions beyond diabetes, heart disease etc. it can't tell you how to avoid or treat pancreatic cancer or dementia.

  62. I was putting a potato chip in my mouth as soon as Max said potato chips on the processed food list. :*(

  63. “When The Body Says No” by Gabor Maté. Great book on how chronic stress effects our body and mind‼️📕👍🏼

  64. I like Dave Rubin and his show. Watching them talk about oddball items like mushroom powder, collagen etc are really only available in urban areas. There are healthy ways of eating without having to find flax, mushroom powder etc. Whole Foods isn’t Mecca

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