Renovation For A Brave Boy With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy | George to the Rescue

Renovation For A Brave Boy With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy | George to the Rescue

[music playing] DUSTIN: Hi, I’m Dustin. I’m Betsy. And we’re in our home in
North Bellmore, New York. My wife is special,
because she’s brilliant. She’s tenacious. It gets a little
tricky, right? DUSTIN: She has really
found a way to make me find the best me I can be. [laughter]
– [inaudible] BETSY: Oh boy, my husband– I don’t have enough adjectives. His energy is boundless. What comes first is kind,
generous open-hearted right at the boot. He always sees the positive. We’ve really learned
from each other. And we started out
as babies in college. And now we’re grown-ups. DUSTIN: Grown-ups. BETSY: I use that in a
loose sense of the word– DUSTIN: Yeah. BETSY: –with kids
and responsibilities. But we still know how to laugh. Right now, I am going to
surprise two dedicated teachers and their very outgoing
children, Jolie and Ethan. DUSTIN: Jolie, she’s going to
be an American Ninja Warrior one day. I’m not sure about that. I don’t know if I’ll
be a Ninja Warrior, but I think I would
have fun trying. DUSTIN: She is
incredibly strong. She’s very athletic. She runs, she moves. She’s also very creative. You can look around
and see her drawings just all over the place. [playful music] Our other child is Ethan. You know when people say that
someone has a dangerous smile? Ethan has a dangerous smile. There’s something about
to go on or there’s something we’re about to find
out that has already gone on. I’ve just got
to work my magic. Now here comes the good part. BETSY: He’s a very
intelligent, very verbal, communicative boy who really
is actually constantly talking. He never really stops. Even on the way to bed
as he’s falling asleep, he’s mumbling and talking. Right? GEORGE OLIPHANT: When
Ethan was four years old, he was diagnosed with Duchenne
muscular dystrophy, which is a progressive
disease that causes muscular tissue to
deteriorate, limiting development and mobility. BETSY: When you
learn that your child has a disease
that’s degenerative, it took out breath away. It took us a moment
to really figure out, like, how we’re going to
work within this realm of uncertainty. DUSTIN: If you feel too
much you start counting, OK? OK, one, two, three. DUSTIN: Some days it’s hard. The other night we listened
to him cry in his sleep, because his muscles were
sore and bothering him. And there was
nothing we could do. That hurts a lot. ETHAN: I can’t do as much
things as a lot of my friends. So it’s like I always have
to miss out on a few things. Tell me when you feel it. OK. DUSTIN: We couldn’t have any
control over the disease, and there’s no cure
for this disease. And because it is very
dangerous and it is progressive, he’s going to have more and
more challenges as time goes on. We want to make sure
that as few doors are closed to him as possible. And so, we started looking at
ways to maybe expand our house. And we met a lot of
dead-ends with that. Oh, you’re getting big, buddy. GEORGE OLIPHANT:
Betsy and Dustin have done everything they can
to modify their current home to suit Ethan’s needs. But ultimately, they’ve been
forced to start from scratch and do new construction
on another property. Right now the house is in the
process of being constructed. The inside is bones. BETSY: The challenges in
making a home that’s accessible is we had to do that much more
research, and more learning, and meet more people,
and understand what works specifically even for Ethan. DUSTIN: Balancing
those two things, trying to make sure
we still tackle all of our regular, daily
stuff, it’s exhausting. GEORGE OLIPHANT: Building
a new accessible home can be physically, financially,
and emotionally draining. That’s why I’m so excited
to take a big weight off this family’s shoulders. Let’s go crash this job
site and make it our own. [folksy music] Hello? Hey, how’s it going? Oh my god. Jolie, nice to meet you! What’s up, Ethan? How’s it going, bud? Look who’s here. Do you know who that is? George. GEORGE OLIPHANT: Nailed it. I want some me time. Dustin, oh, man. BETSY: Dustin. How are ya? DUSTIN: I just want to say that
I’m just so impressed with you guys having the
courage to do what you had to do for your family. And as teachers, I know
that your plan was to, hey, you know what? We got a lot more free
time in the summer. We’ll work on the house.
BETSY: Yes. DUSTIN: Yeah. Well, this summer
I want you guys just to spend time with the family. Let us take care of
working on the house. Does that sound all right?
DUSTIN: What do you think? That’s awesome.
– Yeah. [music playing] That was a great surprise. But as you can see,
the Demmers clearly have a lot of work ahead of them. So to help me out
on this project, we have our general
contractor, Joel Nuss, and our interior designer,
the one and only Tyler Wisler. I’m back! [horror music] And this time it’s a
rescue like no other. And I’m really
excited for the fact that it’s so
unconventional for us to come in at a job that’s
already mid-construction. And all the walls are down. The spaces are wide. The aisles are wide. All of the light switches
have been moved down to 3 feet so Ethan can access it. I mean, I like to do the demo,
but since you guys got ahead of me on that, that’s all right. The house is future proof. It’s ready for whatever
comes at this Demar family. Tyler and I are
jumping in to tackle that whole design element. And we just want to help
Joel take this project across the finish line. All right, let’s get after this. [upbeat music] Tyler and I are going to
go do a little shopping. We’re going to figure
out what tile we need, what countertops we need. We’re off! Are you ready to go check
out Tiles Unlimited? I’m excited. I love going to new showrooms
and seeing new sources, because you never know
what sort of a hidden gem might be in them. So are you going to let me
pepper in some– some options? I’m going to let you
look around the showroom. Don’t embarrass me. [country music] So tell me about the project. What are we looking for today? TYLER WISLER: We’ve
got a full bathroom, as well as a kitchen– pretty much a blank slate. So I’m open to see
what you’ve got, so I can get those
design wheels turning. JOSEPH PIPITONE: Great, great. [country music] GEORGE OLIPHANT: You’re thinking
a subway in the bathroom. I actually like
the fact that these are not typical-sized subways. Right. I mean, these are pretty much
the same price point as, like, a three by six, but you can
do so much more with these. Absolutely. I was thinking
what about this? Because it– it’s got
some texture, two by two, something that’d pop– a little blue for the boy. What’s my favorite
way to say no to George? GEORGE OLIPHANT: No? Not feeling this? Not at all? I found it!
Perfect! This one! No. GEORGE OLIPHANT: A little blue? [music playing] Normally, when you’re trying
to pick out your countertop, you literally get, like,
a four by four square. Here, you get to see the slabs
in their natural element. Tyler, huh? I like it.
TYLER WISLER: Do you like it? Yeah. What do you think? Because it may or may not
have already been on my mind. This one? Maybe. A maybe– that’s not a no. That is not a no. What are you thinking
for the kitchen? Something dark like this? TYLER WISLER: So I did hear that
Betsy was considering soapstone initially. Uh huh. The thing with soapstone is
it’s a very high maintenance material, which most
homeowners don’t know when they’re going out
there looking for countertops. The great thing is Silestone
has a man-made version of soapstone. It looks gorgeous but
needs no maintenance. You’ve picked the tile. It seems like you’ve already
picked out the countertops. I am going to
bring the cabinets. So you just want me to let
you bring in any old Joe Schmo off the street? You’re just going to have
to trust me on this one. This guy’s pretty
good at what he does. [dramatic music] [sizzling] Oh, my finger’s burning. It’s so beautiful. ANNOUNCER: “George
to the Rescue” is sponsored in part by 3M. For more information
about 3M products or to find a retailer
near you, go to [music playing] When it came to the kitchen
cabinets I put my foot down. And I said, listen. There’s one guy I
got to make a call to, the one and
only Steve Fanuka. Steve, thank you so much for
being here, helping us out. [inaudible] What exactly did you come up
with for this kitchen design? All right, it all started
off with Tyler’s vision. He gave us a nice
traditional kitchen, but we gave it a little flair. Instead of a very simple shaker
panel door– which is just a setback there in the panel– we double setback. [music playing] I’ve been doing rescues with
George for 10 years now. George is family to me. And when George calls me
and tells me he needs me, I come running. [sizzling] I don’t know what that means.
[blowing] – That means hot.
– Yeah. [sizzling] Oh, my finger’s burning. It’s so beautiful. [music playing] All right! Who wants to install
some countertops? How the hell did
you get in there? Don’t ask questions like
that, Tyler, all right? You guys want to
help me unload this or are you guys going to
make me do it all by myself? – Do it by yourself.
– I mean, come on. You guys are the muscle.
– Do it by yourself. GEORGE OLIPHANT:
Except for you, Art. This is the handsome one.
Look at this guy. If I had a chiseled jaw
like that, I’d be in, like– – [inaudible]
– This is Zorro. [whip] Does this guy not
look like Zorro? [music playing] What you’re seeing
right here is a little raw, beautiful 45 degrees. When it’s all said
and done, it’s going to look as
if it’s just one giant piece of countertop
that goes across and down like a waterfall. [music playing] You know what that is? TYLER WISLER: It’s all
of my Kohler stuff. GEORGE OLIPHANT: Exactly. – Love it.
– What’s up, Dominic? How are you, George? Always like to
see the Blackman truck coming, especially when
you’re the one driving it. We got ourselves
a big bathroom– 100 square foot
bathroom, and Blackman took care of all of it. This bathroom is dialed in. What? I want to ride. I want to ride! I don’t want to carry anything. I just wanted to ride. You’re not supposed to just
sit on the toilets like that. One of the most important
projects on this rescue is Ethan’s bathroom. It’s got to be ADA
compliant, meaning it’s got to be
barrier-free for the shower with Donato Tile & Marble
come in to make sure that the barrier-free
bathroom was exactly as Ethan would need it. With the right instruments
and everything, you can see that
this is not level. Actually, everything pitches
back towards the drain. Right. The water is never going to
come out onto this wood floor. That’s correct. Wow. Donato crushed it
with this tile. It’s just a feast for the eyes. This is amazing. So now we’ve got to make
sure that we protect it. I’ve got some 3M
ScotchBlue painter’s tape. So we’ll tape off the windows
first, and then away we go. [music playing] All right, are you ready? – [inaudible]
– Here it goes. My good friend Kenny
Childs from Royal Rose got us the perfect appliances
for the Demmers’ kitchen. Let’s figure out how
to get it in the house. – We’re going to need some help.
– All right, you get down there. I’ll put it on your
back, all right? [music playing] You know, Tyler,
I definitely made it seem as if you and Joel
have everything under control here at the job site.
So just hold out for one second. [music playing] [drum roll] [banging] What, do you
think you’re going to a water park or something? That’s exactly
where I’m going. I am taking the Demmers family
to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. – I want to go to a water park.
– Ah, you know what? There’s only room
for the five of us. But I want to go
to a water park. Don’t worry, man.
Don’t worry. You got this.
– I want to– You and Joe got this. I’ll be back! Six Flags Hurricane
Harbor, here we come! First thing’s first, I’ve got
to pick up the Demmers family. Where are they? ANNOUNCER: Ready to transform
your space with a new color? Make sure you have
the essentials to pull off a better paint job. Look for 3M’s patch plus primer,
pro grade precision sanding sheets and sponges, and
ScotchBlue painter’s tape for great results
the first time. Go to [music playing] All right, guys, I
know it’s summer. You’re out of your house. It must be tough, but what
do you say we go to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor? [screaming] What do you think? Hurricane Harbor! Woo! [music playing] Woo! What do you guys
want to do first? Let’s do the wave pool!
Who’s set to get wet? Me! I love water parks. It’s so exciting. It’s like I can go on
water slides every day. JOLIE: Going on water slides
is, like, the best thing ever. [screaming] DUSTIN: Being out of
our house this summer has been very tricky. BETSY: But we’re so excited
to see the new house. We know it will be great,
but we can’t wait to see it. Good luck. [playful music] Oh! Oh! Holy smokes!
That’s was intense, man. Whoa. Oh! You just did that. I can’t believe it. I’ve got to get
back to your house, make sure everything is
buttoned up perfect for you. Boom!
Later, guys. DUSTIN: All right, later. GEORGE OLIPHANT: Hey, Tyler,
were you expecting something from The Fireplace Store. They got a truck
that just rolled up. This is the Heat & Glo
SL7X, natural-looking fire brick in it.
GEORGE OLIPHANT: That’s awesome. And battery pack. Oh, wow. So if the power goes out,
you can still get heat. And also a gas fireplace
is much more efficient than your traditional fireplace. Absolutely. [blues music] GEORGE OLIPHANT: Hey, Allen. Hey, George. How are you? I’m doing great, man–
excited to see the ADT van pull into the driveway. Yeah, we’re really
excited to be here. GEORGE OLIPHANT: I
know ADT, of course, is synonymous with security
but also with fire and smoke. And I now see, like,
we’ve got, like, a nest in there and cameras.
guys took out all the stops. This is unbelievable. ALAN KNEPPER: Yeah, we
have full integration now. Well, ADT is the top
company in North America. We’ve been around for 142 years. We are an industry
leader on everything that we do, as far
as integration, security, carbon
monoxide, smoke detection. With Pulse, we’re able to
have them turn on lights, turn on the alarm,
turn off the alarm. Can you show me all this? Absolutely. So, Alan, this pad
right here, this controls everything in the home? ALAN KNEPPER: This one
tablet controls their lights, their alarm system, their
cameras, everything that’s on here all in one place. And they can take this and move
this anywhere in the house. So this one actually
comes with it. Because you have
one at the door. ALAN KNEPPER: Yes. GEORGE OLIPHANT: That does
the same thing as this? ALAN KNEPPER: It
does the same thing, but this one here does even
more, because from here you can see the cameras. You can turn the
lights on and off. You can set the alarm system. And you just go right
to the ADT Pulse app, and from there you can
operate your system, see what time your kids came
home, what time they opened their door, what
time they closed the door, if they set the alarm,
if they didn’t set the alarm. If they forgot,
you could arm it. GEORGE OLIPHANT: What
I’m thinking about, what’s keeping me awake is smoke
detectors, and fire, and carbon monoxide, and things
that, you know, you think you prepare for. But you want to make
sure that somebody is looking out for you.
– Absolutely. With ADT, 24 hours a
day, seven days a week– we’re always there. You have your home
away from home. [music playing] TYLER WISLER: We’ve
got so much to do. I don’t even know
where to start. There are 110 components moving
at one time, and it’s go time. I’m just getting the cinematic
lights ready for, Tyler. Oh, good.
Good. Because I want this
to be your stage. The world is my stage. [music playing] I have to say Universal
furniture came through. Home and Kids facilitated
that, made that happen for us. And it is pretty knock-out. I like this.
Oh! Let’s put that [inaudible]. Is this– is this
velvet microfiber? Micro– It’s velvet. Micro velvet? I tend not to go
very traditional. And I know Betsy is a
little more traditional, so where I found
that happy medium was kind of going modern farmhouse. It’s a release
chic, specific look. And it’s right on trend. Wow, Tyler, this
wallpaper is amazing. But how are you sticking
these pictures to the wall? Teeny tiny little magnets– this is magnetic
wallpaper from Weitzner. So what I love in Ethan’s room
is that I had George from 78 and Sunny come in and install
the magnetism wallpaper. It is sick. It’s perfect for
Ethan to grow in. As cool as everything else
that’s going on in this house, the real reason we are
here is to help Ethan. He’s got all of the bones
that he can use for right now as a little kid, but even when
he goes into his adolescence and his teenage years. He’s a great kid, and this
room totally mirrors that. [upbeat music] This is definitely one of
the most emotional rescues that we’ve been through. And it’s really just fulfilling
that I could be a part of this. And I really hope that
the Demmers love this, and they love this
for years to come, and Ethan knows that there
was so much love and thought. We really gave it our all. ETHAN: Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. BETSY: It is so beautiful. “George to the GEORGE OLIPHANT: Rescue” is
sponsored in part by ADT. For more information about
ADT home security systems, go to You ready?
You want to see what we’ve done? DUSTIN: Yes.
GEORGE OLIPHANT: All right. DUSTIN: Yes. [music playing] Demmers family, welcome home. ETHAN: Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my god. Oh my god. It is so beautiful. [upbeat music] Oh, you did the bench.
– They did– they did the seat. They did the–
they did the seat. BETSY: You did the bench! This is, like, beyond. [music playing] Hit the button– three, two, one. BETSY: Oh. DUSTIN: Whoa!
Look at that. GEORGE OLIPHANT: It’s a
five, three, two, one. BETSY: Oh my god,
that’s so cool. There are so many
cool things that, like, are totally our style. BETSY: It’s just
warm and inviting. It really means a lot to
have that kind of home. GEORGE OLIPHANT: We just start–
this is just the living room. You know I have to
check out the kitchen. [music playing] ETHAN: Oh, it felt so big. I feel like I could fit
three of my old kitchens in this new kitchen. [music playing] BETSY: Oh my god. JOLIE: Oh my goodness. BETSY: This is so beautiful.
DUSTIN: Wow. [interposing voices] BETSY: This is
totally what I wanted. You’re not going to have
to do any of the maintenance. Maintenance–
maintenance-free! GEORGE OLIPHANT: This
is all maintenance-free. You know, when mom and
dad are working late and you’ve got to microwave your
dinners, you got it right here. JOLIE: Oh my gosh.
– Oh, a microwave drawer. Easy for you to get to, Ethan.
BETSY: Easy for you, Ethe. Oh my god. E, that’s amazing. The amount of
independence that Ethan is going to have in this
kitchen space is amazing. What do you guys want? What do you want? Come on. Me and Dustin, we’ll
whip you up something. We had no idea really
what we were in for. It was one surprise
after the next. Oh my god. JOLIE: Oh wow. BETSY: This is so– ETHAN: Awesome. JOLIE: This is so cool. Ethan, look at your bed. Oh, look at the peace–
look at that sign. Oh, it was just
awesome to finally see what my new room looks like. And I love that peace
sign back there. BETSY: This bed is gorgeous. JOLIE: Crazy. It’s nice and low, too,
E. It’s easy for you. It just was a
flood of emotion, because this is an area
for Ethan to be Ethan. I could tell that he was
already home in his room. Oh my god. Oh my gosh. Oh my god. [music playing] DUSTIN: Oh my gosh. BETSY: Look at this. We’re never getting
him out of that shower. – Yeah.
– Ever. So, Ethan, do I get a
thumbs up on the bed– on the bathroom, and the
bedroom, and your little area? Yes. If I was an octopus, I would
have gave eight thumbs up. We couldn’t have imagined. Eight thumbs up? GEORGE OLIPHANT: This is the
best room I’ve ever been in. DUSTIN: Whatever
difficulties he faces, the space seems to
just give him dignity. Everything is beautifully
designed in there and functionally perfect. [applause] GEORGE OLIPHANT: We came
through these doors, because we wanted to
do something special for my friend Ethan here. But really it was
a family rescue. I just can’t thank you
guys enough for being part of “George to the Rescue.” There is no “George to the
Rescue” without these guys right here, so thank you. [applause] BETSY: Just to look out and
all our friends and family– and now I’m going to cry– and our new friends
and family, my heart is bursting out of my chest
with love from all of you. Thank you. [applause] It really is the
most special gift we’ve gotten ever in our lives. DUSTIN: I just
wanted to say thank you to George, and the crew, and
the volunteers, and everybody. Thank you.

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