Relaxing Stretches for Stiff Muscles – Ask Doctor Jo

Relaxing Stretches for Stiff Muscles – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m gonna show you 9 relaxing stretches for stiff muscles. So let’s get started. So I’m just gonna kind of start off with the
neck and we’re gonna go down. For all of these stretches, you probably want
to do them for about 20 seconds. So this isn’t like really stretch and hold
kind of stretches, this is just to kind of relax those muscles, especially when they
are stiff and tight. And if you haven’t subscribed already, make
sure and click on the button down there. So just to start off up at your neck, you’re
just gonna turn and do some head rotations. So you don’t have to hold it for 20 seconds,
you can do a little pause if you want to, but the whole motion all together is gonna
be for about 20 seconds. So you don’t have to be exact counting out
the 20 seconds, but just kind of getting those stiff muscles moving and loosening them up
a little bit. So if you want to count, you could just do
maybe 10 on each side and that’d probably get you to about 20 seconds. After that, then you’re just gonna go into
a side bend. So now you’re getting those muscles more on
the outside. So same things, this isn’t really it’s not
a full stretch like we usually do, this is just some relaxing kind of stretching to get
those tight muscles, those stiff muscles worked out a little bit. So same thing, if you would rather just kind
of count and do 10 on each side you can. Or if you want to set a little timer and do
maybe about 20 seconds, you can do that as well. So then we’re gonna move into the shoulders. So the next things is just doing shoulder
circles. So I like to kind of do them all one way you
can do about 10 seconds one way, and then after you get that stretched out, then reverse
it. So again still kind of that 20 seconds. If you want to break it up so then you’re
just kind of doing a couple one way and then going back the other way you can. This is a really great way to kind of relax
those shoulders and get them moving. And then after that, you’re gonna go into
a shoulder squeeze, or a scapular squeeze. These are the ones where you’re just kind
of squeezing everything back. Not with your shoulders up squeezing, but
just kind of relaxing everything down and squeezing back. And this kind of opens up the chest muscles. Again you don’t really have to do a pause
at the end unless you want to, but just imagine that somebody’s hand is right on your spine
in the back and you’re trying to squeeze those shoulder blades together to kind of pinch
that hand in the back. You can use your elbows if you want to, you
don’t have to. If you feel like you’re using your elbows
more than you should. Cause you really want to activate those muscles
just kind of squeezing them back together getting that nice squeeze. So again about that 20 seconds. Then you kind of want to get your trunk moving
a little bit. So just take your hands and kind of clasp
them in front of you, and just start rotating side to side. So with this one, you can see my hips are
going a little bit with it, but I’m not turning my whole body. I really want that stretch to be kind of that
upper middle trunk kind of motion. But again, just a kind of a smooth going back
and forth. Just to get that nice stretch. So again if you just want to count side to
side or if you want to set a timer then you can do that as well. So after you stretch out the trunk area, then
you’re gonna go into a hamstring stretch. So with this one, you’re just gonna kind of
roll your body down. So this is a little different than the traditional
hamstring stretches where I always tell you kind of keep your back straight and bend at
your hips. You can do it that way, or you can roll your
whole body just to kind of get the back stretched as well. So if you want to start and roll all the way
down as far as you can comfortably go. Hold it 5-10 seconds. You can roll back up, or if you want to do
that traditional hamstring stretch and keep that back straight and then just kind of slide
your hands down your knees and your shin area. And then get that stretch as well. So getting that stretch in those hamstrings
and then just kind of rolling back up. So that whole process for about 20-30 seconds,
you can probably do about 2-3 of them, but just again you can do that nice roll if you
want to. Or you can keep that back straight and get
it all nice and stretched out. So now we’re gonna kind of go back up to the
trunk a little bit. This time you just want to put your hands
behind your head with your elbows out to the side. And then just do a little side bend. So this is getting that whole side from your
shoulders to your lats all the way down. Even the QL a little bit which is the Quadratus
Lumborum. So again you don’t have to hold the stretch
unless you want to like a 3-5 second stretch. You can do that, you can hold it or you can
just continuously go side to side for that total of 20 seconds kind of stretch. And then to get a big whole body kind of stretch
it out to relax those stiff muscles. Start with your hands up high, make a big
circle and come all the way down to your toes. And then bring it all the way back up. So just a nice getting every muscle along
that chain just kind of nice and stretched out. If you want to follow with your eyes to get
that neck into it a little bit as well, you can do that. But again see I’m not really holding anything,
maybe just a little pause at the top, a little pause at the bottom, but this is just kind
of relaxing, stretching out all those muscles. And then to finish, you’re just gonna do 5
nice deep breaths. You can do it with your chest, or if you want
to do it with your diaphragm. Your choice. Sometimes at the end I like really opening
up that chest. So just taking those nice deep breaths.So
you don’t necessarily have to hold it. As you can see I’m trying to expand that chest
as I go. So I’m going… breathing out like that. So just doing about 5 just to kind of calm
everything back down completely after you’ve just stretched everything out. So if you’d like to help support my channel,
make sure to click on the link up there. And don’t forget to subscribe by clicking
down there. And remember, be safe (get nice and relaxed),
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. This video is a great idea and is already one of my favorites. You knocked it out of the park with this one. Another winner.

  2. Dr. Jo thanks so much for sharing your expertise. As many of us are caring for elderly relatives, how about best exercises for older seniors? Simple stretches to help keep them mobile? Thanks

  3. Doctor Jo, How can one train scapular retraction (with enough stimulus for hypertrophy), if a slap lesion is making horizontal pull movements really painful?

  4. Hi Dr Jo, I have lower back pain and leg pain diagnosed with mild disc prolapse and piriformis muscle problem. My doctor recommended to me to add a bit more weight and gain muscle strength. My BMI is 20.6 but I have little belly fat. Is there any problem if I'm doing plank exercise.

    That T-shirt looks nice☺

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