Read in Russian (Exercise: Learn to Read Syllables) | Russian Comprehensive

Read in Russian (Exercise: Learn to Read Syllables) | Russian Comprehensive

Hello! Today you’ll learn how to read
simple Russian syllables. If you’re still not sure about how well you can pronounce
some of the letters, it’s absolutely not a deal-breaker, there is no need to get stuck on the alphabet. With this exercise,
you’ll actually learn Russian letters and sounds even better. I’ll be reading
Russian syllables in pairs, with hard and soft consonants, and you will be
repeating after me. If you’re not sure about what hard and soft consonants mean,
or why it’s better to put Russian vowels in pairs, I strongly recommend you watch
my two previous videos. First of all, remember, that Russian vowels sound
pretty defined, so don’t forget to open your mouth a little wider, than you may be
used to in your native language. Please, repeat after me! Awesome! You’re doing great!
Soft Дь, Ть, Ль, Рь are probably the hardest consonants for a foreigner
to pronounce, but again, you’ll learn them, sooner or a little later, when you start
reading texts. So, there is no need to spend too much time trying to perfect
them, or even more, getting upset, if you can’t pronounce them right just yet. You’ll get there! You just need some time and practice.
I hope, you remember from my previous video that the Russian consonants Ж, Ш, Ц
are always hard, so no matter what goes after them, you’ll always read them as hard consonants. At the same time, Russian consonants Ч and Щ are always soft. If it’s hard for you to pronounce these syllables now,
just keep trying, and I promise, you’ll get to the point where it seems easy,
sooner than you think. You also want to practice reading
syllables with several consonants in a row, like these. I can’t say enough, how helpful this exercise is
for learning how to read in Russian. So, I encourage you to practice it on your own,
whenever you have some free time.

6 thoughts on “Read in Russian (Exercise: Learn to Read Syllables) | Russian Comprehensive

  1. 1:02 – Reading Exercise
    7:06 – Ж, Ш, Ц – the consonants that are always hard
    7:53 – Ч, Щ – the consonants that are always soft
    8:33 – Syllables with several consonants in a row

    Transcript to the video:

  2. I am a perpetual beginner when it comes to speaking accurately and listening successfully. Maybe your videos will help me with this. Thank you, Olga.

  3. Thank you for a great set of videos! I recently started learning Russian (with the help of a few textbooks, Youtube and a few friends who are native speakers). My native language is Norwegian, and I also speak English fluently after having lived in the US for several years. The hardest letter for me to pronounce is Х. I tend to make it too «throaty» or hard like in Spanish or Arabic. I can´t seem to find the middle ground. Do you have any tips on how I can get it right? I have been listening again and again at 3:12, but I still can´t pronounce the letter or the syllables.

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