Randy Santel’s Fitness Workout Regimen While Losing Weight!!

Randy Santel’s Fitness Workout Regimen While Losing Weight!!

97 thoughts on “Randy Santel’s Fitness Workout Regimen While Losing Weight!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video and I appreciate all the encouraging comments!! Everything is going very well during my break!! Just FYI for this video: All of this is what I do personally because it works for me and I enjoy doing it. I'm not recommending anything in this video, and it would not be wise for anyone to duplicate what I am doing. This is all part of my job, and I am single with with lots of time and ZERO responsibilities. Doing all this is not feasible for most people.

  2. Randy i'm nutritionist, please do not put that much effort on exercise and gym but in what YOU EAT, cutting calories has a much powerful impact on your overall system than exercise, cut calories first, once you lose a certain amount of weight you hit the gym, not the other way.

  3. You are my inspiration. i am in my second week of my weight loss journey and I am mostly walking and changing my nutrition and so far it is going great. Your videos keep me going

  4. Muscle won't help your risk of  dementia or heart disease… you need to think about your consumption of animal products and stop thinking about yourself and personal gain.

  5. I hope you accomplish your goals but the food challenges are also a lot of calories, as a viewer i'm torn but if you did that a bit less it might help you out too, hope you find the right balance between both

  6. Get it, bruddah! 🤙
    And BURPEES!! Do 30 an hour, then 60 an hour. Then 90, so on and so forth. Sorry for the unsolicited advice.
    Get it, bruddah! 🤙

  7. Hi Randy I am from India, Good to see you taking your health seriously nowadays, I am 41 years old 5,11' and was weighing roughly 207 lbs when I switched to intermittent fasting with 16-8 pattern (now graduated to 20-4) along with weight training and now I am 178lbs in 8 weeks. This combination worked for me and I do hope that you also find this right for your objectives. Good Luck Randy.

  8. So proud of you randy keep it going buddy you’re a motivation to a lot of ppl who think they can’t do it you’re showing us we can and the right way

  9. Wait, how old are you? Why do you not have a working vehicle? Why are you relying on your parents to restock your pantry and fridge?

  10. I'm like you, educated and a seasoned self trainer. I know your comeback pain right now. It's a challange to put out in the gym on a calorie deficit, and of course staying diet consistent. 🙏🤙💪

  11. Awesome Randy! Glad to see you're taking your health into consideration. You were getting really big. Haha. Praying for you!

  12. Randy do you plan on keeping this weight off or do you think you’ll gain it back again on your next tour? I love your videos keep up the great content!!

  13. Man the best way to lose weight and improve cardio vascular health is to go swimming….one hour of swimming will make you burn more calories than doing weight training….👍👍👍

  14. If ever in Thailand come train with me at AKA Thailand in Phuket I'm the mma and fitness coach there, I also own a restaurant near the gym 😎 🤜💥🤛 been watching you for years ❤❤❤

  15. Awesome Randy Bobandy. If you get bored with spinning think about swimming or going to a yoga class. I like vinyasa flow because it incorporates restorative yoga and power yoga. Also having a bunch of ladies with yoga pants in the class is a big plus as well.

  16. I love this video so much. It can be such a difficult thing to go through, mentally, when you go from fat, to great shape, to gaining again. Thanks for being so open and casual about it.
    And I see Martins Licis wearing "kinda fit kinda fat" shirts all the time, I feel like you would be another great brand ambassador for that too.

  17. I'd just lift weights get away from competition eating just stay with lifting and eat portion meals broccoli and chicken breast not like 20 of them just like little broccoli little bit of chicken

  18. The jumping Jacks joke made me ROFL. Amazing progress! I am really interested in what Randy is eating. I hope its a regular tasty diet because most people fail at this part.

  19. I am so effing happy that you’re smashing your workout regime. I remember what you looked like a few years ago, and you were looking like a beast! I’m sure you’ll get back into shape soon! Al the best dude!

  20. Woot, the video I've been waiting for! Thanks for posting this. It's encouraging to see weight loss in real time.

  21. This is pretty much exactly how how I thought it would go from a sustainable weight loss point of view. Roughly 2% loss per week. Keep it up man, you know what you're doing. There are a few people on here who clearly don't "get" realistic body transformations.

  22. Serious question: have you ever thought about getting into professional wrestling? I could definitely see you doing really well in that industry.

  23. Well done Randy. Love this video. Wouldn’t it great if you could get back that physique you had when you first started this channel 8 years ago. Keep up the good work,

  24. Love these Randy. I was always told make no excuses. So I challenge you to put together a workout duffel bag with exercise equipment that you can take with you on your challenges! My work backpack has resistant bands a type of weight. I sit at work so I'v been doing 5to10 minutes an hour of just pure push to keep my blood going.

  25. You have an awesome healthy glow going on! Keep up the awesome progression!!!!! You have the face of true determination….kudos to you!

  26. Your a great bloke Randy a and super professional no matter what challenge comes your way you take it and work through it well done your an inspiration all the best love Lisa xxx👌👍

  27. SUPER motivating to see this coming together! Even with water weight 13lbs is no joke because with increased exercise there is probably muscle gain meaning even more fat burn. I can tell just by the clarity of your skin you have been grinding!!

  28. Starting to see it,especially in your face randy. From what my niece has told me passed few years,it’s got to be a certain way,to build up or lose and then you change it up. Funny enough,she put a new profile pic up few days back,I had to ask her had she lost weight. Her diet and excercise regime has been changed,so she was chunky Christmas and now she’s shedding weight again. I watch your updates and look forward to them..I can’t wait for the end of this series.you must do a collage of pics.i hope you have done from the start,but that will be very interesting. As always,take care and have a good weekend with your nearest and dearest 🥰👍💪🏻💪🏻

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