Raising Men | the Making of Warrior Poets

Raising Men | the Making of Warrior Poets

Evan: Cut. John, we talked about this, you can’t say that. Evan: One more time, cut!

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  1. Any chance Warrior poets will be at the 2A rally in Richmond on the 20th? If Virginia falls so may the rest of the republic

  2. Very well said John. Thank you.

    I like to look at it as a pyramid.
    My Base is being Christian.
    Next level is being a Man.
    Next is being a Husband.
    At the top is being a Father.
    My base must be solid enough to build this pyramid. If I want to grow in any one area, the levels below it must grow first to support it.

  3. There’s a list to keep in mind:

  4. Gotta stop you at change the world… Too many people can't keep their grubby little fingers out of other people's lives.


  6. Luke 2:52 Jesus grew wisdom/academics stature/physical favor with God/spiritual favor with men/social
    these are the 4 legged table that testifies of how Jesus grew to be balanced…….full of TRUTH and GRACE
    like your testimony….KOKO

  7. Raised both of my sons exactly the same way. Cub Scouts, respect, firearms, work ethic & girls. They turned out as different as night & day. Great video!

  8. I saw this when I was a young man, prolly 16 or so. I believed then (as I still do) that this is one of the best explanations of honor ever told. I knew immediately that I wanted to make my honor as real and tangible as possible so that I might carry it and show my kids the gift of honor as well. May we all dare to let honor and grace lead us in such a way that we light this dark world for centuries to come. Cheers.

  9. growing up in a single parent household and knowing my grandfather (the greatest man ive had the fortune of knowing and a prior green beret) was raised in similar circumstance i can honestly say that in some situations it takes a strong woman to raise a strong man. im sure there were other outside influences but without the badass women in my family i wouldnt be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning and be proud of who i am today.

  10. I once had a convo with my brother in law. He's older and old school as he was born and grew up in the old country. We were discussing a recent marriage break up in our community. The husband/father was abusive in a less than traditional manner. My BIL was skeptical of the stories and defended him with: "he never cheated" and "he worked his butt off so she wouldn't have to work". I pointed out that if even half of it was true NONE of that matters as a man is more than his wallet. I struck me as odd that this would even be used as a defense. I really appreciated your take on the "bare minimum" of fatherhood. As I say "if a woman doesn't want to only be valued for her pussy or a man for his wallet, they need to be able to offer more than that".

  11. As a warrior poet who is now discovering myself, neither of my parents were truly exceptional, but they at least allowed me to carve my own path. I'm not the most socially adept (aspergers), so I'm still looking for that special someone, but I do have a lot of nieces and nephews. I think that the most efficient way to pass on the warrior poet initiative and skill set is to allow them to do as they wish (within reason), but when they ask for help, teach them how to do it in the process of helping them. Ie: "you scraped yourself while learning how to roller skate, here's how to apply a bandage." Or "Your teddy bear or bag or jeans tore a hole? Here's how to sew it up."

  12. @Warrior Poet Society – The audience (me) demands you on a podcast with Mike Glover or Jocko Willink or Ben Shapiro or something, ASAP! I need to see more collabs with awesome people. You and Glover were both on LLOD so there's you're connection right there! I'm willing to beg, lol. No one wants to see a grown man do that..

  13. Spiritual aspects! Amen! No apologies!
    Oh yes knowledge is not wisdom! I do agree! We were just talking about this Sabbath. Knowledge is just information Wisdom is knowledge and information applied to practical use and daily life to make your life better and in His light! Proverbs is a great example of a Father trying to pass on his knowledge to impart wisdom to his son. Love this one guys!

  14. I don’t have sons. I have two great baby girls. My sons are the boys I teach at school. Please make a video to give me insight on how to make these boys warriors.

  15. So much wisdom in the video. Many years ago my church gave out this book on Father's Day and it's much the same as to what John is talking about. https://www.amazon.com/Raising-Modern-Day-Knight-Fathers-Authentic/dp/1589973097/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DWWR9F76NKKAW1NGEKHV

  16. Potentially big topic but just wondering if you have thought about this. Pornography has become a large issue for both boys and girls in this country and is doing a lot of damage to marriages and families. How are you teaching your kids about marriage. Besides being a good example, which I know you and Mrs. Poet are. Feel this is something people are afraid to talk about and it is undermining a lot of marriages that look good on the surface. Appreciate your love for God and family.

  17. Aside from being good, quality men ourselves, the best thing we can do for the world is raise other quality men.

  18. Great information and advice. I'm a new father of a little girl and I see it as my job to not only make sure she grows up with the tools to be a productive and extraordinary adult, but know what kind of treatment and respect she should demand from the people in her life as long as shes doing the work.

  19. That is awesome you think in terms of "Physical, Social, Spiritual, Mental". I do too but it's from Stephen Covey's book, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". Gotta sharpen that saw!

  20. Great! I agree with you completely. You even hit on Emotional Intelligence. Thanks for doing this video. I've a second due this summer and I definitely want to be the best I can be so my child can be the best version of themselves.

  21. More of these. Fatherhood is so important I love the challenge you give and the reminder and a good slap in the face saying wake up dummy raise your son right.

  22. Not entirely sure if I agree with you on the only a man can make a man part. Although I really think you should start a podcast. That would be pretty cool.

  23. Thank you posting this video. I have a 4-year old son; so I take this to heart.
    In my job, I see kids who have horrible parents. And I feel sorry for these kids because I know their horrible upbringing is more-than-likely going to send them to prison.

  24. John, great video like always. I was wondering if there are any books that you'd recommend that would help instill, foster, or help build a warrior poet in our kids. I've got 2 young boys under 7 and would like to start reading things to them that will help them understand the things of life and create a basis for things later in life.

  25. My wife will be induced tomorrow and we will begin the journey of parenthood! I pray I will have the wisdom and patients to raise him to fight for truth and right in this ever changing world we live in. Thanks for the advice brother!

  26. Funny thing is, (in ref. to your opening), my wife helps run a dog rescue petpartnersrescue.org (in case you thought I was fibbing ;-), so I CAN"T afford to buy anything off of your website :'-( Sorry… I'll just have to enjoy your videos… AFTER I finish walking, feeding, and cleaning up after 10-15 dogs… IN MY KITCHEN!!! (Would you be interested in adopting a dog or 12??? If not, how bout a 50ish year old man???) God Bless You All Sir and God Bless America!!!

  27. Although I'm 57, you are a great inspiration to me and many others. Unfortunately, my veteran father was a disciplinarian/stricter than though person and talk me out of military service. I regret it today and will the rest of my life. My ancestors were all veterans back to the revolutionary war. My father taught turn the other cheek, instead of warrior/poet ethics. Please keep going and spread the word.

  28. A lot of people seemed to enjoy this video and liked making funny responses. I fear many have missed just how well this model is thought out. Also, if this man is running a business, producing video content on you tube that is successfully staying online, AND has the wherewithal to adapt this child rearing approach to the lives of his children??? Wow!

  29. My little poet will be 6 at the end of this month. You really nailed it about the challenges of being a better man to be a better Dad. It is a deep rooted consciousness that is spiritual, I believe, that forces me to look in the mirror daily and see my own inadequacies. This was a good video. Thank you. I will be returning to listen again.

  30. Mr. Lovel hanks for sharing that. I write a blog and have several posts related to what you’re talking about. If you’re interested in taking a look you can find it at www.thoughtsfromthebackstep.com

  31. John, I am an older Dad. I did not marry until I was 49 years old. I described myself to my future wife as a Christian Man and Warrior early in our relationship. The Lord did not Bless us with a child for almost 4 years, but it was in HIS time. Standing over my newborn son in the NICU at NGMC, I dedicated him to the Lord and vowed to be the very best father that I could be before the Lord. Now, at almost 7, our son is in the highest level in his first grade and reads on a 4th grade level. He is a yellow belt in Okinawan martial arts, rides and show's horses, shoots his red Ryder, hunts and fishes with me, plays ball and many other things. I get to take him to school and pick him up. I spend time with him teaching him to be a Man, not only the wherefores and howtoes, but the why's. We have led by example, not do as I say. In this, his Christian Faith is growing and he is A Believer. With all of this, he sees me put on a gun and badge every day and knows that evil exists in this world and that daddy will do all that he can to protect and provide until it is time for him to do so. My apologies for rambling on, may God The Father through Jesus the Son continue to keep you and your family.

  32. In less than 10 minutes…John just tossed the old excuse of "Kids Don't come with instructions". All summed up here. RLTW, John.

  33. I thought I was a pretty tough guy, could take care of my self worked hard and was afraid of nothing. That is until I had kids. When my son was born all of a sudden it hit me hard that I was responsible, totally for this little baby boy. Now how was I going to not screw up and some how teach him all the right things that he should know and turn out to be a better person than me. The only thing I can say is that you have to keep trying and don't give up. Now that was 52 years ago and he has a successful Law Practice and a 11 year old son of his own that now and then I can advise him on going forward. Our Daughter also has a practice of her own.
    I guess that is not to bad for two people that decided to get married after High School. We think as we raised the kids the kids also raised us.

  34. For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. -Proverbs 2:6

    Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. -2 Corinthians 3:17

    I think you’re right John. Wisdom is spiritual. 💯

  35. "COVER DOWN" my dad taught me how to learn, how to teach myself and figure things out on my own…we spent a lot of times working on cars, motorcycles, and houses. More often than not he would ask me what was wrong, and how to fix it, and why. If I didn't know the answer he would ask me other questions about what we were fixing to try and get me in the right direction. He spent a lot of extra time going over things again again to try and get me to the point where I can figure out problems on my own. I will always be forever grateful to him for that.

  36. To be honest the moral compass is a big part for me and I feel like its under played. A good moral code has been lost on this country and I firmly believe if we restore that we can rebuild into a nation of greatness.

  37. Gay buttsex poet who happened to be in the military. I love Israel btw. *EDIT* I also love the Jews.

  38. I highly recommend the books:
    "Future Men" by Douglas Wilson
    "Why Children Matter" by Douglas Wilson
    "Man of the House" by C.R. Wiley

  39. Love this. I mean I really love this. I'm a kind of new dad, my son will be a year old next month. My dad passed away 5 years ago so I find myself wanting to make sure that I follow his example in the good, and deviate from the bad. But more to understand his approach to Parenthood. This video truely speaks to me, I mean it really helps me relate and understand my dad, and set goals for me as a father. Thank you!

  40. Once again, a video I desperately needed to hear and didn't even realize it. I'm struggling so hard to be a good dad to my kids. Not because of my nature, I strive to live as a Warrior Poet daily. But because one child is so VASTLY different than the other. My biological son is the spitting image of me in every way. Including my attitude and actions. But my daughter, who is my adopted daughter is another story entirely… I love her so very dearly, I'd kill for her and happily lay down my life for her. She is a wonderful blessing, but a constant thorn in my wife and I's side. A struggle every day to remember patience, and not let frustration get the best of me. I've been failing epically at that and want to do better.

    Thank you John, and thank you all other Warrior Poets out there! Semper Acri!

  41. I teach my son as follows: What is best in life Son ..Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

  42. I only half raised my only son, now 29. I give the Marines credit for finishing the job. No disrespect for the Ranger/dad.

  43. William Wallace went around murdering all the villages in his own country then he was hung, drawn, burned and quartered by Britain his head was put on the tower bridge and his 4 body parts were taken to the four corners of Britain and buried

    That movie ain't the truth

  44. Great thoughts. "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs is a great book on parenting.

  45. I am totally impressed with the amount of knowledge and WISDOM provided in this video. You are spot on! Wouldnt it be great if this got shared about 5 million times.

  46. Strong words Jon, very strong and deep, as a father of a currently 8 yr old tom boy and the wife is pregnant with our 2nd I'm constantly worried about the people they will become in life. Your words really touched home, thank you sir, and keep up the great videos!

  47. I love WPS for content like this more than the guns and stuff. I find my brain going all the time trying to better as a dad for my boys. Everything else on WPS is certainly icing on the cake though!

  48. Something our culture is desperately missing is the blessing of the father. When father's speak life over and bless their children it really does change lives. We don't necessarily have to have the perfect upbringing ourselves to instil value and identity to our children. At the end of the day our jobs and our hobbies have no eternal value, but the souls of our children do.

  49. I've accomplished my dad mission. Five respectable, honest, loving parents is what I turned them all into and I'm thankful and proud every day.
    Be a part of your kids lives, a big part, and you will do well. Seven grandsons and two granddaughters and i'm only 55 so I am going to have many years of awesome fun watching them grow to be wonderful warrior poets. Grandkids are the best, they go home with their parents.

  50. Anytime i hear an extremely badass and dangerous person say how spiritual they are, i immediately imagine the English priest from a Dead Alive in the graveyard saying:
    I KICK ARSE FOR THE LORD" before whooping up on every deadite in the yard.

  51. I love you man, however there… is the women i our lives. DO NOT tell mom the teacher hit you, she will beat your ass and then tell your dad, then what happens? My mom; (me) Mom, i'm hurt! (mom) is there a bone sticking out or arterial spray?(me not know what that meant) NO! (mom) don't bother me unless it's serious.
    Yup that's kind of how it went down in the age of Evil Knievel and other dangerous stuff, including any woman could be a WASP or Wonder Woman or new your Gran-ma ma which commenced in starvation or an incredible ass beating.

  52. I'm sad and slightly disappointed this video didnt get more attention. Thumbs up and views. If every father in America listened and followed this video,I believe it could shift this country's future in a more positive direction. Awesome video warrior poet society!

  53. I am a Christian. I own my own therapy group practice. I 100% love this Society. I 100% support the title of this video and the mission John and his family have for us to join. I have 2 girls under 13. My 12 yoa and I were talking a few days ago about relationships at school and church. In short, she stated she was worried about the behavior of boys and the prospects of worthy future relationships. (I continually have to walk her back to just being 12 and accepting most boys her age have about 1/2 their brain to work with anyways 😉 See John's reference to Maslow and psychological development. ;)) Fathers of daughters, instill these traits in your daughters as well and teach them to look for men who submit themselves to God as Christ did for his bride. Father's of sons, my daughters need Godly Warrier Poets to submit to in the future. Teach them to run to God with everything and defend the weaker. (I guess the puppies too….) Very thankful for this community!

  54. As a step father I need to work on being more approachable and having more patience with my two step kids. We do a lot of outdoors stuff and lately I've been trying to get them on board games as opposed to electronic forms of entertainment.

  55. I rewatched this intro with Sarah McLachlan in the arms of an angel playing in the background… I can no longer hold back the tears 😢😂

  56. Disfunction rears it’s ugly head in my family and it’s real bad.

    Two parents that lost both of their parents before the age of 18.
    An abused father that suffered mentally but never dealt with it. He just checked out and stopped caring.

    Mother that worked all the time.

    My siblings and I all messed up as adults… I am always amazed seeing what good, caring, normal families can do for their kids. These things I never had some people take for granted…. It’s hard to learn how to be a real man when all your roll models and hero’s are ghosts.

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