#QuestionsforKarlie Workout Edition | Karlie Kloss

#QuestionsforKarlie Workout Edition | Karlie Kloss

Ready. Can I say good morning or hello. I look like a crazy person Today we’re gonna do a Questions for Karlie workout edition I tweeted out ask me whatever you want and you guys ask me some pretty interesting questions I called in my good friend and trainer, Ms. Dara Hart to help me out. Hey girl. Hi My little but mighty friend here Dara. There we go. It’s better. Dara, what are we gonna do today today? We’re gonna do a full body workout with no equipment you can do anywhere. To make sure I get enough reps in I’m gonna have Dara asked me the questions And I have to answer them while doing the workout and I can’t stop doing the workout until I finish answering them Okay, so we’ll do a quick 30 second warm-up of jumping jacks, you know the drill. Straight arms, Bop starts in three two one Do you have a workout playlist? I do. I have a Spotify playlist for workouts Oh my gosh, I need to talk faster, answer these questions faster. I also love to listen to audiobooks and podcasts Okay, and Divya asked, if you had to choose one between doing yoga or gym for the rest of your life What would you choose and why? If I have to choose just one, I might actually choose yoga I really love yoga, and I think it can be both meditative, relaxing and high-intensity I need to talk faster Next exercise is a windmill. Inhale, lift the arms. Exhale, twist. Next question is late night or early morning workout? Easy. I love early morning workouts, especially like first thing in the morning when I’m training for the marathon and running long distances That’s when I love to do night runs, especially in the summer when it’s way too hot during the day How do we stay fit while traveling and how do you manage to eat healthy food? I think it’s a matter of just being disciplined in your head and being consistent with your workouts Even if you are on the road and you don’t necessarily have a gym, I think it’s about finding things that you can do no matter where you are, like this workout. Being healthy with food choices can be really challenging when I’m traveling. The options can be different, so you have to be kind to yourself and if your body is exhausted from traveling give yourself a day off, sleep in. I think it’s a matter of balance Does that make sense? I don’t know, I feel like my blood is rushing to my head. All right, our next warm-up exercise is a bird dog. Reach the right arm and left leg and hold and then switch. Next question what advice do you have for someone who’s training for a marathon. Get a friend involved you do it with you. Oh, sorry I’m cheating. I’m not doing my workout. You’re gonna spend many hours over the next months training for your 26 mile run I feel like I’m going to puke. and it’s way more fun to do it with someone that you enjoy spending time with. That’s it, it’s done! Our warm-up is done. Let’s get to work. I’m already sweating Okay. Our first exercise is a bound into a jack squat. We’ll start by swinging your arms up, coming high on your tippy toes Shoot your arms back, jump as far forward as you can. What’s the weirdest spot you’ve ever done a workout? I can’t multitask. Okay, I don’t know about weirdest but most scenic place I’ve ever done a boxing workout is Sydney Harbour I could not picture a more a beautiful place to work out. Our next exercise are speed skaters. You’ll step and bend like a curtsy And then you’ll alternate to the other side. And our next question is what’s your favorite outfit to work out in? My favorite outfit to work out in is I love like a high support bra like this. We are both wearing pieces from the new statement collection. the adidas campaign just launched They’re super cute. They’re super comfortable I love to wear things that are functional and chic so I can wear it from my work out to a meeting. Next question Girl, Hurry up Can you change your outfit in less than a minute? You’ve got a challenge Time to go! Ok, how did I do? One minute? You made it. Okay good, close enough. Next exercise is mountain climbers So find a plank on hands and knees. These are so fun! Shoulders will be over your hands So our next question is what’s your favorite thing to eat or drink after workout session? A nice protein smoothie I love a vegan protein powder I love Karlie’s Cookies That’s a good answer Okay, let’s pick it up. Double time. What do you eat on your cheat day? A little bit of dark chocolate every day So our next exercise is a push-up into a shoulder tap. You’ll find a plank push-up into a tap tap. And if you’re like me and prefer to do a modified push-up It goes like this. Have you ever heard of Goat Yoga? I’ve never done it but I’ve heard of it. What is goat yoga? I honestly… you’ll have to ask twitter. If it is literally just yoga with goats Sure, why not? Yeah, their models are really lazy She’s falling asleep on set I’m gonna call her agent. What’s an acceptable age for young girls to start working out? I’ve always loved playing sports I’m pausing to talk, I can’t talk. As early as I started walking I was playing soccer and playing sports and always playing games with my sisters. Actually working out with a trainer I’d say the first time I really did that was when I met you What do you think? I feel like as long as you’re outside moving your body, you can start at any age. I agree. Okay, let’s hit up a forearm plank push away from the floor So you lift up and out of your shoulders Hardest thing physically you’ve ever done? it might be this workout video while doing questions for Karlie right now Okay, so next we’re gonna do a lifted reach You’ll lift up, one, two and down. Emily asks Would you rather work out alone or with your best friends? definitely best friends Michael asks what do you suggest as some regressive exercises for someone with knee pain when they squat or what assessment should they do to see? This is definitely a question for a doctor This is our last exercise Let’s start on your back and bring your legs together and up to about 60 degrees Do you think the apps that can be installed are valid or the gym is the only proper way to work out? I think you can definitely do a workout anywhere you are with a great app or with just a great circuit of exercises like this. What are some good exercises to do without equipment? Um, this Three, two, done. Oh my goodness Dara. I am so regretting Inviting you to my Questions for Karlie. This is actually a very effective workout. Now, please tell me it’s time for cooldown Yes I like your questions. I just not good at answering them. While doing this, okay So just hug your knees to your chest. Liz asked you, can you say something motivational so I can print it out as motivation to work out. Oh, wow, no pressure Something motivational. Liz, do something today that your body will thank you for tomorrow Lilly Singh asked, oh Lilly Singh? I love you Lilly Singh! How can one workout while simultaneously eating pizza? Great Question, Lilly. I’m so glad you asked. All you really have to do is order pizza and sit on a yoga mat Thank you Exhibit A, take a slice of pizza. Exhibit B, sit in a pretend yoga pose and Proceed to eat pizza. Thanks Lilly That is a wrap on our killer workout and Questions for Karlie. Thank you guys for watching and thank you Dara Bye guys!

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  1. watching this makes me wanna do more workouts but all i can think of is food all the damn time but this video is truly INSPIRATIONAL Karlie! especially with the pizza 🍕💗🍕💗🍕💗

  2. Karlie, I just came here from watching your video about the Elections. Today at school we had a Level 3 lock down and I experienced what it must have felt for all those people who had a school shooting take place. Thankfully, everything was okay and nobody armed only a suspicious person on campus that looked threatening was there that prompted it. From locking the class door, closing the lights, and hiding in the corner of the room is really life threatening since in one minute you're in English, the next second you're hiding for the fear of your life being wrongfully taken away from you. Each second passing by so slow, those 20 minutes felt like eternity. As a freshman in high school, all I could think of was 'Is this it? Will the government keep quiet on gun laws and support them? Will I never graduate?' Thank you for bringing awareness for such a cause.

  3. manger la pizza sur un tapis de yoga (sans faire le karma sans vouloir être réincarné en dieu sait quoi ! une vie sur terre suffit). permet de voir a quoi ressemble une femme. car en youtube nous y voyons des chanteuses des youtubeuses des gymnastes des maquilleuses mais ce ne sont pas des femmes ce sont des produits. Le corps devient un produit sexuel aussi en langage imagé chanté. Selon les Pays l'être humain devient une source mortelle imposable ou une source mortelle non imposable. Le négatif est un décret une loi. Le positif ? 10 11 2018 vu

  4. Queen karlie, your videos our amazing, i think you should do all your karlies questions videos while working out it really makes you answer quicker. love that you still ate pizza at the end. no point burning all those calories if you cant take them back in again. love to see more technology videos

  5. I absolutely love love LOVE how confident and proud you are about your height <3 and about your personality, and your smartness.. and about yourself in general! I see myself in you and try to be just like u. You are inspirational and outstanding, Karlie. Congrats!! & Thank u!! <333

  6. Hello Karlie, I'm the ballet dancer that came up to you in Paris while you were shooting with your mum next to the tents this September:) After being so inspiring for me over so much time and seeing your career grow, you have no idea how much that encounter meant to me, specially with my dreams of becoming a model. You really are hitting it big, us ballet people have something. Hope that our paths will cross again one day, and in the meantime you're even inspiring me to open a YT Channel. Keep changing the game, keep fighting, keep going. Much love, Karlie. You're incredible x

  7. Why all you girls do these type of jobs, sporting, modeling and vlogging, why not accept a job at the office where you can experience politcal tension and people expressing there hate towards you? Do real work.

  8. I'm becoming convinced that if you are a female and you weigh between 100 and 120 pounds that you can call yourself a trainer / life coach / lifestyle blogger / instagram influencer etc..

  9. Dark chocolate, especially that which is sourced from humid places like Brazil, is often contaminated with aflatoxins, which cause liver damage and can result in permanent abdominal distension. #healthTip

  10. Karlie, I am always so inspired by your vlogs. I look forward to a new update so often. Would you consider doing a breakdown of your daily make-up and skincare routine? I noticed the same lip color that you always spot on your posts and vlogs. Would really love it if you could share. 🥰

  11. I definitely see her effort for gaining weight in last couple of years. She used to be really skinny. Now she looks amazing!!!

  12. I've heard of you, well, actually, I read about your coding program for kids and that you were some kind of supermodel. Good to see it all come together.

  13. "So Proud of you ♥"………
    you wrote this on your insta. to Tay-
    with posted backstage pic …
    (at Rep. Stadium in Nashville)?

    BLACK HEART emoji means:
    emotionally cold,
    without compassion,
    without feeling,
    without love. k.kushner

  14. Putting Kloss in the position talking like leight faster than …. early – the moment I wake up – before we put on our make-up …. LEIGHT/Taylor/KLOSS getting eating healthy on the road at your friend's workout traveling LIGHT and be kind to yourself …. "The Moment I WAKE-UP" Probably UP …. NO, YES you always cheated … pls … enjoy spending …

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