Proper Deadlift Setup (How to Nail it EVERY TIME!)

Proper Deadlift Setup (How to Nail it EVERY TIME!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. An ATHLEAN XPRESS Tip for you I think you’re
going to find helpful if you are Deadlifting. Deadlifts can be a complex movement because
it’s definitely a complicated movement because it requires a lot of different joints to work
in sync with each other. Guys will always ask me, ‘How much contribution
is it from the hips and how much contribution comes from the knees?’ There’s a very easy way, I feel, to sort of
master that and make sure that you’re getting the right amounts and the proper amounts in
each and every rep that you do. I have an empty bar here, and then I’ll demonstrate
on a full bar. You go and you sit your hips back as if you’re into an RDL, like a stiff-legged
RDL. You sit your hips back. You sit your hips
back. You sit your hips back. So here we haven’t had any real knee bend at all, alright. All the contribution has been from the hips.
As soon as our hands are at knee level here, as soon as we’re at knee level, now you can
allow the knee to break which brings you straight to the ground, ok. So, the bar will stay nice and close to your
shins and again, now on the way back up, you’re just reversing that. You’re using your legs. You’re here. Remember
I always say, the Deadlift is a push movement, ok. It’s a push movement. You’ve got to stabilize
through your pulling muscles. And you have to drive through at the top **as**
they push through the ground exerting force into the ground. You drive it up and then from here, as soon
as it gets to knee level again, now it’s a hip movement, ok, where you drive your hips
up as you stand up to the top. So, if we demonstrate that on a real bar.
Bar goes over the laces, ok. I bend down this way, ok. Hands down. Ass back. Hips back. As soon as my hands get to my knees, then
I just break my knees and you can see the bar is right up against my shins in perfect
position. Once I’m here, I start by pushing through
the ground, getting it up to knee level, ok. Here, pushing through the ground, knee level
and then drive the hips. On the way back down, let the hips drop, let
the hips drop, let the hips drop, right there. Bend the knees, k. Push and then come up. Let ’em drop, let ’em
drop, let ’em drop. Bend the knees. K. One more time. Push, drive ’em forward.
Drop, drop, drop. Bend the knees. So there you have it guys. There’s a tip that
you can start instituting the very next time you do that. Now remember, the Deadlift, there’s a lot
of different variations. There’s Sumo Deadlifts. There’s different types of grips that we can
use. There’s different stances we can take. I prefer
a narrow stance. Some guys prefer a wide stance based on their anatomy. Others will do something called a Jefferson
Deadlift where they actually straddle the bar. Lots of different variations. Lots of different
goals. Some are looking for personal records on them. That’s not what we’re talking about here.
We’re talking about putting it into your overall athletic training program. Getting you to function the way your body
prefers to function. That’s really what ATHLEANX is all about. Getting you guys to be more athletic, ground-based
movements. Building up strength from the ground up so
you can become more powerful, bigger, faster, stronger, from the toes to your fingertips. If you haven’t already guys, and you want
to start seeing that in action, then head to ATHLEANX.COM right now. Grab our 90-Day Training Program. In the meantime,
if you found this helpful let me know and we’ll make more videos as you guys require
these kinds of tips. Alright. See you back here soon.

98 thoughts on “Proper Deadlift Setup (How to Nail it EVERY TIME!)

  1. Thank you very much for the instructions. There are so many different opinions on how many times per week a person should deadlift on their regular workout. Some say once. Others say twice or even three times. Who's right?

  2. Straight to the point explanation of a DL. No bullshit. Perfect for a complete beginner like me.

  3. im new in the gym i tried deadlift 2 times first i messed my lower back up then my stomach started burning realy bad. the weight didnt feel heavy n i had good form i really want to be able to deaflift

  4. Question – If i perform deadlift, what am i supposed to feel—legs or lower back? I feel lower back than my legs. When i am done, i don't feel shit on my legs and i feel that i haven't done shit so i work other leg exercises. I do squats on Tuesdays and Deadlift on Fridays but i don't do squats on Fridays that's why i compensate it with the deadlift. Please help, i have so many people telling me different things.

  5. This is also how my therapist suggest I do it. But when I watch other videos (from Jeremy Ethier for example), they keep their legs more straight and swing their lower back more. Are they doing it wrong?

  6. Rightly explained. It's a compound exercise so requires effort from quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back. So much so it brings forearms and calves into action. The best exercise to raise your test levels naturally.

  7. Also thanks for that video on the suitcase DL, it really helps with the grip and has good carryover to the conventional DL

  8. Great video. Really helped. Got me a Pro form shoulder brace from This is reminding me to keep my form ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. How about your hand positioning, should one hand be under the bar and one hand place over? I only saw your one hand under the bar with side view.

  10. Hey Jeff, could you compare traditional Barbell deadlift vs hex bar deadlift? Great videos!! Love your work and explanations. Thanks!

  11. Do you use an anterior pelvic tilt during this? Also what about when you push through with your hips at the top do you use a tilt?

  12. Deadlifting is a powerlifting move, it's about moving the bar loaded with weight, it has nothing to do with bodybuilding, bodybuilding is targeting a muscles for stimulation. Combining bodybuilding with weight lifting is a bad idea!

  13. I was given some bad advice about deadlifts once. I was told that it was all back and to keep my legs straight. I actually did it that way until recently.

  14. I do them in front of mirror to so I can always see my eyes in mirror meaning neck somewhat extended to keep low back from rounding. Jeff's tech is excellent….as usual ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  15. I saw a clip of a guy deadlifting with a wall behind him. he passed out, fell backward with the bar following, and it broke both of his knees. I came to youtube to get tips on how to do DLs safer, and this is the first video that came up… yikes. didn't expect this from my man Jeff.

  16. Honestly Iโ€™m terrified of deadlifts I was doing them as a teenager and my back went out never been the same since ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  17. Hey Jeff , I had a lower back surgery a year and a half ago ( L5-S1 fusion) , and was wondering if I should do deadlift at this stage. Of course I would not go heavy , but to build strength back up in my lower body as well as the back.
    I would appreciate your advice on this one

  18. I used this to push my DL past 100kg, then a PT in my gym told me I was doing it wrong and it should be one movement, not leg drive then hip drive.

    Tried his method, hurt my back. Lesson learned, donโ€™t listen to Gym bros. ยฏ_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

  19. Most of the people in the gym I had seen yet while performing deadlifts they don't let the weight on grounds while doing multiple repetition they just come closer to ground then lift again
    I want to know is it right or wrong pls reply pls reply

  20. Now I feel so confident doing my deadlifts everytime after watching this video.. Even the heavier weights are no big deal

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