Powdered Chalk vs Liquid Chalk. What’s the best choice? (ENG subs) -Tazio Il Biondo-

Powdered Chalk vs Liquid Chalk. What’s the best choice? (ENG subs) -Tazio Il Biondo-

Chalk.. Can it cause problems if we use it often? Which type is best to use? Using it often does not cause problems as long as you use a daily hydrating cream otherwise your skin will become chronically dehydrated and will be much more prone to skin laceration. Chalk is Magnesium Carbonate and can be found in shops, both in a solid and liquid form. Ok, so lets talk about it. Well, let’s imagine we are looking at them under a microscope, you will see that the liquid form is in a compact liquid form and the solid made up of single parts. We will also see that the liquid form being liquid fills all the available space it has and enters into contact with all areas of the glass, in the case of the solid form, there are many empty spaces in between each of the parts and it is for this exact reason that when we apply it on our hands the liquid form will penetrate deeply between the crevices of the skin unlike the solid type which will leave empty spaces. This means that on the same amount of skin surface area if we use liquid chalk we will have more chalk on our hands and so its effects will last longer. It is for this reason that liquid chalk is best to use and, I will also add, that when it dries it becomes almost like a cement on our hands and so it sticks slightly more. It tends not to be blown off like the solid type. A word of advice on how to apply it so that it penetrates deeply is to apply on hands that are spread open as wide as possible, this is so that all the crevices are open and the chalk can penetrate deeply. for these reasons it’s best to use the liquid type. Obviously these are tips for those who do street workout, bodyweight exercises instead climbers , depending on the climb they will be doing, will prefer to use a powder chalk or solid type. Well, I’m sure that now you have no more doubts on which type to use. Have fun training. Bye

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  1. io ormai ho quella in polvere 🙁 ma da problemi se usata in ambienti chiusi e non troppo spaziosi? intendo magari respirandola.

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