Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth: Meal Tips For Bigger Gains

Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth: Meal Tips For Bigger Gains

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here,
We’re going to talk about post workout nutrition in this video. I’m going to give you guys
some radical, outside-the-box tips on how you can really speed up your muscle growth
at the most important time of the day, that is post workout. You go in the gym and you’re
breaking down, creating all these healthy micro-tears, hitting those compound exercises,
doing that advanced training, doing all that good stuff I know you guys are doing right
now. If you don’t have the proper post workout nutrition, if you don’t really maximize that
insulin spike for a 60 to 90 minute period following your workout, you guys are not going
to grow as fast as you could. This actually all came from the book, Nutrient Timing. I
know some of the stuff I’m going to dive into in this video, you guys are going to be like,
oh, that’s bro-science, that shit doesn’t work, blah, blah, blah. This is actually scientifically
proven. Everything that I cover in this video has got all hard science from Nutrient Timing.
Some of this I actually got from the Encyclopedia of bodybuilding and a little bit, a few of
these tricks are just from different fitness models and bodybuilders that I brush shoulders
with. This is my routine. If you guys are naturally skinny, this is really going to
maximize your results because insulin, even states it in here, is the most anabolic hormone
following a resistance training workout, so you guys got to spike that insulin. It’s going
to help you shuttle all those amino acids into your cells. It’s going to shut down your
cortisol production and it’s going to be really effective for speedy muscle growth. I’ve got
some crazy stuff here on the counter. I’m going to dive into exactly why I have all
of these here. What I do here immediately after I work out is most of the time I’ll
have a protein shake. I finish my protein shake. Then after that as I’m cooking up my
post-workout meal what I’ll actually do here is I’ll have some branch chain amino acids.
I’ll add in a little bit of creatine powder. I will add in some Emergen-C, now this one
is really important because cortisol is really high, especially after a really intense resistance
training workout, so you want to blunt that cortisol production. You want to have Vitamin
C. Vitamin C blocks cortisol and then we have D-Aspartic acid. I’ll put about 4 grams of
this in. This is by far and away the best all-natural testosterone booster. Then what
I will do here is I’ll mix it in some Gatorade. Now, Gatorade is really high in potassium
and electrolytes. It’s got the simple sugar. You want to have the simple sugars, so your
body absorbs all these ingredients. The simple sugar is what’s going to give you that insulin
spike, which is what we want post workout. Now, when I’m really trying to bulk up and
gain muscle mass quickly, I will consume about 60% of my daily calories post workout. Another
little trick that I do is, this is my go-to right here. Actually I put these in a little
baggy and I actually bring them to the gym. Why gummy bears. You want a combination of
two things post workout. You want those speedy carbs and you want high-quality protein and
you want hardly any fiber and any dietary fat. Gummy bears are literally pure dextrose
and glucose. If you look on the back, we’ve got corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, dextrose.
They have absolutely no fat and they are all simple carbohydrates. I will eat actually
two servings of these. That’s about 60 grams of carbs, so between the Gatorade and then
between my gummy bears, I have about 120 grams of carbohydrates and literally zero grams
of fat so far. Then I have my natural tea booster. One more thing also, I put 5 grams
of micronized creatine. Creatine is awesome post workout. A lot of guys thinking you’re
only supposed to take creatine before you work out, but it actually takes a day or two
to load creatine into your cells in your body. On top of that, you need some sugar to really
load that creatine in so that’s why when you have an insulin spike, that is the most effective
time of the day to take creatine. I’ll put all these ingredients into this little Gatorade
bottle. I’ll sip that as I’m cooking my post-workout meal. Then I’ll also munch on these fat free
gummy bears. Then getting into the actual post workout meal. Don’t have a lot of food
in my kitchen right now, so I just want to show you what I have and what my go-to’s are
and what I don’t want to eat post workout. Quick question guys, what do you think is
a better post workout meal? Frying up 5 eggs and slicing an avocado on top or just having
some plain fish and rice like this. Well, it’s actually a million times better to have
this plain fish and rice. Like I said, you want to keep your fat content really low following
a workout because fat is going to slow down that absorption. You guys want that speed.
You want those speedy carbs. You want that insulin spike. You want that protein synthesis
initiation. What going to happen is the rice, with say like fish or chicken is going to
give you that release. The rice is higher glycemic. Jasmine rice, although this is brown
jasmine rice, it only has 2 grams of fiber, so this is relatively low fiber. It’s still
going to be pretty rapidly digesting. You could also do white rice. White jasmine rice
is my personal favorite or some type of like Basmati or just plain old white rice. I really
like rice following a workout because of the speed of the carbohydrates. I believe the
white Jasmine rice, the glycemic index on it is close to 100, which is the rate at which
a carbohydrate is digested. This would be a perfect go to meal right here. We have cod.
This is baked cod, almost fat free with the jasmine rice. Then if I had a really intense
workout what I would do here is for dessert, I would eat a banana. Banana is fat free.
Really good source of simple carbs. Then something else I could do here is actually I just made
this the other day, get it out of here, so we have some lime Jell-O. This is just gelatin
and sugar. Fat-free as well. You want to stick with all fat-free sources post workout. Things
like eggs, things like almond butter, things like avocado, even things like coconut oil
and olive oil. I usually cook with this, but not post workout because I don’t want that
fat content guys, I want to have all high quality protein and I want to have all speedy
carbohydrates. Another option you could do is pasta. Now, it has a little bit of broccoli,
which has some fiber. For a post-workout meal I would probably eliminate that broccoli.
This is just all normal pasta with grilled chicken. The quantities that you guys want
to have really depends on how much you weigh and what your main goals are. I’m about 198
pounds right now. I’m trying to stay fairly lean, but still maximize my insulin spike.
For me being about 200 pounds, I will make sure I consume about 150 to 200 grams of carbohydrates
within the 90 minute frame following my workout. Obviously I’m getting a really good majority
of my carbs through the gummy bears and the Gatorade and I’m combining with all these
amino acids. Then I’m getting another 60 to 70 grams of carbs from the rice. Then maybe
another 30 with the banana or watermelon is also another good post workout fruit. Pineapple
is an awesome post-workout fruit. I would stick with watermelon, pineapple and banana
because the pineapple is really good for protein digestion, really healthy carbohydrate. Then
the watermelon is really high glycemic. It’s also high in citrulline. Those are my three
go-to’s for post workout fruit. What you want to do with your protein source is make sure
you just stick with the basics. You want to stick with, you could do egg whites. Those
are fat free. I like doing cod and chicken. They’re really easy. Stay away from beef.
That has a lot more fat. Stay away from really fatty things like bacon and pork and ham and
things like that. For me personally, what I would recommend for you guys, if you’re
really a natural hard gainer, I would have at least 1 gram of carbohydrates for every
1 pound of body weight in the 90 minute timeframe after your resistance training workout. Don’t
be super crazy and obsessed with the timing of it. Just get it in, slowly drip through
your body with all these proteins and all these carbohydrates in the 90 minute timeframe
after you work out and you guys are going to see some amazing results. That is my post-workout
regimen in a nutshell. Hopefully, shed some awesome information on you guys. I’m sure
most of you guys aren’t eating gummy bears and chugging Gatorade and Emergen-C and all
that good stuff post workout, but I promise you it’s going to help you. It’s all in this
book right here called Nutrient Timing. By the way, I was teaching my son Leonardo, so
my son Leonardo, he’s actually an actor. He’s back in town from LA right now, so he’s trying
to bulk up and get big, get swole, so he’s working on his guns right here. That’s my
son Leonardo, back home from LA. We thought we would shoot this little video for you guys
on post
workout nutrition.

53 thoughts on “Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth: Meal Tips For Bigger Gains

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  9. Bodybuilders in my gym completely take sugar and gluten out and replace it with good fats like nuts and avacado Fiber and quality protein. Also load up on greens. We all use hemp protein or grass fed. But it’s crazy, right after workout we pop some gummy bears for the insulin spike, just ones with natural sugar, so he is right but god damn not that much. I personally have about 10 gummy bears. Then bcaa mixed with hemp protein. Then for dinner salmon and a massive amount of greens.

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  15. The information he's saying is actually right from the research I've done over the years, I'd just maybe usen slightly different things instead. But the logic to what he's saying is correct

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