*wapoosh* Tap of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to overwatch. I’m not going to be playing overwatch the same as I’ve always played it I’m not going to be playing competitive or anything like that because i got myself I’ve got myself a little Doodad or here looks like a little animal or something out But this is a muscle stimulator I’ve used one of these before we have like the little electrodes up here, and then you stick some of these pads on you There’s a whole bunch of them actually the metric Shit-ton of them But I’m not I’m only going to be using the two things so I Figured I got this and I wanted to make some funny videos on because the last time I did is I think I played super Mario maker we was ages ago, and I played like geometry dash with as well at one point So I wanted to do it again and overwatch seems like a good game to try it out with I was actually struggling to figure out games to play with it because you need stuff that you actually need precision and patience for So if I’m playing overwatch and planet aim at someone, maybe this thing I’ll kick in and mess up my Aim I don’t know I should preface this That while it may look like that. I am in pain during this video This does not actively hurt you it just tenses up your muscles, so it feels Super weird the last time I did it It’s just like it like locks up your hand kind of but it doesn’t actually hurt And it’s not actually going to do any long-term damage for you, so don’t freak out and don’t worry I have to figure out what I’m actually going to put the on I figure my arms Because you could put I haven’t used this yet either, so I don’t know how it works, okay here goes one Put that on right there on the bicep. Oh So that should give us a nice little bit of a shock right into that muscle there should lock things up oh, they feel Super weird and I’ll put one on my forearm I Think maybe since I’m go on there, and then this one going here. It has to go on my lower for you guys They kept falling off and my arms are hairy, okay should we try to turn in them on Oh, it’s weird. Hahaha. My fingers watch No, my fingers knock it up and shake Okay, that’s not gonna work. I can’t put a dick If I put it there, it’s just going to actually make my fingers do that. Well, maybe that’s a good thing I Don’t know there’s 20 seconds on is 30 seconds off. I think that’s how it works. I’ve no idea this fucking thing work My whole arm change what if you actually see it? Oh my God? might be a fucking pair, but Wait, let’s try it again whoa who is that the rest period okay, maybe we will bring it down the actual shark period A small bit and we bring down the rest period A small base So things actually happen more frequently I’m not a happy fucking start to the game yet. Okay. It’s on both arms. Now. Let’s go into quick play It hasn’t sounded up though. It’s in the rest period Oh here comes It’s not even that bad. I just feel super weird. It’s like being tickled. Oh The place that ones are the worst it makes my place of bone for a resume You’re not gonna be able to see it very well in the video I apologize, but you’re gonna have to take my word for it, okay We’re traveling to nepal are we going to win this round. Hopefully maybe I should be fun Okay, too much too much too much stop turn now. Oh Good. Oh, God okay 15 seconds on its way, too fucking long. Oh Mother of Christ okay, we’ll be then oh Get tranquil. I need something that actually needs to Aim I
Can’t just play with somebody who doesn’t need to aim because then it defeats the purpose of the whole thing so I Have 5 seconds on and 20 seconds off just so we actually get some sort of fucking gameplay in here. Oh Okay This is like sending pins and needles weapon to my fucking fingers So I need to I need to reset this one small bit. Oh my gosh. This is so weird Okay, let’s actually get some get some round in. Do you have anything actually happened? What I’m going to go off now in a second I’m dead the anticipation curve, right? More than anything. I can’t hit my spacebar Okay, oh, you’re all gonna die. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m gonna be terrible if it Will be able to fucking anything. Oh, God my whole team is Dead Okay, goes on break. Oh, okay, everyone group up up Group off, I can’t press buttons with my left hand Okay, we’re good now, okay, okay, okay, okay? Get him get him get him gonna. Get him he’s on with that. Yeah. Yeah, trike wall good true couch Hey, nobody can stop me and still fucking awesome It’s ever really that awesome to begin with what I’m hitting people, and that’s account to you Okay, we took it. We took the objective folks we took The food yeah and get into it now. Oh, I’m liking it now. I can’t hit. I’m sorry I can’t – Okay, she here dinner. Oh, god. Oh, God. I’m fucking Dead Damn, you McCree? okay team pull out There’s only two of you in there, so come back. Oh You are lucky Can he all just for that? I’m gonna die Haha, never mind. Ha ha bang-bang Grimaud Key Bank Angry Monkey He came out of nowhere Jesus gives a shit on me if I could jump scared by overwatch. I’ve never had that happen before ok get out of there get Out of there ok I’m trying to give you health I could just press shift. Oh my God My arm my fingers literally lock off when I can’t press anything my ultimate is Ready I Almost fucking got him. I almost got him That would have been amazing Ok let’s boost it the transient fuck He transfers well get in there Ok ok ok bad timing Good timing you ih other fuck? God fucking damn it ok one of them fell off jeez oh I hope my team don’t get too mad at me Jim come come come come come on get him get him or he was so close to dead oh He’s hurt. He’s hurt he got that in the monkey ass I’m getting too much into the game that I can’t this will actually strengthen me this will actually make me amazing at overwatch If I just keep going like this Are you so close the days? We always got him fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck We almost got the winston. I want the winston like what’s that monkey ass. Oh, yeah Oh, the focus is with me now I’m gonna be amazing at overwatch after this yeah like wow these are flew everyone been invented But you better be getting tranquil do we have an 85% I didn’t know that Either you wanted sombra oh, God oh God oh? Good fuck That’s all weird that station number 30 on like four it goes up to eight First I lost okay Okay, my mind is lost at this But I want to show you my hand, whatever it’s they’re Not certain you there goes there goes. Oh my my index finger and Weird the right arm on is falling off though. Which is nice fall off more, and then I’ll be able to Aim okay um Maybe I should go Anna instead. What miss everybody? Okay, get right well Here we go here. We go here. We go. It’s okay, sir up now Yeah, I can’t hit my index finger on the thing. I can’t press B Okay, we good. We good. Oh He’s hurt. He’s burnt get him get him get that fucking monkey get that donkey Okay, you guys better all be okay, you got it You got it. I know what’s happening. You’re getting killed a fucking hanzo commotion, okay? What do you send me ah? stupid then They get him there’s towards just put down a turret and then jump off the map Why? Miami What’s going on? Fuck is happening. Are you getting attacked? Someone get him attacked over here. I don’t know ah Shit Macri’s coming up. There you Yeah, I almost got it. If I just charged a small bit more because if this court gives me walls, I could see Damn it man Okay, we’re going to lose this it’s not all things because I’m Monica. I’m just compile ate it. Nah it’s because Our team sucks. I don’t know Okay, okay, okay? Get him get him get him get him get him. I’m hitting them, but he’s in the fucking Iris Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. Oh It’s nothing get that thing. I want that’s it. I want that zen booty my opera genting Fuck you. Genji. He’d hurt me hurt you get him look okay? I’m trusting it. I don’t care Got it got it. See that you know it’s all part of the plan man. I’m so fucking day They’re focusing its support. What am I supposed to do I? Mean I have muscle simulators on I can’t move well what you guys is excuse okay, get tranquil y’all ha ha ha ah Not much heard on. I not feeling anything don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. Hey Ok ok good. Good. Good. Good. Good good Woohoo. I almost got you instant ha ha ha that would have been amazing. Oh not now Actually yeah, no no that there’s nobody here. I Was my armor I’m the support oh Thanks, man Wait, are you discards? I mean he’s now he’s weak Now he’s super weak get him Get him fuck me man. I don’t know what’s happening everyone’s dying. I’m stirred Powers religious happiness. Oh Frank we’ll know more we’re going to live No one ran on oh Man defeat, that’s fine I’ll accept that one that’s not too bad just cuz I got this shit on my arms. Let’s make my hand goal We heard it makes my index finger go up, and then it makes this other handshake Okay, let’s go back down kind of used to it. Holy mother refresh that was right at the start of the round She’s right. Hey, no um Right who do I want to be I’m going to be? Deva why not why not Deva? Why not can you see my arm shaking? Not really you can’t really see it in the video. Damn. It shakes a lot Shake rattle draw the Roomba well it was going around cleaning the place. It looks like a frigate spinner Spin Spin Spin till you in Synthol, Ua6 Okay, thanks down to your hatch It makes it cool. I love this map comment easy I’m in sit down with you and play some games Hello and young I mean hi in Korean Hey I’m really surprised Feeling so spry now. I stood up because they hit my finger off for that, but the thing went off Okay, here. We go. It’s falling off this farm. Which is annoying. I might pull out a different one I don’t know. We’ll see what happens Lady eating what you’ve done. No, not yet. We have one yet. We haven’t even done anything Okay, oh Stupid sniper okay, I don’t play diva often so this might not go very well If she’s coming she’s coming where she go she went somewhere. She went up top I think You go junk hey you go joke. I really want to get up there and get them, but I’m gonna get slapped if I do Walk you say sir going going some of the folks I knew I get slept I Fucking knew it okay her maximum. That’s good a good shake. Shake. Shake Rock art or fine one followed me, and I’ve no help Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ah fuck. He left me mercy I’m gonna take off this mech all my own watch damn it ah hello. Hi, how’s it going? Oh fuck? It’s not working ah shit shit shit Hey, I got it all right Fuck you, and fuck you and fuck you add it All up nice Adam, Adam. I’m uh I’m oni shit. Hey, I got her Wait, okay. Come here traitor mini, Viva. Go mini. Do a stroke, okay? Don’t go don’t go oh my Key missus Aaron. I didn’t even realize I could have helped I almost have bomb y’all we can do this if we believe in ourselves We just have a small bit of polly We can do this okay? I’m inundated for a second. I’m inundated for five seconds. Okay. I’m good ah Shit, God damn it We still have healers. Where are they? Because I’m a bad neva I know this this is true Get her get her get her she’s almost down get her her watch kid interpose, oh He’s so going to get me with a scatter. I’m fucked. I mean here alone Welcome us. Look it up welcome back yeah, never Soraka okay, maybe Maybe Divas not the best option watch thing. What’s this? Epic all I’m going to bomb them. I’m going to do it guys are you ready? Hey There goes ha ha ha ha ha Fucked it up who can turn us. Let’s mess with us up there we go there we go come on Marie, please ah He took the help what am I supposed to take? shut no pain murthy where’s Mercy That was horrible who Pu real yes, real messed up right now. I? Had to put two of them on life never beer because they weren’t going off on the lower part of my arm before Ok we might be able to wrap this off. I’m kind of getting used to it It was that 15 hertz rate, so I put it up to 40. I don’t know what that means Whoa, whoa, that’s stronger? Oh, yeah, oh man That’s the oscillation between things oh my God. I’m sorry sammy back. I can’t add people I feel bad oh I feel even worse with these fucking things on me Ok let’s see if we can actually see this look like I Don’t know if you’ll be able to because you kind of have to keep relax otherwise. I hurt Ok going to happen Gonna happen. Give me time. Give me a second verde oh, you think the whole arms legs up, so Easy ow oh weird Okay, last round. I’m determined to win one with these things on their own biceps now But no my money on biceps and we’re defending so I’m going my fucking. Oh, I wanted to go Junk boy With nobody else, okay symetra Okay, no healers. That’s fine plastic It’s okay. We don’t need a healer all we need is a symmetric, and I don’t need to Aim What’s the metra that’s that’s the aim of this game the aim of the game is to not Aim That’s what I believe in that’s what’s going to happen. I put up a teepee, and we all be golden, baby good for capcom ah classic That’s a good shit. Oh, that’s the good shit Yeah I’m using it to fuel me now. I’m using it to give me power to give me strength I Got this it’s on it’s on a intensity of six now the highest it goes is eight But you can change your own things like the hertz rate and everything to make it feel worse. I Think I think we’re going to six just think about it. Just think about how strong you’re going to be after this just think That shape because your arms tense over them when it stops your arms bounce back out from where they were Hello-O happened with our morgue, but none six all the way around the one doorway and then two doorway Here we go get it off before the things come out Yeah, okay here. We go here. We go here. We go dead sucks. It sucks right now ah Okay, we’re good. So good. I got it now No, one’s actually gonna walk into these, but I might bah ha ha ha might catch someone might surprise Hey, you can’t hit me, but time is now. Oh fuck bah bah get out here, bitch What at me holt fuck was that wow? Okay, I’m putting all my shit here. The time. Do you see my left arm? Is get actually getting really tired I’m going to click someone will want to eat wait till you see Someone’s going to come around the corner and get surprise surprise bubble oh Oh my dude today. I get a surprise bubble up here I Don’t think so I can come up behind and fuck everybody up I Think they’re all dead now though progress this time ok I got Tp. I got Tp. I got exhausted, but I got Tp Zomb rent rates are going to come after this though. I need to be careful Ok do this boom boom Boom put them everywhere, so when they come in they can’t just kill them all at once My gondolas useless shit. I hate that ah fuck the prom broke I can see in this face a Fucking hanes, oh got it watch How nice done nice John I miss hello well one was afk haha That’s a free kill for jax iam doing well now when you don’t have to aim you win The Aim of the game is not hurray Okay, my left arm is really starting to get cramps now, but I can do it I can do it Luckily this is the last round right? So people are leaving the game on their team We want to get hit who wants to get hit all you almost got hit okay? Well it opened up a bunch of small bubbles. Yeah, walk is it up here? We go someone’s walking in it, and that’s a shit right there Are you doing tracer? Whitey – ow? Ow, ow ow, okay ow Left earn getting a little raw I have Tp again, but I’m putting it here this time You guys are good with that right now, hi My friend use it dragon Who needs them Hanzo that to Ernie? No fucking dragons? What’s this shit ah? Okay, TV Phillip go go go Thirty You didn’t get any of that Okay, teepees up it got to uses reaper. Just even know where he’s going We got this we got this we got this Fuck you. Yeah look at that. Shit look at this team Wow, we did it victory yeah I liked it. I liked it. That was good. That was that was amazing good job team Teleporter saved this at all. I’m assuming. That’s a good thing teleporter saved you you’re welcome dude We need a sick plate need a sick play the game Nigh I tried to save you to see my my shield came in afterwards Okay, that does it for this episode of pain and torture watch. Oh, what this boy? How weird it got how all over the place my arms got it was actually quite fun to do I? Don’t know just change it up there the formula and doing something different than just a regular let’s play look I got to play more Overwatch and I got to play my symmetric girl only kick some ass. That’s the win in my book for brow Thank you guys so much. What is that sort of you liked it, but I like the never face My goodbyes and I borrowed Thanks, I still say all you do Wait for it wait for it there it is ha ha ha

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  1. Had some mic issues with the video but it was way too fun to just scrap so we tried to save the audio as much as we could. Apologies! Hope you still enjoy it anyway 🙂

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