People Try The Swedish Fitness Craze “Plogging”

People Try The Swedish Fitness Craze “Plogging”

100 thoughts on “People Try The Swedish Fitness Craze “Plogging”

  1. Exercise schedule:

    1. Go to the gym
    2. Take 500 pictures
    3. Post a different one every day
    4. Never go to the gym again

  2. But if those are the trash that escapes easily, where are they gonna throw it away in order for it to be taken care of correctly?

  3. This isnt fitness lololol i just got done doing 3 sets of 5 hill sprint threw up 4 times and people are still on this couch

  4. thought the title was "people try pegging" at first. buzzfeed should def do that video and hire the try guys to do it.

  5. or you could just walk around and pick up trash
    how would this give you exercise? shes literally just picking her knees up

  6. This is a great thing to do. Well done, apart from taking that flip-flop as it could've belonged to someone who had lost it.


  8. Wtf does she mean she doesn’t even think about the things we leave behind there (the beach)??? Like you don’t pick up your garbage before you leave? 🙄

  9. If y’all are interested in decreasing your plastic use do some quick google searching on the zero waste lifestyle and what simple things you can do to help the world

  10. Can this trend please pick up in California? People are lazy and bury their trash on the beaches and just leave it when they go home. I hate it, and it makes me not want to go to the beach anymore…

  11. At first I was like “wtf is plogging buzzfeed up to some weird stuff again” then I watched it and liked it

  12. So…. regular unpaid litter picking, but in fitness gear?

    I like the ethos, but there's a hole here. If we're picking up all the small stuff that falls out of bins, then just putting it in another bin to fall out again…

  13. that's so wonderful to watch tbh, i usually grab the trash if i see it gets into people's way, or are dangerous like sharp objects on the streets

  14. Wait….. but aren’t they going to put the stuff they picked up in the trash can?

    Which they said that a lot of trash falls out….

    I’m confused 😂

  15. Haha this is so true though. As a Swede, I always went on walks with my family and if you found trash – you picked it up.

  16. Already know I should save the earth. I already do a decent part on my own. It's once we all do it collectively, on our own as individuals that it will be noticeable. But, honestly. I'm not ready for when Selorm is no longer in any video. Iknow they're uploading all the videos with the ones that lost their job. It sucks. It makes sense though. But, ugh. I'm not ready for her to be gone. Gosh.

  17. Plastic is in every level of the food and in every part of the ocean. We are so fucked. It’s scary

    You’re likely eating plastic and not knowing it. With seafood

  18. I'll miss you Selorm! I hope to see you make a come back with your own channel and you and Anthony can make cool vids again.

  19. I seriously didn’t know that America had so much trash on their beaches. In Britain, the beaches almost have no litter.

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