Never ever.. Never in your life give up. Keep driving through the pain!! Muscle through the pain I wasn’t worried about what other people was doing to my right or to my left .. .. I kept on focused on my dream, on my vision. When times get hard, I go harder!! It’s the pain that keeps pushing me to greatness. The struggle.. My struggle.. My pain is the drive through to my success. Down for every set, down for every rep You never give up on your dreams, we never ask for no handout. In life, when you focus, when your friends call you and you’re so focused.. You lock in. You lock in 24 hours, you lock in. I still got the same vision, I still got the same hunger, I’m still driving for more.. I’m still starving for more.. I’m still going like it’s my first year. Just go till you can’t go no more.. When you start feeling that burn, that’s when you start driving more.. If you have a goal, you have a vision and you wanna get somewhere.. You have to be focused. Ain’t no days off Ain’t no light switch Ain’t no off and on.. We’re bringing it up. I want everybody to get your one more reps!! Team work makes dreams work. Fitness really saved our life, it really helps mentally. Like mental health, we muscle through the pain every day. We go in there and lose our angle on that weight. You could beat this weight all day and it’s still gonna be there for you tomorrow. Your success don’t have no pain, doesn’t have no struggle.. It was given to you.. Nothing on earth was given to me. Everything I had to grind for it. That’s why I go harder than them.. Every day Monday to monday The grind never stops.. Never.


  1. ''We muscle through the pain every day.. You can beat this weight all day and it's still gonna be there for you tomorrow.''

  2. If I make some good money post college I’m gonna try to fund guys like these a proper open gym. Give me a some years

  3. The only people that would dislike this video are those who’s their girlfriend/wife left them and they setting at home hating 🤣 can’t dislike shit like this! Motivation for lifeeeeeee

  4. Amazing!!!! They are monsters….. They workout with minimum equipment yet they get max results….💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  5. When I vacationed in Belize back in the 90s, a 6oz box of poor quality whey protein was way beyond the means of most of the locals, yet those guys looked great naturally!!!

  6. This dude talking says he gets so busy to take a shower ! That’s just being nasty , like saying I got to busy to wipe my butt after I take a poop

  7. Love those hammer curls. I use to do those back in the day. Strictly the big 3 know with camberd curls (barbell curl bar.). Awesome video.

  8. Great genetics no doubt but let’s not pretend steroids aren’t in the picture especially out there where the law doesn’t matter

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