Nick Drossos on Krav Maga, Working As A Bouncer, Martial Arts for Beginners SHF Show (Podcast Ep: 3)

Nick Drossos on Krav Maga, Working As A Bouncer, Martial Arts for Beginners SHF Show (Podcast Ep: 3)

so for everybody that’s like new that
I’m guessing like most people that are watching this video already knows who
you are but for the people that don’t just want to go over like a quick
summary of like who you are and like what you do you can it’s it’s a big
story I’m actually working it I’m working on that right now in my bio for
my for my website I’m getting a writer because I’ve done so much in the last
you know 20 and mostly the last 10 years you know I’m right here where I grew up
actually is Montreal Park extension where I grew up I started martial arts
from a young kid you know being picked and bullied on in the streets I had to
learn how to defend myself and learn how to you know fight and you know took a
couple of beatings I once saw I won some I lost some and then I started with you
know taking kung fu and then type 1 dou and then just other martial arts then
reality-based self-defense boxing kickboxing I trained at Academy Sports
if knockout gym I did crop my guy got certified in Krav Maga but a lot of my
experience came from working in night clubs when I started working in clubs I
started realizing well what really works in theory what works in practice what
you know what is it that we train that makes sense and what do we train that
we’re never going to use and how do I simplify it how do I bring it down to a
point that it’s kind of like you learned the entire manual in a few months and
then it’s just about training the shit out of it over and over again it’s all
that it’s not about learning more I tell people learn less learn less and train
more you don’t need to always add something new to your toolbox like learn
how to use your toolbox properly you know so that’s what I that’s what I’ve
been doing then I opened my business ten years ago I started my YouTube channels
I opened my own personal training studio I became a strength training coach and
then the rest is history after that man so it’s been it’s been a really good
amazing 10/10 year ride it started 10 years ago but I’ve gotten to a point
where I’m very grateful and I’m loving what I’m doing you know yeah so you said
you’ve the three first my first he did wear Krav Maga
Taekwondo and no these are just a few that I’ve done I did I studied like
Salaam hun guard traditional martial arts that’s what I started with was
there for a good you know three four years maybe I can’t even remember I was
like nine years old but this is what I started with you know I mean that the
traditional stuff which was cool and then I went and I did some Taekwondo I
never became it’s funny cuz I did this in another another podcast and I’m
always honest about I like a lot of people bullshit about their credentials
I know that and I’m always honest I’ve never pursued a black belt I pursue just
learning and I took what I learned and I said okay you know I picked up what each
system had to teach me and then I just moved on to something else yeah but even
with all that you know had I not you know like I mean I did the boxing you
know I mean it’s important to have a good base not a box I think high boxing
I did the jujitsu for two years now I trained privately with an MMA coach a
pro fighter for the last about five years so I’m still staying up to up to
par with my training as best as I can but you know and and then I incorporate
all my self-defense stuff in there mm-hmm
so you said you did jujitsu for two years as a so you got it was that like
right when you got your blue belt or were you like no I didn’t even like go
for belt I was just I’m you know it’s it’s funny I’ve never been the type of
person to care about titles yeah I don’t care about titles belts it’s irrelevant
to me maybe because sometimes I you know I think I look at it like at the school
you know I’m a high school dropout I got I got I left school when I was 16 I
never went to school I never I never took a business class yet I learned how
to about business I never you know I didn’t have a I didn’t have a father
that was present yet I learned how to become a good father right there’s a lot
of stuff that I didn’t care about I’m more of a hands-on person and that’s
where my source of inspiration and and training come so I was never so much oh
what belt am I gonna get and you know I just trained you know I didn’t really
care as long as I learned so it’s been 10 years I trained mostly
privately you know I do mostly privates because I find it’s always worked for me
that way especially now the last five years I’ve been more busy so I can’t
even tell you what belt you know I I am because I never really cared I just
cared about rolling and learning yeah what works what doesn’t work and and
mostly every time even when I did jujitsu I always wanted to see ok how
can I work it in the street how would this work in this yeah that’s not a
knife so I was more I was more concerned with that then you know the belt the
truth competition yeah and the competition I don’t man you know I don’t
care about that yeah yeah that’s actually exactly why I started you just
as well I was used to go to UFC gym at first and I kind of had a free
membership when I was there because they used to work there so then I was like I
saw the Jitsu guys there they were they weren’t like the best instructors but
they they knew jiu-jitsu so they were like at least he did something and but
then I was like oh these guys are really good like I thought my wrestling
background like would save me and I was getting destroyed I was getting smashed
by like guys half of my size so I was like oh I gotta learn this and I started
I’ve not like super into it I’ve only been going for a couple months but I do
want to like the reason I like the belt system is just to like especially in
jiu-jitsu like in some places will just like give you bells just to like give
you belts but jujitsu like have to earn it so you know like when you’re like at
this like level you’re like you you’ve earned that well you know there’s a
thing I do respect but I love Jiu Jitsu by the way and what I do like about the
Jiu Jitsu system are their their belt system is more it’s it’s better
structured you know I mean I’ve you know I mean like I said I did you know I did
do the Kung Fu for years and I can’t remember what belt I got to because it
was relevant yeah but but you know I remember getting the bells but you know
and some martial arts it’s also it’s also a business you know I mean so
absolutely and I don’t like I don’t like the mindset that belts create oh he’s a
black belt so he could definitely beat me cuz I’m a yellow belt doesn’t mean
fuck all on the street I mean anybody can beat anybody any day and even in
terms of you know when you’re trained sparring you already you already putting
him up here you’re putting yourself down there
and yes you’ve already lost the fight if you think he’s better because he has a
you know more like he has a black belt and you’re a yellow belt you’ll never
take him you’ve already lost the fight and maybe you could take your so many
factors yeah belt because I that belt system and the mindset that comes with
it you might lose the fight before it even starts or the competition I call it
so I don’t know man it’s never been it’s never been the thing for me especially
when you’re teaching self-defense in the street you know I mean people tell me
Java belt no man I just teach I just I teach and I have my own system but
there’s no belt but I there is a structure when I train something I don’t
you know I don’t start him with you know okay I’m gonna T you know we’re gonna
look at multiple attackers mind you I will start him with understanding
awareness positioning angles how to talk if you’re faced with multiple attackers
and without striking because let’s be honest you don’t want to take five years
to learn how to defend against at night you know you walk into my gym in a
matter of a month you’re already learning some basic knife defense
because I’m like you might get attacked tomorrow I’m not gonna wait five years
to teach you how to use it get defend against a knife yeah so that’s that’s
really my mic to a coma mm-hm and then yeah I I agree a hundred
percent I did have a question regarding you said you worked at a nightclub right
and that’s like were you able to like okay so I know a lot of people I know
like definitely like boxing and all that is very important just to like have as a
base with a lot of people that don’t know like anything about martial arts or
like self-defense in general people will thank Krav Maga is like the best thing
to go to so what’s you’re like experience with like Krav Maga and
working at like a nightclub um and and what and like working at the nightclub
like have you ever like has it ever worked for you or like because I feel
like it’s moral out to like disorient it and kill them like yeah but you see okay
so here’s my take on Krav Maga and there’s good Krav Maga and there’s bad
Krav Maga there’s good instructors as a bad instructor it really depends on
who’s teaching and how they’re teaching it how what level do they want to take
it this is from my experience in terms of I you know I don’t even call my
system problem because I trained with Krav Maga
trainers or like this is not crowd my gun others are like oh this looks a
little bit like Krav Maga I just do always tell him just call it
self-defense in terms of what I teach what I did learn to working from the
clubs is is you got to keep the shit simple you got to keep it simple you got
to keep it effective and the most important part of the fight that
nobody’s teaching is you know everything that happens prior to the first punch or
strike those 30 seconds or 20 seconds when the guy walks up to you he’s
talking he’s positioning he’s moving he’s reaching for a weapon this is the
part that most self-defense and martial arts neglect and that’s what I focus on
the most and working in on the clubs I realized that really quickly there’s a
lot of shit that I was taught there’s a lot of shit that I learned that never
worked that I couldn’t use and I always brought it back there was always a few
certain elements that worked and then I started creating yeah my system or what
works for me based on that based on what worked for me so somebody somebody you
know might be oh oh oh I could do a back spinning back it great that might work
for you it won’t work for me it’s never worked for me I’m not you know something
very interesting I’m until the people who are listening when it comes to
self-defense because I get you know being on YouTube
I get a lot of stupid questions well what about if the good what about if
you’re faced with five guys and they each have two knives and a gun what are
you gonna do then and my question to people who watch this video and training
self-defense always ask yourself is it possible or is it probable right is it
possible I’m faced with five guys each holding two knives with a gun yeah it’s
possible is it probable no so what are you training for so when you take that
you start saying okay what is what are the most common most basic most
realistic scenarios that are possible and start training based on those yeah
that’s definitely that’s very true and that’s the thing with like again back
did you get to a lot of people say they say Krav Maga was really good and a lot
of people will say jiu-jitsu is really good for self-defense but that’s just
factoring it there’s only one person you can get
stomped out like anybody could come in and that’s anybody that’s Iscariot and I
made a video and people bash me on this and the goal you see no I love to do to
some great elements yeah and then I thought the common thing I get well well
so you’re telling me your system you could take on two three guys oh that’s
not what I’m telling you but I’m telling you what I’m gonna teach you you
probably have better odds than you trying to take a three-on-one one guy in
the ground and try to choke them out or you’re getting kicked in the head rom
and I teach you to keep the fight out throw a strike and get the fuck out or
teach you how to position your preemptive strike or teach you how to
maximize your offense or defensive angles so just you know that’s but but
again it’s it’s hard to explain that to people because some people are so stuck
to what they’re learning and what they’re what they’re practicing that
they don’t want to give up on that belief yeah under any circumstance
that’s exactly how UFC started to all these people are coming with their own
separate more chars and they’re just putting them one-on-one but then it’s so
different in the street fight like there’s so many different factors so
many different factors multiple attackers weapons yeah uh you know your
environment are you fighting an elevator a staircase a car where are you being
attacked the change is the complete dynamic of the fight people don’t seem
to understand that yeah yeah you know and and when I when I do this when I do
like pressure testing when I go out and I pressure test real fights and real
scenarios you know you’re never gonna fight the same fight twice it’s never
gonna look the same way it’s never gonna your attacker is not gonna react the
same way and this is another thing anytime you look at a martial arts or
self-defense system that has more than two or three sequences you know it’s
fake because it’s impossible that your attacker will allow you to grab the
wrist flip them over take them down lock the arm choking no you’re gonna get
maybe a two or four second leeway because you’re going pre-emptive after
that it’s anybody’s fight yeah yeah yeah and yeah I don’t know that’s that’s
crazy – there’s like I don’t know if you like follow the whole Gracie thing like
they’ll like only really post fights that happened like I need you just to
fight it’s where the jiu-jitsu guy always wins they never post like were
like the other factors come into play like I love no but
but it’s crazy like how but you know what just do a scenario just do a
scenario and it’s crazy because I don’t guys who do jujitsu you know I mean who
and they told me they’ll never do it ask any doorman or security was worked
in a club what he thinks they’re gonna tell ya it’s great but they’re like I
won’t try it I will try to think the guy now you know unless you’re one on one
and you know nobody’s getting involved and there’s no weapons yeah that might
work but just but that’s if like do you have some guarantee that’s nobody’s
gonna jump in and kick you in the head no you don’t so that’s the reality and
that’s really the difference I mean again it’s a great sport I love it
there’s great skills that you’re gonna get from it like many martial arts they
each have a good component but you know there’s always something lacking from
one or the other and the idea is to put something
together and and and I’m not only talking about Krav Maga there is other
you know self-defense instructors that I like and I follow and I respect who have
put it together in their own way some teacher a little a little bit more
different than others but overall there’s a good there’s a good base and
again I look at self-defense videos the more simple it looks the more I’m like
oh okay I like this yeah yeah and then there’s like all these crazy techniques
now or it’s just like oh yeah it takes like weeks to learn like Taekwondo they
go oh we kick the 540 kicks stuff like that it’s just crazy I mean and you know
what like I mean I worked in the clubs for what seven eight years in nightclubs
I never threw a kick man yeah oh it’s a lot of elbows palms trice knees head
butts I’ve always you know I I didn’t die
that’s why I only trained a few strikes but I train them over and over and over
again it’s not about learning more it’s about learning less training more and
then training them in different in different scenarios if you’re gonna do
scenario training if you’re gonna do it with different drills to develop the
speed the timing the footwork the agility the explosive power so again
even when we’re talking about self-defense conditioning is a big part
of it as well yeah yeah and it also depends on
the person that’s learning a song or learning the martial arts body structure
do because some people like if you’re a smaller person your fighting style is
gonna be completely different than somebody who’s like not seven foot tall
you know it’s very it’s very interesting because I say this now create a system
within your system create a system that works for you you know somebody told me
what if I’m very short well if you’re very short then you definitely don’t
want to square off with a guy you don’t want to create that I mean you don’t
want you if you’re small you got to use the element of surprise to your favor
yeah right if the guys you know 511 like me and you’re five foot two I have a
reach advantage of a height advantage do you want to spar and try to like break
my range or do you want to try to draw me in through verbal through psychology
through like you know finding that way to draw me in verbally psychologically
and then if I can just you know go and throw that preemptive strike again what
are your better chances of survival you’re trying to duke it out with me or
you suckering sucker punching that first strike into the throat or maybe going
into the eyes or maybe and again it all depends on you know your level of your
level of threat that you’re in in that moment and you know there’s you know
what you need to do to survive and simple as that
yeah so what would you like recommend if somebody was like completely new and
they wanted just to like have some sort of like like not be screwed basically in
like a self-defense situation like what would you tell them is like the best
option to like go yeah well again the first thing I do and I teach this in my
program and my website I teach them about awareness like what they could do
to be aware walking down the street how can you make yourself a really hard
target there’s drills and exercises that you
could do to heighten and train your radar that I am here I’m able to see
everything that’s going on around if somebody were to try to get close I’d be
able to either you know you know intercept him before he break his range
before he gets too close use an improvised weapon use a static
improvised weapon then when you’re face to face awareness and then when you got
to go when you got to go and you got a strike you got to go
pre-emptive keep it simple palm strikes hammer fists elbows knees
head butts your big strikes boom keep it simple straight into the head
hit him hard hit him fast and get out simple as that
yeah yeah yeah and just like learning like literally like if you go to like a
quick like week class or something like most people I haven’t even done that so
just like having like a super small understanding of training versus
somebody I was no understanding I feel like that’s just like a little bit yeah
like I mean I do seminars and you know a lot of times on my seminars I just focus
on awareness I’ll focus half on awareness and half on how to set up the
first strike hmm and people don’t know a lot of people don’t know you know we
talk about being aware and I did my instructor course and I had the gym crew
chief from revolution world world self-defense and he’s like he goes it’s
amazing that a lot of people talk about awareness but you actually have drills
and exercises that I’ve never seen or heard yeah that you’re teaching you’re
actually teaching people how to be aware how to learn to turn on the radar
you know from code yellow to green to red you know like green yellow red boom
like right now I’m in code code yellow I’m talking to you but I’m kind of aware
you know what I mean but if I was walking here at 10 o’clock at night I’d
be in code read somebody comes close to me I’m ready – yeah – you know I’m ahead
of the fight it becomes harder for me to get ambushed I’m also more proactive I’m
ready to set up that first strike I’m always ahead step ahead of my attacker
how do you normally like drill awareness then like what’s like a drill somebody
could do a great drill is is like so one of the drills that you could do is as
you’re walking down the street every sound you hear or every noise you hear
locate it resolve mean where is it coming from dog barking door slamming
somebody’s walking behind me and do that for ten minutes a day where you’re just
training to hear and locate and give it a name of words coming from do that ten
minutes of and then you’re gonna see with time it’s
gonna happen naturally that as you’re walking you’re you’re starting to
program and you you’re working on your want your wiring and building that radar
and your intuition as well to be able to pick up everything that’s going on
around you so that’s just one drill but I have other drills as well that’s a
very basic good drill that you could do that’s a good drill and I feel like just
like doing that like ten minutes you’re gonna start to like yes subconsciously
like start like or like I mean I was in the restaurant I was eating I might as
well tell you another drill that I do as well
so I’m in the restaurant I’m sitting down I look at the restaurant I close my
eyes and then I have to say okay what is the wait waitress wearing where’s the
waiter where’s the exit what do I have in front of me what can I use as an
improvised weapon just start how far is the door and just start analyzing
everything that’s around you yeah so you could start developing it naturally
where you’re not actually thinking of it or doing it it’s happening on its own
yeah that’s something like I think I did it like not even knowingly at that point
like me and my friends just kind of like notice like random things about random
people and I just like start talking about it it’s gotten to the point now
where we just like realize like things nobody else yes so absolute man so I had
one more question this was uh this was like not about martial arts is more like
martial arts business type question it’s there like any advice you would give to
like a channel like mine or my channel in general or is there anything you see
that I could improve stay consistent with what you’re doing probably the mistake I did as well and I
learned from it my NIC Jerusalem I tried to get into the fitness and I
spread out but when you spread out in too many places you you actually lose
your niche hmm so I I have Code Red defense which is my second youtube
channel which is doing very well so I created cadre defense and that one is
nothing but self defense mm-hmm so I’m still teaching self-defense and
only on that Channel and now Nick Joseph’s because I got into the
motivational and the fitness and I went back to self-defense I’m kind of keeping
that channel as a mix of health and wellness self-defense fitness coaching
and whatever it is but I would tell you stick to a niche more or less be
consistent with your videos engage with your viewers because I kind of neglected
that for a while I stopped answering now answer 90% of the comments and I take
the time to do so – you know you’re interviewing me but have other people
interview you as well how do you recommend I have that happen just like
smaller channels and like just missing smaller channels men like I mean you
never know right like a great story is this will I had 350 thousand subscribers
a micro-star from the Anna Boch aliens had 150 we had the same manager in LA
and they asked me if I wanted to collab with him and I said yeah sure he goes
yeah but he only has 150 thousand subscribers I’m like I don’t care I
checked out their channel they’re nice guys they look cool and their channel
his channels at 600,000 subscribers doubled me now he’s and now he’s passing
the ball back to me you know and we build we build the friendship a
relationship he comes from Boston to Montreal he hangs out with me we film
videos so you build bridges that way so you know even me obviously I have a
bigger channel than you but I don’t say no to people I’m more than everyone your
show and and talk to you and and and get to know what you’re about as well and
and you know again help you you know how if I can help your channel grow in any
way for sure I’ll be more than happy to do so I appreciate that so just stay
more consistent and just stick to my t-shirt that’s like stick to your niche
man stick to your niche and stick to stick to you you know I mean cuz I
watched your videos show you who you are I want to know who you are is at the end
there you’re part of all of it yeah all right so even even like when I teach
it’s great but I’m also an entertainer I have to teach you know I mean so that’s
important to me that’s something that I learned to put my face out there more
and more you know I mean so that’s the more personality okay do you all right
first yeah sorry I uh what were you saying do you want to like plug in all
of your your social medias and you’re for sure the the best thing if people
want to see me the best thing is to go check out my Nick Joseph’s com website
I have have my hero program which is 48 lessons my membership site should be up
in two weeks I have access to my seminars that I’ve done I have my
instructor course I do one-on-one coaching online as well so all that is
on my website Nick just calm and they’ll find everything else from there mmm and
you know everything okay perfect and the YouTube channel yeah everything’s there
okay sounds good I’ll have it all linked down below so I’ll for you guys if you
guys don’t like type it up but I really appreciate you taking your time Rick
mark man thank you so much for having me on man it’s a pleasure and keep doing
what you’re doing stay on track go out reach out reach out
to you know I probably my last advice I’ll tell you that I only started
learning and doing is go out there and get collabs collaborate with people you
know if you get lucky and get somebody big great if you don’t doesn’t matter
you’re I mean start with guys smaller than you start with channels that are a
little bit bigger but put yourself out there start building your network of
people around you because I think that I think anybody starting a channel or
wants to do a channel I think that’s really important and it’s again it’s a
community that we’re in we’re all here to help each other as long as I tell
people in the martial arts self-defense as long as it’s done with respect
III don’t bash instructors I don’t bash systems I don’t need to say he shit so I
can sound better all I know this is what I teach this what this is what makes me
good at what I do I don’t need to put others down to make myself sound better
and I’ve seen other martial artists or self-defense guys that do that
and I think that’s low class of them and I think it just it just shows that to me
I want to be the best at what I do because I’m good
not because I’m putting other people down to make myself sound better so I
think within the community we all need to come together put our egos aside and
work together to actually find some type of truth when it comes to self defense
and respect each others opinions in styles we might not agree with them we
might not think it’s for us we’d still respect them yeah that’s yeah what did
you like when you said collab with uh with other channels did you like what
would you recommend like in-person collabs or something kind of like this
or what it could be it could be like this it could be in person you know I
mean whatever you can get start with people in your neighborhood people that
you know however you’d like people that you could actually physically get to
would be cool and if not you could do something like this you know I mean so
so I think that that because again it’s it’s not it’s a it’s a lot of work
opening a YouTube channel you know I mean yeah it’s a lot of work and it’s
consistency it’s hard work it takes passion it can’t be you can’t do it
because of the money because it’s not about the money but it’s I look at I
look at it for me it’s what brought me to where I am today I owe a lot to
YouTube and social media for getting me to where I am at this point and I’m
really grateful for it man I’m grateful for you coming to school I really
appreciate it my pleasure mark man Thank You Man have a good one all right bro

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