New York City’s business center is now open for business, after a $1.3 billion expansion

NEW YORK — The new Business Center of New York (BCON) opened Monday to the general public and will soon be home to the city’s largest publicly-owned business, the city announced.

The new business center, which will be officially known as the New York Business Center, is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District, on the waterfront at East 79th Street and Fifth Avenue, near the Brooklyn Bridge.

The project was launched last fall and was spearheaded by the New Yorker Development Corporation.

According to the Bloomberg administration, the new business centre will provide New Yorkers with access to a new level of financial and technological resources, a modern, modern office environment, and an accessible business environment that allows businesses to remain locally focused.

The center will also provide access to critical infrastructure, including water, sewer, electrical and telecommunications, as well as access to public transportation and public access.

According the New Yorkers’ official press release, the Business Center will include the following elements:Business Center of Manhattan will offer the following services:New York City has the largest public business district in the country, according to the mayor.

It’s the third-largest in the world, with over 2.4 million square feet of space.

New York’s business district is home to a diverse mix of businesses, including banks, large corporations, and small businesses, as reported by the Bloomberg Administration.

The Business Center is slated to be a focal point for the city as it works to revitalize its downtown.

The city has launched several projects aimed at revitalizing its commercial and cultural district and to redevelop historic buildings.

The New York business district has long been a haven for local businesses.

As part of the plan, the business centre is expected to house the citywide Business Center Network (BCN) and New York State’s largest private equity fund, the New Markets Foundation, which together manage $1 billion.

The fund also has a large portfolio of capital for the business center.

The capital will be used to invest in projects and infrastructure that will boost the business environment in the city.

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