26 thoughts on “Need Energy?? Try Breath of Fire! – Breathing Exercise #2 | Kati Morton

  1. Nice . I cant believe that ist gonna wake me up but i will try it today. if it doesn't work… Then i at least worked my tummy muscles during the exercise….. So no time wasted 🙂

  2. If felt really uconfortable after, like I was feeling my body completely but too much !! The power of the breathe is amazing…

  3. That breathing exercise was actually helpful. I'm recovered, as I said before, but I ordered a bracelet, anyways. When should it come in. You are awesome. Thanks for doing YouTube. I'm a Vlogger on the WeRfreEDomFighters channel if you want to check that out. Thank you so much for what you do. ED treatment is so expensive, so we appreciate the free stuff.

  4. I keep forgetting about the breathing exercises. I always forget about the calming one too. Or I forget about it until I'm freaking out.

    Today I was sooooo zonked at work, so I ran next door for an energy drink. Oops. Maybe one day I'll remember. 🙂

  5. I've tried breathing exercises before and they have been suggested to me but they always leave me yawning lot's to get more oxygen in and/or reminding me of having a panic attack. Is this normal or common? How can I manage the breathing exercises to get the benefits from them? I feel like I'm missing out on something good!

  6. The other relaxation ones work! I did them today when I was overwhelmed with everything and wanted to cry! it came in my head to do it and worked !

  7. I almost fell asleep at school yesterday, and I started doing one of the breathing exercices (Another One, though), and everyone looked at me with like a ''What the heck'' look on their faces, but I didn't really care, cause I was able to pay attention, and, focus in the other classes!!!! 😉
    Thank You, Kati <3

  8. Im confused …are we bteathing the air out,through little puffs over 15 seconds -or- quick inhale and exhale puffs over the 15 seconds?

  9. I'm feeling very tired right now, it's mid day right after my lunch and I'm in my office trying to figure out ways to stay awake.

  10. Thanks for this…simple, quick, and effective. I was especially tired today, so I tried 3 "sets" of these and that was enough to get me moving and start my work. Take care!

  11. I laughed when you said, "You obviously can't do it when people are around cuz they might wonder what is up with that business." 🙂

  12. Lol!!! 15 seconds and you're not even retaining your breath? I don't think the lady knows what she's doing she keeps saying things like "I think you're supposed to"go to Kundalini breath of fire it's much better three rounds you'll feel great

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