My Wish for Kavian – An End to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

My Wish for Kavian – An End to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

– [Kavian’s Dad] He was
born as a very normal boy. He started talking, the
first word, at three months old. He started walking at nine months. The first signs that we
noticed, he could not run. He couldn’t climb up stairs, he would go one step at a time. Getting off the ground, he would stand up, not with his leg muscles,
but with his arms. – [Dr. Milgrom] Right, that’s common, too. – [Kavian’s Dad] At age three we took him to the primary care physician.
– Right. – She said, “Run,” but he’s running (men
speaking over each other). Yeah, fast walking, and she said, “Hmm, it is not a good sign.” And then they referred
us to a neurologist. – [Dr. Pien] At three. – [Kavian’s Dad] He’s very
smart, he loves astronomy. – [Kavian] Stars are born in nebulas. – Yes.
– Nice! – Which is clouds of gas in that space. – Yes, very good. – He’s great in reading. This summer he read about 200 books. – [Dr. Milgrom] That’s amazing, 200 books. – [Kavian’s Dad] He was
a video made of him, teaching on the YouTube
about hydrocarbons. – And so on.
(women laughing) – [Kavian’s Dad] This stem cell therapy, I think is our last hope. (plastic crinkling) – These are the magic cells that we are so fortunate that the Genisent Lab is helping us with. You hold on to two. Okay dad, for you, too, two. And put all your blessings and your prayers into these things. – Are you happy? Look, look, look, look, look. – [Dr. Milgrom] There it goes! – How does it taste?
– That’s the magic. Right there, it’s going inside you. – [Kavian’s Dad] Tastes like peanuts? (Dr. Milgrom laughing) – Very brave, young man. – Give a hug.
– Man of science. I’m proud of you. – [Kavian’s Mom] Group hug. – [Dr. Milgrom] Now let’s let
God and nature do their thing. – [Woman] Thank you, guys. – Bye bye.
– Bye, thank you. – Thank you– – Okay, my pleasure. – Oh, my wish came true. This is my wish. – [Dr. Milgrom] Of course. – [Kavian’s Mom] Just normal life for him, my wish. – [Dr. Milgrom] Of course. – Bye-bye, say bye. – Bye!

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  1. Where can i read about exactly where these stem cells are from.
    Umbilical cords, i know, but where do the umbilical cords come from? Aborted babies? Natural birthed babies?

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