I feel there are more than 1000 people gathered here So thanks a lot for coming here today and supporting the bodybuilders because I know what happens in a day in life of a bodybuilder Morning till night, eating and training, diet sleeping everything happens in their day so I know how difficult it is So, I am thankful to you guys for encouraging these bodybuilders with your presence because I am also very much interested in this field and I think even you people are interested, so you all deserve a round of applause I wont take much of your time because I know you are not here to listen to us, but to watch bodybuilding but I want to tell something to all of you Now, bodybuilding people think bodybuilding is showing your biceps, Noo so what is body? Mental and physical so if you go to gym, you will for sure change physically, but what matters is how you change mentally for example, if the had invited me here 2 years back, I would be shivering, I wouldn’t have ben able to speak That is how nervous I used to get I used to be very fat, My self confidence was at its lowest, I used to walk like, I couldn’t talk to people confidently But I would like to credit my current state to fitness because when you change mentally and physically, your confidence just goes up You tend to talk to people easily, become more social If your self confidence is not good, you can’t spread your message easily So, I would like to share something about myself. In 2012, I started a channel on YouTube called “Teen Bodybuilding India” I was 18 years old back then Hence I named teen bodybuilding and of course India is my nation. The reason I started was, when I went to the gym there were around 100 other people and there were only 2 trainers and these 2 trainers were not able to dedicate time to everyone I used to kind of feel bad that I was lonely That’s when I though if I can study by myself and go online and share it with people and that too free, it could be of a great help to the people so thats why I started the channel well, I was fat so people didn’t bother to consider my advice why should they listen to this fat kid so what I did was I shut down the channel, I was on the receiving end of abusive comments My self confidence started going down again so what i did was, I started leaning more. Changed my own body tried gaining even more knowledge and started uploading videos again Youtube as a media is so huge that you will find everything over there you can find comedy, movies, songs and also some information about fitness as far as I can remember there were only 2 chanels from India one owned by a person from delhi and one by me what happen was people started noticing, my body started changing alongside finally in 2014 , just like this bodybuilding show Mr Nipani shree I belong to a small town called Kasaragod so I competed over there Luckily I won in my category so the same people saw, this fat kid went to the show and won people started appreciating my work my self confidence started going up again that day I decided that I will dedicate my life towards bodybuilding but not only towards competitive bodybuilding, but also helping people Even I could have followed a wrong path but fitness helped me stay on track in life there will be maky people who are depressed people who always remain sad I would like to tell that If not gym then something else, football, cricket, hockey or any other sport I can see that you can play various sports in this ground If you put your time in doing something I think that would help each and every one of you So today lets talk about bodybuilding We have so much talent in our country If we work harder, we can have our own countrymen on that banner instead of Phil heath I have travelled a lot across India and I have seen a lot of bodybuilder and I feel one day we will have a bodybuilder from India on that stage We have so many people who of course work hard But I always talk about being scientific But if you go to a gym and ask a trainer to help you get rid of his belly so the first thing he will say is to perfrom crunches but crunches wont help you burn the belly fat you will have to worry about eating right so all these minor thing, I talk about it on my channel whats right and whats not


  1. You have delivered gold words bro, I wasn't expecting that good speech! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Quite a speech manπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ…i can totaly relate with the point where u discussed about self confidence..didnt know you were this fluent in hindi..kudos manπŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  3. man your Hindi is really good man i really like about your speech is not only about body but other motivating things

  4. I like the inspiration for bodybuilding, see what is wrong with Indian parents is they complain my child doesn't eat now. back in our days we used to xyz amt of food and we were strong and we youngsters lack family support and finance basically because that is what bodybuilding needs most importantly.India me bahut log knowledge lack karte he regarding bodybuilding that's why they are least bothered about fitness, anyway buddy you are uploading good videos I like that. thanks

  5. awesome video ….keep the same spirit….love for the sport rather than the ……..Emphasisizing on glamour on so forth …..

  6. Proud sir ….what a speech …..claps for u….. U deserved it….first time u speak in Hindi …v listen u first time.. Achaaa laga….

  7. ya bro mentally u become strong and wdnt hesitate to stand out in the crowd. people star at me like im a different creature in my place. it feels awesome. they come take photos and ask things they appreciate u. it feels amazing. good speech man. ur hindi is alot more better man. here when we speak hyderabadi gets mixed in it! lol

  8. hahahah 2012 me dho channel they, ek delhi ka ek aadmi ka tha!!!! hahahah super lol man if that guy hears this heheheeh oh man ur damn funny shrey!

  9. Gud one bro
    you speak from your heart that's why you are able to reach ppl
    very motivating
    keep up the gud work

  10. A big hello from Island Of Mauritius!! Thank You for your motivation and encouragement and BTW you deserved over 1 million subscribers dude!! i have some question,how can i contact you bro please reply ? My FaceBook Oolesh Seeballack

  11. So you know Hindi , Shreyas . And yet you never spoke a single word of it in any of your great videos . Good job . You've come a great way ahead . Keep doing the good work and if possible would really like to see some more workout videos of every body part . Cheers

  12. Great bro!! I think you were a little bit time restricted!
    You shud have spoke about Vitamin 'S' substanceeeeesssss baby please,coz in Belgaum there are a hell lot of roided people.

  13. I can relate to the things you mentioned in your speech. very motivating bro! very motivating indeed.

  14. Dude, you are the best. what you said about mental strength is sooo true. You are so honest and humble saying about your past self confidence and all. Can relate to it so much. I hope you great success.

  15. Really adorable, emotional, and very good work bro, keep the good work up bro πŸ™‚ chha gya yaar, salute from long term subscriber.

  16. Thanks for your channel. I find it really useful for special tips on Indian bodybuilding which are not available on other channels. Keep it up!

  17. I've been watching your videos from two months ur kind of different ur videos are informative,intresting very good…

  18. OMG your Hindi is too good man, I never thought for a second that you can even understand Hindi as you are from south India but you totally changed my thoughts about south Indians, your accent is far better than most of north Indian state's people.

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