My Favourite Fitness Essentials – No Sweat: EP27

My Favourite Fitness Essentials – No Sweat: EP27

Hey guys, so I often get asked about my
fitness essentials – things like my favorite activewear brands, my workout
gear, and even my makeup. So today I’m gonna show you a couple of my fitness
essentials that incorporate very well into my active lifestyle. So the most
common question I get is what activewear brands do I like a lot, and for me, my
favorite activewear brands are Lululemon, I love
Nike, I love Gymshark, I like Lorna Jane and basically a lot of brands that carry
matching suits. I really like matching suits because you just feel really like
put together, and it just takes the stress out of trying to figure out what to wear
to the gym, especially when you’re waking up super early in the morning for a workout,
you know the last thing you want to do is like you know, does my tights match
my sports bra or my top? So I don’t have to think about separate pieces, you know
within like 30 seconds I go, I look at this sports bra, and I go yeah I have a
matching bottom. I put it together and I’m out the door. So this is one of my
favorite outfits, it’s from Gymshark and I really like the pink and the ombre
detailing on it. I think that it’s just very flattering…the only issue I have with Gymshark is that sometimes the tights run a bit long and this can bunch at the
bottom especially if you are petite like myself, but it doesn’t really bother me. And
I like that the straps are very thick, it’s almost like a crop top, and the
tights are also the right amount of thickness and high-waistedness, so it
kinda like sucks everything in. Obviously I don’t know wanna walk out of the house just in my bra and my tights right? So what I do is actually I put on a sweat jacket over,
because this helps me cover up. I also like to throw on a sweat jacket after
an intense workout because I find that when I keep my muscles warm, I recover a
lot faster. For my shoes these are my go-tos. I think so far my favorite brand
for sports shoes has to be Nike. Generally I like shoes that are very
lightweight cuz they’re good for running, they’re good for lifting, and just like
running around doing errands. In general I like to stick with neutral-colored
shoes because they match everything I’m wearing whether it’s my workout clothes
or even a casual dress. I don’t always carry around with me a pair of slippers
especially if I’m going home after the gym, I would just prefer to shower at
home. But you know if I have something on after the gym then I do like to take a
quick shower and that’s when these come in very handy. I don’t want to be
walking around with my bare feet because you know people come in with their gym
shoes…the gym is a pretty dirty place. I’ve also seen people who have gotten like
warts from gym showers which is very disgusting, I do not want that
to happen to me, so yes hygiene first. So when it comes to gym bags I know a lot of
people like to carry their big gym duffle bags, but I personally don’t
really like them. You know I find them very big and bulky and they don’t really go
with my outfits, especially when I’m not just going straight to the gym. I have to
go you know for a work meeting after or to school. So I like to have my everyday
handbag where I put all my gym stuff inside and I also have a separate bag
where I put my dirty or wet clothes. For my dirty and wet clothes, I like to use a
reusable tote bag or paper bag, and most of the time I’m using my Lululemon bag.
Unlike a lot of other tote bags that you get at stores which kind of open up, you
know if this closes, it’s very durable and this is why I always like using them
when I go to the gym. So this is my everyday handbag and it’s my work bag, my
school bag and also doubles up as my gym bag. There’s three separate compartments:
I have one for my work, one for school so it’s big enough where I can fit my
laptop, and also some of my gym essentials. One of my fitness must-haves
I literally bring with me everywhere I go whether it’s to school, to the gym, or
even on my holidays are resistance bands. Resistance bands basically add weight to
your workouts because no one’s gonna carry around heavy dumbbells in their
bag, so resistance bands are essentially the most compact and convenient way for
you to get weight training in especially if you don’t have access to a gym. So let
me just show you what’s inside the No Sweat resistance band bag. We have three
bands inside each set. We have the light medium and heavy band, and it fits very
nicely and compact into this little black drawstring bag. So the light one I
use for stretching and also for light resistance, a lot of the upper body work.
Once you’ve kind of like done the light and it’s too easy for you, you can also
switch between the light and the medium. And for the heavy ones this is mostly
for leg exercises when you’re doing squats.
By the way we also just restocked our No Sweat resistance bands, they were almost
selling out, so thank you guys so much for your support, I’m just so excited you
guys are as excited about it as I am. And if you would like to get your hands
on these, do head over to the link in the description box down below and get your
hands on these bands. So something else I have with me all the time are my
wireless earphones, they are like so life-changing. It’s just so nice to have
music in your ears hands-free. For the longest time I used to use wired
earphones and the wires just kind of went all over the place when I was
running, when I was lifting, and it was just like always so inconvenient and
cumbersome. This has really good audio and what I like is that this case also acts
as a charging case so my headphones almost never die because that would be
horrible to work out with no music that’s terrible. Actually that is a real fear. Like I
think I have actually gone to the gym and because I didn’t bring my headphones,
I know I always say that no excuses but it was very hard for me to get through
the workout. One way that I feel is very good to combat gym intimidation is to have earphones because when you have earphones on, you’re just listening to
your own music, you’re kinda in your own world, in your own space so you won’t really care
about the people looking at you and you just shut out all the other gym noises.
I think that music also kind of helps me with the tempo of my exercises. Usually
when I’m lifting weights, I will listen to kind of like rap music and hip-hop
because I actually lift to the beat and when I’m doing my cardio and stuff like that I like to listen to a lot of pop because it’s very happy and you know
cardio is not like the happiest thing, so I need to listen to music that puts me in
the right state of mind. Actually I feel I should create like a
Spotify playlist, let me know if you guys are interested in me creating a Spotify playlist for me to share with you guys my workout jams.
So when it comes to the gym, hygiene and comfort is really important to me
especially after a really heavy and sweaty workout, I want to feel refreshed
and light. On days when I go home right after my workout I don’t generally
shower at the gym, but I still want to feel refreshed on my way home so I do
carry around with me the Biore Sara Sara powder body sheets. These
sheets are moist but when you wipe on your body it dries to a powder. So when
you’re feeling very sweaty and sticky after the gym and you just wipe this in
your body it kind of gives you that sensation of having a powder bath.
And the thing about the Biore wipes is that they also have this perforated lines in the middle,
so you can kind of you know break into two, so you don’t use
the entire sheet. It’s really handy on the go, so even on days when I’m not
working out but it’s really hot outside I just like to take this out to freshen up. To smell fresh I also carry around with me deodorant.
Especially if I’m showering at the gym I do like to reapply my deodorant and I
like to use the Nivea black and white roll-on deodorant. What I like is that it
doesn’t have a strong scent, it just dries very nicely and it keeps
you feeling fresh under your arms throughout your day. I personally don’t
like deodorants with those lotion colors because those I feel discolor
your clothes, but this is an invisible gel formula, it dries super quickly, it
doesn’t affect the underarms of your clothes. Something else I carry around with
me is hand sanitizer. Now the gym is full of germs and we are all sharing the
dumbbells and all the handles and all the gym equipment, you don’t know what’s
passing all along. First thing I do after a gym session is wash my hands like
super super super super thoroughly. You know you don’t know like all the dirt and
stuff that’s in the gym. Most importantly you do not want to rub this all over
your face and apply this because this actually is a disinfectant like actually
kills the bacteria for you. In the past I used to work out with makeup on cuz I
used to come from an event or full day of filming when I would come with a full
face of makeup, but I just wouldn’t do the extra step of taking off my makeup
before I actually work out. I’ve come to realize that it’s super bad for your
skin, it’s the reason why I got a lot of clogged pores, and was breaking out so much
was because I was not taking off my makeup before I worked out, and my
dermatologist actually told me that I really really should because you know
having so much makeup on really does clog your pores especially in the gym.
So I have made a conscious effort to take off my makeup before actually
exercising. So I carry around with me the Bifesta cleansing sheets for me to just
wipe off my makeup before I start working out. What I love about this is
that it’s super effective, I just take out one sheet and I get all my makeup
off before I work out. But I also empathize with girls who want to wear
makeup to the gym. I just felt that putting on makeup just made me look good
and when I looked good, I felt good and I felt good I was even more motivated to
work out. I just also think that the gym is for a lot of
people a social space to meet other people, so I can totally understand when
girls wanna wear makeup to the gym but these days I am trying to wear a lot
less makeup to the gym, and on the days that I do choose to wear makeup I keep
my routine very light. I am trying to cut out foundation, so instead I’m using
concealer just to cover up my spots and kind of lighten up my under-eye circles.
Love this formula because it is waterproof and sweat-proof. Out of all
the makeup products that I use at the gym the one most important makeup
product I have to carry with me is my eyebrow pencil, and I’m not the best at
drawing my brows but this makes brow drawing super easy. And just to round off
my gym makeup routine, I use this matte liquid lipstick. I just think that this
is just a very pretty color, it’s super flattering. You just need a little, you
rub it on your lips and it just brings some color to your face. If you like
wearing makeup then it’s completely fine you know. No hate,
go wear your makeup, but just make sure that at the end of the day you cleanse your
skin so you can allow your skin to breathe. That’s all we have for today’s
episode, let me know in the comment section down below what are some of your
favorite fitness must-haves, because I’m always on the lookout for products to
try. And also if you guys didn’t know we also have a No Sweat merchandise store
that’s up! We have resistance bands and yoga mats, it’s really gonna help you
kickstart your fitness journey and if you purchased a product do give us a
feedback, I’d really appreciate to hear what you think about it, so that I can
improve the products in future, and even create more for you. And as with all other
videos please remember to give this one a thumbs up, click the subscribe button,
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you guys in the next one. Take care, bye!

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