Muscle Soreness & Ways to Relieve It – Ask Doctor Jo

Muscle Soreness & Ways to Relieve It – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to talk about muscle soreness and ways to relieve it. so let’s get started. So all of you have probably heard of muscle
soreness in general. the technical term is DOMs which is a delayed onset of
muscle soreness. and so if you’ve ever over worked out, you really know what
muscle soreness and that delayed onset of muscle soreness is all about. a lot of
times with DOMs, you don’t feel it until the first 24 or 48 hours, and a lot of
times when you overdo it more, it takes a little bit longer to set in. but you know
what it feels like. it’s kind of like “oh my goodness, I did way too much.” and the the tough part of that is sometimes you don’t feel
like you’re doing too much, and then you feel it later. so that DOMs, delayed
onset of muscle soreness, is basically you’re just doing little micro tears in
the muscle and this is actually a good thing. this is how you build muscle, but
sometimes if you do too much those micro fiber tears are a little bit bigger, and
it just takes longer to recover and it’s really sore. so a great way to
help get rid of muscle soreness is to use kind of a massager or vibration kind
of therapy, and that really helps relax those muscles and helps them recover. and
so the folks at massage therapy concept sent me their cordless handheld massager.
and so this is a really really cool piece of equipment because it has a
bunch of different knobs that you can use to get different settings and use it
in different places. the big thing when you get this is to make sure there’s a
there’s a little piece right here where you charge it, and take that out
otherwise this doesn’t work. but it’s really cool. it’s a nice solid
equipment that you can use and it is cordless. so a lot of times you know
things that are cordless that are not super powerful, but this is a really good
powerful massager. and when you have that muscle soreness, that tightness because
everything’s kind of tightened up because it’s hurting, doing massage on it
with the vibration type therapy is really really helpful. so it comes with
seven seven different attachments that you can use, and it has a whole bunch of
different ways that you can use it. so the first one is just
the air-cushion. and this does a really good job of knee, wrists, ankles, in the
joint areas, and so that’s why it’s kind of an air cushion. so if you’re going
over a joint, sometimes if you’ve ever used a massager over joint it kind of
bumps over, but the air cushion does a really good job of not doing that. and so
they just pop on really easily. you can see that that is it’s easy to use. the
next one is the point attachment, and this one’s a little bit more for
something like reflexology on the foot or acupuncture type things. so if you’ve
got like a trigger point in there this does a really good job of oops
getting to that spot and making it really kind of relax with that massage.
then you also have the six head attachment which is basically kind of
for the back the thighs a more general area. and you can see these little knobs
here they’ve got some little pressure spots and so it does a really good job
of just kind of relaxing those bigger areas and it does great. and they also
have a scalp attachment. so if you have you know some some kind of pain some
tension going on and you really want to get over like the head area, you can see
these little pieces there they’re kind of soft, so it doesn’t get caught up in
your hair and it’s really it’s nice and relaxing as well. they also have just a
general body one. and this one like you do it directly on the skin and you put
some gel on it to make it nice and smooth. so it kind of gets the whole body.
and then there’s also a facial one. same thing you’d want to use some facial
cream or something for this one but you know a lot of times just kind of getting
in this area maybe in the jaw area and things when you have some tension this
helps relax it as well, and then the final one is their forehead attachment.
not forehead, foreheads. and what it is really great for is you can see there’s
a little space in between. so like the back going down the back so then it’s
not right on your spine, but it gets those muscles around and so it’s
really nice because you have all these different options, they’re really easy
just to put on and then take back off. so if you want to do different spots and
then you can see here where you can adjust it. so it does a really good job
again of these tight muscles this muscle soreness getting those the DOMs out of
there, and so you can see here you just turn it on and you
you can start off slow. if I was just kind of going in here kind of working it
around and then you can even take it all the way up where it gets a little bit
higher. and so it’s you know almost like somebody’s giving you a massage so it’s
a nice way to be able to massage yourself. and then as you can see with a
nice handle you can go you know all the way around in your back and stuff you
can kind of turn it this way and get the area. so it has a nice long handle where
you can get a lot of different areas over your body without having to reach
really hard and move your body and hurt it. so if you’re interested in purchasing
the cordless handheld massager make sure and click on the link up there. so after
you kind of massage everything out, get that good vibration to make those
muscles relax a little bit, you want to do gentle stretches. sometimes it’s tough
because when those muscles are tight, it hurts a little bit. a lot of times
especially the calves when they get really tight, it’s really important to
gently stretch it out. you’re not trying to crank on the muscles, but you want to
stretch them out because once you get them to relax again with you know that
massage therapy, you want to lengthen back out those muscles because with
those little micro tears in there, if it stays tight and they heal in that
position, then it sometimes causes problems. so you want you don’t want to
force the stretch, but you want a nice gentle stretch to kind of lay back out
those muscle fibers. so when they heal they’re nice and flat and they’re not up
like that. that causes problems, so just some gentle stretches. if you have a
specific area, make sure and check out some of my other videos because I’ve got
all of the different body parts to be able to stretch those out. also what’s super
important is to drink plenty of water after you’ve got that muscle soreness.
you know you want to keep your body hydrated. a lot of times all the you know
the fluid goes in to kind of help protect the area, so sometimes you feel
very dehydrated. so if you’re drinking plenty of water and throughout the day
not just gulping it down at one time, but make sure you’re spreading it out that
really helps with that muscle soreness as well. and then the final one is really
just to get good sleep. get some plenty of sleep because our body’s truly heal
when we’re sleeping. that’s when all those little cells go in and take all
the bad cells out and then put all the new cells back in. so if you’re getting
good a good night’s sleep, that’s really going to help the
healing process. so make sure and follow all those steps. that that DOMs is
sometimes really painful, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but you really
need to do all those things to help make sure that you’re healing that muscle how
it’s supposed to, and it’s just not going to stay knotted up. so if you’re
interested in purchasing the cordless handheld massager, make sure and click on
the link up there. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there. and
remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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