Most Important Exercises to Help Pinched Nerve & Neck Pain

Most Important Exercises to Help Pinched Nerve & Neck Pain

52 thoughts on “Most Important Exercises to Help Pinched Nerve & Neck Pain

  1. I'm so tired of this. I get it at night in bed. Trying so hard to lie straight. Had neck fusion a few years ago.

  2. The towel trick, while lying on a lacrosse ball under the shoulder trap muscle, chin tucks, while crossing over one leg, and turning your head around slowly.

  3. 🎵Bob&Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the internet.🎵 that’s what I say every time I see an upload from you guys on my feed.

  4. I love you guys and this was a great video!! I have a pinched nerve in my neck, very painful…. I am seeing a physical therapist, wish it was yall. I'm doing those exact exercises plus more. Thanks for all your helpful videos!!

  5. The worst thing I do is I accidentally start getting "gaming neck" when I edit for hours on end… And it's for work, so it's not like I can avoid it! so thank you so very much, you guys are amazing and funny and great. Thank you for your constant help !

  6. Can a pinched nerve cause vertigo type feelings? The tighter my shoulders and neck become, the more vertigo type feelings I get.

  7. I have a pinched nerve from an accident i was in 20 yrs ago…it knocked the cervical curve out of my neck and pinched the nerve on the right side…for yrs i didnt have pain bcuz i worked a physical therapist and i did those exercises daily…now once i left that job i repinched that nerve and most of those exercises i can't do bcuz of the cervical pain but the exercises yall r doing now i can do but its still painful…I've had an episode where my ne k had locked and i couldnt move it and i started having pain down my arm and numbness and tingling…and these exercises has helped me so much…thank yall for this channel yall keep me in the know since im no longer in that field 😁

  8. Can a pinched nerve in the cervical area cause tinnitus and/or vertigo type feelings? because that's what i'm dealing with lately 🙁

  9. I have prolapsed dics in two places in my neck I know that pain… I worry about our younger generations with looking at there phones 24 7 with there heads looking down..

  10. Wow. I found this upload astonishing because I recently woke up with crazy neck pain down to my upper back. Your upload timing is impeccable. Lol

  11. Thank you Bob and Brad! Yesterday I was watching the older version of this. It was for my grandmother, I really enjoy all of your videos. Keep it up 😊😊😊

  12. I am currently dealing with this. (8 months now) I had really bad nerve pain in my arms and hands. Physical therapy and chiropractor has helped immensely but gets expensive after a while, but now I am on my own doing my own physical therapy, so your channel has helped me quite a bit. I have managed to relieve most of the nerve pain but still can't shake the weakness in my hands yet, feels like putting your hands in molasses and squeezing. Mornings are a bit rough because the nerves tighten up when not in use. I use a yoga wheel between the shoulder blades and foam pad, and your exercises. Thank you.

  13. You demonstrate scapular retraction very briefly in a light coloured shirt against a light coloured wall. I played it back and it's part of a second. I can't detect any real demonstration. Did anyone watch this before you uploaded it? If it's targeted for people with neck problems presumably it's difficult to crane your neck in an effort to determine pinpointed second when this demonstration takes place.

  14. I think that I had a pinched nerve last week, it felt like i was being stabbed with a needle inside. It's gone now, thank goodness.

  15. Docs thank you so much for showing me these do at home stretches. I have been suffering with a pinched nerve or possible whip lash for about a month now. Had the X-rays taken and my Orthopedic Doc did not find anything. I have tried all kinds of stretches with no success of relieving the pain until now. My question would be – Would you recommend that I keep wearing a collar in the mean time or should I ditch it? I have read that it could take up to 12 weeks for the muscle to heal completely. I guess you could say that I have lived a month of hell with this pain until now. Things seem to start getting better and the neck muscle seems to be ready for stretch therapy. Once again thank you and keep up the good work!

  16. when I do the chin exercises I get cracking in the back of the head where the cerebellum is located. Do you know why?

  17. I had a shocking episode of a pinched nerve , so painful and debilitating that I thought I was having a heart attack . I had trouble breathing at the time . Took meds and managed to go to sleep but I thought I wouldn’t wake up !! Seriously I thought – this is it , this is the end . Well , I did wake up – went to emergency the next morning In an ambulance. Long story short – after tests weeks later – mri – it was severe stenosis in my neck . I’d been trialling different Matresses’s and got terrible headaches with each change of mattress prior to this happening . Then the straw broken the camels back & I was in a BAD way . Suddenly , after the flare up , it settled down over night 2 days later . Then flared up again . It hurt to lean forward in the slightest and it affected my breathing , my throat ached . I’m a singer , all that came to a halt . Anyway , I sought some physio help at the Keiser gym and did an exercise much like the first one in this video but using weights and pulling the shoulder blades back running my arms at a right angle along my sides, as if holding a tray and then pulling back . Plus I began floor Pilates that included gentle neck stretches – head to the side , chin to chest .
    And I did the exercise pulling the head and chin back , like in this video advised from a physio . Plus I finally found that the thin cushion from my lounge was better to use as a pillow . Then my mum bought me a pillow that has been fantastic . I swear , a pillow can make it break the recovery!! It’s an Ecosa pillow . I highly recommend them . Finally the symptoms settled , 😅 now I try to be aware of my neck & head posture . Especially when using my phone . Don’t drop your chin and look down at your screen for ages . Ideally get a stand and have the screen at eye level . Or just limit your time . But while it’s flared up , definitely don’t do screen time in the wrong posture !! Love your videos Bob & Brad ! Thank you ~ you always make me laugh and have great advice .😆😊

  18. Been working through their various pinched nerve videos over the last month and I've gone from debilitating pain to 90% better, cheers guys.

  19. I think i have a messed up ac joint in my shoulder and also a pinched neck nerve or pulled trap muscle ON THE SAME SIDE. A DR is too expensive for me. FML!!😖

  20. Every time I do a chin tuck my tinnitus becomes worse for as long as I keep my neck in that position. Is my tinnitus caused by a pinched nerve? I don't really feel any pain when doing chin tucks though.However I do feel some pain in the cervical area every now and then. Sometimes even when I sleep on a side my neck hurts. Please guys any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

  21. In my car I use a lumber pillow to maintain forward pelvic tilt, and frequently press my head against the headrest to get the chin tuck – not noticeable to other drivers at the stoplight, lol.

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