you’ve seen those guys on Instagram
looking amazing but how do they get bodies like that? what you don’t see is all the hard work diet and training they put in to achieve their look so here’s a complete series of workouts
that will help you achieve your own model body – separated into three parts
for different days in the gym push day chest and triceps, pull day back and
biceps and leg day for lower body today it’s your push day workout hitting
chest and triceps with exercises to help you build an aesthetic model body using
high intensity super sets and expert muscle building techniques for chest and
triceps a great chest is one of the most eye-catching features of a model body
this chest workout starts with a big compound movement flat bench barbell
press go as heavy as possible getting the whole chest fired up and pre
exhausting the muscles ready for the rest of the workout now let’s build the intensity with a
super set starting with standing cable flyes full range of movement think of it like
a giant bear hug stretching then squeezing the muscle fibers high reps
keep up the pace pumping blood into the muscle and keeping it there for the
second part of the superset now straight into standing cable chest
press squeeze the handles together to keep
maximum contraction in the chest this is about creating time under tension think
of this as one continuous movement squeezing the whole time as you do
you’ll feel the tension shifts through different parts of the chest next another superset starting with the
decline dumbbell fly same principle as before just hitting a different angle so
high reps steady pace pump that blood stretch and squeeze then straight into play press keeping
the tension by pushing two plates together as with the cables keep the
squeeze throughout the movement let’s keep it going with another
superset now it’s an incline dumbbell press the incline means you’ve now hit
all the angles on the chest as before we’re combining fly movements with
pressing movements the stretch and the squeeze so now it’s a real stretch a standing
hold for 30 seconds this will really stretch the fascia the
tissue that covers the muscle allowing more muscle growth we also did a fascia stretch as part of
our pull workout which you can watch by clicking the link. next two exercises in
one dumbbell pullover and tricep extension
together this is your finisher for chest bringing in that overhead movement you
haven’t hit so far and giving another great stretch but also working the
complementary muscle triceps hips go from low to high
to help contract the chest at the same time going from bent elbows to straight
arm works the triceps now you’ve got the triceps fired up time to really hit them
with tricep dips using the Machine triceps help fill out an
impressive-looking arm to complete that model body just one set but go right to
failure finally tricep extension with dumbbells
on a decline bench three sets of 12 reps elbows high to put maximum tension on
the long head of the tricep adding a twist will help you get a full squeeze
on the muscle now a bonus exercise for abs hanging leg
raises why are we doing abs on push day? because the hanging position also
engages your chest having Model abs is also about having
low body fat and a strong core but an exercise like this will help thicken the
muscles creating deeper cuts toes-to-bar contracting the whole of your upper body so that’s your model body series push
day workout for chest triceps and abs make sure you check out Pull Day and leg
day by following the link and to help you follow these workouts yourself sign
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reps directly to your email thanks for watching


  1. Very good advice, really Nick is all a "Top"el. It has such a youthful face, like an angel and the body of a man or rather that of a Greek god. And as in the previous video, rather than having such a body, I would like to have such a boyfriend. The sun, moon and stars would fall at his feet.

  2. Muy buenos consejos, realmente Nick es todo un "Top"el. Tiene una rostro tan juvenil, como un ángel y el cuerpo de un hombre o más bien la de un dios griego. Y como en el vídeo anterior, más que tener un cuerpo así, me gustaría tener un novio así. Le bajaría el sol, la luna y las estrellas a sus pies.

  3. These are some effective exercises that give excellent results! They are also compatible with all levels, which is a plus!

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