if you’ve always wanted a body like
those guys on Instagram here’s a workout series that will help you achieve it
you’ve seen how great they look in front of the camera but what you often don’t
see is the skilled training diet and hard work they put in in the gym. in fit
media’s model body series we’re bringing together all the best tips and
techniques that will help you develop a complete aesthetic physique of your own.
the series is in three parts for three different days in the gym hold a back
and biceps pushed a chest and triceps and leg day for lower body today it’s your pull workout back and
biceps hitting the back from all different
angles using super sets for maximum intensity and stretching during the
workout not afterwards so let’s go first pull-ups
a full broad back is key to a fully balanced model body firing up all the
back muscles ready for the rest of the session going to failure on this first
exercise when you hit failure take a rest and go again notice how your biceps
are also being used in this exercise one of the reasons we’re pairing back and
biceps in this workout going again to failure next wide grip lat pulldown overhand
grip nice and wide full range of motion with a weight you
can control now move to narrow grip about
shoulder-width apart for one more set hitting the back muscles from that
different angle next changing the pace with a single arm
lat pulldown using one arm at a time allows a much
greater range of movement again adding a different angle really stretch at the top squeeze at the bottom two sets on each side rotate the hand as you go up for maximum stretch moving on now to a superset starting
with a straight arm pulldown using a super set to pump blood into the
muscles across both exercises so this is high reps keeping up the pace super setting on the same machine
this time kneeling again an angle you’ve not hit before for this exercise move the bar in a kind
of J shape pull the bar into the body as you press
the chest up and arch your back this is a deep contraction that will bring the
squeeze right into the lower part of the back next t-bar row to thicken the muscles in
the middle of your back straight back keep the hips low linebacker stance using smaller plates lets you stretch
down further than you would with a larger plate it’s all about the stretch
and the squeeze still some angles you haven’t worked so now it’s single arm
dumbbell row three sets setting the bench to incline hitting the muscles
from yet another angle and finally for back you’re going to
stretch out the lat muscles to help them grow later start with this cable pole
working through the full range of movement again adding a twist for a full
squeeze then on the last rep hold keeping the load on the muscle this is a
great stretch for the tissue that sits above the muscle known as the fascia working both sides you’ll feel the
lactic acid building up it’s probably gonna hurt but it also helps promote
muscle building now bicep curls you’ve been using your biceps on most of these
polling and rowing movements now target them directly using an incline bench and
a hammer hold hitting the biceps in a way they weren’t used in the back
workout leaning back helps you stretch the long head of a bicep to build a
fuller muscle finally a standing cable curl overhand
grip brings in the forearms which you haven’t
targeted so far in this workout shoulders back bring the bar up and hold so that’s your pull workout back and
biceps to help you achieve that model body the series also includes a push
workout and a lower body workout for you to follow just click the links and to
help you follow these workouts yourself sign up for our free mailing list we’ll
send you a written copy with all the sets and reps directly to your email
thanks for watching

46 thoughts on “MODEL BODY WORKOUT SERIES – BACK & BICEPS – pt 1

  1. The reason why i stoped looking at this vid is cause he wearing an upside down cross i wood never suport an anti christ product bro love your body all you want that with all your posetions will burn and all that ever matters IS WHAT WE DO WITH CHRIST


  3. The guys work really hard, not saying they don't. But let's be serious most of models are not natural. Living a healthy lifestyle is better than destroying your organs when you get older.

  4. I just started working out back in September of 2019 and I follow & do all the workouts you guys post. My body has changed tremendously…THANK YOU!!!

  5. It's interesting. I've been working out for 43 years and I've never thought about the concept of a Push day, Pull day, and Leg day!! And I've been hearing about this for years and never could put it together. This should be mandatory for me at my current stage of life. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Rather than having such a body, I would like to have a boyfriend like that, the sun and moon would fall at his feet.

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