Mo Bicep part 1 – Bij Andy in de auto! (English subtitles)

Mo Bicep part 1 – Bij Andy in de auto! (English subtitles)

Are you going on a vacation this year?
-No, I just went to Austria. Nice. Did you sniffed it all up? Alright, I’m on my way! Nice! How’s a going?
-I’m fine, how are you? It’s time to make a fun video! Dope car! Haven’t you seen it yet? I did, on Instagram. He has brought all kinds of stuff with him, what a crazy guy. Look, a pair of balls. When I come, I don’t come empty-handed! But we also have something for the viewers! Look, a Touzani ball for our brother. Look. A Touzani ball, you can give it to the viewers or something. It’s for indoor football, right?
-I don’t know, I just grabbed some balls. But you do have to sign them.
-I will, do you have a marker? Of course. I like it you bring something with you. I’m doing it for the viewers.
-Normally they’re all stingy. The one who can’t share, can’t multiply. You’re going well, huh?
-We’re doing the best we can. What a car. This one is recording too, so they’ll see how you pulled up. What a car. I already heard you driving. This one. Touzani. He’s a brother. Day one. ”?”, but it’s about the gesture. Indeed. Thank you. And I also have something for you. I was thinking by myself: ”What kind of tracksuit would Andy like?” Do you like this one? It’s from Argentina. He told me you’d like it, otherwise I could return it. Do you wear a large?
-It’ll fit, I’m losing weight. Otherwise I’d get a medium. Thanks. Great. I don’t have anything for you.
-I got something else. A few football pre-workouts, you can give it to the viewers. Who can’t share, can’t multiply. Thanks.
-No problem. How’s a going? Put your seatbelt on.
-Nice car! Who has sat here the previous time?
-My child. Oh, I thought ICE. He sat in the back. With hit fatass. He was fun, huh? It was a fun episode, indeed. Sweet guy, he just does his thing. Oh, wait! Just stay off it, little Mo! Put it like this, little Mo. -You’re breaking down the whole place.
-Is it okay like this? No, like this.
-How? No, otherwise, towards me. A bit more. It’s okay like that if you’re just on screen. It’s about you, not me. They know my face. You’re busy, huh?
-We’re doing our thing. I’m busy with all kinds of stuff. What kinds of stuff are you doing then?
-Do you want a piece of gum? Do you want a bottle of water? It’s important.
-I drink a lot of water. How’s losing weight?
-I’m now recording a documentary. Yes, something beautiful. When?
-I think within utterly 6 weeks with all the editing and stuff. The guys need to edit a lot. I’ve recorded a lot, I record every 2-3 days. And… This has to become next level. Look, my goal is, that 60 to 70 percent of the viewers is going to work-out after watching it. Or not even speaking about fitness, I just hope they chase their dreams. It’s what they have to do. And that’s what I want to show them in this documentary, people think it’s all easy for me. People think losing weight is done just like that. ”Mobicep, you train everyday, so it’s easy for you.” For me its hard as well, and I also show them. Food is 70-80 percent of the deal. And that’s the hardest part.
-I saw the trailer on Youtube. That you ordered pizza after coming home late. When you don’t prep or plan your meals, you’ll eat something fast. And everybody will feel you at that point. If you make a documentary and you jump in the shoes of the viewers, people will recognize themself and agree with me. If you’re able to communicate it to people… Then your goal has been furfilled?
-Indeed. But you’re always positive.
-Always, you’ve seen it when we played football. Free kick. People go crazy about you, the kids as well. Indeed, unbelievable, in such short period. I think, the last year it has… I have my company now for 2 years. And the last year it has been crazy. It goes well.
-How did you start, on Youtube? Out of nowhere. Making some videos, laughing a bit. At a certain moment, I walked outside, People asked me if they could take a picture with me. I told them: ”No problem, go ahead.” And it became more and more. And what a lot of people don’t know, I started fitness because a lot of problems. I had a lot of trouble. A lot of stress, headaches… A lot.
-What kind of problems? All kinds of problems. When you were younger?
-Indeed. A lot of problems in my head so I started working out and working out… There will be a documentary released in like, one to two years. A documentary about my whole life. So that people really can see how Mobicep started and rose. Who is he? Some people see you with a Lamborghini like: ”He’s a scam.” But they don’t know everything before that. You didn’t get this car just like that, you had to work for it. You need to work. And people, when they see something, they’ll instantly judge. Like: ”It’ll be drugs.” A young Moroccan, tracksuit, it can’t be something good. But, you know what it is. The most important thing is you’ve got to believe in yourself. I tell people to believe in themselfs. Believe in yourself and chase your dreams. Back then, when I had a lot of troubles, the documentary will show, it’s unbelievable. We’ll really go back in the days. Like when I was 16, 17. Everything that happened at home. I always tell people ot believe in themselfs. Because, back then, I could do 2 things. Or quit, like, look, I have problems… Or I could work hard. So you can do 2 things when troubled. You always have to look at people who have even more problems than you. Or the ones who have it worse than you, then you’re the lucky one. But if you’re going to look at… When you’re a footballer and look at Ronaldo well, there’s always a boss above the boss. I had that as well, I mean, I reached the highest level but, at a certain moment I got pity for myself which isn’t good. And then you’ll behave childish. But in that particular moment you don’t realise it.
-Indeed. You’re not aware of anything. Like, you have a nice car, but you’re still not aware of how lucky you are, some people don’t even have a car. at least we can drive a car. I still remember when I bought that AMG. I was like, ”wow”, I couldn’t sleep. But once you’ll have that car you’ll think: ”Well…”
-Like it’s normal? Indeed, but it actually isn’t. Indeed, it was my dream car since a little child. And then I got a Lamborghini, and you’re like: If I get that Lamborghini, it’s over. But when you get the car it’s like: ”So what?” U’ll get used to it. That’s why you always need to be happy with what you have. Don’t be greedy. That’s the problem, and they all want it so quickly. But honestly, I’m not saying I’m the perfect example, but the thing is with the internet it destroys a lot of stuff. A lot of young kids will see stuff and think like: ”I want that too!” But none will show that it is achieved with working hard on the long term. What you’re going to deserve, is already written, but how is determined by your own path. A lot of youngsters are like: ”If I sell these drugs quicky, I can get that car.” But they have to be aware all the time, for the police, they’ve got stress… And you’ll have that stress also in the afterlife. Go ahead and explain what you all bought and sold. People only think on short term. So I’m busy all day, working my ass off all day. People only see the shine, but they don’t see the grind. What do you exactly do? Because I also only see it on Instagram. Working hard every day. I wake up, I take a pre-workout on an empty stomach, I head to the gym. Afterwards, I’ll go home and make some food. I’ll sit home with my wife and kids. If my wife wants to do something, we’ll go. Otherwise I go to the shop where I’ll look for something to do. You’re thinking the whole day: ”What can I do?”‘ To be even more succesful. You should not stay in position. You have to keep working hard. So you’ve done this and succeed? Go ahead and furfill your next goal. If you’re like: ”I’ve made it.” Made what? But people only see a Lamborghini and go crazy. I also regularly reply on Instagram. It’s not what it seems. ”He probably has a pretty good life!” It’s not like that. I’m working every day. Because if you won’t, somebody else will. Indeed, they’ll take over. I’m young, only 29 years of age. 29 and I have 2 kids. How’s your wife? Does she support you in everything? She doesn’t like social media and I don’t post her. My wife is my diamond which I keep to myself. My wife supports me in everything, she’s like a pillar. The pillar you need to have. It’s like when building a house- They’ll have to build a new car maybe. Hit the gas. But eventually, it’s important. You need to have a good pillar, if you don’t have a wife and you’re just partying over and over, going out and stuff it’ll never have an ending. At a certain moment when you get older you need to take some certain steps. But it’s hard for young kids who make money because they go partying and stuff, right? Because it’s hard to think on long term, like: ”I should save my money for later.” A lot of people think earning money is difficult. The hard part is retaining to it. You can make money. Somebody who earns 10k, or somebody who earns 5k a month, the first one can earn more but if he spends more, like 8k, and the other one only 1k, Anyway, it’s about how much you save, not about how much you earn or spend. And how do you deal with your money? A lot of people get a golden age. But are you going to gamble with it, or going out, drinking, doing dirty stuff, haram stuff, then you’ll see.
-Then it goes fast. Allah will give money to people and will look: ”What do they do with it?” If you do good stuff with it, my slogan is who can’t share, can’t multiply. And the give-aways people see on Instagram is small stuff. But you need to have a pure heart. Your intentions need to be good. Not like: ”Look, we’re giving this away!”‘
-For the likes. Everything revolves around views and likes. You have to be, from yourself,
-Out of your heart. And you know what it is, a lot of people think about other’s opinion. ”What will he think about this?”‘ If I would think like all those others. I wouldn’t be where I am nowadays. Cause I would think: ”Why would I record videos of me working out?” ”I’m on my way to the gym, we’re going to kick ass today.” All the guys laughed at me. The boys from my neighbourhood were like: ”What are you doing Mo?”‘ What are you ding with your: ”I’m on my way to the gym!” But I like it, so what. What do I need to do with those opinions? It’s not about the money, I enjoy it. I enjoy it, just making some videos, laughing… And eventually I saw it went better. At a certain moment I created a supplements shop. I thought: ”Who’s gonna buy it?” I was with Frenkz, my friend. I asked him: ”Who’s going to buy it?”‘ I already was doubting for a year like: ”’Should I do it?” Like: ”Who’s going to spend their money on me?”‘ At a certain moment I was like: ”I’ll take the first step.” I bought 50 pieces of preworkouts, I put them online: ”Mobicep, MB nutrition!” At a certain moment I was like: ”I hope I sell some.” Without exaggerating, they were sold out instantly. I was like: ”Huh?”‘ So I wanted to buy some more. I didn’t show on my website it was sold out. I put the limit like, I don’t know, 500 or something. So people transferred money while I didn’t even had the preworkout. So I thought: ”I have to order quickly.” ?! I could also get all the supplements, but I started with just 50 preworkouts. I bought it again, sold it again. So I saw I made some profit, so I invested some more. Over and over. And I was thinking: What do people need? Protein shakes for their recovery. So I started to sell them as well, in 2 flavours. I saw they did well, so I got more. And that’s how my company expanded. Until I sat here with Andy in the car. You’re a legend too. You are. Even if you say you aren’t. I like it, your company. How many flavours do you have now?
-Honestly… You don’t even know anymore? I… I don’t like to brag, but in a period of just a year, my company just blew up. I believed in it. If you wake up like: Then you’ll be depressed and do nothing the whole day. To the right here, or go straight ahead. Straight ahead is possible as well. I always tell people: ”If you wake up, believe in yourself.” Believe in yourself and think you can! I wake up and go! And not, I fall, and be like… No, it’s not like that. I get up and go ahead. Keep on going! Because reaching the top isn’t easy. If becoming a proffesional football player would’ve been easy, everybody would be one. Including me. But it’s not easy. They’ll think like: ”He’s lucky.” What are you talking about? He has worked so hard for it every day. A friend of mine, Omer Bayram, do you know him? Bayram. He plays in Turkey. NAC has done great! Against AZ Alkmaar. Indeed. 3-1. I was invited but I didn’t went. All the way to Alkmaar. It’s far away. But do you know him? A Turkish guy. A really humbly guy who just does his thing. He’s of my age. When everybody went clubbing, he went playing football. The people went to, I don’t know, anyway, He had a boring life. People mentioned it. The guy was working his ass off always. He played at NAC, at a certain moment he went to Turkey. Everybody went clubbing, but he was working his ass off. He believed in himself. And look where he plays nowadays. He plays at Galatasaray nowadays.
-Show me a picture! I’m not that good with names.
-A sweet and humble guy. Really?
-Yes, unbelievable. Did he play at… Does he play at NAC?
-He did back in the days. Oh, Galatasaray! Bayram. A Dutch-Turkish footballer who preferable plays at left back. But he also is able to play as a left winger. In august 2018 he swapped Akhisar Belediyespor for Galatasaray. But this guy was working all the time. People only see the fun stuff. ”He’s lucky.” Which luck? You need to have perseverance, with losing weight, with everything. When you want to achieve something, you’ll fail, you’ll experience stuff, but you’ve just got to keep going on. And the most important thing I wanna share with the people is: Whatever you do, one small step at the time. It makes it easier. If you want to make money fast, it’ll go away fast. I was like that as well. If it would be easy, everybody would be one. Reaching the top is hard. And when you reach it, you’ve got to remain there. You’ve got to innovate. I started with 2 kinds of pre-workouts, and now I have 11 kinds. There aren’t a lot of people who have it like us. And we go on with the demanding market. Behind me there’s a whole squad, which constantly is renewing. The people who work for you, pay them well. Otherwise, if you go high and they stay low, It can’t go like that. If you go high, you’ve got to take the people with you. Do you earn more, and the people around you don’t? Sometimes I do a give-away, for example.

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