Luigi’s Mansion 3 All 13F Gem Locations – Fitness Center Gems

Luigi’s Mansion 3 All 13F Gem Locations – Fitness Center Gems

Flash the Radio 3x to turn it ON

37 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion 3 All 13F Gem Locations – Fitness Center Gems

  1. Timeline:

    [0:07] Gem 6 Yellow Location

    [0:35] Gem 1 White Location

    [1:08] Gem 3 Blue Location

    [1:39] Gem 2 Red Location

    [2:28] Gem 5 Purple Location ( Flash the radio 3x to turn it on)

    [3:25] Gem 4 Green Location

  2. I came to your video desperately trying to figure out how to do the thing with the radio and you didn’t even show how it worked

  3. You didn't do a good job at explaining how to get the purple one you just basically cut to the scene of you seeing the ghost on the treadmill

  4. You must look up how to get the red and purple gems. No other way. Stupid as hell the gem locations are in this fucking game…

  5. To trigger the purple gem event you must flash the boom box 3 times. Once the green light darkens use your flashlight on it. Repeat the process 3 times and the event should occur

  6. I'm stuck on- you guessed it, the purple gem. Thing is, I DID flash the radio three times (I even remember finding the clue for it on the phone at the start). But the ghosts aren't showing up… I just came here to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. Did my game bug out?
    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. I was waiting too long between flashes.

  7. TBH always feel guilty about watching these vids and not figureing it out my self but the purple/blue gems are total BS

  8. How do you trigger the crystal ghost to appear for the white gem? I am pressing the bell and nothing is happening.

    Edit: bruh I figured it out like 7 seconds after making the comment.

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