Look Like a Bodybuilder & Function Like a Triathlete | Week 4 | Kris Gethin’s Man of Iron

Look Like a Bodybuilder & Function Like a Triathlete | Week 4 | Kris Gethin’s Man of Iron

So it feels fucking hard not talking. Bodybuilding.com’s editors are just being fucking lazy, they don’t want me to talk during the workouts, but bollocks, I’m going to talk. I’m Kris Gethin. I’m going to be training to prepare for an Ironman. Most people give themselves two I’m giving myself six months, and we’re going to do it. This is a bloody hard first session. Good morning. Wow, look at that. I wake up and my hair’s pretty cool already. I think it’s day 22. Man, I have to keep looking at the paperwork to figure out what day it is. With a six month video trainer, it’s going to be easy for me to lose track of time. My legs are bloody sore. There’s no doubt about it. And we’re training legs tomorrow. It’s a little bit better, after I made sure I had a lot of glutamine yesterday, I did stretch out. Had a bath. Had the ice bath as well. But still, there’s a lot of volume in my legs over the weekend, so I do have my massage therapist showing up tonight. But anyway, jumping on the scales to see what’s up. 216.6. Doing pretty well, with the weight not really changing much on the scope of things. I’m not on a fat-loss diet, I’m more so on a muscle-building diet. I’m pretty much following a diet that’s on a muscle-building trainer. If the timing of the food is correct, if the timing of the supplements is correct then I should be able to build muscle. First thing in the morning before breakfast. I’m going to have breakfast now. I’m going to use you as a mirror, too so I can put some cream on. This is how I look so beautiful every day. So I always put some cream on in the morning. There’s a pro tip for you kids. Sup, ladies and gentlemen? It’s day 22 of the Man of Iron video trainer. The fatiguing process of the weights workout really did its job. I want the intensity of these workouts to correlate to the volume that I’m going to have to produce at the end of this program. I want to look like a bodybuilder and I want to function like a triathlete. When I went in the pool my triceps were destroyed. So I was really working on the push. Every 25 meters or so I was focussing on a different technique. So hopefully, through repetitive practice that eventually it’ll all come together. We are done. 1550 meter swim. That was tiring, that was exhausting, but it’s good. I do have to rest pause a little bit longer than what is suggested by Alex and Mike. But that’s just because my fitness is a little bit down in the pool. It’s the longest to catch up. Like, the run was hard in the very beginning. But I find it’s getting a little bit easier now, there’s momentum there. Swim: still bloody difficult. So, I was going to start with squats. But my intuition tells me not to start with squats today. I’m going to start with leg extensions and a step-up to really warm up the knees and the quads. There’s a lot of brittle tissue in there. And I need to improve the elasticity to get the blood flow in it first. You gotta listen to your body. Allow your instincts to kind of guide you through your workouts. If your body just doesn’t feel like it, yeah, do the same exercises, but maybe change up the order of things. As far as the weights workout, it was tough, it was intense. Not much rest in between the sets here. I just kind I went for it, just back and forth, back and forth. So anyway, I’m going to get straight into this cardio. Have my Re-Kaged, and get straight into it. Wow. Oh my god, that last drill was the hardest Not just because fatigue had set in. I pushed myself the hardest then. So I’m finally learning. I’m finally learning to pace myself. I gotta wait a second before I can talk. It’s still day 23 here. I did my bike this morning. And then I went over to a clinic here and had my groin worked on. Which was bloody painful. And then I had the rock tape put on my legs here, as you can see. Right up into my groin. And now I’m heading over to Dr. Jason Watson’s because he’s got a new oxygen therapy machine in there that he wants me to try out that’s going to saturate me in plenty of oxygen. But the concept is, with the overload of oxygen in the body it’s harder for the body to fatigue with high intensity training. Lactic acid build up is kind of offset through that as well. And so I’m going to give it a shot. I really noticed the difference from that last interval from the first one. I’m not even bullshitting. Even though I felt like I was definitely pushing harder, I wasn’t fatiguing. My breath was nice and slow. I didn’t feel like I was fatiguing much on that last interval. That was quite amazing. A lot of people are probably thinking, oh, I’ve got plenty of time. I’ve got five months yet to get ready for this thing. I tell you what, five months will be gone before you know it. The swimming drills were pretty good today. Not bad. Got it done in record time. I was done in 50 minutes, would you believe it. I cramped for the very first time today. As we were doing the cool-down, the 300 meter cool-down. After I got about 100 meters in, I was cramping really bad throughout my right arm, my bicep and my forearm. So for the last 150 meters, I think, or 100 meters, I just used the kickboard. So I knew that I didn’t have to use my arms and so I just use the kickboard and worked on my hip flexors and my thighs. All right, so today I’m travelling, I’m heading over to Canada. Toronto. It is essential that we prepare in these instances. I am going to make sure that all my food is ready. I’ve already contacted ahead to make sure that I have food there, for the duration of my time. I’ve already sorted out my gym workouts. There’s a gym facility nearby. I’m going to get a workout in. I’ve made sure that my hotel has a pool, too. So just in case I cannot get in a run, just in case I cannot get in my cycle there’s at least a swimming pool there. There is something that I can do. And Friday our optional swim. I haven’t been taking them. I’ve been kind of taking days off, because I bloody need it. However, it’s there should I need it. So, always prepare in advance. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the end of day 24 here in Toronto. I’m in Toronto. I’ve just got to my hotel room. And I’ve just put my food in the fridge that I’ve got here. Even though I’m about to go to bed, I’m probably going to knock back about a liter of water now, just to make sure that I am sufficiently hydrated. And, yeah, get ready for the morning. Not even gonna shower, I’m gonna stink. Okay, I’m done with my cardio. Well, almost. I’ve done 50 minutes. It’s counting down from an hour. Anyway. Legs felt a little bit tight, in the groin area specifically. But I feel a little bit better now. I’m gonna spend a good 15 minutes stretching out now, I think. OK, so this is what I ended up with. I got egg whites. No oil, no butter, no sauce. I got two whole eggs here so I can get my fats in. And additional to those healthy fats, I’ve got some almonds here with my pineapples and sliced almonds. My carbohydrates being my oats. Cooked in water. No milk. No brown sugar, sometimes I put brown sugar in there. And I’ve just had my greens. So I’m getying all my antioxidants in here, well not all of them, but a lot of them. Got my complex carbs and my lean protein sources. Everything I need, everything I don’t want to need. Of course I have to have a little bit of honey. Keep me sweet. So, I’ve taken advantage of the ice machine that’s on this floor. So, I’m just going to soak in here for about 15 minutes, let the inflammation reduce itself, hopefully, from my legs. Because I’ve got a workout now in a few hours time. 2 hours? Anyway, so, 15 minutes in the icebath. I got myself a little book to read. Time to relax. Alright, I am back at the gym again. Man, three times working out. So I came in here for the run this morning and then I did a workout with Fouad Abiad. I did chest, but we didn’t fit in abs. So then I thought, well I’ll do the abs here. So here I am, back in the hotel gym. Do abs. I’m going to hit the lower abs, upper abs, and obliques in that. Let me go show you. I am not going to demonstrate it, I’m going to do it. I am done with my swim. I’ve done a little bit longer than the 850 meters I was supposed to do. I’ve actually done 975. I dunno if you can see there, at the top. 975. I just went a little bit over. I just practiced a little bit more on my breaststroke, more than anything. So. That’s it. Done. I’m going to get out of this pool, I’m going to stretch, again, for about 15 minutes. Specifically my legs. Your not going to see much of me during the day, cause I’ve got a very full filming schedule. Alright. Here it is people. Three hours on this bloody spin bike. The idea of today’s ride is just to go nice and easy, get used to the length of time on there, and get used to being at an Ironman pace basically. And then I start filming about 9:00 o’clock this morning. And, we’ve probably got about another 12, 13 hours of filming to do today as well. So good, productive, long day ahead of us. We’re filming again, all day. We’ve got a lot of content to do. But it’s all great, because when you really enjoy your job, and what you do, it isn’t a job, it isn’t work, it’s a passion. So you don’t really get tired you, you don’t get exhausted. It’s like, yeah, we got more stuff to put out and deliver for the public to kind of an understanding of supplements and the health benefits that should apply to them. So anyway, I’ve stayed on top of my food. I’ve eaten it all, pretty much. I’ve got one more meal now. I’ve got these bottles that I’ve been getting. And just topping it up with Hydra-Charge. I’m getting the blood flow to my brain. I’m going to be a little bit more focussed and on point when I’m delivering this content. What’s up? I think it’s day 28 here. It’s Sunday. I was up late last night. By the time that we finished shooting here, it was pretty bloody late. And then when I went home, or back to the hotel, the UFC had started. The main card was on at like at 2:00 in the morning. I’m a glutton for the UFC, so I watched that. Then, only a couple of hours later I was awake, doing my bike. And then I come straight here to the studio again. So I just completed, let’s see if you can see this, four miles here on this treadmill. Now I’m going to go and do the other half on this treadmill, because Dave was telling me this element pro is specifically built for, like, football players and bigger people. So I’m going to do the other four miles on here. You know what? Anything that we can do to mix it up, to keep things interesting. So. Better put you kids down. Get it done, son. All right guys. I’ve just taken a break from shooting, I’m shooting a lot of content here, again. Three days in a row now. This Sunday. I’m about to do a conference call here, or Skype call I should say, with Mike Fecik. So, Mike Fecik is a top Ironman competitor. He’s Alex Viada’s top triathlete coach there at Complete Human Performance. And I’ve had as much communication with Mike since the beginning of this program as I have with Alex, since the beginning. So I’m just going to give him a call in between takes now. Let’s see if this works. Hello. We got you, Mike. Yeah, How are you? I’m good, brother. You’re here in Toronto, as well? Almost. Yeah. What a coincidence. So, I just finished that call with Mike. It was good to connect with Mike. Okay, we’ve got lower volume this week. And it’s probably good. I need somebody like that to tell me, okay let’s ease it up a little bit. We’re talking about a long distance, not just sport, a long distance journey here. So, let’s not burn our bodies out. This week: legs. Maybe out of this equation, this workout, from an intensity perspective, and volume and weight perspective, we’ll see what the program entails as I follow my instincts. Because it’s me that’s putting together these weight workouts. It was good to speak to Mike anyway, just to know that we’re on the right track, but we’re going to make some adjustments accordingly anyway. We’re in good hands. Alright. I got to get back to this filming schedule now, guys.

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