Back in our era we respected Arnold and the people who came before us so we understood the hard work. We knew that it’s gonna take years to get there. Talk to any kid in bodybuilding right now, I’m gonna turn pro next year, I’m gonna be in the Olympia.. Really? But it’s not just that, I don’t think that work and respect is put down like we did. A real champion is trying to win. And I wanna beat the best guy in his best condition so there’s no excuse. I just never got that.. And I know a lot of people looked at me like that. I got this saying and that saying is ‘Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy A$$ weight.” What I’m really trying to say is, Everybody wanna be good, everybody wanna be on top, everybody wanna be the best But not everybody wants to go out there and make all the sacrifices that you have to do to be there. You can’t take that passion away from me, bodybuilding is my passion, this is what I’m good at. I think sports pick you, if you’re smart enough to understand The great thing about bodybuilding, anybody can workout, anybody can achieve to look good. It’s a very very hard sport. It’s a very demanding sport. If it it’d be easy everybody could look like me and the other top 15 of the world. You have to be 24 hours in bodybuilding. It don’t get no better than this. I don’t consider myself no different from anybody else in this world. I’m just a little bit bigger.


  1. ''Everybody wants to be good, everybody wants to be on top, everybody wants to be the best. But not everybody wants to go out there and make all the sacrifices that you have to make to be there.'' -Ronnie Coleman

  2. Legends – Those who are always focused on beating the previous version of themselves.
    You are your greatest competition.

  3. man o man those were the days, the pinnacle of bodybuilding, the most outrageous physiques that ever walked on stage, that era, that time, those physiques,their work ethic, will never ever be dupilcated ever again.

  4. 90'S!!! <3 … In my opinion, it was THE MOST EXCITING decade in the history of bodybuilding. There was everything! Surnames, amazing physiques, etc.

  5. Best Era….. Ever!

    Ronnie was freaky
    Flex was phenomenal in symmetry
    Kevin was thick as a castle wall
    Marcus and Nasser were Giants

    This is what inspired me to enlist in the bodybuilding monastery… Loving every moment!

  6. Me after a workout: I'm sure i can win the Olympia

    Me before workout looking at the mirror:Not good enough i need more

  7. Night and fucking day! This was THE ERA! I can’t believe how much better these guys were. Flex Wheeler, Levrone, Coleman, Nasssar, Yates, Ruul, and many others. Never see that again.

  8. The 90s was the greatest era in pro bodybuilding history..the 99 british grand prix was the greatest pro show in bodybuilding history..featuring some of greatest legends and physiques to ever grace a pro bodybuilding stage. Epic montage Nicandro! 💪

  9. this was the best era ever … And Grand prix British 1999 the best show ever in history .. all of them in crazy condition

    Ronnie was unreal … flex king

  10. Notice the form when they lift. They swing just like I do it builds muscle fine if you're muscles are sore the next day mission accomplished. The form being super strict actually can still cause injury over working the body with heavy weights wears it out regardless of form. If I curl 25lb dumbbells super strict my arms won't grow in inch in a year I've done cheat curls put the most size and strength on.

  11. Pleases my eyes… especially the first three idols… man what a physique Kevin and Flex… !! The lines .. the waist…statues 👍🏻

  12. Honestly, there were only few guys from the 90s who can dominate today’s lineup, Ronnie Flex, Kevin and Cormier , others like Milos , Nasser or Markus aren’t that competent .

  13. sounds like jealousy …if I can get to my goal in 2 years why an earth would wait 10 years!!!! the 90's dudes were using gear and science not readily available in the 70s and even 80's now on the 2000's its advanced again and the next generation will advance on what we know now again. Judge each era in its time. Im no pro body builder but put me in the 50's I would be seen as very very abnormal in muscle build but to day im un noticed

  14. The 90s Era had the mass with class. Kids these days in the gym don't know what sacrifices you have to make to get to this level. My goal is to reach to their level someday…. Putting in my blood, guts and all of my strength every single day. I hope I make it.


  16. Me after a workout: I'm sure i can win the OlympiaMe before workout looking at the mirror:Not good enough i need more

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