Lagler HUMMEL 8″ Belt Floor Sander

Lagler HUMMEL 8″ Belt Floor Sander

The Philadelphia Floor Store is the one stop shop for your hardwood and sport flooring needs. Hi, my name is Joe Glavin with Philadelphia
Floor and today we’re going to talk about the 8-inch Lagler Hummel. The Hummel is a
belt sander, it takes a 7 and 7/8ths by 29 and 1/2 inch belt.
It comes with the side cover for dust collection. Belts are 7 and 7/8ths by 29 and 1/2.
Once the lever is down for the top roller unit, belt slides right on. Engage the spring
and you’re ready to sand. The Hummel unit has a vulcanized rubber
drum that’s vented, and this drum is convex, so it has a crown in the middle of it that
helps with the top roller, that’s also convex. And the two work together to track the belt,
the sanding belt, and keep it steady. The dust collection on the Hummel
is excellent, it has a large vacuum fan that brings the dust up this integrated dust tube
here, into the bag, and the bag will inflate. For dust collection for sanders, I would say
that the Hummel’s natural dust pickup without hooking to any vacuum system is outstanding. The lifting lever is a ball, so it
easily fits into your hand. The disassembly of the machine for transport, you loosen the
wingnut on the control rod here, and then the wingnut for the dust tube here, and then
the entire dust will pull apart. Staying on this side of the machine,
you have drum pressure settings, and that affects how aggressive it’s going to cut on
the front end. So as you drop this down, you’ll have more weight depending on the setting
of this lever. The furthest setting down is heavy, medium, and fine. The guide roller on the wall will
keep the machine away from the wall, and is fully adjustable. This roller meets the wall
and none of this side of the machine will hit the wall. On top of the motor, we have
a control box. This box has pretty much all the functioning electrical for the machine,
on off switch, capacitors, run and start and connector universal contactor. Safety fuses and the safety disconnect
switch so that the machine can be immediately shut off with an emergency stop button, which
follows this all the way up to here. So if there’s ever something malfunctioning with
the machine, just hit that and it automatically shuts the machine off. This is a five horsepower, 220 volt
motor. It’s meant to tie directly into an electrical system that would power stoves,
air conditioning units, ranges, that kind of thing – dryers. If you need to take the
motor off, you’re going to loosen these wingnuts in the back here of these palm nuts, lower
the front end of the motor here, take the V belts off. Pull the motor off. The machine
disassembles very quickly. This lever is to engage and disengage
the top roller mechanism for bringing the sanding belt on and off. These rear elbows are for leaning
the machine back
and working underneath the machine. Whether you need to clear any material out from the
drum and the dust scoop system, adjusting or cleaning your wheels off, or looking at
anything for drum pressure springs underneath, that’s what the elbows are for. This will give you a shot at the pulley
system – there’s a vacuum pulley and a drum pulley. This drum is easily changed; it has
one nut on the side, pull the drum right off. Before we get going, I’m just making
sure the belt’s tracking properly. Looks good. [Vacuum noises, grinding] If you’d like to purchase the Lagler
8 inch Hummel floor sander, go to

9 thoughts on “Lagler HUMMEL 8″ Belt Floor Sander

  1. you sand from left to right , not like you showed here , the cutting side is where you open the cover to change the belt

  2. I'm looking for a Hummel to buy, unfortunately you did not remove the handle and the motor for a full review of the machine. Just wanted to know if it's quick to remove those parts, for stairs climbing.

  3. hi can you help me ?
    when i sander it break down the sandpaper .today i sand the floor it broke the sandpaper more than 10 time. please tell me what's going on ?and how to fix it? thanks

  4. That happen cose u buy a hammer nat a bona super 8 .alots of problems with new version of hammel not worted .i have a new hammel sander its just problems nathin like old version .dont recommended

  5. I worked with clark .apolo .bona and galaxy .u can sand left to rigth or rigth to left it doesnt mater .agood machine is a good machine .dont recoment hummel new version

  6. If you're sanding floors in million dollar homes you want a hummel, but if you're sanding 1950's and older homes I would still recommend a drum sander. I just sanded a new install with super 83 and you couldn't tell if it was a belt or a drum. You'll go broke changing those belts on old resand jobs.

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