It’s midnight now and everything goes the way it should be Except my preparation to competition I’m sweating a lot today “Will you be lifting?”
Yes, I will, we’ll see how it’d go But I’m concerned more about organization of this weekend rather than lifting,cause you all saw me hang snatching 200 kg, so I’m more focused on the organization now I’ll give my best though, but I guess I won’t sleep today,cause I have to be here in 9 hours and we have a lot of work to do yet “So you might not sleep today?”
Most probably I won’t , cause I’ll go to hotel today to be around with guys and I’ll feel concerned about organization, so I probably won’t fall asleep thinking about it “He’s the kind of man that has to make sure that everything’s done the best way possible and so he was there controlling everything” “Everyone knows his credo: ‘Demand impossible’, so if he’s starting something he’ll finish it and he’s demanding from himself only the best” Russian Strength Sports Association SN Pro Expo Forum “When I saw Klokov Power Weekend last year I approached Dima and told him that I want to take part in this competition and I think that any athlete would like to do it” Dmitry Berestov / Olympic champion And last several months I was preparing for this event Well, I retired,but still have the drive and desire to win and when me, Lapikov and Berestov were preparing I defeated them for real, everyone was going hard Dmitry Lapikov / Olympic bronze medalist “I’m kind of upset of course,cause I wanted to be on a pedestal with my friends and there would be three Dmitrys’ on a pedestal” “Here’s another Dmitry, Golubochkin Dmitry” “But it’s all good, we move on” “I wanted to win,cause I was in good shape and an athlete is going to a competition for a victory even if it’s a show-like competition” Well, I of course wanted to win,cause we had our own battles in the past, and also there’s a solid and worthy prize fund so it’s another motivation to win 1st day
– Hang Snatch (with straps)
– Thruster It’s not that easy to organize this kind of pro event, cause you need to invite certain athletes which would be prepared,not injured and so it’s very difficult to get it done Two athletes are not coming tomorrow, one of them as he said due to injury and another one I guess because of his political views so to say It’s much easier to organize amateur event,cause you don’t really think about athletes level and shape, we’ll organize Crosslifting amateur event next year by the way And here I have to worry about every athlete, I call Lapikov and Berestov and tell them to be careful and he texts me back saying that he’s about to thrust 200 kg and I ask him to not do it Today, the first exercise is hang snatch, 3 attempts of course and then thruster Tomorrow, third exercise is rack jerk and fourth is clean + strict press This time we decided not to include squats and deadlifts,cause these guys have no competition in it So, enjoy it, we’re athletes and showmen at the same time so we’ll try to show you something today This guy will show something for sure Nikolay Novikov (Belarus) – 120kg / 89,15 kg bodyweight Giyoseddin Akhmetov (Uzbekistan) – 130kg / 104,8 kg bodyweight Arsen Kasabiev (Poland) – 145kg / 101,4 kg bodyweight Jordan Steffens (Australia) – 145kg / 134 kg bodyweight Anton Mazeyko (Belarus) – 150kg / 116 kg bodyweight Rinat Kireev (Russia) – 150kg / 102 kg bodyweight Alexander Makarenko (Belarus) – 150kg / 101,3 kg bodyweight Chris Ciancio (Australia) – 160kg / 94,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Chumak (Ukraine) – 160kg / 99,35 kg bodyweight Krzysztof Klicki (Poland) – 170kg / 178 kg bodyweight Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 175kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight Albert Kuzilov (Georgia) – 180kg / 110,4 kg bodyweight Ibrahim Bersanov (Kazakhstan) – 180kg / 114,4 kg bodyweight Dmitry Lapikov (Russia) – 180kg / 115 kg bodyweight Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 185kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 185kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight I gave 21 years to weightlifting and already know my body inside out 10 days before this event I injured my low back in California doing 225 kg front squat and Lena was massaging me a lot and even skinned her knuckles and so I decided to inject Diprospan and I know that it tends to relax muscles And also I lost more than 5 kg the day before while organizing the event and I was guessing that I could probably injure my groin area and while receiving the bar,cause I was getting injured like this before So when I was pulling I was trying to keep my knees in and didn’t spread them out both while preparing and on a platform Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 185kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Lapikov (Russia) – 185kg / 115 kg bodyweight Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 185kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight Albert Kuzilov (Georgia) – 180kg / 110,4 kg bodyweight I didn’t really have that drive as usually except that last 190 kg hang snatch attempt, on the second day I was concerned about getting injured, so I didn’t feel that drive Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 190kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 190kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight 1st exercise standings We included thruster,cause it’s very dynamic and easy to understand exercise and people like it Rinat Kireev (Russia) – 120kg / 102 kg bodyweight Nikolay Novikov (Belarus) – 145kg / 89,15 kg bodyweight Arsen Kasabiev (Poland) – 145kg / 101,4 kg bodyweight Alexander Makarenko (Belarus) – 150kg / 101,3 kg bodyweight Giyoseddin Akhmedov (Uzbekistan) – 150kg / 104,8 kg bodyweight Ibrahim Bersanov (Kazakhstan) – 155kg / 114,4 kg bodyweight Jordan Steffens (Australia) – 145kg / 134 kg bodyweight Dmitry Lapikov (Russia) – 160kg / 115 kg bodyweight Chris Ciancio (Australia) – 165kg / 94,8 kg bodyweight Krzysztof Klicki (Poland) – 170kg / 178 kg bodyweight Dmitry Chumak (Ukraine) – 175kg / 99,35 kg bodyweight “Not everything goes according to my plan” Dmitry Lapikov / Olympic bronze medalist “I won’t complain, I haven’t be on a platform for a long time and here the main thing is communication and atmosphere, the organization is amazing” Nikolay Novikov / European championship bronze medalist “It could be better, but at the same time it could be worse either,so in general it’s OK, it was intriguing to try these exercises on a platform so I hope I’d perform better next year” “Even though we’re from different countries we all still help each other” “Regarding my performance – I was bad, I hope I’d do better next time” Ibrahim Bersanov / Junior World champion “Last year I was better, this year I didn’t have time to prepare” Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 185kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight I’ll go for 195 kg Since I injured myself on front squats, I was concerned about thruster, so I didn’t have the drive and was worried about my low back And David Yarullin was massaging my low back all the time and so I was just thinking about injury Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 195kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight So while pressing 195 kg I didn’t really use legs that much, and I know that I could go for 200 kg and if I didn’t have those problems I was planning to go 190 kg,200kg and 203 kg in thruster I won’t go for 3rd attempt, I’ll save myself for tomorrow I’ll save myself for tomorrow
“I think you could go for it”
Well, I’m 22 years in this sport, so I can control my emotions I was right on the edge, my knees are cracking now,cause I’m dehydrated and lost more than 5 kg over a night Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 190kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 200kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight I was prepared to lose in thruster to Berestov after I lost weight, cause thruster demands pure strength “It was a nice lift this time, use your legs and press with shoulders more” Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 205kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight “I have a very bad experience when my wife came to a competition for the first time and I got injured, since that day she didn’t visit my competitions, but today she decided to come and was very nervous, but it all went well” “And I dedicated my 200 kg thruster to her for supporting me” Ruslan Nurudinov / Olympic champion “I was amazed by results in thruster exercise, cause unlike in press from rack, you have no time to get together after cleaning a bar” “I was impressed by both Berestov and Klokov in this exercise, I personally do press from rack and push press, maybe we’ll include thrusters now” 2nd exercise standings 2nd day
– Rack Jerk
– Clean + Strict Press “I thought that I wouldn’t get up today after yesterday, even though I didn’t get injured, I feel pretty exhausted and I took some painkillers and anti-inflammatory today and ready to go” It have to be 2 days
“But it’s difficult and unusual for weightlifter”
Well, that’s the most interesting part here, how would you show up the next day, so you have to get some rest and not a party Last year we had a party after 1st day and some people didn’t show up on a 2nd day of event, so this time we’ll have a party after 2nd day Well, last year people had early flights back home so we had a party early and this time we made sure they have more time before a flight “When I was competing in 2000 and 2004 Olympics and European championships I didn’t think about my health or getting injured and was ready to lift any weight” “With age and more training you think about your health more and trying to avoid injuries and so yesterday I wasn’t thinking about lifting a barbell, I was trying to pace myself and trying to avoid any unneccesary injuries” “Like yesterday Dima Lapikov got injured on the 2nd attempt so he’s out of a competition you can say, even though we wanted him to be on a pedestal” I was hoping Lapikov would be 3rd and he fell short,cause he sprained his hip “On the other hand it’s good that Chumak got the 3rd place”
Yes, that’s right, I was happy that an athlete from another country was on a pedestal, at the same time I was hoping that Lapikov could be on a pedestal and so I felt happy and little upset at the same time Arsen Kasabiev (Poland) – 170kg / 101,4 kg bodyweight Nikolay Novikov (Belarus) – 190kg / 89,15 kg bodyweight Jordan Steffens (Australia) – 190kg / 134 kg bodyweight Giyoseddin Akhmedov (Uzbekistan) – 200kg / 104,8 kg bodyweight Jordan Steffens (Australia) – 200kg / 134 kg bodyweight Jordan Steffens (Australia) – 200kg / 134 kg bodyweight Rinat Kireev (Russia) – 200kg / 102 kg bodyweight Chris Ciancio (Australia) – 200kg / 94,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Chumak (Ukraine) – 210kg / 99,35 kg bodyweight Alexander Makarenko (Belarus) – 210kg / 101,3 kg bodyweight Chris Ciancio (Australia) – 210kg / 94,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Lapikov (Russia) – 215kg / 115 kg bodyweight Rinat Kireev (Russia) – 215kg / 102 kg bodyweight Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 220kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight “I didn’t give my best in rack jerk and was OK with Klokov winning in that exercise, cause when you have some pain it’ better to pace yourself and go hard in an exercise where you have the least chance of getting injured ” “Of course if I’d have been younger I could go 245 kg for a win” Dima had an elbow injury when he was a professional athlete, so he has some fear while jerking, but I didn’t expect him to stop at 220 kg, and again you have to understand that one exercise is not critical, instead it’s overall result that matters I didn’t go for 200 kg in thruster, even though I know I could, but I felt some warning sign from my body, so I didn’t go for it even though I knew Dima can lift more than 200 kg So he jerked 220 kg and it added to his overall result, so me saving myself in thruster and him saving himself in rack jerk is similar Ibrahim Bersanov (Kazakhstan) – 220kg / 114,4 kg bodyweight Dmitry Chumak (Ukraine) – 220kg / 99,35 kg bodyweight Ibrahim Bersanov (Kazakhstan) – 225kg / 114,4 kg bodyweight Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 230kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight I was ready to jerk 260 kg mentally and physically even though I lost weight and was dehydrated, so I started from 230 kg and didn’t even think to start any lower I missed 1st attempt, cause I didn’t jerk from this rack before and the hooks that hold the bar didn’t have rubber and so when I picked the barbell the bar was fixed and didn’t turn and so my wrists were straight and when I was jerking I couldn’t reset and the bar went forward And so then I got encouraged and exploded on the 2nd attempt, cause I figured out how to pick the bar from the rack Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 230kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight “When you care about a person you love it doesn’t matter what kind of event it is and how big or small it is, the concern is always there and it’s always the same” Anna Klokov / Dmitry Klokov’s sister “So when he missed 1st attempt you start to worry even more, but if you know Dima, you know that it’s only encourages him more to get the job done” Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 240kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight 240 kg attempt was just a matter of technical execution and I “woke” up because of 230 kg missed attempt Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 240kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight 3rd exercise standings Rinat Kireev (Russia) – 90kg / 102 kg bodyweight Arsen Kasabiev (Poland) – 105kg / 101,4 kg bodyweight Nikolay Novikov (Belarus) – 105kg / 89,15 kg bodyweight Alexander Makarenko (Belarus) – 110kg / 101,3 kg bodyweight Alexander Makarenko (Belarus) – 115kg / 101,3 kg bodyweight Giyoseddin Akhmedov (Uzbekistan) – 110kg / 104,8 kg bodyweight Ibrahim Bersanov (Kazakhstan) – 110kg / 114,4 kg bodyweight Ibrahim Bersanov (Kazakhstan) – 115kg / 114,4 kg bodyweight Jordan Steffens (Australia) – 115kg / 134 kg bodyweight Jordan Steffens (Australia) – 120kg / 134 kg bodyweight Chris Ciancio (Australia) – 110kg / 94,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Chumak (Ukraine) – 120kg / 99,35 kg bodyweight Chris Ciancio (Australia) – 120kg / 94,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Lapikov (Russia) – 125kg / 115 kg bodyweight Dmitry Lapikov (Russia) – 140kg / 115 kg bodyweight Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 155kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 155kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 160kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 160kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight Dmitry Klokov (Russia) – 160kg / 111,8 kg bodyweight I didn’t have any fear of getting injured, cause before I’d probably wanted to get rid of the barbell quicker as it was paying my dues, but now I’m not really worried about that and it turned me really good so I decided to turn back “Well,he was turning all the time after he got injured, but I guess he wanted to smile at the end of the event so he turned back” Dmitry Berestov (Russia) – 164kg / 115,7 kg bodyweight 4th exercise standings

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