Killer Home ABS/SIX PACK Exercises (Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced)

Killer Home ABS/SIX PACK Exercises (Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced)

Hello everyone? What´s up? Nothing ? Okay.. there are shoulders Like this video and subscribe to my channel if you want more workout stuff at home or outside Today i will show you exercises that you can do at home or anywhere else Abs exercises,you do 5 exercises without pause The point is that you lie down on the floor and raise your legs in the air and you must not touch the floor through all exercises Every exercises is done for 20 seconds i will show you everything now so i dont talk about it I am filming this today cause the weather is bad outside and im a little sick so… Lets go and start now,and please like the video and subscribe to my channel We have a timer here which is normal to use We start with 20 sec hold,raise your legs from the floor just so they are in the air after that we do sccisors,and then leg raises,then bicycle kicks and after that we do plank Now we are going to do it all together Try to keep your hands away from your ass so you can hit more of your abs Try to just activate your abs beacuse its easier when you put your hands under your ass hold for 20 sec now sccisors try to keep your legs straight and tight as possible so with that you can hit your abs more just do it easy and breathe normal slowly and with control no rush that would be all as you can see my stomach already got sore try this routine you wont regret it I did this routine long time ago when i started with workout i saw it somewhere on the internet,and for me this is the best routine that helped me so 5 exercises for 20 seconds,you do from 3-5 cycles,at least 3 cycles so it can hit your abs good If that is to easy for you then make everything 30 seconds,or if its hard then make it 10 sec,you begginners intermediate and advanced can use this you can find a timer online and use it no rest bettween exercises that would be all for this video Thanks for watching this video and ill see you in another one.PEACE

43 thoughts on “Killer Home ABS/SIX PACK Exercises (Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced)

  1. Enese ti si premocan sa 87kg pravi si lean mass killer ps samo napred … E I Dali trebamo jesti nesto posle ovoga

  2. Enese ja imam 14 god (u April 15) I treniram SW godinu Dana , imam 175cm I kad Sam poceo imao Sam 60 kg I zavrsio Sam masu sa 77 kg I top je , e sad cu brzo na definiciju , moze neki saveti kako da skinem mali visak Sala , a da nesmrsam preko5-10kg ??

  3. Dobre su vezba za stomak! Pocinjem vec sad da ih ubacujem u trening 😂
    I Ne mora vise klip za front lever, NAUCIO SAM konacno 😁.
    Pozz iz Srbije!

  4. Radio sam u isto vrijeme kad i ti… ekstra stvar. Ja sam slicno nesto radio prije.
    Sad moram opet malo cesce poceti trenirati. poz brate.

  5. Jel normalno da me boli sa strane stomaka dok disem u pocetku? Bas me nesto probada dok samo drzim noge u visu i disem….

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