Kegel Exercises for Men – Beginners Pelvic Floor Strengthening Guide

Kegel Exercises for Men – Beginners Pelvic Floor Strengthening Guide

Kegel Exercises for Men – Beginners Pelvic
Floor Physio Guide Here’s a quick question take a look at this image, is this a Kegel exercise for men? This is an exercise for the glutes or butt
and this exercise will just waste your time if you’re trying to improve bladder control
or overcome erectile dysfunction. Today we’re going to through the correct way
to do exercises that won’t waste your time and will help you address ED and bladder dysfunction
so let’s get started. I’ll be showing you a progression Kegel exercises
program specifically for ED in an upcoming video so you may like to subscribe below to
catch that video too. Today we’re going through: 1. Best Kegels position to start with 2. How to do Kegel exercises step by step3. How many Kegels you need to do4. How long to see results Part 1. Best Kegels Position The best position to
do your Kegel exercises when you’re starting is the one that you can best feel your pelvic
floor muscles working. This includes: Lying on your side with a pillow
between your legs Lying on your back Sitting which is the position we’re going to start
with today Part 2. How to do Kegels You need to know where your
pelvic floor muscles are to do your Kegel exercises correctly. Your pelvic floor muscles are here between
your legs. Looking from the same view you can see that
some of these muscles wrap around the base of the penis (arrow to bulbospongoisis and
circular muscle around anus) and the anus. These muscles that help you during sex and
for bladder and bowel control Let’s start step by step activating the 3 important parts
you need to train. Sit tall sway from the back of the chair and
lift your chest. Step 1. Here’s the first step to doing your kegels
correctly. Try to shorten or withdraw your penis inwards
towards your body – try it now where you’re sitting, can you feel that action? It’s a subtle small movement. Try again – don’t worry your penis isn’t going
to get shorter just try to think of this as a way of improving your control. If you hold your fingers the base of your
penis you may be able to feel the muscle that wraps around it contracting as your penis
moves slightly inwards towards your body. Step 2. Next imagine you’re trying to stop or slow
down the flow of urine and contract around the base of your penis and then relax. Now try to put steps 1 and 2 together. Shorten your penis and try to stop the flow
of urine. And now relax. Step 3. Here’s the final part, tighten your anus as
if you’re stopping gas from passing this is the back part of your pelvic floor. You should feel your anus tighten but your
buttocks should stay relaxed. Combine 3 Steps Let’s now put all 3 steps
together – this is a correct kegel exercise. Set up by lengthening your spine to sit tallKeep
the Inward curve in your lower backBreathe normally and now shorten your penis, stop
the flow of urine and tighten your anus together all at once. Can you keep your pelvic muscles contracted? Keep your belly relaxedKeep breathing normally
if you canHold this contraction for a couple more seconds and now let your pelvic floor
muscles relax back to their resting position How did you go with that exercise? It can feel slow to switch the muscles on
and difficult to keep holding when you’re starting out How do you know if you’re doing
this exercise correctly? Quick Tips This exercise feels subtle, don’t
expect to feel a large contraction like flexing your biceps, the muscles you’re exercising
are small. Test your Kegels: -your penis moves slightly
inwards towards your abdomen- your scrotum lifts slightly towards your body If you stand
side on to a mirror you may be able to see your penis move inwards and your scrotum lift
slightly towards your body you can test these muscles by stopping or slowing the flow of
urine but do this as a test not an exercise and only once a week Do these Kegels tips
help you? Let me know if the comments below if you’re
still not sure .How many Kegels? to get results. This is listed in the description below for
you to refer back to. Start out during weeks 1-2 doing gentle Kegel
exercises. Just focus on getting you technique correct. Then as your technique improves it becomes
important to contract your pelvic floor more strongly. I’ll repeat that because it’s such an important
point – you need to contract your PF muscle as strongly as you can using the correct technique
Start with the number of exercises you can do for example if you can do 2 exercises in
a row for 3 seconds, this is what you do to start. Repeat this routine 3 times a day. Your ultimate goal for strengthening your
pelvic floor muscles is to contract them for 10 seconds each time8 – 12 repeated exercises
most days of the week. How long for results? Some men notice improvements within a month
of starting their exercises however it can take 5-6 months to fully strengthen pelvic
floor muscles if they’re weak. Meanwhile I really hope this information helps
you get started with your kegel exercises and makes your life better. Don’t forget to give this video the thumbs
up if its been helpful. Your qns and comments are always most welcome,
thank you for watching today, I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Hi Medom this is Ramesh Daripelli from Hyderabad in India I have a pelvic and S.I., L4,L5 nerve compression , how to exercise for this problem Medom.

  2. Thank you, Michelle, for this vital information. After protastectomy, these exercises should elevate me to where I can enjoy life, again. It's been a pisser, so far.

  3. Iโ€™ve tried to refrain from holding my breath during the contractions, but find that when I do try to breathe during them I loosen up. Why should I try to breathe as Iโ€™m doing a contraction? I had prostate surgery a week ago. I started trying Kegel exercises yesterday (after having to wear a catheter for five days.) My whole life, I think I always naturally stopped breathing at the moments when trying to cut off urine flow or gas.

  4. Thank you for the professional video. One question:
    Is there a known connection between high volume squat exercise and levator ani muscle weakening?

  5. When I engage in sexual activity my pc muscle contract automatically and leads to ejaculate how to avoid these contractions

  6. Question
    If we can do more that 10 – 12 reps for 10 seconds do we keep going ?
    On your last video you said 30 reps for 10 seconds, and I've been able to do 30 reps for 10 seconds since the first day, is that ok ?
    Also sometimes whenever i do any type intense cardio combined with leg exercises (not kegel exercises) i get a tight squeezing pain when i go to the bathroom after a workout will kegels exercises help with that ?

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