Kate Upton Gives Jimmy a Strong4Me Fitness Training Session

Kate Upton Gives Jimmy a Strong4Me Fitness Training Session

-I thought about you
during the Super Bowl. -Oh, really?
-Do you know why? Do you remember?
We did a photo shoot. -Our photo shoot, yes.
-You do. You’re acting like
you don’t remember. -No, I remember. -“Yeah, of course.
I remember who you are, Jeremy. You’re my favorite program.
‘The Light Night Show.'” -No, yeah, I remember it. It’s hard to remember because
I could barely recognize you. Then I kind of found out
at the end it was you. -They painted my face. You
can’t even tell it’s me at all. [ Laughter ] That’s my face there.
-Yep. -I mean,
it could have been anyone. I mean it doesn’t
even look like a person. -And you were jumping around.
You were screaming. We were by this random
hot-dog stand. They were like, “Just don’t
react to anything he’s doing.” -That’s right. I remember that. I was trying to make you laugh,
though, right? -Yes, you were,
and I was, you know, just trying to do my job,
not react. -I know.
I was getting you in trouble. A lot of people don’t even
realize when you are a model and you do these shoots,
they’re tough. They’re long.
And they’re like — I mean — They have you standing
on the edge of a thing and doing these poses,
but you got to hold it for — It’s almost torture.
It really — -Yeah, they’re like, “Stand in
the cold. Stand on this rock.” -That’s why I would never, ever
be a model, so don’t even — -Yeah. [ Laughs ] No, I thought we were going to
do so many more shoots together. -No, no.
My career is down the drain. But I will say this. The “Sports Illustrated”
Swimsuit Issue. The 2018. Look at this thing.
This photo of you. Ooh, la, la. I mean, but this is — Yeah. And it just — Everything
was perfect and gorgeous. But tell me the
behind-the-scenes of this one. -Yeah, well, we were trying to catch “The Little Mermaid”
wave, right? -Yeah.
-And I think we did. -Oh, totally. Yeah. This is
“The Little Mermaid” I remember. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] I remember seeing it
at an odd theater, but it was — Absolutely, I remember, yes.
-Yeah, so, they — -I only saw about 20 minutes
of it, but it was perfect. [ Laughter ] -They’re like,
“Jump on this rock.” -Yes. -And they’re like,
“Again, don’t pay attention to anything happening around you
and just look at the camera.” So when the big wave was coming,
they were like, “Don’t look at the wave. Look at
us. Look at us. Look at us.” So I’m looking at them.
-Trying to be professional. -Yes, of course. Always.
-As always. You got this shot.
But wait till you see — We have video footage of what
happened to you on this rock. Here’s Kate Upton at the
“Sports Illustrated” shoot. Look at this. -Walk the board out.
Watch the spill-out. -Watch the spill-out! -That’s amazing! Oh, my God! Oh! [Bleep] [Bleep] [Bleep] -Grab her. Grab her.
-Oh, my God. -And then here’s you laughing. Okay, good. You’re laughing.
You’re fine. But, oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] That’s frightening. -Yeah, it was —
It was really scary. And, you know,
that moment when the wave hit, you just — I lost all control. And luckily, you know,
you saw that man ran up. He ran up and grabbed my arm,
and he gave me just enough time to push off the rock
with my foot. So I was able to push
my body away from the rock, and it wasn’t going to
be a whole face thing. -I mean, that’s so frightening,
but I liked that you didn’t worry about covering
anything up. -No, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whenever it’s life or death,
you free the nipple. -Yeah, absolutely. Wow. Yeah. I always say that. Hello. I have it tattooed on my back.
Absolutely. Congrats on the baby,
by the way. I know you have
a brand-new baby. -She’s the cutest.
-Congratulations. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you. -It’s the best thing
in the world. -The world. She just is smiling. It just melts my heart
every day. -It’s the best thing.
It’ll change your life. It’s the greatest thing
that ever happened. But it made you think of
this new training program. -Yes.
-Tell me about Strong4Me. -Well, it’s just so hard
to get to the gym, leave the baby,
stop breast-feeding. And Strong4Me
is 30-minute workouts you can do in your home. 12-week program to make it obtainable
for anybody, any time. Limited equipment. And I wanted to do it
for new moms, working moms, people to give them the access
to the workouts that I have, that I do to get ready
for “Sports Illustrated” and that I’m doing now to get
back to my post-baby weight. -And you’re working with
a trainer to make this? -Yes, I’m working with
my trainer, Ben Bruno, who is a fantastic trainer. Completely changed my body and
how I thought about working out. -But you can do this stuff
at home? -At home, 30 minutes. -Can I do something here
in commercial breaks? ‘Cause the crowd knows, but
the people at home don’t know. I work out all the time. -I heard —
-I can’t get enough of it. I mean, when I go
to commercial break, I don’t want to waste any time. Could I do something with
the desk or something here? -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We can
do something with the desk. You want to do it now?
-Yeah, sure. -I mean, I did hear that
you’re just not very strong. [ Laughter ] -What?!
-So we could maybe — -You heard that?
-This could be your weight. -From someone that works here? -The whole — Everybody. They were like, “Careful
with him. He’s fragile.” -I’m like a Fabergé egg.
I really am. -Lean against the desk. Get
into almost a plank position. And you can just start
doing rows. -Oh, this it? -Yeah, and if you get tired,
you only have to do three. -What are you talking about? I’m not even winded.
I’m barely winded. -This workout program
is for everyone. -So just lean against something.
-Yes. -Grab some type of weight. But
what if I don’t have a weight? Can I grab like — I saw on
your thing like a soup can? -Oh, I think — I mean, I think some stronger people
could do that. I’d be a little worried
about you. -Oh, my heavens. Come on. -Or, like, a jug of water
or, like, laundry detergent. -A jug of water?
Now you’re talking. That’s insane. Come on.
Give me a break. That sounds like torture.
I’m psyched for this. Kate Upton, congratulations on you and the baby
and Strong4Me. -Thank you so much.
-Kate Upton, everybody. Check out her new workout plan,

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  1. Yeah but why tf was she not wearing a bra? I mean im just as happy with her outfit as all the other guys out here but why didnt she have a bra on?

  2. It must be terrifying for a model to have a fall like that, knowing that any small cut can easily send everyone home to potentially wait for weeks until you recover your perfect, unblemished skin.

  3. I must be one of very few not to like her. Sandbag titts, face round like a fry pan and a body out of its proportions….. I seriously don't see what's to like!!!!

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