Jorge Masvidal – “The Best Place To Get A 3pc And A Soda?”

Jorge Masvidal – “The Best Place To Get A 3pc And A Soda?”

100 thoughts on “Jorge Masvidal – “The Best Place To Get A 3pc And A Soda?”

  1. Jorge Is Afraid To Fight Leon
    Jorge Is Afraid To Fight Colby
    Jorge Is Afraid To Fight Woodly
    Jorge Has Not Fought Anybody in Top 5
    Jorge Has Not Earned A Title Shot

  2. Leon Is Undefeated in UFC
    Only Usmans Judge Beat Leon
    Leon Will Kill Jorge
    But Jorge Is Too Afraid To Fight Leon
    Jorge Is A Coward & a CUNT

  3. brother i have so much respect for u and i wish you the best i cant wait to see you beat the shit out of that fake as wealterwait champ. you are the champ brothe godbless in you jorney to greatness my name is juan a burgos aka JAB i will always be a fan ive

  4. Man’dem like Gamebred getting ready to do what ONLY he does best , 3 piece n a soda with owl soup for starters blud! 👍🏻👊🏻

  5. Hey them Koreans be throwing down!! I'm tryna see what that 3pc and that owl soup taste like. I just gotta wait for my man Gamebred to track down that owl. They slippery

  6. Suggestion for walk out song against Usman.

    It’s also the CSI theme. Cause they’ll be needed when your done with him!

    The Who……Who are you?

  7. Same say masvidal is afraid of whoman that's why he don't walk up to give him 3pc with a soda the way he lift his interview for Leon Edward. Could that be true?🤐🤐🤐

  8. This is so dead on. Korean honey garlic butter fried chicken is world class. I see most use potato starch and rice flour combined and that's why he cant place the breading. And Peruvians EASILY have the rotisserie game locked down. The secret is their use of latin/asian marinade. I'm a chef of 10 years and Jorge knows his fucking chicken

  9. Usman is in your head bro! Keeping talking and insulting .. the Nigerian nightmare will speak to you better once the octagon cage is locked… that time is no talk time its fight time we shall see …

  10. Thought he was going to say something like "walk up on me & find out" or "Not sure maybe ask Leon"

    Everywhere he goes now people going to give him a 3 piece meal, little do they know he's more of a 4pc kind of guy

  11. I can,'t wait to see Jorge smash Marty the Owl.
    Marty ain't gonna be feeling those tip tap Colby slaps.
    It's gonna be 3 hits. Jorge hits Marty. Marty hits the canvas, then the ambulance hits 70.

  12. Jorge I'm Sicilian/Portuguese but I'm down with the Cuban culture. And I agree there's a reason why the owl doesn't want to address you. If I was in his shoes I would be begging to fight the bmf champ and the fighter of the year to prove a point. But he's wanting to fight leon who IMO his 7 or 8 fight win streak is no where near as impressive as your 3 fight win streak. Much love brother.

  13. Most people think usman is a bad match up for you. You and I both know that he's in over his head. Keep focused and that title is yours brother

  14. man, if Jorge actually beats Usman and somehow evades the crotch assault can you imagine? Now he has the BMF belt and the welter weight no one is as famous as conor and as much as I'm a conor dickrider I'd almost want Jorge to make Conor sweat but we all know ultimately Jorge has to take that fight cause it will set him up for life…that fight could break all ppv records.

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