Jocko Podcast 215 w/ Echo Charles: You’ll Never Be Free Unless You Tell Yourself The Truth.

Jocko Podcast 215 w/ Echo Charles: You’ll Never Be Free Unless You Tell Yourself The Truth.

this is Jocko podcast number 215 with
echo Charles and me Jocko willing good evening echo good evening you got a
little quote kicked things off today the general who does not advance to seek
glory or does not withdraw to avoid punishment but cares for only the
people’s security and promotes the people’s interest is the nation’s
treasure that’s a little sunsoo coming at you and of course we covered sunsoo
on podcast number 23 and you can it’s just always interesting how you can find
the same themes throughout time from a leadership perspective I know I talked
about this this point a lot in leadership strategy and tactics book
this statement right here is this 2500 years old and he’s saying the same thing
that I say in leadership strategy and tactics that many of the problems that
come about for a leader are from their ego and so we have to learn to keep our
Eco in check now this is we talked about it in extreme ownership the very first
book this isn’t like hey I just thought of this yesterday and it’s not like I
just thought of this anyway so like I said somebody was jumping on somebody
was was making some comments on on social media platform that they said
he’s acting like he liked me I’m acting like I invented cover and move you know
you know I’ve of course I said hey no it’s actually I say all the time I
didn’t invent this or much of anything so I didn’t invent this idea of ego I
didn’t just think of it whatever but it is a theme that we see over and over
again from people that pay attention mm-hmm
not just from a leadership perspective either I mean I’m we’re talking life
problems so this was interesting so we just wrapped up the jock alive too
it was awesome thanks for gonna came I got some really good questions along the
way and a lot of times the questions sometimes the questions are about ego
even though the person doesn’t even know that the questions about ego but when
you start to dig in you start to realize that it’s about ego but though so this
first question is one of those questions and the question was something along the
lines of this it was something like what should I do if a peer of mine is working
hard putting an extra effort and trying to shine so that they get promoted that
was the question and that’s a good question right cuz right what do you do
and and the instinct is well like you know I’m saying you can even feel that
it’s tick I can see the look on your face right now
yes you have the look on your face of like you can see that that’s a little
bit offensive right when you go oh this person’s trying to war a car trying to
put that extra effort and trying to shine so that they can get promoted
right no one likes that person by the way right no one likes the the
brown-noser yeah so we get it so then the question was what should this person
do what you know that’s the guy asked me what do I do when that’s happening and
the instinct which is the instinct you had which is the instinct my first
instinct even me mister keep your ego in check
my very first instinct is like a little bit of like a push back like oh that guy
and I want to lash out out right but that’s not the right answer you know cuz
it cuz well that’s what you say is you say yeah look at what they’re doing so
you know what that is that’s making those attacks that’s your own personal
ego that’s my only your my own ego going well that person just wants to get
promoted so if you can take a second you can take a step back you can detach you
can put your ego in check and if you do that then you say to yourself okay
here’s what’s here’s the situation if we remove the eagle here’s the situation
this person is working extra hard by the way this
person’s appear so we’re on the same team this person is working extra hard
they’re putting in extra effort they are trying to shine and all those things all
those things are actually good for your team right I got someone that’s trying
to do a great job that’s working harder I’m actually happy mmm
I’m actually happy if there’s a person working harder on my team that’s good if
there’s a person that’s trying to outwork me and do a better job than me
that’s actually awesome because now we’re gonna be a better team now mind
you any moment you let your ego slip into this it’s it turns into a nightmare
it’s not good you don’t like it you’re offended that someone’s trying to work
harder than you but if you keep your ego in check then that’s good you realize
that it’s good and I’ll tell you something else and this is work and what
I answered this question I said for this person to outwork me he’s gonna have a
hard time he’s gonna have a hard time out working because I’m here to win –
and that is a little bit of my ego mmm but that mean that egos being a positive
thing cuz I’m oh you’re gonna step up your game guess what I’m gonna do step
up my game I’m not gonna undermine you that would be negative that would be my
you go causing a problem but if I go oh you’re stepping up his game echo showing
up it at 6 o’clock in the morning instead of instead of 6:10 oh and I’m
and I’m coming in at 6:05 guess what guess what I’m coming in tomorrow
no 4:30 but you’re right sorry I do I just do a little more so now now we’re
both a little bit more prepared now we got some good competitiveness going on
that’s good it’s good for the team so you this other person this other person
that step in at the game trying to do a good job is actually awesome because
it’s gonna make me step up my game and I’m gonna tell you right now that person
is they have a hard time out working me they have a hard time bring it I’m
actually fired up I’m actually getting fired up right now like I’m getting I’m
starting like I’m I might attack you right now just to see
what’s up so that’s good now here’s years worth the second ego
scenario that you have to get under control what if that person steps up
their game I step up my game they end up they actually do end up outshine me they
actually do end up getting the big promotion mmm then what do I do
do I get better do I get jealous do I get mad do I now start to undermine them
and spread rumors about no actually if somebody if somebody outworked me mm-hmm
and outperformed me and then got promoted
good for them that is awesome credit they get a credit you’re done
good son you’re done good and there’s nothing wrong with that and what I am
gonna do is instead of being bitter and mad and jealous and all those things
instead I’m actually gonna put my ego out of the picture and say what actually
happened where did this person perform better than me and how I how can I
support them how can I learn some lessons from this and how can I become
better so the next time there is an opportunity I do get promoted you wouldn’t think that that question is
about your own personal ego from the beginning now it’s easy to see looking
back yeah but from the beginning it’s like hey what do you do how do you
handle this situation when someone’s trying to outwork you now shine you and
they’re trying to get promoted that sounds like an interpersonal
relationship question is not the question about ego which is which is
something we always need to pay attention to so as I was thinking again
once again jock alive was kind of like you went to two Jocko lives is that
correct yes they weren’t really a podcast they
weren’t really a QA they weren’t they were just sort of a there were a little
bit of everything right a little bit of a little bit of stories a little bit of
lessons a little bit of yeah a little bit of everything yeah so I did get some
questions though that first one was one of those general questions
and now as I started thinking about the questions and how a lot of them related
to ego another question that I got that was
actually another important question the question was again something along the
lines of and I’m sure we can go back and and pull the recording yes but here’s
the other thing is some of these questions that I got asked I got asked
like the same similar question so I’m paraphrasing what this other question
was but this one the question was something along the lines of hey listen
Jocko I know that keeping the ego in check is an important principle I read
about it extreme ownership you talk about it all the time got to be humble
but at my company ego is a huge problem how do I get my company to start
promoting the ideal of humility and how do I get them to recognize that ego is
such a big problem now this is a really good question once again because you can
imagine what this individuals right like you know you’re at a company where
there’s a lot of egos going on and all of a sudden you have a little moment of
enlightenment you realize that ego is causing you a lot of problems so you
start putting your own ego in check and then you go how this is working I’m
doing better I’m coordinating better I’m working in my interpersonal
relationships with the other people on the team are better my relationships
with people on other teams are better we’re getting more done because our
relationships are better I’m putting the team and the mission above myself that
means the team in the mission are doing better that’s great so you realize all
this stuff and then you say okay well how do I start to spread the word how do
I get other people to do this and this is a tricky question right it’s a tricky
thing because if some if like let’s say your team has you see that ego is a
problem and you sit him down and go listen guys you’re you’re all you all
got big egos and that’s the problem I mean you’re gonna run in to level 9
defensiveness you’re actually gonna it’s actually go beyond offensiveness they’re
gonna start attacking you now it’s gonna happen you got all these crazy egos
they’re gonna gang up there likes unite they’ll put their egos aside for a split
seconds that can unite against you so you can’t confront them and and once
again are there certain relationships that you
could have with someone where I go and if let’s say you and me and you had Abby
go and put you and I were really tighten I said hey man you letting you go get in
the way of this sure that kid that that is a possibility that is a very rare
occurrence most of the people that you work with on a regular basis you don’t
have that tight of a relationship the other thing is when someone has a big
ego that’s not the type of person that’s open to those kind of criticisms anyways
so it’s like there’s two two hurdles that you have to overcome number one
your relationship isn’t usually that good at number two they have a big ego
which is part of the problem and that’s what makes the problem hard to attack
mm-hmm so what are you gonna do in in I gotta throw this one more little thing
when people talk about the you know how if someone say put put wouldn’t it be
better if you could just talk to him wouldn’t it be better if you just you
know put down on some bullet eyes list and said hey here’s the things that your
ego usually problems at your girl’s problem causing look I get it and it
isn’t it great to have direct conversations isn’t it great if I can
just sit you down if you if echo if you and I have this mind meld where you just
know a hundred percent looking out for you and you’re open to great like if we
have that that’s in an ideal world that’s great mmm-hmm that’s great golf
clap it’s great the problem is it doesn’t exist very often and confronting
someone that has an ego about the Ricoh can often just exacerbate the problem
yeah so here’s what you do instead of self identifying the problem and
pointing the fingers at other people which by the way is placing blame which
is a problem so instead of doing that what we’re gonna do is start pulling the
thread on some of the problems that we’re having on the team so for instance
this group over here needs some help on their part of the project but no one’s
helping them what’s going on if you start to pull the thread on that you’ll
find at the end of that thread they’ll be hanging some egos whether it’s the
ego or the person that doesn’t want to ask for help whether it’s the ego of the
other person that doesn’t want to give help because they think they need to do
their own job that’s all I’m not okay I’m not doing that
mm-hmm so you pull the thread and at the end you’ll find these little egos
hanging and then what you do is you just expose them and you say what do you
think the root of the problem isn’t you start pulling that thread and you get to
a point where someone says you can finally have an open conversation where
you say where someone finally says we know I I guess I I guess I could use
some help you just discovered it so that’s like a cover and move situation
right if the cover and move isn’t happening and it isn’t happening because
of egos if you pull the thread you’ll get to the end of the thread and it will
be attached to someone you go in most cases is there a possibility that it’s
like hey this group doesn’t know what the other groups don’t yeah absolutely
those are but those are easy problems to solve because we can just pull the
thread we find at the end oh we need to we need better coordination between
these two teams cool there it is when you pull the friend it comes out the the
little egos dangling on the end of it then you go okay let’s expose these and
let’s try and ask questions to figure out and get people to realize what
they’re looking at hmm you want them to come to that conclusion that’s the trick
yeah that’s the maneuver is to get them to come to conclusion and they might
never verbalize it but they go yeah in their mind they’re like I guess I didn’t
want to ask for help because my egos on the way so there’s one you know if you
got people that are taking aren’t keeping things simple just go through
the laws of combat simple make people are making the plans too complex and yet
they keep doing it and there when it when you go and say hey you know these
plans seem like they’re really complex and of course they say something like
hey that I don’t think everyone understood the plan
seem to get seemed kind of complex and the person says people need to pay more
attention when I’m briefing and you pull on that right the frontline troops they
need more detail because they otherwise they’re gonna screw up that’s why it’s
so complex like okay let’s look at what’s really happening what’s really
happening is I’ve created a plan that I won’t give up because my ego is too big
right when you pull that thread and you go listen – hey the the frontline troops
don’t understand what to do it seems like that could be a real problem
mm-hmm and and maybe and there’s nothing you give them a little out you give me a
little out like you know maybe we just need to back it off a little bit so that
they can understand it maybe they’re not as smart as Eagle massage because it’s
fine you know what fine I’ll simplify it boom and in the meantime you’ve given
them a little indication look if you confront them that’s what I’m saying
it’s hard for people who want to play the long game here because the short
game is it you’re you’re you think you’re so smart your plan to do complex
and you’re sticking with them could you’ve got a big ego how’s that gonna
work out he’s not gonna work out good can it work
out 4% of the time yes the other the other 96% of the time you
get a defensive person that’s now accusing other people it’s take the
indirect and play the long game take the reading direct attack and play the
longer prioritize and execute okay why is that
failing because again this question is egos a problem so where does the ego
manifest as a problem it can manifest as a problem in prioritize and execute
because if someone’s got a big ego and they’re not getting things done and they
go I can get it done because their ego thinks they can do anything right or
prioritize connect execute ego can be a problem if you have a project and I have
a project and you need help and your project is actually more important and I
should give you resources but instead of like my initiative just as important
that goes is yeah which is just my ego I should look at it and say okay you know
what you should be the priority mm-hmm and another good one is yeah well it’s
just what I just said like hey I’m not gonna give up why should I have to give
my resources to act all those are mine no actually what’s them what’s the
biggest priority okay put my ego aside Echo’s priority is
actually bigger than mine I’m gonna give him four of my people so that he can get
the job done so when you pull the thread on this and you say well hey hey why is
it jakka why is it you don’t want to give people to Eko I’m like well you
know what if something else comes up well if something else comes up you can
get back well you know that they gotta learn to respect the chain of command
well there’s still work for you they’ll just be loaned over to Eko whoa
you see I’m saying yes it’s just ego ego ego so these are the kind of problems
that manifest themselves inside of a company wrapped around ego mm-hmm and
decentralized command you can have the same thing happen with decentralized
command how does the ego cause a problem with decentralized command it’s like
this hey I noticed that um you know you seem to be making all the decisions and
the folks out in the field don’t really have the opportunity to kind of make
calls why is that I’m the only one that has the experience to do this they don’t
have the skill that I have right so there’s all these reasons that that’s
one of those are ego problems right and and by the way if it’s if it’s not an
ego problem then then then I say oh you know what because I haven’t really
trained the guys well enough and I’m gonna you know what you’re right I’ve
been making way too many detailed decisions for the guys out in the field
I need to get down there make sure they know what’s going on train them better
so that I can back off cool that’s a person that’s got the rego check the
person that’s like I’m the only one that can do this like no you can’t you know
you’re not and if you are you’re wrong because right now you got three people
working for you what happens when you have eight you’re gonna go around the
field in all these different locations to make every single decision no you
can’t so get your ego under control realize
that you’re not the only one that can do this job
and train your people properly again that’s a direct assault probably gonna
cause problems instead if we just pull the thread on it hey what’s going on it
seems like your folks down the field don’t have a lot of authority well you
know they don’t experience oh okay you it’s kind of cumbersome though like them
reaching back to you all the time to make these decisions it is but you know
I’m the one that really knows how to do it huh I mean what happens if you know
you’re sick or you know you someone’s got to you know have communications with
them do you think it would be a good idea you know since you have so much
knowledge and experience to maybe pass that on to some of the other people oh
yeah okay cool let’s make that happen and then obviously ego can absolutely
manifest itself when it comes to taking ownership I mean all day long right what
other that project failed what happened would my subordinates don’t know don’t
want to step up okay so therefore why what why are your subordinates taking
ownership cuz they don’t even know what ownership is didn’t want to take
ownership okay so it’s not your fault no okay well what can we do to help them
mm-hmm pull the string and you at the bottom the person will see it’s the rego
they might not admit it but they’ll see it and then they can start to make
adjustments now look can any of these situations escalate in
a point where in direct indirect in direct indirect doesn’t work and
eventually you say you know what well I gotta go I gotta sit echo down and say
listen here’s what I think is the root of the problem the root of the problem
is you think you’re the only one that knows how to do this and in thinking
that you’re not training to be like I might have to get that direct it does
happen we prefer to use the minimum force required required when it comes to
leadership just like being a bouncer yes sir right it’s not hey the guy’s a
little out of line hit him in the head with a boy
Jack no it’s like hey hey sir you know I think you’ve had enough for tonight okay
can you come with me that’s minimum force regard if the guy says okay cool
it’s problem solved if he’s if he sees you I’m not going anywhere okay well we
have to escalate it’s the same thing here but don’t start with the direct
attack mm-hmm just like you don’t Club the person out of the gate I think it’s
a slapjack I’m not sure okay that’s what you’re talk about that yeah as their
thing yeah yeah a blackjack yeah blackjack yeah did you guys not use a
those that’s silly I think those are illegal to that illegal yeah yeah the
flapjack one guy had one yeah but yeah very illegal so we don’t want to
escalate straight to the blackjack or even a slapjack even if anyone’s using a
slapjack I think it’s called a slap yeah okay I’m not sure point remains I dig it
fairly confident you’re wrong but not 100% yeah I’m like I’m like you know in
someone you know when you’re pretty confident about something that somebody
just throws a little randomness into the soup and it makes you question yeah yeah
that’s how I feel right now yeah that’s real confident with a little bit of
questions in it makes you feel any better that’s my everyday life so that’s
the answer to this question is really pulling the thread on the problem to
reveal the root of the problem which you’re gonna see is eco and then it’s
there for the people hopefully to see it to recognize it – possibly admit it
maybe not give them an out where they can actually make an adjustment without
taking the owners of the Eagle because that’s ok yeah we’re trying to win right
we’re trying to let the team win we’re not trying to we’re not yet what my goal
is not to make you admit it because you know what that is that’s my ego oh yeah
sure yeah it’s got a big yeah get him to a minute that’s not my goal my goal is
to make you make better decisions as a leader so that we win as a team yeah so
that’s what we’re that’s what we’re trying to do here it’s
really interesting that how you laid that out because used to do that to me
no probably still do but it was less about the ego I think anyway and maybe
it’s all the same maybe at the end of the it’s all the same skating you’re
trying to dancer right so explain to me how I would do this to you do with the
excuses okay so like if something didn’t get done or can’t get done or I think
it’s too hard and really most of the time if I’m remembering correctly it was
at the end of day this is what it was it was like I’m too lazy or whatever you
know so it always be like this excuse like well you know that’s this or that’s
that and then you’d have all these just like how you’re saying and I and it it
made me remember this because your tone how you’re like kind of saying those
little that’s the same things with me like no simple just like well just here
here’s the solution to that problem right here because there’s all these
little excuses that you make you know like oh I didn’t really have time
because I had to do this and you’d be like okay then you just do this you know
and that’ll solve that particular problem you didn’t have this big
comprehensive plan to solve in my life problem you’re like okay for every
excuse oh and make you just have the little solve you know the problem or the
solution to it and I’d be like man and meanwhile you’re getting backed into
this corner or the string is just getting pulled like every with every
pool it was laziness oh yeah like I just was too lazy or I’m just like stuck in
this routine or whatever and then it’s so it could in a way be like okay that’s
just my ego just thinking that the way that’s not the way I do things kind of
thing and and think if I were to used a different tone I think if I would have
just said that’s good you’re lazy oh yeah yeah you just being lazy Aiko yeah
you’d been like do you even know what it takes to make one of these things you
don’t know me and then all of a sudden we and what does that do to our
relationship yeah and what does that do to to to the final product
yeah yeah right now you’re doing something against your will sustained
stain on it yeah fully in the a yeah if you would have just been like hey you’re
lazy this is what my mind would have went to this belief this actually
way it’s true but it doesn’t like get anyone anywhere where if you would be
like you’re lazy I would have thought and maybe even said that it’s not that
I’m lazy it’s just you’re just this crazy hard worker who have these
standards that are unreasonable for a normal person and I’m just a normal
person excuse me you know kind of an attitude that’s what
I would go to rather than if you like the way how you always do it is like you
pull the string or you just sort of you don’t know it’s interesting to us when
I’m doing that I’m not doing that like okay I got here’s my next move on
that go yeah actually what I’m doing it’s like well you know you say well we
can’t I can’t make a video because it’s gonna take me too long to get through
the the raw edits and I go you know say like well you know if you want just get
you you know hire someone to do those raw edits for you would that work you
know what I mean oh I’m asking you a legitimate question oh yeah maybe I
kinda know the answer I mean I suspect I know the answer but it’s not it’s not
just hey I I’m setting you up I’m legitimately pulling the thread you know
and the answer might be it is impossible to get this project done but when I say
well you could hire someone to do those right that’s an in you go okay well even
if I hire someone how am I going to transfer all this data and I go well if
you want what couldn’t you get an external hard drive and and just
physically give it to him yeah and you’d say well these are actual situations no
no no just for the riff I don’t know the realm of video well the main the one
that I remember the easiest is like with training like you’ll be hey we’re
training at 4:30 but I train during the day most evening not in the evening then
you’ll be like oh yeah a train at 4:30 I’m like well you know and I have all
these reasons and then you like you kind of just chip away at all these reasons
like oh here’s the solution to that is solution that is a solution that’s like
man I just that’s just like my routine I just gotta admit it you know like I and
but I don’t get to train you guys as often you know kind of thing but it’s
like yeah you expose you pull the string to expose just like the little
the little excuses Chuck so hold the thread reveal the problem don’t confront
if you can help it and people will start to recognize what the problem is I mean
this is assuming you’re working with this well doesn’t want this one problem
with this and that is if the person has a giant ego that this is the hardest
thing for them to admit right so they might not admit it but they’ll see it
they’ll behave differently and by the way one of the good ways to to use
someone’s ego against themselves is when you say something along the lines of you
know man it’s gonna look good if this gets done right you know what I’m saying
and they think oh cool I’m gonna do this I’m gonna make this adjustment just so
it gets done just so my ego can get just so I can win yeah that would say that
use the word win because every time like use the word win and any time what I’d
be thinking like okay if I didn’t win whatever you know what’s left you lost
yeah no matter what excuse you make you lost so if you put if you put the shed
light on like use that word and be like hey this will make you win and you’re
like hell yeah but at the same time the vacuum mind like basically if we don’t
solve these problems or whatever I lose I want that so it’s like extra motivate
the it’s the winning at all cost thing and so the winning at all costs I wrote
like a little section and it was a part of a one of the special releases on
Barnes and Nobles version of dichotomy a leadership was this thing winning at all
costs and it’s and then someone posted and I had I had said it before right and
someone posted a clip of me saying this idea of winning at all costs and it’s
the way that I talk about it it’s kind of a trick anyways because I go through
this thing about what is leadership and leadership is this leadership to that
and I said what leadership is to me is winning at all costs and somebody put
that probably you put a clip up of me saying that and somebody said of course
someone’s like that’s the kind of person that will run people over and blah blah
blah like it was like gave a negative things right
but what they don’t realize is what the rest of that clip says and what the rest
of that whole idea of winning at all costs is what I’ll do it want to win it
all costs is totally subordinate my ego help other people support them give them
what they need and put my foot put the team and the mission above myself cuz
the moat that’s how I’m gonna win at all costs so winning at all cost doesn’t
mean I’m stepping on other people it means of actually lifting other people
up that’s what it means so if you can use that you know if I say hey echo man
look we need to win and you know if we’re gonna win the only way to win is
if you can learn how to work with Jim otherwise we lose and you’re like you
know what because I’m a winner I’ll work with Jim cool it’s a first step and this
was kind of related to a question that I’ve got we haven’t done a Q&A in a long
time and this is kind of a partial Q&A sure I don’t know it’s just some topics
but anyways we got one of these questions hit it yes
chuckle what do you tell someone who has been passed over for a military
promotion they deserved could you address this yep so part of it is what
we just talked about what do you do when you get passed over cool why did
something and it’s also covered in I think there’s the wall I know there’s a
literal chapter inside leadership strategy and tactics which is what to do
when you’re when you don’t get promoted that’s that’s the actual name of the
chapter when you’re not chosen page 160 boom there it is when you are not chosen
and we covered it on the podcast so what you do is you go and you say hey boss I
know there’s opportunities get promoted I know I didn’t get promoted I know
there must be some shortfalls that I have can you help me indicate what those
sort of Falls are cool so that’s that’s and I’ll just give a factual there’s the
officer commissioning program that I got picked up for mm-hmm
it was called the seamen to Admiral program it was a highly selective
program they took 50 sailors from the entire Navy
and there’s 250,000 something people sailors in the Navy they took fifty and
the first year that I put in for it I did not get selected I got actually I
got selected as an alternate mm-hmm which was as they say almost worse yeah
because you don’t you know like you get nothing you get to smell it yeah you get
to smell it you don’t get to touch it you don’t get to taste it so it was not
good well it was good because I was like okay I’m close but so but I didn’t get
it I didn’t get it and what did I do assessed and said what
can I do better and worked harder and the next year I got it mmm so if you
don’t get promoted because you deserved it maybe you didn’t deserve it and if
you did deserve it you’ll get it next time
and instead of saying you deserved it why not look at it and say okay what did
I not do to make myself the best absolute best candidate that they could
not question needed to get this promotion mmm
instead we’re saying I deserved it someone else got what is that doing
blaming the boss blaming in the selection process blaming all these
other things that you cannot control but if you take ownership of it and saying
you know what okay I didn’t get promoted there must be some things that I can do
better there’s the answer
mm-hmm own it ask give us give me some feedback please or do I need to make
this happen and then implement now this this there was this other topic that I
kind of wanted to bring up that was from once again it was from jock alive and
and there was a young woman and again this this goes to the kind of variety of
different people that were coming up Jocko lives were all over the place so
this this young woman asked a question that was kind of like how do you pan and
I can’t when you’re at the live events there’s light shining in your eyes so
you’re not really a hundred percent sure you don’t get it it’s not like you’re
not seeing the person face to face so I’m kind of looking out into the light
I’m seeing this frame of a young woman and she asked something along the
lines of you know how do you handle when there’s people that are trying to pull
you down and and and you know pick you apart mmm
and I said well what do you do and she’s like I’m in school and I said what
school and she’s in high school and I said what grade and she said I’m a
freshman and I said okay so you’re getting bullied right because
essentially that’s what that’s what she was saying right I’m getting poked it
picked on I got people trying to drag me down well you know what that’s called
that’s called bullying I said so you’re getting bullied and she said yes getting
bullied so I said I said you know I thought about it for a second I said
well I’ve got some bad news and I’ve got some good news and I’m gonna start with
the bad news the bad news is that people can be mean and they can be mean for a
variety of reasons they can be mean because they’re insecure they can be
mean because they’re bullied themselves they can be mean because they’re unhappy
they can be mean because they’re scared to be vulnerable so they put up that
front they might be suffering and jealous and have no self-esteem it’s the
way some people are and there’s some people that are just evil that get joy
out of putting other people down so there’s all those kind of people exist
and they especially exist inside of immature people in high school so that’s
the bad news and then I said but the good news is high school is not life and
when I said that it was actually funny when I said that like people started
clapping because everyone in that knew that it was true and that reminded
me of another conversation that I’ve been having with people lately about about some about ecosystems something
I’ve called eco systems so little eco systems in the world that people get
caught up in and they get caught trying to get to the top hierarchy of some
little eco system somewhere and look I get it you know I get it Jordan Jordan Peterson
was trying to ascend the top of our dominance hierarchy be the best you can
I totally get that mm-hmm absolutely but we there’s there can be a problem with
this from multiple angles the world is filled with these little eco systems and
high school is one of them remember the little high school ecosystem there’s
someone that’s popular there’s someone that’s you know there’s all these little
feet there’s this ecosystem there and high school this is something you know
you you look at a high school kid and you you try and explain to them that
once you left high school no one really cares right correct if you care about it
deeply you’re actually uncle Rico right that’s running around say when I was in
high school this and when I was in high school that but here’s the problem and
this is one of the reasons when I wrote way the warrior kid the first one one of
the things that triggered me to write it was you know here I was at work
war going on big real legitimate crazy problems and and dynasties and dynamics
to figure out like things are going on and I’d come home and like my one of my
kids would be sad that they got called the name mm-hmm or sad that they got a
low grade on a test or whatever and I would be thinking like I I had a moment
of clarity where I thought I can’t believe they’re I can’t believe they’re
sad about this who cares and I realized oh yeah
idiot choco yeah that thing that’s going on in their world is their whole world
it’s the Eco to see it’s their entire their entire world is in that one
ecosystem yeah so it’s hard for people to realize that their ecosystem that
they’re in is not the whole world it’s the same thing with when you start
getting to college and I’ve got two kids in college now you know this whole
ecosystem around first getting into college and once you get to college when
you know where you’re gonna get your MBA where are you doing your internship
there’s this whole thing right and once again if you step outside that ecosystem
into just the normal world no one actually cares about where you got your
degree yeah not no one because there’s a little peep there’s a group of people
inside that ecosystem that they way they go where’d you get your MBA Oh where’d
you study you know and there’s people I care about that there’s other people
that literally do not care at all yeah and I meet incredibly like from that
perspective I mean incredibly successful business leaders all the time that don’t
have their MBA and went to some state school in Iowa
I got props the other day from someone from Iowa that said whenever you think
of that state number yes from Iowa some state school and I whatever some little
Community College in Nebraska and they go out in world and dominate so but
that’s not important we know that that happens look and there’s people that go
to Ivy League schools and get and they do great too but what I’m saying is they
get in this little ecosystem where where the what they’re actually trying to do
is climb to the top of that ecosystem only for the sake of climbing to the top
of that ecosystem not how it measures into the greater world what kind of car
do you have there’s an ecosystem you can get wrapped
up in you know I’ve got of my Porsche is better than your Porsche right there’s
people that are into that and there’s other people that I do not care at all
at all what about our little ecosystems we’re
right jiu-jitsu has a own little ecosystem you know you know what I’m
saying there’s a little ecosystem who’s who what the podcast were old yeah has
an ecosystem so all these things and those are just things that that you and
I are actually actively in right we do jujitsu and we have a podcast so we
could jump into like where you add on the hierarchy of these ecosystems and
again Jordan I get it we’re trying to we’re trying to go up
the hierarchy I get it but you have to be able to put that in check cuz why are
you doing that what is driving you if it’s if what’s driving you to ascend
that hierarchy is because it’s gonna make it you better and the people around
you better that’s good if you’re doing it for your own ego though that’s a
problem mm-hmm that’s where it becomes a problem the
guess what the jobs or the companies the industries
they get created there’s sort of the jobs that get created by companies and
industries they have their own little ecosystem right about I work here I work
there I will I ran this region like you can see it it’s an ecosystem that exists
the SEAL Teams is a freaking ecosystem and everyone’s in there going like okay
where you add on the ecosystem where did you we know how many deployments have
you done where did you deployed you went what schools have you been to there’s a
little ecosystem that people are trying to get up and it’s and I get it there’s
some positive to that right because you’re trying to do better trying to
work harder that’s good then there’s there’s thing the bar scene you probably
can relate to this better than me there’s an ecosystem of the clubs yes
and who’s the owner and who’s the manager and who’s the GM and who’s the
head door guy yeah and who comes in your club
oh who you’re gonna let in the club yeah music scene real estate there’s this
ecosystems everywhere and so this is the point that I guess I’m getting to and
where it ties back into this young female that asked this question when you
what you have to do is realize that in most of these cases when you step
outside of that little ecosystem no one cares about that ecosystem
no one cares mmm no one cares if I was to tell my mom hey mom I got my black
belt in jujitsu 2005 hey mom I got my black belt in jujitsu she well you know
what would you know what she would say Oh congratulations know what she’s
thinking that I’m in a strip mall doing karate somewhere you know what I mean
yeah that’s what she’s thinking she doesn’t care at all
she doesn’t care at all mm-hmm your Porsche that you told me about I
can introduce you to many people that think if you spent more than $5,000 on a
vehicle you’re an idiot never mind a hundred and fifty thousand
dollars in fact if you ever hear me brag about a vehicle the vehicle that I brag
about probably the most is my 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan that’s the one I brag
about the most mm-hmm so when you step outside the ecosystem of cool cars
people literally don’t do not care the the music scene oh I know this recording
artist I know oh and I’m going to this studio it’s like no one cares so my
point in saying this is if you find yourself distraught about your failure
inside some random ecosystem then remember that if you can detach and you
can step outside that ecosystem you’re gonna realize that that ecosystem in
most cases doesn’t even matter at all it doesn’t matter at all detached this is
something that once again at jockle live shows this came up and we talked about
detachment I talk about detachment or one of the things look detachment is a
great tool as a leader to have because it allows you to take a step
I can see what’s going on right clearly it’s a powerful tool but you combine
that aspect of detachment to this other aspect of detachment when when we’ve
talked about people that get caught in a bad mental headspace and I don’t know if
I want to use the word depression because I’m not a psychologist and I’ve
never really had this depression so I can’t really speak about it from that
angle but to say that people get caught in a rut that happens and I’ve talked
about that idea like let’s say okay when you win if you lose someone right
someone that you know dies and you get put into that rut and the way I’ve
described it before is like there’s a storm cloud all around your head and no
matter which direction you look you see storm cloud and anyone that’s on the
outside and this is what I’ve said anyone that’s on the outside look and go
oh man you’re just surrounded by the storm if you if you step over here
you’re gonna get away from that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel but
from their perspective they don’t see it at all if you can detach if you can take
a step back from your own head you can actually see the end of the storm clouds
and you can see that you can get your way out of this rut that you’re in now
people ask me about how to detach and I talked about it leadership strategy and
tactics but I’m gonna take a little bit further think about this so here’s a
couple things and actually the reason that I I start I used to kind of look at
it like hey it’s real simple right hey take a step back just take a step back
take a breath right you know look around in fact relax look around and make a
call was what I wrote about an extreme ownership when it comes to detached like
relax look around make a call that’s detachment the the first time I really
broke it down to try and give people some more specific instructions was on
the warrior kid podcast because you know a little kid would say
get mad I start to lose my temper when I’m wrestling or I start to lose my
temper when I’m in class and little Billie’s keeps poking me in the back of
the head how do I not lose my temper well what they need to do is detach so I
said listen take a step back so I thought about what I kind of do take a
step back and one of the things I said was lift your chin up hmm lift your chin
up and now now when you start to think I said talking about why do I even do that
what what benefit does that have well if you think about when you take a step
back and you actually lift up your chin think about what it does to your vision
all of a sudden your vision is elevated it’s an elevated one inch but it’s
elevated and you now have a physical new perspective you have a physically new
perspective of what’s going on by taking a step back lifting your chin up well
the other thing it makes you do is if you put your head back it like makes you
open up your chest and open up your lungs and it makes you take a breath
which I used to attribute this to when you’re on the radio look one of the
reasons that I was like thought about detaching and something that I caught
realized was a good tools you never want to sound panicked on the radio and the
SEAL Teams so before you key up that microphone to say something you go
whether you say alright guys we need to move towards that north building instead
of no you don’t do that so when you when you lift your chin up you you know you
kind of take a breath it forces you to kind of take a breath and the other this
is the coolest thing that I kind of connected this at Chaco Life and the
reason I connected it because I was up like right now we’re sitting down and
we’re kind of we’re kind of stuck in this position so I jock alive I had like
a like a lavalier microphone on Saul’s up and moving around and getting crazy
so as I was going through this I was acting out the the process of detaching
so I take a step back I lift up my chin and I made this connection I was like
think about the posture that you have when you’re getting ready to get into a
fight it’s literally the opposite you lift up your hands you duck you tuck
your chin down you roll your shoulders forward to protect yourself and you are
getting in this defensive posture which is not an open posture for seeing what’s
going on right it’s a focused posture when you
take a step back you lift up your chin you’re actually making yourself
physically vulnerable and what you’re also doing is you’re so you’re opening
yourself up to threats but you’re opening up your mind to see a different
perspective so that is incredibly important it’s an incredibly important
first step in training yourself how to detach from all this chaos that’s going
on from the mayhem of a leadership situation to detaching from your own
ecosystem that you’re wrapped up in that you think is important that no one cares
about no one cares about outside that stupid Club you’re in no one cares no
one cares outside the the the the the 38 people that are involved in your glee
club they’ve got you paranoid and freaking out no one cares so if you can
take a step back and you can see that and finally if you can take a step back
from your own brain and you can kind of assess that cloud that you’re caught in
you’ll see that that cloud is not infinite and you’ll see that there’s a
way out mm-hmm which is important very important yeah that that and that can get more
strong and powerful that that lure that’s sucking like keeping you in your
ecosystem one it’s like part of your routine you know because it kind of
feeds into your identity a lot of times like in jiu-jitsu super strong like were
you you know if you get tapped out by a guy who never taps you out it’s a bribe
that’ll follow you all the way home with your fat and you know your family
you’re thinking it can you know if your mind is just sucked in because it’s kind
of part of your identity or whatever but yeah if you can just step back look
around kind of detach from that you’re like Brad no one cares like very
literally every other environment there you go it in life nobody cares that guy
tap no one care thing you’d even dude you did to don’t unless you’ve got a
spring into action at the door so there’s no yeah they’re like what was
that yeah just work magic exactly it is probably never gonna
happen by the way as far as probability goes I think and I think when you’re
younger I mean obviously when you’re younger you get you get caught up in
these ecosystems and this what’s scary is this can be the downfall of a kid
right you get caught up in the drug ecosystem you get caught up in the booze
ecosystem you get caught up in the in the what is it
delinquency like hey I’m gonna cause problem hey you know what do boys do boy
this is another thing that came out of chocolate like boys are trying to prove
themselves to their friends and to themselves how tough they are how cool
they are so when what whatever whatever little ecosystem has their own little
cool meters in it right and sometimes that cool meter is you know I’m getting
so I’m gonna drink this fifth a jack yeah or I’m gonna smoke this or whatever
like that’s a they want to move up in that ecosystem and so they do stuff that
outside outside that ecosystem people hey that’s actually one of the dumbest
things I’ve ever heard yeah but you can’t see that yeah the
party scene is a big one I mean there’s a difference between like getting caught
in the ecosystem of the party scene and then
going down the spiral of like drugs and addiction cuz a lot of time the diction
is like that’s just like a chemical payoff you get and then that chemical
payoff you you’d want so much it’s just more of a payoff than literally anything
else in life and then it just compounds but the ecosystem that introduces you to
the payoff that ends up being an addiction that ends up ruining your life
yes so yeah like the party scene for example it’s like yeah okay did you go
to this party oh you didn’t go to there you’re kind of less than kind of thing
you know oh I’m at all the parties you’re the kind of up you know up there
in that little ecosystem then you go to those parties and you got a function at
the party right so you can’t just we go to the party like now I’m not drinking
one of they’re like you know you’re not fitting in the party at all so you’re
gonna fit in so you’re gonna do that you know you’re obviously gonna drink and
then what if they’re doing some some other drugs in the back room the cool
room the fee IP room the secret room or whatever if you’re not part of that
you’re sort of your the minion you’re not one of the Fiat P so you one of the
VIPs you’ve got a function yeah there’s a whole peer pressure thing wrapped up
inside the ecosystem oh yeah that’s like the primary driver of the ecosystem oh
yeah yeah because even the positive things that go where you get where you
were you getting your MBA yeah like so they got all these 18 well don’t know 19
whatever 20 21 year old college kids are like wait read me hate where you gonna
get your MBA where you where you’re playing where you probably where you’re
fine oh yeah and if you’re not applying to
the whatever then you’re a little bit down on the ecosystem and you know what
no one cares well you can’t say no one cares because there are people that are
going hey we want to get someone from this school cool mmm fine that’s a
little tiny subset of the same ecosystem yeah and but if you’re talking about
like yeah if you’re talking about people outside the ecosystem no they don’t care
they don’t care full care if you’re capable and then so a lot of times if
you’re like oh you got a MBA from here okay that’s an established kit you know
capable there gonna be you know put out some good students yeah or some good
trained people or whatever then there’s that but it’s not like they don’t care
about what you care about right now you know the fact that you got it from here
doesn’t mean you’re like awesome the thing that’s so hard for kids is they
just can’t see outside the ecosystem is their world yeah and so introducing
people to this concept that there are in fact these random
ecosystems that actually no one cares about is a positive thing yeah don’t get
caught up in them especially not negative ones but you know what there’s
also people take positive ecosystems and turn them negative because they start
getting the ego involved like like that’s right jiu-jitsu is totally
positive ecosystem hey we’re just here to Train we’re here to have fun and all
of a sudden it turns into drama because we haven’t talked too much about
the jiu-jitsu drama and I’ll be honest with you one of the reasons that we
don’t talk a lot about the jiu-jitsu drama is probably because we don’t deal
with it a lot because we have a very open door policy at our gym and we’re
just kind of cool and we just want to change it too and want everyone else to
change you too and I think San Diego at large is very similar to that because
they’re just do Jitsu everywhere so we all just kind of know each other and so
I think that has something to do with it and I also think there’s less jujitsu
drama now than there was 10 years ago yeah you know 10 years ago is like
that’s my student yeah you went to my other you went to someone else’s Academy
cool you’re out of my Academy forever I banish you it’s right there was that
kind of drama is there still that kind of drama there probably is song but not
as bad as it used to be yeah but they took a positive ecosystem and turned it
into negative ecosystem yeah yeah I would imagine that’s kind of everything
like even okay so my nephew gets good grades really good grades but he takes
it you know how like certain students they take their grades like super
seriously they get one bag or they’re late for school like Brownwood if to me
if let’s say my mom brought me to school but if you have to explain to me that
you weren’t worried about being late when you’re 10 it’s unnecessary go on
wildly unnecessary for them for the for the people we’ll let you explain how
much you didn’t care about being late even as a child go up especially for
school put it this way if I was late had to get a tardy slip breath the
connection between that and like grades and success in life was literally
non-existent so it let’s say the boss I would say
maybe that’s how you ended up showing up late all the time oh my god did you very
possible so if my parents were my mom or dad or whatever if they’re driving me to
school and they were running late well IIT me caring was literally at a zero I
didn’t care at all it was like cool I don’t have to spend as much time you
know at school and not that I was bad at school or anything I’m just saying like
right I don’t care about that stuff at all anyway my point is some people are
the opposite some people are like I can’t be late for school it’s like
school is like everything in their grades and stuff like that that’s
positive that’s really good actually but it can get out of hand it’s the thing is
yeah out of hand yeah you get kids freaked out your kids
cheating cheating freaking out freaking out looking weird drugs too like yeah
like a lot or whatever yeah all those things all those things are bad and all
of them are related to the fact that they think that that ecosystem is the
whole world everything yeah and let’s be honest I mean how much of that ecosystem
affect you you didn’t even show up for school all right well now you’re here
king of the podcast ecosystem Michael Charles oh yeah so everyone should do
that yeah I think if if you take and not not that I’m like the epitome of or the
poster child for great parenting advice nothing like this but I think like the
more you take your kids and see other stuff outside of school kind of their
mind is gonna not just be attached to like this school scenario you know well
that’s a whole debate you know that you could have like but here’s a real simple
question does your kid if your kid goes is your kid ten years older in fifth
grade and they don’t want to miss school so they don’t go with you to collect
whatever Kawai they don’t go experience something
like that I guarantee you that the experience in kawaii is way more
beneficial educationally spiritually yeah athletically then hey they missed
three days of it a half yeah bring the math book bring it yeah
really yeah for sure and that’s just kawaii either like you know I mean even
just going to see what you do at work or whatever yeah like I used to take my kid
to you know go in training sites yeah are you kidding me best thing ever oh
yeah and I’m not even necessarily saying have a miss school to see this stuff I’m
necessarily saying that but I’m just saying like everything isn’t like okay
go home do homework it’s like everything if you if you create this idea that
school is everything in their head then you know it’s they’re gonna tend to
think that I think but you know if you see you know let them see other places
where you work or whatever whether in the weekends or summertime whatever you
know you just see other things they realize okay school isn’t everything you
know and what you’re really showing them is this is one ecosystem in the world
it’s called school it’s an important one yeah but there’s no reason to get crazy
there’s other ecosystems out there that are also cool and good all right keep
detached don’t get stuck in ecosystems next question I am stuck in a prolonged
period of things not going my way professionally or socially all that
really is going on well is my time management still even after having owned
up to my part in getting here I still seem stuck in a failure loop okay
so what’s being addressed here is the prolonged period of things not going
away and and we know that a key part of getting out of a rut like this or a
failure loop is taking ownership of those failures of those problems that’s
very important but guess what that alone doesn’t solve them at all just saying I
didn’t get promoted okay it was my fault peer
that doesn’t solve the fact that you didn’t get promoted I’m not getting
called back to do this other contracting job it’s my fault does that mean you get
called back no it doesn’t mean anything taking the ownership means that you
actually have to identify the problem you know you’re responsible for it and
then you actually have to solve the problem that’s what you have to do just
taking ownership of the problem doesn’t make it go away if you take ownership of
the problem you have to take ownership of finding a solution and then you have
to take ownership of implementing that solution so this is real straightforward
now there’s one little tiny part that I want to point out which you may or may
not have noticed echo Charles and I’m gonna point it out so pay attention to
this last sentence in the question still even after having owned up to my part in
getting here and I still seem stuck in a failure a failure loop what you notice
about that echo Charles if there’s another part a hole maybe even parts
yeah right there’s multiple facets of the world that are conspiring yeah to
keep you in this failure loop yeah it’s like that tone of when someone’s like
hey I did my part I did my job hands up you know kind of thing don’t I do my job
that’s not my job the other parts that are more implied a guest another you can
uncover in the mode it’s like there’s this other job that someone else is
sorta part so this is the thing and this is what this is what makes this very
challenging is this idea that like but how could I possibly control this or
that how can I possibly take ownership of the fact now this is a weak one how
can I possibly take ownership of the fact that my boss is an idiot and fired
me mm-hmm how can that be my fault that he didn’t
see how good I was right okay we see what’s going on there you obviously
aren’t being introspective and taking a look and saying okay this is obviously
my fault here what I need to change so there’s things
like that where you go look you’re just not it was same thing with relationships
right she broke up with me how can I own that well maybe you look at yourself and
you see how you acted as a partner in that relationship and if you just want
to look at that person say it was her fault she was crazy and she would it was
her fault she didn’t understand how awesome I was yeah that’s not that’s
that you need to take ownership of your own behavior why did she think that now
you do get to these things where you have no control so God asked a question a guy said my I
lost my girlfriend to opiate overdose yet she died how do I take ownership of
that and so I expanded that question because that’s one of those things where
you look at you know when you look at you go how can you take ownership of
that this person did so much drugs and it wasn’t like I like okay I don’t know
the specifics of the situation but if you know I’m doing everything I can to
help my girlfriend and then one day I come home and she’s od’d she’s dead okay
how can I say I wasn’t even there right and I let’s just say I’d done everything
take her to rehab done all this stuff and as far as I could tell she was clean
and behind my back without telling me at least she did this right so it’s almost
like okay that’s as much separation as I can get how do you take ownership in a
situation like that and so here’s what I went on to say to this guy I said this
might seem like a unique situation but it’s not because there’s things that
occur in our lives that we actually don’t have any control over for instance
most horrible you your family member someone you know gets cancer gets a
horrible terminal disease how do you take
ownership of that and the answer is in these cases when things that are truly
beyond your control occur what you take ownership of is how you respond to them
that’s that’s what you take ownership how do you respond to you lose your
girlfriend to drugs your kid gets cancer you get cancer something you get this
horrible disease how do you respond to that that’s what you can take ownership
of and that’s what you have to take ownership of so I guess my point in
saying that is yes there are absolutely things that you cannot control and what
you can control is your reaction to them when they unfold that makes sense what
scares me about this guy is he’s saying he’s owned up to his part but that means
he’s blaming someone else and I can the amount of things that we have zero
control over is very small so many things if we look at ourselves and say
what could I do better what could I do different how can I make an adjustment
here how can I adapt to the way this boss is how can I adapt to the way this
girl is that I’m trying to have a relationship and by the way that might
not be the best relationship maybe that’s part of what you need to do is
take ownership of the fact that you’re addicted to this that’s what he’s saying
this guy here saying he’s so social on some assume he’s got some problems with
his female friends right or friends in general
hey you didn’t want to want to come watch UFC not really I’m buying guys
that’s okay we’re gonna go to you know some mmm home is they’re watching it by
myself I can’t believe that you know what’s wrong with everyone else
no actually what’s wrong with me mm-hmm now truth be told I don’t want to watch
UFC with anybody else generally I want to sit alone and watch the fights no
commentary no questions don’t ask me a question sure what was that move no I’m
watching the fight everyone just be quiet a lot of times some of us we like
to demonstrate our professional knowledge of the
subject you know so answer here you need to look at that the reason that you’re
probably stuck in this loop continually is because the things that you’re
blaming on other people take ownership of them and get them fixed take
ownership of them and get them fixed take ownership and make some moves take
ownership and look what you can do different that’s what you have to do next question in your recent book
leadership strategy and tactics you mentioned establishing trustworthy
relationships with superiors you speak of performance and compelling tasks you
stating tasks Oh completing tasks yes performance and completing tests you
stated boss wants me to fill out some extra paperwork I’ll do it boss needs me
to cover a shift for someone else on the team I’ve got it boss has a nasty low
reward mission that needs executing I’m all over it
page 49 50 how does this separate you from being a yes man especially when
being a yes man is looked upon so negatively these days
what are your thoughts yes it was actually maybe he hasn’t gotten there
but there’s a whole section in the book that’s called yes man yeah and why you
don’t want to be a yes man because if you’re asked man you don’t push back
when a situation requires there to be pushback so so read a little bit more
but to make it quite simple being a yes man is saying yes to
everything regardless of whether it’s a good idea or not building relationships
and establishing a good communication and a good rapport with your superior is
totally different than being a yes-man part of it is saying yes because if you
resist everything that they say to you they don’t really think they don’t
really value your opinion they just know that you’re just a no man no we can’t do
no camp there you’re mr. negative mr. yes-man is going to do whatever so what
you do is you say you when you can some menial tasks
retirement some extra paperwork cool I’ll do it some some cover a shift for
someone else it’s cool I got it I can do those things those are easy they’re not
impacting my team we’re good nasty low reward project that needs to
get done cool I got it let’s go bring it bring it I’m here it’s gonna help the
team awesome oh you want me to do something that’s gonna negatively affect
the team and put massive amounts of capital at jeopardy or putting people in
risk or put safety at risk you I’m gonna do that hold on boss no boss and I
wouldn’t be just no boss I’m not doing it but I go through the book how you
actually approach those situations so that you’re not a yes-man so when you
win it when there’s comes a situation that unfolds that you actually need to
say no you can say no and it gets listened to that’s the difference
leadership strategy and tactics get some kind of you know so many of the
questions in leadership strategy and tactics there’s so many the answers that
I give in there are based on the answer questions that I get asked all the time
and so really so many of the questions that I’m hearing now I have the answer
and leadership strategy and tactics I’m trying not to just say well refer to the
book yes 9800 refer to the book page 64 I’m trying not to do that but just FYI
for anyone that’s out there it’s in there alright next question I was hoping
for some guy in a kind of a similar question here but gone yes I was hoping
for some guy I’m gonna cut you off again no I just did that for fun anyway I was
hoping for some guidance on how to play the game with a situation at work I work
in in an aerospace machine shop from doing this apprenticeship to be a
machinist mechanist machinist this means that I’m supposed to get specific types
of on-the-job training with a 7 set number of hours each with a set number
of hours each ok i go to school once and we’re gonna read roll
big huh no no no are you in Romanian discern kind of what is that saying at
the end of the day anyway set numbers arms normally you get a little sensitive
if you make some mistake I’m just gonna take this from the top bow my whole life
isn’t one big mistake so whatever it’s an expression you know I go to school
once a week to supplement it the problem is they won’t give me any work that
fills those designations I’m doing my best at the menial paperwork they’ve had
had me on for a while without complaint it’s a real problem though when I’m
paying out of pocket for the tuition that comes with the program every month
spent not getting required required training adds to the five years it takes
to complete the OJT on-the-job training how do I get them to move me where I’m
supposed to be do I just continue to do the best at what they give me and accept
the loss of time and money yes so you remember the book that I caught me of
leadership humble not passive so this guy’s being humble playing the game hey
I’ll do the menial paperwork I’ll I’ll work these extra hours I’ll do these
things that don’t really help me he’s playing he’s playing the game and he’s
being humble right but he’s also it sounds like being passive meaning he
needs to up his assertiveness to say hey listen hey hey boss
I just want to let you know when I put together this spreadsheet of what I’m
actually gonna get accomplished and here’s the things that I want to get
done and I know I’m trying to knock out all the stuff and I’m here to support
the team but I also need to get these things done can you help me get these
things scheduled so that I can be more value to you and the team mm-hmm so yeah
you build the relationship through playing the game you build the
relationship by giving support wherever you can but at the same time that
doesn’t mean that you just roll over and never stand up for yourself yeah that’s
not what we’re talking about here the difference is you’re not building a
relationship just so you can take care of yourself right that’s different that
means I’m just looking out for me you’re building a relationship so that you can
move down the right path which by the way is gonna make you more a bigger
asset to the team so it’s a win-win situation make sure you build that
relationship and then talk to them about what it is you’re trying
get done why you’re trying to get it done and that way we move forward down
the path and by the way if they’re like shut up and just do this paperwork or
shut up we’re not gonna help you cool maybe we need to find a place that has a
little bit better opportunity for me and I’ll start to float that out there
mmm-hmm humble not passive remember long time ago I’d say you you you this use
this word efficient be more efficient rather than make it easier for me you
know like even though they’re essentially the same thing in certain
circumstances where it’s like oh yeah this will make it easier for me to
become an asset kind of thing but for whatever reason maybe like just the way
that sounds well yeah it sounds like you’re looking out for yourself and yeah
yeah but if you say it’ll get me to be a more valuable asset in a more efficient
way who could say no that that not because of what company doesn’t want
efficiency huh no we want to take the hard road we want to do things that
don’t make any sense yeah we want to do things inefficiently no yes efficiency
is important not only in jiu-jitsu you know not only in judo but in business
and in life all right so there’s one more little topic that I wanted to bring
up and really it’s it’s another question that I got it at jockle life and I got
this question or a version of this question a couple of different times and
they all they all a couple different versions this question but the same
question and the question is it’s something like this something along the
lines of I’ve been pretty successful at this point in my life and I’m having
trouble finding the motivation to take it to the next level so you know it’s
like people I say oh so you you know you met decent money yep but the couple yeah
we’re doing really well and you’re working out yep I’m healthy yep I’m good
and your family’s taking care of you having a good time with my family but
you’re not able to like get the extra work out you’re not you
know you’re skipping some days you’re not eating great you’re not making the
calls that you need to make you’re not expanding your eyes and that’s what’s
going on right and so that’s what we’re getting at we get someone that’s sort of
in a good spot kind of across the board right kind of in a good spot across the
board and so I’d kind of established that fact that they’re in a good spot
across the board mm-hmm and then I’d say but it sounds like you’re in a good spot
across the board are you happy with that and are you
comfortable with where you’re at and the answer would be no and then I’d say are
you sure and then it’s a young Chiron you know I want to do more and then I
said that’s a lie that’s a lie that’s a lie because if you really weren’t happy
and you really wanted to improve your health even more and you really wanted
to improve your financial situation more and you really wanted to just broadly
improve your life then you wouldn’t have any problem at all finding the
discipline the discipline would actually find you that’s where I’m at now that
you want to know why people like oh you don’t see pretty much you want to know
why cuz this one finds me because I know I will I know I can do more and I want
to do more and I know I’m not happy where I’m at and comfortable where I’m
at so if you’re telling yourself no I’m not happy where you’re at then I’m gonna
tell you that’s actually a lie you are comfortable you are comfortable because
if you weren’t comfortable then it would drive you the discipline would show up now this is where I kind of I I kind of
have to go a little bit deeper so what I just said if you tell yourself the
truth then you’ll find discipline the framework of discipline is the truth the
framework of discipline is the truth and I have to go and I didn’t do a good job
when I got asked this question I didn’t do a good job of connecting all the dots
because it actually is one level deeper it’s one level deeper and it looks like
this if you’re saying that you can’t find discipline and I’m telling you it’s
because that’s because you are comfortable where you’re at that is also
a lie that is also a lie
look telling yourself that you don’t need to get out of bed in the morning
telling you something you don’t really need to workout or you don’t need to go
harder or you don’t need to do more in your job or be more discipline in the
way that you live if you tell yourself those things that’s actually a lie because the fact of the matter is think
about this the fact the matter is that’s you’re not comfortable you’re not happy
you’re not okay with where you’re out because that’s why you’re asking this
question right now you’re asking this question because you know you can do
more you know you can be more and that’s the truth that’s the truth and it eats
you up and it makes you ask these questions ask the question to me and ask
the question to yourself and the answer is the truth you know it I know it we
all know it that the framework of discipline is the truth if you tell yourself the truth the real
truth the absolute categorical unconditional unabated an unmerciful
truth if you do that you will find discipline discipline equals freedom
discipline is rooted in the truth the truth will set you free and what does that calculus work out to
discipline equals freedom and I think that’s all I’ve got for tonight so echo
Charles this seems like we want the truth over here yes so that we can do
more and we can be more is there anything that you know of that helps
reveal the truth to us yes jiu jitsu max never lie when you’re when you’re when
you make eye contact with that guy who’s a little bit better than you maybe
bigger maybe we’ll give you a scenario where you got to put out more effort
then maybe you want to that day when you make eye contact and then you like look
away everyone sees that oh you mean pre-roll
pre-roll oh there’s like a scenario that could unfold but we haven’t connected
yeah I contact for the role yep it’s like avoidance avoidance yeah
everybody knows that’s one of one of the many attempted lies that we sort of try
to you know perpetuate in ourselves like I’m good right that’s what people kind
of they want to be good at jujitsu I think you know on the mats
you know Akbar sure of course yeah he’s really sick jiu-jitsu and he’s super
like hard to roll just cuz he’s strong and wiry and
athletic and freakin gold Jim doesn’t stop yeah but I have like an unwritten
rule with him no matter what 100 percent if if either one of us wants to roll we
roll yeah it doesn’t matter what’s going on if one of us wants to roll we roll
yeah and and most of the time he wants to roll I don’t and I roll them every
day yeah yeah that’s how and in that kind I mean let’s face it that like you
have mixed emotions about those kinda because you see them in your like cuz
you have it in your head like you can’t not roll with that person I have that
with Noah where if he’s there it’s like it’s on its and hammies like I don’t
know if man he’s been kind of working me recently
yeah so it’s like oh man I see him I’m like I know this is gonna be like a hard
roll but I can’t not roll with them like that defeating the whole purpose of my
existence here right now if I don’t roll with them for sure he’s the same way
he’s coming at you the whole time he’s freaking awesome at jujitsu he’s in good
shape he’s strong he’s got just got it he’s he’s gonna bring it yeah he’s gotta
be use like that’s the way it is yeah we’re gonna roll yeah no Akbar like
these guys that it’s like okay if they weren’t here it’d be it would be an
easier day regardless yeah but not everyone’s like that you know and
actually there can be guys who are like even actually better than you but you
roll with a minute’s like it’s not this huge like it’s not that like you know
it’s like that’s just different tightness yeah yeah but the lie that we
can tell ourselves even though you’re the only one you’re lying to everyone
ever can see what you’re doing when you’d like to avoid that yeah
now there are situations that unfold then this is the one that I do so let’s
say I have an injury yes right legitimate injury I will let’s say a
normal day for me is like okay I’m gonna do eight rounds you know eight six
minute rounds cool that’s normal like that’s a good role for me I had a good
time you know whatever takes an hour whatever this is a minute rest so maybe
not but but anyways if I’m if I’m injured sometimes I got to be like okay
I can only do four rounds because then it’s just ah
yeah dad I’m gonna reinsure something stupid and I just I’m like hey what I
tried to tell people beforehand so that way I’m not being that guy but if you
want to roll with me now is the time cuz in four rolls maybe five so you know
then I’m gonna then I’m gonna call it yeah so it does happen and I guess the
reason that I’m saying that is just to be like well I’m gonna roll no matter
what if you’re injured and like you know the deal like when you’re injured you
have it you can you can you can get lucky for like three four rolls and like
okay I didn’t tweak anything we’re good and it didn’t get worse well that fourth
fifth roll now your sixth roll you’re tired you’re giving giving up a little
bit more and all of a sudden that’s when you get hurt mm-hm
so just a just a little tale of caution yes big-time and you know one it you
know it’s easy kind of like when we’re just sitting here you know not in the
situation like oh yeah you just you just work around the injury and if you gotta
get caught in a submission that’s how you know no it’s not a submission that
you’re gonna get that’s easy you hope that someone if you’ve got a sore elbow
you hope that what hurts you is Oh someone puts an arm lock and you got all
tap early right that’s what you hope it is yeah what you don’t hope it is is
you’re rolling and turning and your arm gets caught in a bad spot and now you
reinjure it yeah there’s no tapping from that that’s just another injury yeah so
though I mean what I had in my head was like where you know your knee or
whatever would everyone rib whenever and you’re like I’m just gonna go like kind
of little lighter you know right then you roll run one round with like no or
something go light no way Ben I’m and it’s you can consciously be going oh
yeah I’m gonna go light but start rolling yeah just see how much you can
remember to go light when you’re you know whatever sure you always say to me
like when you do a good move to me and you say uh yeah yeah you see that’s a
big victory for you get my sense of urgency to increase and
it’s like the biggest W oh yeah cuz you’re just so good and you say it to me
too well I don’t say that it’s a big W but I
do say and I recognize your auntie anyway oh when you’re in the moment
whether you can control it fully or not or whatever I would say you just
decrease the chance of you staying safe as time goes on
yes you just see that’s just like the numbers yeah like just like odds odds
the odds are yeah I made it through four rounds I’m okay great well I’m walking
off the map right now right so that’s like the opposite of a lie you’re like
being so it’s so truthful with yourself you’re like hey you know and you’re in
you’re doing the right thing the lie comes when you’re like you’re not
injured you just may be not feeling up to it
maybe you’re hungover I don’t know maybe that you put in a person and then you
say well you know I’m this or I’m sick or I’m this and you say that excuse or
whatever to yourself and then like you avoid the hot rolls yeah I had Wes like
I was training I was deep into some rounds and Wes’s and Wes was on the
other mat he comes over and wes is a beast too like him he’s just strong it’s
jiu-jitsu it’s awesome and he every time it’s gonna be a gut check and I’m like
sitting up against the wall I’m done and he’s like hey you want to get one and I
was like and I said no mm-hmm you know I was like no and then and then I was like
brah hey they’re like 30 seconds went by and I was like I bro sorry that’s just
weak like in there cuz I wasn’t done yet yeah I knew I wasn’t done there’s times
where I’ve been like hey no like I can’t roll like I’ve got it I’m no I’m done
for the night it’s not smart for me to roll I need to
have discipline this more than anything else right because you know you when
you’re injured you’re there it’s like you want a role so bad you feel like a
caged animal you just wanted to get on the mats of justice yeah pretty much any
time you’re there and you’re not ruling injury it’s sourced man working in my
case you know filming whatever ya know I mean that’s just how but yeah but again
that’s like the opposite well I like your your your truth is is
very how I say strong like you don’t like the lie like hits you hard when you
begin to lie to yourself you know yeah but some people they can just roll with
it but everyone sees what you’re doing everybody you know or they go Stein is
built every 10 seconds you know like all you know back to me yeah you’re trying
to perpetuate so much yeah but the mats they don’t lie so that’s
why that’s why we think jiu-jitsu is a positive thing sure I think so it does
expose our truth or maintain our truth it’s a good at your system and I think
so you gotta be careful like all ecosystems but in that ecosystem this is
what we do care about okay we have yeah come on we all check it out like whoa
what you put it this way we don’t want to be walking around with a second-rate
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now is there occasions where life gets in the way sure yep that’s what it’s
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your buddies just used to it but at the same time yeah you know like your joints
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wouldn’t you sure I mean I guess maybe there’s under some circumstance that’s
okay but if you’re pushing hard yeah your joints gonna be like kind of taking
some of the brunt yeah sure you know so yeah if your judge can see in the game
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good stuff on there I think enhance the stuff as well you can see Jaco and his
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with my words yep and music cellos and whatnot yes
laughs haven’t heard echoes enhanced videos you may not know it echo is a
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all the time so leadership strategy and tactics Field Manual everyone that got
it thank you made it number one on a bunch of different lists which was
awesome and I was super stoked it was especially awesome if you’re in the
literary ecosystem then you go a whole number one everyone else doesn’t care so
I’m kind of got one foot in that door cuz there’s a bunch of people that I
work with that are in the literary world because that’s what that’s what it is
right you write a book you’re in the literary world yes
so that ecosystem sorry you guys even though none of you care you all
propelled me to the number one in that ecosystem that anyone that’s outside a
little literary world doesn’t care about people say how do you stay humble guess
what no one cares about this stuff that’s how leadership strategy tactics
got a bunch of kids books away the warrior kid one two and three miking the
Dragons for that little or kid discipline equals freedom Field Manual
which people just take pictures of that and just post just a picture of the
cover of the book which I’m always like credit so leadership strategy and
tactics is Field Manual to the first Field Manual was disappointing cause
real freedom Field Manual the audio version of that is on iTunes Amazon
music Google Play and other mp3 platforms and then of course it all
started with extreme ownership and the dichotomy of leadership which I wrote
with my brother Leif babban about the lessons that we learned in combat and
how you can use them in business in life we got EF online which is leadership
training online and what this is is a supplement actually it doesn’t even have
to be a supplement it could be the whole meal if this is what you can do then you
want leadership training go to EF online if you need it inside your company
inside your business inside your team you can contact a salon front comm
that’s my leadership consultancy national front dot-com what we do is
solve the problems of through leadership we got some musters coming up up we got
well all the ones that we’ve done is sold out but ones that are coming up on
deck are Orlando Florida Dallas Texas Phoenix Arizona and Phoenix Arizona go
to extreme ownership calm for those all the events that we’ve ever done have
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get some and a last thing we now have EF overwatch and EF Legion EF overwatch
aimed at exec of leadership taking folks that were in
the military leaders senior leaders in the military and placing them into
civilian companies so that they can help that company move forward
that’s our executive leadership placement firm we also have EF Legion
which is font line troops and frontline leaders so if you’ve been in the
military if you’re a veteran and you want to find your next mission if you’re
a senior leader cool go to EF overwatch if you’re a junior leader go to EF
Legion and companies that are looking for junior leaders or executive leaders
you can do the same thing EF Legion comm or EF overwatch comm
these are people that understand the principles that we teach and can apply
them inside your business and if you have not heard enough of my exceedingly
slow talking and ludicrously serious tone and you haven’t had enough of
echoes marginally marginally applicable metaphors you can’t get enough of those
two things well guess what you can get more we are available on the interwebs
on Twitter Instagram and on Daffy’s a POC echo is that echo Charles and I am
at Jocko willing into final word here thank you all for listening to podcast a
podcast that exists thanks to your support thanks for listening spreading
the word telling your friends thanks for getting some deaf core or some origin
gear all of which supports this podcast and of course thanks to all the service
members out there in uniform who protect the very freedoms that make this podcast
possible also to our police and law enforcement firefighters paramedics EMTs
dispatchers correctional officers Border Patrol Secret Service all the first
responders and I saw a bunch of military members I saw a bunch of first
responders at all the jockle lives and I appreciate you coming out and I want to
say thank you for providing an environment where
we can live our lives as we see fit and to everyone else out there remember to
tell yourself the truth remember to tell yourself the truth you
know what that means the truth is you need to do more the truth is you need to
be more to reach your fullest maximum capacity and capability as a human being
and if you tell yourself that truth you will find discipline and if you find
discipline you will find freedom so do not lie to yourself and instead get out
there and get after it and until next time this is echo and Jocko out

62 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 215 w/ Echo Charles: You’ll Never Be Free Unless You Tell Yourself The Truth.

  1. There’s such a delay between being able to listen to it on the Jockopodcast website and YouTube. I listened ta 2/3rds a this two days ago. I spent like 23 minutes earlier trying to find the vid thinking of course it’s out on YouTube somewhere, why wouldn’t it be out? Echo doesn’t lag that hard, but alas… anyway it’s out. Finally. Mr. Echo. Thank you

  2. "In our time more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked, lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men." – St. Pius X

  3. Maybe you didn't invent it, but I'm sure you have articulated it in such a way that helps people grasp the idea a little easier.

  4. Jocko you surprise me often. You led into this quite well. You took it the right direction. I myself believe we can take this to a deeper level just as members of humanity. Unity has no room for ego. A closet maybe, I digress. Human nature is more accurate than ego maybe. Suckling on the tit there is always one that gets left out in nature. If we are not united then we have to be good at war. To sum it up for me is this, That is good vs evil. The narrative since the story of the garden of Eden.

    We do have to wait for others to catch up however and that is my struggle personally. The person focused on the other guy is to me at least insecure and projecting their soul/essence against someone else. Look in the mirror and speak the words against another. What would one see? If they are honest with themselves. I am only commenting at 5:24 as you hit the proverbial nail on the head.

    Again this idea for me runs far deeper, into the atoms and nuclei as well as into the far reaches of space. Energy. Unity. Peace. Love. I am unsure if that is possible. The runt has a harder row to hoe yet will leap ahead of the rest if they survive.

  5. Regarding the fellow who is working extra hard to get ahead: he has taken his eye off service and became self serving. When dedicated to the goal of keeping people safe, and doing it to the best of one’s ability all the energy of the universe is at his disposal. When serving self, it’s serving man (EGO) instead of GOD . It becomes hard work rather than pure joy and honour.

  6. Jocko should have on Tuskegee Airmen Charles McGee. The centenarian flew over 400 combat missions between WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. He must have plenty of great stories and wisom to share.

  7. I have a question Jocko, do you concealed carry every day and if you do what do you carry everyday? What does your every day carry look like?

  8. Hi Jocko & Echo,
    i just want to say thank you for this episode, i did initially write a whole paragraph on it, however i think a simple thanks will suffice, but i will say that you guys are doing a grand job & your advice has been really constructive, the way you suggested how to tackle the ego in the work place was brilliant, life is easy it's people that make it harder, so i appreciate your advise in this grand world of chess playing.
    Again thanks guys & looking forward to the next episode.

  9. Jocko at 1:20:14–1:23:33

    I don't find discipline
    Discipline finds me
    Discipline is freedom
    The truth will set you free

  10. Lived a lie of a life for ever to feel better about my pathetic nature/lifestyle etc. It was a rough set of years to tell myself the truth more and more to have a honest perspective on where I was in life, very depressing etc. Was worth the pain because I know I am a honest person now.

  11. How do you feel about whats going on with your President Trump etc.Well does it change feelings towards your missions.If they just do some to take off media and so on somebody else,,You see,but nobody speaks..You think your President Trump is a leader ore what??You dont need to tell me ,,

  12. And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free…#holy scriptures has prescription for everything

  13. Thank you Jocko.

    I tell people that even though things happen outside of your control. You need to own how you handle it.

    I get so much shit for it. People in my life give me so much hell for saying. "You need to handle your feelings as best you can. And you don't get to blame someone else for feeling the way you do. Life happens… And it it will seem random… Respect Life and be the best you can be."

    Get some.

  14. So since Trump has a magic wand and can deem a surgery that put you on the shelf as disabled never basically happened and it was never permanent, can you waive it to sign an expungement so the then 40 year old can reenlist to go to a war zone? Why not? Oh it's the money.

  15. Hi Jocko, In fourth grade the school had a Fitness Test. I was the weakest kid at 0 pullups, 10(bad) push ups and 12 minutes for a mile run. Now I am 16 years old, (Can do a 1 arm chin up) 23 pullups, 68 push ups, 6 minute for a mile run and I have an upcoming 100 mile cycling competition. I'm starting a small business with my brother. Thank you for all that you have taught us and for inspiring us!(Love your books) Again thank you!

  16. Jocko and Echo great advice on how to put ego aside and work hard and take responsibility for success in the real world

  17. Guys looking ready to wear a hat backwards

    Subbed and liked the video. It’s confrontational because it’s something we all work to improve upon. Can’t worry about anonther mans worries unless he’s needing your help.

  18. Does anyone else listen to his podcasts on a system with a big sub? The <60 Hz content is way too hot. High pass filter please!

  19. Truth is, whenever I start slowing down in my personal goals, I listen to a little jocko and echo, and ist amazing how I find time to make the good calls, and put the effort in that corrects my course. Thank you so much guys. Discipline does mean freedom.

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