Improve Posture with 5 Easy Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Improve Posture with 5 Easy Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s dr. Jo and Khaleesi
queen of the Iron Throne. today I’m going to show you five exercises for better
posture. so let’s get started. so the first exercise for better posture is a simple chin tuck. and you guys have heard
me talk about chin tucks a lot. I really think they’re the best exercise for neck
pain, posture correction because a lot of times throughout the day we end up
bringing our head forward like this. and so to have better posture, you want to
bring that chin back in. that’s what a chin tuck is. it’s not coming down
tucking in like this, but it’s actually taking your chin and tucking it in where
you end up getting lots of little chins. so what you want to do a lot of times
what I’ll do is just I’ll place my finger on my chin, kind of as a target,
and so I’m gonna leave my finger in one spot and then pull back my chin to get
that chin tuck. just hold it for about 3-5 seconds. doesn’t have to be very long
and then relax. and usually then you’ll have a little bit of space in between
your finger which is shows you’re correcting that posture a little bit. so
it’s a nice way just to kind of see how you’re doing, but you don’t have to. you
just want to you know imagine that your whole head is going back behind you and
that’s a chin tuck where you’re bringing it in. again holding it that three to
five seconds, maybe just do a 5 at a time and you can do these several times
throughout the day. especially if your posture is really bad. especially if you
work on a computer all day and you kind of go forward lean forward like that a
lot. so then the next one is just kind of adding on to the chin tuck. so you’re
gonna go into the chin tuck and while you do the chin tuck, you’re gonna do a
shoulder squeeze or scapular squeeze. and that’s just when you’re taking those
shoulder blades in the back and squeezing them together. so it’s almost
like you want to imagine that my hand’s sitting on your spine and you’re trying
to squeeze my hand with your shoulder blade. so you’re gonna go into the chin
tuck, tuck it in, and then squeeze your shoulder blades back. so see I’m
over-exaggerating that correct posture, but you want to over exaggerate it to
get used to being in that position. so chin tuck in, shoulder squeeze back, hold
it for again three to five seconds, and then relax. so with the shoulder
squeezes, you’re using the muscles to squeeze back you can use your elbows to
kind of guide back there, but you’re squeezing the muscles. you’re not just
pushing them back with your elbows. squeezing back, tucking in that chin,
holding three to five seconds, doing five or ten a couple times throughout the day.
so then again to add on to those to make it a little bit harder, just take a loop
resistive band. this one’s kind of neat when I was having shoulder therapy
several years ago, one of my therapist that I was working with taught me this
move. and it’s it looks easy, but if you’re doing it correctly, it’s actually
pretty hard. so you’re gonna go into the chin tuck, you’re going to go into the
shoulder squeeze, get your shoulder blades back behind you,
elbows are gonna be at your side, and you’re gonna put some tension on that
band. so you’re holding right here. you’re tucked in ,you’re squeezing back, and then
you’re gonna shrug your shoulders and come back down. so now you’re working
those those neck muscles, your levator scapulae, your upper traps, all those kind
of things. so again I’m tucking in my chin, squeezing back, putting tension, and
keeping my elbows by my side, and then coming up, and coming back down. trying to
keep all that together. so again it might look easy, but you have to do all of them
together. so if I do this and I’m not getting that shoulder squeeze, I’m not
doing it correctly. chin tuck, squeeze back, band with resistance, come on up,
come down without bringing that band back in. so again it’s harder than it
looks. I just start off with five or ten doing those a couple times throughout
the day. start off with the lightest loop band that you have. depending on the
brand, the colors are different, so just make sure it either says light or you
know it’s the lightest one because again it’s a lot harder than you think. it
might you might think it’s easy, but if you think it’s easy, you’re probably not
doing it correctly. so the last two are going to be standing with a resistive
band. so for the last two exercises you want to anchor a resistive band either,
you know, on a door or a mysterious person
behind the curtain holding the band. special disclaimer alert, anytime you’re
pulling the band towards you, especially towards your face,
make sure it’s anchored properly or the person that’s holding on is holding on
tight because you don’t want it to come back and smack you in the face.
so make sure it’s anchored before you attempt this at all. we now return you to
your regularly scheduled exercise. so this one, this time you want to wrap it
around so you have to to hold on to. when I’m doing row type motions, I like to
actually stagger my stance. some people will stand like this, but then they tend
to want to lean back and arch their back. you don’t want to do that. you don’t want
to work on one thing and then get something else hurting. so this next one
is going to be to work the lower traps. so this is a nice exercise again to open
up that chest and get that better posture. so you’re gonna kind of get in
that staggered stance. try and keep your your back fairly straight, and you’re
gonna do kind of what you would call a face pull. so you’re coming up, pulling
towards your face, and then you’re bringing the band up, coming back down
and then bringing it back out, but control that motion. so you want to
control the band, don’t go fast. really control it to a slow face pull,
push up, come back to your face, and then let it out. so this is a lot harder than
it looks. so again make sure you’re just starting off with five or ten with the
lightest band that you have, and then do that a couple times throughout the day.
so then the next one is just going to kind of be the other direction. so now
you’re going to come back into a regular row. thumbs kind of up. you’re gonna come
into a row. you’re gonna bring your hands down, kind of opening your palms away
from you, and then slightly pull back behind you. come back in bring them up
and then come back in. so I’m doing it step by step, but now this is the motion.
so row down, out, in, and that way. so again if you’re doing
these correctly, they are a lot harder than they look. so make sure you’re just
starting off with a little bit, and then progressively getting harder. so there
you have it those are five exercises for better posture. if you’d like to help
support my channel, make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to
subscribe, Where? right there miss Queen Khaleesi. and remember be safe, have fun,
and I hope you feel better soon.

21 thoughts on “Improve Posture with 5 Easy Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. "…taking your chin and tucking it in, where you end up getting lots of little chins." Best thing I've heard in a long time. Lol.

  2. Iβ€˜ve forward head , posterior pelvic tilt and uneven hips and lβ€˜m suffering each day and Iβ€˜m 33..hope those exs will help thx a lot

  3. Hello doctor I am 22 years old I have right knee crepitus Everytime on standing during squatting since 2 years.
    There is know any pain, x-ray show no sign of arthritis or any other problem. It began after reduction of swollen leg at that time without any remembered cause of knee swelling and there were no hyperuricaemia, rheumatic disease then and now during lab test. All joint have no any problem.
    Except big irritating noise I am healthy I can perform exercise like jumping, running
    So what can be the reason and what can I do to correct it??

  4. Hello doc.. Had written to you a long time ago regarding tear in ACL. It's not before March(admission session is already over) that I will be able to join swimming classes. Could you please suggest some exercise as I have gained a lot of weight. Much help needed…

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