I Hate Ab Workouts (5 REASONS NOT TO!)

I Hate Ab Workouts (5 REASONS NOT TO!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So maybe you’re one of the guys out there
watching Washboard Wednesdays that hates training their Abs. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of you out
there and there’s a couple reasons why. Either you don’t like the way it feels when
you train your Abs, the burn that you get is just so unpleasant that you try to avoid
it at all costs, or more likely you’re one of the guys that
says, Look I’ve got a distinct amount of time that I’ve got available to train each day
and that’s all I’ve got. And if I’m going to do it, I’m going my spend
my time getting more bang for my buck. I’m going to work on my entire body and let
the Abs kind of fall where they may. You don’t have to make that decision, you
aren’t forced to make that choice. Because I’m going to show you 5 ways that
even guys that hate training their Abs can start training them starting today. Ok kicking off this list at Number 5 is Staggered
Ab Training. This is really really easy to do because if
you think about what it is that you do between your sets, you realize, Wow, what a great opportunity you have to
do something that you haven’t been doing and that is your Abs. You could take any exercise, any workout right
here I’m demonstrating a Squat. I finish up a set of Squats and as miserable as it may
seem, I go over here and I do have my rest period
to grab onto a bar and do some lower Ab work. Now my Abs are very rested here, yes they’re
engaged into a Squat but not to the extent that you’re going to be working them here. So they’re not pre fatigued. You can go bang
out your set here, take a little extra time, get back into your Squats again. If you’re training heavy anyway, you’re going
to want to take a little bit of extra time between your sets as it is. So why don’t you take at least one of those
two to three minutes you might be hanging out in between your strength sets and do a
set of Ab work. Number 4 is something we can incorporate into
our Conditioning work and a lot of people now have found the value and finally tapped into the value of Carries
as a great way of doing Conditioning. So you can do unweighted, unbalanced Carries
and get a great 1-2 combo here. You’re getting your Conditioning effect but
at the same time you’re really getting a heavy dose of Ab and Core Stability, really that Lateral pillar strength because
you’re unweighting one side relative to the other. Maybe 20 pounds on one side, 80 pounds on
the other. Or even higher obviously, if you can handle it. And work on working on your Conditioning at
the same time that you’re getting your Ab work in. There’s no excuse and no reason why you can’t
make this small little tweak to your Farmer Carries to get that much more bang for your
buck when it comes to your Abs. Number 3 and the next obvious place to go
is to make your Ab training a little bit more fun. And we can do that with Explosive Ab training. Generally the Explosive Ab movements, like
a Medicine Ball Throw here or like these Medicine Ball Slams, side to side, these are generally more interactive fun exercises. You become more of a participant in them.
They don’t feel as boring and mundane as maybe just sitting there and doing Crunches. So if you can trick yourself into actually
having fun, which is very easy to do with these Explosive exercises, incorporating them into your routine for at
least even a few extra sets each week shouldn’t be all that hard and it’s a great way for you to kind of sneak
in a little bit more Ab work. Talking about sneaking in some Ab work, a
lot of what we do in the gym can actually instantly be turned into more Ab focused training
just by changing the position of our body in space. You see our legs are really really responsible
for providing stability and support from below. But if we actually take them out of the equation,
we can get a lot more work done by the next link up in that chain, which is our Core and our Abs, for adding
that stability and becoming a lot more involved in what we do. So I’ll do basically in overhead work, any
overhead work will engage our Core because we’re causing more disturbance up above that
requires more stability down below. And again if we’ve taken the legs out of it,
we can actually get that from our Core. We could do it here, just by sitting on the
ground with our legs out in front of us and doing our Shoulder Presses that way. As opposed to having to always having to do
them standing. You can see my Core is much more active this
way. I’m still just doing this as part of my Shoulder work but I’m getting my Abs to
be more involved. Sort of in a way that we never even thought
we would. And we can even take it a little step further
than that, jump up on a pullup bar. You guys know how I’ve talked about many times,
the pullup bar and just hanging in general, is a great way to instantly engage the Abs. Our arms are overhead, once again all the
work is being done overhead so there’s even more work being done by the Core. But we can add to it by changing the positioning
of our legs in space. Instead of hooking your feet together and
bending your knees back, try to just get your legs lifted out in front of you just a little
bit. That little bit will engage your Abs even
a little bit more, and again, not any real added expense to what you were doing in the
first place. You’re still doing your pull ups, you’re still
training your back but at the same time now you’re incorporating just a little bit more
Core to what you’re doing. And finally sort of what we’re known for here
for ATHLEANX, it’s called Integrated Ab training. And that’s what we talk about putting the
Core at the Core of everything you do. There’s no such thing as a non Core exercise
here in ATHLEANX. We can get your Core to work in every single
exercise if you know what you’re doing. And as a Physical Therapist, my role here
is to make sure that we are letting the Core do it’s job. Because the Core is so responsible for your
stability no matter what exercise you are doing. Here’s just a couple examples, we can take
a Cable Crossover that’s certainly targeting our Chest, but incorporate it in such a way,
we call it a 3D Crossover, where we get our Core actively involved here.
We get a lot of work from both our Obliques and our Abs. And the same thing can be said here with Shoulder
training. Just by doing a Landmine Twist, we get this first half of the exercises, which
is very, again combining two elements here, very explosive
and then again working on sort of integrating our Abs with our eventual overhead Shoulder
Press. So I can work on combining movements, and
really that’s what it’s all about here. When you’re trying to train like an Athlete,
you never really move in isolation. You combine muscle groups that are meant to
work together, you let them work together. And we have a whole program that does that
guys. Our ATHLEANX Program literally lays out for
you, step by step, day by day, exercise by exercise, how to get your Core back at the
Core of everything you do. Because it’s so important for how eventually
you will function. Not necessarily if you have to be an Athlete,
but if you want to look like one, you’re going to have to start doing it. Guys if you want to start following a Program
like that, head to ATHLEANX.COM and get our ATHLEANX Training System. In the meantime, if you’re one of those guys
that hates training Abs, I just gave you 5 reasons why you can’t use that excuse any
more. Leave your comments and thumbs up below and
let me know what else you want to see here, Washboard Wednesday, once a week, and I’ll do my best to cover what it is you
want to see in these future videos. Alright guys, I’ll see you again soon.

65 thoughts on “I Hate Ab Workouts (5 REASONS NOT TO!)

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    P.S. Great video!

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