4 thoughts on “HSN | ProForm Fitness 02.11.2018 – 02 AM

  1. Love this machine.>>>t.co/YyLRDLf45p Professional grade. Instead of going to the gym to work out, I can now get the same workout in my own house. It was a great value for the money. I can't comment on other machines, but all I have is good remarks on this one. I'm very happy I made the purchase. One thing to note is that the machine is very heavy, around 300 pounds, its an industrial grade equipment. So its not a toy, but be aware of the weight should you want to move it.

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with HSN. i can't stand the sales reps and the over exaggeration of how great EVERY SINGLE product is OMG!!! However, if u want to know about a product they’ll give u every little detail. After watching HSN reviews I feel like I can sale the product myself 😂

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