How to workout smarter for better results How to workout smarter for better results


  1. Hey my friends!! I’m super excited to share workout tips this year to help you along your training! If there’s anything you’d like me to cover then please let me know!! All my love and enjoy the rest of the weekend! ❤️xx

  2. The first tip is so important and I can relate to your previous thoughts so much. When I started working out, I was so afraid of leg day, because it just felt like dying. After a leg day, I could not walk for days and always made excuses for the next workout until I had pushed it back so far, that my guilt let me workout even harder.

    It is so important to have a positive attitude towards training. The gym is not a chamber of torture. I always had these proverbs in my head like "No pain, no gain!" or "Torment your body, otherwise it torments you!". It took me such a long time to realize, that training smart trumps training hard.

  3. Natacha! Great tips. Thanks for another informative video 😊
    My bands will be delivered soon, one of my goals this year is to work on pull ups – excited to achieve this with your bands 😊 lots of love from Australia!

  4. I love what a sweet, positive and genuine person you are. I have watched all of your videos. Keep doing you, Natacha! 💘💪👊💕

  5. I came across your channel yesterday, and I've seen a few of your videos and I have to say I find you very inspiring, its people like you that make me grateful that their is a platform like youtube where amazing individual can share their stories, tips, and in general give great advice.

  6. I so admire your message about food & finding a balance with nutrient dense foods and cravings !! So awesome that you’re putting out good information as the fitness industry often views nutrition as quite restrictive

  7. I found this video so informative and so helpful! Sent this in a link to a friend who’s starting her fitness journey and she was so grateful❤️ I learned something new as an experienced athlete and she learned even more as a beginner. So great! You’re great!

  8. Ah yes, I’ve had several arguments with my bf lately bc he doesn’t understand why I get upset when he starts languidly talking to me in the middle of supersets. He just lifts some weights and takes nice long breaks. Doesn’t get it 🙄

  9. Just a question, but what do you think of working out in the morning before eating breakfast, and then refuling after a workout?

  10. i genuinely love watching your videos. such valuable info that will definitely help me with my fitness journey!❤️

  11. Can you do a fitness experiment with a sauna or steam room for a week? I really want to know the benefits of them! Thank you 🙂

  12. This was NOT the video I was expecting. I was expecting to come away from this thinking "I am not working hard enough" and that's just not the case. Alright then. Always hitting me with the reality checks, friend!!!! Ty

  13. Kind of random… But do you know when you will be having a restock as i really want to improve this year but the mint blue long resistance band is sold out and that's the one i wanted to lair with the home guide.

  14. You provided some really great key terms that will resonate with individuals who are becoming more and more aware of the concepts we must also master as we pursue this new training lifestyle and mindset.
    The key terms I really tuned into were respect, productive, and distraction.

    Too often we think that we have ish down when really, we have NO idea. You helped all of us self-reflect on what it is that we are calling "training" with this insightful content.
    You're superwoman♡

  15. I’m actually obsessed with your videos, you’ve made me realise gym isn’t all about just weights and just cardio but instead different circuits, techniques and different types of trainings! I’ve started to change up my routine and try some of yours out and I enjoy it so much! ❤️

  16. just what I needed!!!! been struggling from overtraining and wasting time with not seeing any results, plus getting scared with losing results from rest, thank you for easing my mind and stress thank you thank you! don't stop making these videos, I just found you!

  17. One of those few YouTubers who notice others and reply to their comments☺️♥️
    Just subscribed to your channel^^

  18. I just love how you make fitness such a pleasurable thing to be excited for. Nothing crazy and no: Add a 150g of carbs and start training 15 minutes after getting up.😅
    Your videos make me so crazy happy!

  19. I'm really interested in a video or comment about a (true) beginner body weight workout for someone who is obese. How often during a week? Something simple and repeatable. Thank you!! Your workouts look so fun and I can't wait to be smaller and stronger so I can do them.

  20. Ughh wish i could get your training guide but the exchange rate makes it really expensive for a uni student like me in Malaysia 😭😭i'll just continue watching your youtube videos for little bits of tips!

  21. Do you have any tips for the underbutt/saddle bag area? I workout all the time and I am a small person but I can not seem to get rid of the fat in these areas! Love watching your vids!

  22. I just popped here cause i watch u allot.
    I like your training sessions allot they are so diverse and fun!
    I also like the fact that u are so real, and have a bad ass body.
    Keep going like this! Wish u best of luck xxxx <3

  23. Girl, these are such great tips. Thank you! I need to get back on the grind. Been really lazy since the holidays started :<

  24. While you were increasing your calorie intake, about how many calories per week did you increase? I know it takes a long time so I was wondering about how many 🙂

  25. Natacha! Thank u so much for this video! U r such wonderful person! U r the best youtuber ever ❤ Greetings from Poland ❤

  26. Natacha, how do you know when to increase your calories? I have watched your videos about increasing your metabolism, but what do you do once you hit your maintenance calories? Are there certain signals your body gives you that lead you to eat more? I would love a video about this. (Maybe you have already made one, and I just have not found it yet) 🙂

  27. So the way I do is MWF I do workouts like move and then TTS I do workout style like bbg. Would you say the days I do move are the days that I train hard?

  28. 1. Train more intensely : by training intensely less often
    2. Be conscious of when youre being distracted
    3. When you want to create a change, start small
    4. Follow a flexible plan
    5. Fuel your training

  29. I like that you didn’t call mistakes dumb or something negative, but instead for what it is : “unsmart” 😁. Cuz smart is what we wanna strive for!!

  30. Amazing video!! U actually fell this after a considerable time experiencing training, u do not want to lose time at the gym anymore, you want to go there, do what you have to do and go home with that amazing felling – specially on these 2 days that you work really hard! Great video Natacha, thanks for sharing

  31. I just noticed that you always wear earphones right? Is it music or is it an app with a voice over on the cardio workouts you do? If yes. What app is it ^^

  32. Thanks for posting
    1. Don’t train intensely for more than once or twice a week.
    2. Be conscious of distractions!! Stay focused to avoid injury and maximize workouts.
    3. Start small. Don’t get overwhelmed- keep it manageable!
    4. Make a plan! (Training)
    5. Fuel your body

  33. THANK YOU so much for all your videos. They are all so informative and helpful but also so entertaining to watch. I think my biggest problem is number one and the part of resting. I'll take your advice because I really want to achieve my goals without exhausting my body to a really bad point. Again, thank you so much, I'm always looking forward to seeing your videos! 🏋🏼‍♀️ 💗💗💗

  34. YouTube is reading my mind. I was at the gym today thinking how can I make my training more efficient and smarter and this has now come up on my recommendations. This video is what I was looking for ☺️

  35. I freakin love you Natacha! YOURE SO FUNNY and so real, im learning a lot here and can relate to what youre talking about. <3

  36. I feel like you’re so much more comfortable in front of the camera now! Just little things had me chuckling 😂😂

  37. Thank you so much for this video! You give such good advice. Love you so much Natacha! You give me tools to reach my goals 💜

  38. Yes, THANKYOU! I totally agree with you on the "start small" thing! I once tried to return to intermittent fasting, start a completely new workout plan, do a 30 day running challenge, stop drinking everything besides water and plain tea, and doing yoga every morning all on the same day/week
    Needless to say, it did not work out hahaha
    But whenever I start tackling new goals one at a time, I usually stick with it and find it much easier to balance

  39. hey you, whats the best way to correct muscleimbalances, for example, if the left butt and legs are much weaker and have less muscletone? and how much to train the right leg, when the left one starts to get bigger? 😀 <3

  40. I have to say…HIIIIIGH FIIIVE! thats maximum rate over thumbs up! I've been following you for couple of weeks only, yet i fall in love with YOUR energy, you give smart and clear advices with a touch of humour.
    I feel very connected to your background and experiences.
    I study to become a PT so you are very inspiring on your way to pass informations!
    Clap clap girl! Love it xx smash it xx

  41. Hello
    I have a workout plan (push pull) that I like to do three days a week. I have buddies that are on a different plan that involves more cardio! I’m a social person and love to workout with friends so lately I have been doing my workout at home in the afternoons (2-3times a week) and working out with them in the am (3-4times a week). I don’t feel like I’m over exerting myself. My goal is to lose the 30lbs I have gained over the last three years. Your thoughts?

  42. The first tip literally blew my mind and will definitely change my training style. Just one week ago I got my second injury of the year (now achilles tendon, in September my knee) and I'm so sad about it! Before I never had any problems! However, reflecting on my training sessions throughout a week, I would aim for a 90-110% literally 5-6 days a week and never giving my body a full day to recover. I thought that that was the only way to achieve my goals but you're totally right, the rehabilitation part is so freaking important. Super annoyed that the coming weeks/months I have to build everything up again but due to this I'm more motivated to create a healthy balance within my training schedule! x

  43. The 5th one is hardest for me cuz I think I spend a lot of energy during working sessions but I just don't have appetite and eat about 1,600 calories a day approximately, while I think it should be more… Any advice or opinions?

  44. Hey, Could u do a video on how to train more efficiently in terms of the actual workout. there's an LA trainer who is famous for training ppl and knowing how to make every single exercise more effective by a slight movement. If you have any tips, that would be great

  45. I really like your videos! This video was what I needed to hear! Especially the advice for the tired days! We just don't need to push ourselves so intensely when we are tired. Thanks for this encouraging video! I can relate to so much of what you speak of! Thanks 😀

  46. Thank you so much for this video. Just needed to hear this to make me feel more relaxed. I always have the feeling I need to give everything, to push myself. That stressed me already before I went to bed and went on when I got up. It scared me. But now I think I can see it from a different point of view. Thank you so much. 🥰

  47. Hi Natacha!
    Do you think light weight (or maybe bodyweight only) with high reps in a circuit training fashion is the way to go if i want to get slim and toned? (think models, kayla itsines, etc). Thanks!

  48. TIP NUMERO UNO IS SO TRUE. It feels like most influencers only show the intense workouts and this can cause overtraining fairly easily, which sets you back in the long run. Thank for preaching the truth!

  49. Lovely video. Great tips. I usually am hard on myself when I skip a workout. (I've made a schedule to work out before I get ready for work; however, sometimes I go to bed too late).

  50. As much as I enjoy working out I walk in the gym alone I don’t do well with partners , I want to get there get my workout and leave , so I don’t talk to anyone or take pics or selfies I go workout and out .

  51. Glad I watched this. I did a mega workout and I have been so sore and only stretching and walking the last few days. I felt so down that I was taking ages to recover but I guess it's normal! Thanks.

  52. I'm starting off with just eating healthy and doing some type of exercise everyday. I can't go to the gym in the week cuz of school but i will on the weekend

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