How To Pull The Engine – Part 1 of 12 (BRZ, FR-S, 86)

How To Pull The Engine – Part 1 of 12 (BRZ, FR-S, 86)

hello and welcome back to Speed Freak
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so there’s two things we need to address before we begin tearing this engine out
number one is the echo we currently have a six second reverberation and it’s
gonna get fixed next week so please don’t bail on me okay I’m gonna put up a
curtain that is made for like theater stages in the center of the garage and
it’ll cut the echo in half now to give you an idea that’ll be a three-second
reverberation the typical living room has a 1.5 second reverberation so it it
won’t be very noticeable and if it’s still bad I’m gonna put a bunch of stuff
up on the ceiling to help out but you know bear with me please now the other
thing we need to address the giant red elephant in the room which is for the
last 11 years pretty sure I started this YouTube
channel in 2007 maybe later a lot of my old videos got
deleted for music copyrights but I have been focused on showing you a realistic
repair process or upgrade process without the use of all this specialty
equipment and especially without the use of a lift so I’m a hypocrite I get it
okay I’m not I’m not a tool you know I I am a hypocrite I have a lift even though
I spent the last 11 years bashing people with a lift
that make these jobs look too easy but the GoPro is still here and my hands are
still here and my very limited mechanical knowledge my hand tools
hopefully an electric impact next year but
you know it’ll be a little easier with the lift yes but it’s not gonna be like
all those people who are you know a five-minute video for an entire engine
swap you know what I mean it’s still gonna be hours and hours and hours of
detailed video with very little editing and lots of cussing and screaming and
yelling so please don’t bail on me please stay tuned okay because we have a
lot of important work to do especially with getting this engine out it’s gonna
be a lot bigger job than I thought just standing here looking at it it’s gonna
be a fucking nightmare but anyway please please please please stay tuned and let’s get started on our engine swap so
the first thing we need to do is get the car on the lift now there’s a little
problem with that and that this car is so low that the lift arm doesn’t really
clear so you can see there’s not even a finger space when you start lifting this
pad starts trying to crush the quarter so we actually have to get a jack and
get the car lifted with the jack and then and then we can put the lift on it
which is so frustrating I have some boards but I put the boards in the wrong
place earlier so kind of yeah you have to do it the hard way question is how technically the lift should be back here
damn okay try this a different way and again I apologize for the echo it
will be fixed next week I promise if not I’m gonna be really pissed at the
company that’s been promising to ship this curtain for a month now okay that
should give us enough lift that I can spin up this first stage here on them on
the left almost almost I want that whole stage up
to keep it off the arm I’m just gonna put it right here where you would put a
pinch weld Jack hey I got a lift and I’m still using a floor jack okay we’re
gonna bring it down easy hey now the problem with that is the
car’s not gonna be level it’ll be leaning forward a little bit on the lift
well maybe not let’s see the big one first needle grease these it looks like wait see I’m still an idiot guys just
cuz I have a lift doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing it’s a really important
life lesson right there all right I think we’ll be okay that pinch while it’s completely
collapsed same thing we want to be level bring her down gently
oh that was my Jenna that was my bad I seem he really want that large leveler
oh so that’s afraid of this sounds a little twisted okay that’s it oh shit I feel smart yeah sound curtains gonna
go right here you can see the track on the ceiling should have been here a week
ago I’m pretty pissed cuz this job needs to get started okay
all right so now yeah that pinch well it’s completely
collapsed okay so the first thing is to drain our fluids we need to drain our
oil transmission oil I’m gonna I want to take the engine and transmission out as
one unit but I don’t know if that’s possible this engine looks like it’s
supposed to come out the top but if the transmissions in the way then I don’t
know I mean it looks like it just comes straight out the top it looks like
there’s plenty of room for that the turbo kit I’m gonna try and take it out
with the turbo attached cuz I think it would be a complete pain in the ass to
have to take the whole turbo back apart I want to sell it as one unit I’m going
to take the engine out I’m gonna have my friend borescope it and see if we can
find out what’s wrong and then the engine and the transmission in the turbo
kit will all be sold as one unit you know local pickup I ain’t fucking
shipping it but anyway so the first thing we need to do is just drain our
fluids which isn’t hard with a cheater lift because I’m a hypocrite okay we’re gonna set it down on the
locks okay so I’m only doing this high because I don’t want the oil and shit
splashing everywhere obviously right cuz I you guys know me well enough to know
that I have wait what I’m doing I have issues with oil changes always have a problem with oil the oil
change in this car I don’t know why it’s always got a splash everywhere and make
a big fucking mess but it does and I just changed the oil like a month ago so
that’s a lot that’s a hundred dollar oil change going to waste okay the filter
I’m just gonna leave in there but we got to get the well no cuz it might not put
that there there it is nice brand-new oil filter real nice I need to pull this work
toolbox closer okay what the fuck these casters like lock
themselves driving me nuts okay not sure what to do with that just
yeah just yet okay so if I remember right it’s a 14
because I changed it to like a motorcycle style yep 14 okay now the hard part is getting
getting it out without getting completely covered in oil okay here we go my recording yep okay uh haha
that’s like the first time I’ve ever done that without making a big fucking
mess wonder if there’s any metal shavings in
there well I would say just the fact that it’s pitch black after being
changed maybe two or three hundred miles ago
we definitely indicate something’s wrong wonderful fucking waste of oil real nice guess I should let it drain
and up next is a transmission oil which smells just god-awful and that’s also pretty fresh since I
changed my clutch not too long ago oh I gotta take that shield down for that
that’ll have to be a little later what is all that is that just Oh that’s oil what the hell oh it’s coming
from coming from the driveshaft what is the
rear seal on the transmission fucked up sure as hell looks like it it’s
splattered all over the tunnel and then well but that lowers the value of the
unit a little bit great okay what am i doing so yeah my only concern is when
the curtain is on the other side of these you know the curtains got a block
for the light fixtures I’m not sure how that’s gonna turn out might have to put
some lights on the floor facing up towards the car but so our goal here is
just to get man that’s not draining I thought that normally drains and the
engine could be in a way worse shape than I realized
that’s water from the carwash now I hope this engine comes out easy but it sure
as hell doesn’t look like it’s gonna play nice so much mark
fuck stick that in there for now I’m gonna cover this up cuz it doesn’t seem
like it’s draining very fast I mean it’s got a drain drain like you know the less
oil the cleaner this job will be so and I guess oh oh yeah
3d printer speed freak garage still got a long way to go as you can see I got
trash and stuff that needs to be thrown out and all three of my vehicles don’t
run right now so I mean the Yukon blows coolant all over the place so I have to
put a gallon of coolant in it just to get to work every week so that car
doesn’t run this car doesn’t run whoo what is where did my cap go for this
what the fuck so disappointing give you guys a quick
little look around on our off-road Rally Porsche 944 project is it doesn’t look
like it but it’s closer to being done than that car which is sad because this
also needs the engine and I know this engine has to go out through the bottom
and this isn’t even attached and this is missing a transmission or I should say
trans axle would be the correct term for that missing a gas tank because all the
tubes are cracked and leaking fumes the garage doesn’t have an air compressor
yet no power tools yet we’re getting there slowly all none of the shit on my
my workbenches bolts it down or put together yet but it’s got drill press got a bolts down gotta bolt this down get in there get in there that first-aid
kit in two fire extinguishers cuz I know my friends very well hmm wait wait wait
wait wait wait I need to actually need to screw that back onto the engine
because uh otherwise shit I’ll get in that hole okay and I think that’s it for
today I apologize there’s really nothing I could do without some common well I
need to get to oil all the way out and I need some consultation from my mechanic
friends because we need to decide if the engines going out the top or out the
bottom and if the transmissions gonna go with it and I would like to at least
borrow some electric impact since I can’t really buy any right now and even
if I did buy them they wouldn’t be here in time for the winter break and the
rain it just won’t stop raining it’s ruining all my fresh dirt out there so disappointed in this car anyway so in
a month or two I will have a turbo kit an engine and a transmission the engine
and transmission both of which needs some TLC for sale local pickup only
don’t know what the price will be depending on how badly the engines
damaged when we borescope it if it’s a broken valve spring I am going to be
fucking livid because those are on recall but you can’t recall a modified
car which is hypocritical because a broken valve springs a broken valve
spring but we’ll see so there’s three possible plans and if you’ve made made
it through the video this far you must be super fucking bored but there are
three plans of action to take so this engine is going away this engine is an
over complicated fucking nightmare it has so much electronic shit on it and so
much complicated just direct and port ejection dual overhead cams but there’s
four cams because the engine is basically flat so there’s three options
option number one is an LC nine which is an LS one aluminum block truck motor
actually four options option two is an iron block LS one with a turbo option
three is a twin-turbo 2jz GTE option four is electric now electric would be
freakin awesome but it’s also – two times as expensive after you put the
batteries in the actual conversion isn’t the problem it’s the batteries because
the conversion would be in the back of the car and all the batteries would
probably just be right here and you would balance the battery weight with
the conversion weight and you probably only have maybe
thirty or forty miles that you could go on a charge but they would be the
fastest miles of your life and we’re talking like one thousand foot-pounds of
torque so I don’t know I don’t know none of that’s gonna happen until I can get
this sold and I think I’m gonna finish the Porsche first because the Porsche is
only going to cost about 1/4 of the money to finish as this will so I can
finish the Porsche make it my daily driver and then take my time and do this
job right I don’t know anyway I love all you guys thank you for watching please
bear with me while we’re dealing with all these problems and trying to get
everything straightened out for the future so make sure you subscribe and
stay tuned for next time on speed freak garage home of power sports on YouTube
good night guys beautiful stars I’m gonna drive a faster
car nothing can break me no no nothing can break

13 thoughts on “How To Pull The Engine – Part 1 of 12 (BRZ, FR-S, 86)

  1. Cool video! I just helpd pull a BRZ engine, tear it down to the block and replaced the block and cam shafts then built it back up and put it back in the car. Everything worked! I did it at the Subaru dealership I work at

  2. I like the cussing,screaming, and yelling because that’s the life of working on cars none of this fast and the furious crap where the actors take a burnt up Supra and restore it about a week in a half I believe that’s bullshit

  3. Nice videos man I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and they are a great guide on everything frz related I hope you keep up the great work man

  4. no offense, but you spent 3 minutes explaining the echo and how it's going to go away because you're hanging a curtain to cut it down in half to match the typical living room reverberation . People aren't here for a Movie Theater sound quality experience, your sound quality is already 1000% better than most videos on youtube. Just get on with it already lol. The time it takes you to hang the curtain you could have half the motor out.

    PS: i know its already done, but its not all that bad. Nice garage too 😉

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