How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat in 20 Days

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat in 20 Days

Life goes by fast. Let’s slow down We got older where did it go now? Back in time when all we had was you and me Hi guys my name is Emi and welcome to stay fit and travel Today we’re going to talk about how to lose the stubborn belly fat that a lot of you Ask why it never seems to go away even though You’ve been trying to eat healthier and work out regularly so the question is are you eating the right food and doing the right exercises? For example you’ve been working really hard and doing sit-up and crunches every day But you’re frustrated that your belly is not getting any smaller it’s because these exercises are not actually burning your belly fat these ab exercises make your Abdominal muscles stronger and bigger, so yes, you’re getting ab. But you’re not burning the fat layered SS On tops covering your abs, so if your workout routine is doing sit-ups every day hoping to get rid of the muffin tops It’s not going to happen and you need to change things up. How you ask? So let’s talk about diet what other food that you should eat less and what other food that you can need to actually help you Burn fat eat less food that has trans fat and high sugar which are two of the main contributors to belly fat Also watch how much crops you eat while your body does need carbs for energy and muscle building If you eat way more than need it your body will stop the carbs. It doesn’t need less fat This doesn’t only go from food what you drink is as important as what you eat and tsukuri drinks will also lead to Significant increase in belly fat and don’t forget that alcohol can also make you gain belly fat, studies linked heavy alcohol consumption will significantly increased risk of central obesity that is excess fat storage around the waist so cutting down alcohol will Definitely help you reduce the waist size so what food and drinks help you lose the belly fat Your diet should be high in soluble fiber and protein Research shows soluble fiber promotes weight loss by helping you feel full so you naturally eat less Studies found that for adults who increased their soluble fiber intake in their diet their belly fat gain decreased by three to four percent over a five-year period Protein is also extremely important when it comes to weight control because protein has a higher thermic effect than other food Meaning a body burns more energy processing proteins than it does processing carbs and fat That’s why high protein diets work great at burning a belly fat It also increases the release of hormones Which decrease your appetite and make you feel more for high protein intake also Increases your metabolic rate and help to retain muscle mass during weight loss many Observational studies show that people who eat more protein tend to have less Abdominal fat than those who eat a lower protein diet as for drinks normally I just stick to water and green tea,
green tea is low in calories and rich in Antioxidants it actually promotes a breakdown of fat cells and boosts metabolism Which is why I love it another great diet that I recently tried is intermittent fasting Which really helps to burn the stubborn belly fat it allows the body to burn more fat during the fasts and also increases our metabolic rate by 3 to 14 percent explain this in more details in my 10 days intermittent fasting video And I also film what I ate every day. I’ll link the video up here Next let’s talk about the most effective workouts when it comes to reducing belly fat now surprisingly the first one is cardio HIIT Which is high-intensity interval training is an extremely popular option Which is also my favorite as you probably can tell from all the HIIT workout videos on my channel Basically it helps you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time Many of us don’t have all day to workout in the gym, so when it comes to belly fat We have to focus on intense workouts to burn the calories and the best thing about HIIT is so absurd burn which keeps your body working and burning calories and fat even after you finish your workout There are also other great cardio options for example running spinning swimming that can help you burn up to 600 calories per hour and of course the more intense and the faster you go the more fat you burn off apart from cardio Resistant and weight training is equally important for belly fat loss a study in overweight teenagers actually Shows that a combination of strength training and cardio Exercises leads to the greatest decrease in fat percentage and as you increase your muscle mass your body burn more fat more effectively when it comes to ab Exercises there’s one type that will especially help you get a smaller waist and that is the ones that train your transverse ABS Transverse ABS are the most (___?) muscle that work like a rubberband and pull your belly in together I talked about this in more details in my smaller waist workout video, which I’ll link up here What else can you do apart from workouts and diet? Get enough sleep It will take your heart working eating and working out to the next level pork belly’s at last Studies show that people who sleep less than five hours per night tend to gain more weight in belly fat Comparing to those who sleep seven hours or more per night your sleep will affect two specific hormones that help keep your energy steady Control your appetite and your feelings of hunger if you fail to get enough sleep your hormones will increase your appetite and hunger Causing you to eat more so having seven to eight hours Quality sleep at night actually helps avoid emotional eating and cravings, which will help make your belly fat lost much easier And that’s pretty much it for this video And it’s getting darker here as you can see Give this video a thumbs up if you find these tips helpful to you. Don’t forget to comment subscribe and share I’ll see you next week Hi Guys hi Guys hi guys

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  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. Umm…well…my parents dont buy that much healthy food…so what am I supposed to do?! This is why I'm fat ok! ??

  3. Im too lazy for exercise. Lol. But i did lost 15kg in just 3months on my proper diet. If your in doubt you can check me out.

  4. Umm… Let's face it i am too lazy to work out I love eating junk food and I like to stay up and watch YouTube

    IM A PIG

  5. I was just looking for this. I am very satisfied with this presentation. Thanks for this great informative video.

  6. Have you guys ever just say you'd work out at the start of summer but now you have school in a few weeks so you start trying to maintain being thicc but healthy?

    Oh just my fatass then?

  7. it’s too hard. i cry every single day and night because i’m fat. i just wanna lose weight & prove everyone wrong?

  8. I don’t know how I’m supposed to eat healthy when my mum works late and mostly buys take out and barely buys shit to cook with lol. I don’t want to use my money

  9. Im here because Im not fat….but my belly is….well BIG because everything I eat stays there and I looks pregnant ._.

  10. lose belly fat: eat less, no snacks, miss a meal here and there, try a work out, reduce bread and pasta and no cakes, fast food and junk food.

  11. One of the reasons why people gain lots of fat too is eating food at a late time. Some people actually do have dinner at really late timings like 11pm or 1am, which makes it easier to gain weight.

  12. I was always was the one kid in my family that ate too much because I had big appetite. My weight was 50 at 11 years old (it was right before my bday) but that because I was 152cm Now I hit puberty and my appetite was much much or should I say very small and I lost 2kg and my weight is 48 now and it's normal my height is 156cm

    I'm the tallest girl in class

  13. Tbh I've got a pretty good diet and I do dead lifts with kettlebells at home, plus 80 crunches everyday, and I've seen a change but it's gradual

  14. For the most part everything she said I was like okay yeah I do that and then she started talking about sleeping….oops ???


  16. Plz I need inspiration! I don’t like my body right now

    1 like: cut out junk food
    1 comment: go outside 1 hour per day/ peloton bike and treadmill 30 min each!

  17. Me a chubb-e-ish pre teen "Maybe if I do this I can be pretty like the other girls with flat stomachs." This is what I think when I find videos like this, Im not blaming the content makers this is helping people who have low-self ecsteem and people who dont, but every time I try one of these it never works. Maybe Im just made to have a 'Muffin Top' as you say.

  18. So this isn’t abt the vid but I need advice. So I asked my friend if I can stay with her but she lives with her boyfriend and I couldn’t anyway cause my mom said no. No big deal. My mom went somewhere with my aunt and told my aunt that I tried to stay with my friend at her boyfriends house and suddenly (I’m close with my cousins btw) one of my cousins call me and say did u try to stay with *the boyfriends name*. I said yeah cause my guy cousin wouldn’t care whatever I said even if I told him I wanted to stay with my friends. My cousins don’t like him cause he threatened them but he did nothing about a year ago. Keep in mind I’ve been hanging with my friend and her boyfriend since 6th grade. Then my girl cousin texts me saying “really him?” I explained and she said she didn’t get it. We left it at that but IM STILL PISSED. Should I tell her y I’m mad? And my side of this? CAUSE THEY BOTH MESSAGED ANF CALLED ME FOR TRYING TO STAY WITH MY FRIEND! I’m so mad 🙁 but idk if I wanna start drama or idk if it will start drama but I want to get my side across to. Please help???

  19. Well I just wanna say it all depends on ur body , u should try them and find out that which way is more effective for u , I tried a lot of ways to lose belly fat but they didn’t work well and only intermittent fasting worked well ! Such a good example to prove what I was saying is correct

  20. Im a professional volleyball player and im just 13 and i already travel the world to go to my volleyball matches and i use your ways ? and no im not a guy cause of my profile its just that i make my profile picture a guy or a game picture to stay in my social safety zone ??

  21. I eat my meals and there small also I love my vegetables but I have cut out my fizzy and chips I have been on this diet for 3 weeks but I don't see any changes

  22. I’m going to try this starting tomorrow, but I do go to school and usually have a lot of homework but I’ll update everyday! Wish me luck!

  23. less sugar
    less carbs
    fruit, veggies, beans, nuts
    protein good
    water good
    green tea good
    cardio, hiit
    running, swimming
    sleep good

  24. let’s do a challenge. every like means one day of workouts, healthy meals (which i already do) and no unhealthy snacks (which i have a problem of doing)!

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