How To Increase Your Vertical Jump (8 Exercises to Jump Higher and Dunk a Basketball)

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump (8 Exercises to Jump Higher and Dunk a Basketball)

Nathanael M.: Are you looking for how to increase
your vertical jump? Well, I’m going to teach you exactly how to
do that in this video. Nathanael M.: What’s up everybody? Nathanael Morton here, and within this video
I’m going to teach you exactly how to increase your vertical jump. So by the end of this video, you will have
eight completely different exercises that you can do in the gym to increase your own
vertical jump and jump higher. Now, personally, I’ve used these same eight
exercises to increase my own vertical jump as well as many other exercises that I do
in many of my other videos. By the way, if you haven’t seen my other videos,
consider subscribing to the channel and looking at those videos because they can help you
increase your vertical jump. Nathanael M.: But personally I have used these
same eight exercises to increase my vertical jump to the point where I am dunking with
two hands, throwing myself, alley-oops and everything of the sort, but enough about me. Let’s talk about you and your vertical jump
and I will explain to you as I demonstrate these eight exercises. Nathanael M.: I’m going to explain how many
reps and sets you should do as well as how to perform these exercises. By the way, as you can see right now, I am
putting bands on the squat rack. If you do not have these bands, I highly recommend
that you get a pair of these bands and I have linked the bands for you in the description. So go to the description of this video, click
the link. It will take you to Amazon, order the bands
and use them for your speed squats. But if you do not want to use the bands, do
not fear. Just do the squats without the bands. So as you can see, I’ve stacked up six plyo
box platforms and put a 45 pound plate on top of it to sit on. I just use this as a box. You can use a chair, you can use a bench,
you can use whatever you want. Notice how I go down slow and as soon as my
butt hits the box, I explode up as quickly as I can. Nathanael M.: That is how you want to do these. You want to explode with every rep. Then I go straight into what are called split
leg lunge jumps. So I do my speed squats, my box squats, and
then I go directly supersetting into my split leg lunge jumps, so I go down slow, soon as
my butt hits, explode up very fast, three reps. What you’re going to do for these are 10 sets
of 3 for the speed squats and then you are going to do 10 sets of 4 jumps for the split
leg lunge jumps, 10 sets of 3 and then 10 sets of 4. Next here we have explosive step-ups, so notice
that I am exploding with every single rep. I am jumping as hard as I can, as high as
I can, as fast as I can. We want to use our our ultimate power, as
much power and speed and intensity as we can with every single one of these jumps. Nathanael M.: Now, I am alternating legs. You can either alternate legs or use the same
leg. You are going to do those for three sets,
five reps each leg. Next we have here band pull-throughs. I used a 100 pound dumbbell. You can use a 100 pound dumbbell or you can
simply wrap your band around the squat rack, basically any machine, any pull, any railing
that you can get, you could just put those bands around the pole and use it for these
band pull-throughs. So what I’m doing here is you want to have
your knees bent just slightly, but you want your legs to be mostly straight and you want
to use your pelvis just like a pelvis thrust. You’re going to feel this in your hamstrings
and your glutes the most. And notice that just like the other exercises,
everything you do, you want to be explosive and powerful. Nathanael M.: So do those the same way, explosive
and powerful. These right here are called a one-arm push
press. So I’m standing on my left leg, I have a dumbbell
in my right hand and what I’m doing is lowering down to where my opposite knee touches the
ground and then I am exploding up and pressing the weight in the air. These are called a one-arm push press. I’m sorry, for the band pull-throughs, you
do 3 sets of 12. I will have all of this linked down in the
description, in case I forget to say anything to you. 3 sets of 12 for the band pull-throughs. For these one-arm push presses, you want to
do three sets of five reps each leg and then we’re going to superset that with one-leg
box jumps. So notice that right after I do those, I put
the weight down, I come over and I do my one-leg box jumps. Nathanael M.: Now notice that this is kind
of high for one leg. It’s not very high for a normal box jump,
but for using one leg, this is pretty difficult. So when you do this, you want to put the boxes
high to the point where you almost can’t make it. Yes, to the point where you almost face plant
and land on your face. But don’t do that. Just make sure you get it. But I do four reps with my left leg, then
I switch and I do four reps with my right leg. So once again, three sets of five reps each. I’m sorry, I did five reps of this one-leg
box jumps. So we have the one-arm push press, three sets,
five reps, superset with one-leg box jumps, three sets, five reps. Nathanael M.: I think that’s the last one. And moving on, the next thing that we have
are walking lunges. So I’m pretty sure that’s 110 pounds that
I have. You could use a barbell and do more. You could use a lighter weight, you could
use dumbbells, but the point is just do your walking lunges. So what you’re going to do here is you’re
going to do three sets of 12 steps each leg, so a total of 24 steps. It’s not easy, and it’s at the end of the
workout, which makes it extra hard. But that is exactly what we want. And you want to explode with every step up. I’m a little bit fatigued here, but so you
can’t tell. But when you do it, definitely explode with
every single rep. Nathanael M.: The very last exercise that
we have, the eighth exercise, are called hyper extensions. So just cross your arms at your chest, go
down, you want to feel this in your hamstrings and your glutes, just as we did with the band
pull-throughs. And you want to do this for 3 sets of 15 reps,
3 sets, 15 reps. You’re going to feel this in your hamstrings,
you’re going to feel this in your glutes and you’re definitely going to feel this in your
lower back. Remember to increase our vertical jump, we
want to also strengthen our core. Now your core is not only your abs, it is
also your obliques and your lower back. So this is working on our lower back as well
as our glutes and our hamstrings, all muscles that are very necessary to increase our vertical
jump, jump higher and dunk a basketball. Now, I’m pretty sure this is the very last
exercise. So after you do this for three sets of 12
reps, you are done. Nathanael M.: All right, everybody, this has
been Nathaniel Morton teaching you exactly how to increase your vertical jump and dunk
on the competition. If you liked this video, if you got value
from this video, definitely subscribe to the channel and click the bell so that you get
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tell me what you want to see in my next videos. And as always, take action and go do this
workout because action is everything to know and not to do is to not know at all.

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