How to Heal Trigger Finger with 4 Exercises That Work! (Real Patient)

How to Heal Trigger Finger with 4 Exercises That Work! (Real Patient)

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  1. I had an injury….a dropped finger…. it took two years in a cast to heal and I am a pianist! But God is good and now I am going great!😃

  2. I had trigger thumb for about 4 months and a couple of weeks ago had minor surgery on my hand that fixed the problem immediately. The doctor used ultrasound to guide the needle after numbing the thumb. It was an in-office procedure and I am very pleased with the result. It feels like I got my thumb back! I would recommend this to anyone who does not get desired resists from these exercises.

  3. Taking up crochet and working with polymer clay helped with my trigger finger. I have it in three of my fingers on my left hand. They still catch if I've been clenching my hands too much but it's been much better and mostly pain free for a year now.

  4. I have bad A. arthritis and trigger finger. I really hope this helps. Especially thankful about the apple cider vinegar for this. Thank You.

  5. I got up one morning and my thumb was locked I have no idea why unless I slept on it funny. It kept getting stuck all the time after that. I kept forcing it to move naturally and finally it did it on its own.

  6. I have it right hand ring finger. Started happening as my psoriatic arthritis became worse. Super appreciative of this video 👍

  7. From what I have read, apple cider vinegar with the mother, is actually very good for acid reflux. It seems that acid reflex is caused by not enough acid. It’s something to research on your own. Check out what Dr. Eric Berg says about it. He is a very knowledgeable guy. Actually a lot of doctors are talking about it. Don’t take my word for it.

  8. Causes? Hahaa how about we PT’s who have “mileage” on our hands from decades of manual therapy? 😂 Had it two years ago on my left thumb flexors…a little WD40 (scraping), tendon glide ex’s during the day, it finally broke away completely after about 6 months. There’s hope even for us! 👍. PS: the ACV is an excellent addition, dilute well for it to go down easy! 😖 #becauseitsgoodforyou

  9. They tried to kick me out of the Navy SEALs when my trigger finger got bad, but I just switched to a cock ring and everything was good!! (Lol)

  10. I had trigger finger in my right thumb, and I couldn’t bend it without the clicking and severe pain that made you immediately jam it back straight. (I’m right handed). After a year, I saw a specialist and had a cortisone shot, that made it extremely painful for about 4 days, but eventually got better. The specialist said it would come back and he laughingly said, « I’ll see you in a year. » Sure enough, it came back a little over a year later and I saw the same doctor and I agreed to have the surgery, as he said it will continue on in this pattern. My husband convinced me to wait until the fall, so as to not ruin the summer. About 3 weeks later, I used a palm sander to sand down a piece of furniture. My whole hand was so stiff, but eventually, when I worked on straightening out my whole hand, my thumb began to flex without the excruciating pain. The next few days, I took over sanding the back steps and railing. That was over 2 years ago! It’s not perfect, but I’d say 80% better! I’ve since read about how that surgery doesn’t work very well, and often people are worse off. Fluky, I know, but I feel like I dodged a bullet! Now, I have your tips to help. Your videos are sooo helpful! Thanks a million!!

  11. I had surgery on my thumb for trigger finger back in August. It was stuck in a bent position and wouldn't straighten out. That said, I have another finger that this may help with since it's not too bad (yet😳).

  12. Tendon glides focusing on hooking. You do not want to do fisting if its locking, it will just make scar tissue and inflammation worse

  13. I started having trouble with trigger fingers and thumbs, both hands, almost immediately after I began using a cpap.

  14. Can you guys do a video on carpal tunnel vs. arthritis in the hands? Would like to know about hand exercise. I used to get therapy but can't anymore. Would like to know best treatments at home.

  15. Will this also help with thumbs that have the trigger finger problem as well?
    The tender spot is at the base of my thumb — too painful to massage, even lightly at this time.
    Will treat with ice and ibuprofen for now.

  16. I had a series of 3 one a week it was good my the 4th week the Dr said im a surgeon i dont make money giving these shots.

  17. Had it for years and years. Cortisone works. Thank God for cortisone. Weightlifting absolutely causes it. So does too much typing. Do NOT get the surgery. Fish helps for sure. The first exercise does NOT work. NEVER stretch a finger in isolation. Sleep with finger splints once you discover you have it for the rest of your life, at 15 degrees or so. Remember, Cortisone. You can have more than they tell you, and you may need it. Rest of this is pure B.S.

  18. Now I know why my middle finger is locking when I clench my hand and it is worse in the morning. It started after I did a lot of gardening using secateurs. Thanks for the information on how to fix it.

  19. I'm 65 and just started having trigger finger of the middle finger on both hands.
    I will start these exercises today.
    Thank you for the info.

  20. Now if you can help me with arthritis pain in my left palm. Shot only helped for about 4 months. The burning pain is killing me!

  21. Can't express how much I appreciate the information that you share with us! Already started working on my trigger finger and it's making a difference. I didn't even know what to call it before watching this. Id love to see a video on what you know about chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain.

  22. My middle finger is affected by Dupuytren's Contracture. It isn't catching or having Trigger Finger now but it did for a short time then stopped. However the middle finger does not bend as far back as the other fingers and is being pulled straight down slightly. Seems to be very slow moving, thank goodness. Just makes it a problem to pick up a drinking cup with that hand or impossible to put the hand down flat for exercising on the floor. Will these exercises help with Dupuytren's Contracture?

  23. I'm a Dental Hygienist and I've been practicing for 19 years. I recently started developing trigger finger and I found massage really helped. I will incorporate these exercises in to my recovery as well. Thanks!

  24. I had this on my ring finger last spring and it got gradually worse over several weeks. My doctor knew exactly what it was, said rest and if it does not improve do a steroid injection and surgery if necessary. I did not want injection and no way for surgery. Did the massage on the painful pulley spot and got a Nicehel trigger finger splint. The splint allowed it to rest, kept finger open over night so it wasn't locked closed in the morning. It started to improve as soon as I wore the splint. Only about $9.

  25. I had trigger finger then got put into a splint by the local hospital and ended up with a dislocated finger as the splint was moulded to tightly on the finger the caused the pip joint to dislocate

  26. I’m 21 and I had it in both of my hands. It started with my index then moved to my middle finger. Now I only have it in one hand not sure why it went away but I still have it in one hand and it’s so embarrassing when I have my hand closed trying to open my hand first thing that goes up is the middle finger and I can’t control or slow the motion either. Going to try these excercises

  27. The UTK infrared pad worked great for mine in addition to why I purchased it which is for back aches. Found out about it from these guys.
    There’s a couple YouTube channels that talk about vitamin b6 healing this too. A finger splint at night really helps too. Find it on Amazon.
    These guys do great work but not so much this time. AVC is a heartburn remedy per Dr Berg and personal experience.

  28. I've got trigger finger in my thumb, I found the sensitive spot at the base of thumb, I was messaging that area as I watched the video, it helped. I'll be doing this everyday Thanks guys

  29. My daughter has had it in her thumb since birth. We didn't realize it until she was around 3 years old when she complained of pain. We went back through pictures and sure enough, that thumb was mostly crooked.

  30. I have RA 30 yrs, are these exersises ok if there are nodules on tendon at point you say to massage and swannecking on the finger?

  31. I had it in my thumb, and it would lock and get stuck. A supplement called P-5-P and overnight splinting absolutely worked to restore my thumb to normal. It's available in any good health food store.

  32. I’ve had both wrists operated on for carpal tunnel years ago. I do exercises now for any pain in my arm. I’m pretty much doing ok now for tendonitis. Just exercises.

  33. Thanks guys! I have a trigger finger – two actually, ring and little finger on right hand. It isn't always and it isn't particularly painful (but definitely weird feeling). I'll add these simple exercises and massages to my daily routine. Love your channel, what fun! (I do not subscribe to the idea that Physical Therapy is torture… except sometimes ;->)

  34. I injured my finger several months ago. I feel clicking and pain when I try to close my hand. And I have lost range of motion in that finger. I can raise the finger but have issues closing it. A doctor described the problem exactly like you did. But when I asked about exercises, he said there weren’t any that would help. Told me to wait to see if it would get better with time. I did the exercises you suggested while watching the video. I immediately started feeling less pain and have greater range of motion in that finger! Thank you! I will do these exercises daily. I’ve also been watching your back videos and plan on trying the stretching techniques you recommend. I wish I had found your YouTube site before today! Awesome content!

  35. My middle digit finger has been feeling this way for the past 4 yrs it started after 6 mo from surgery for a broken hand. Have been doing finger stretching workout every morning but have the feeling your talking about . I will try these exercises plus what I’ve been doing. Thanks so much.

  36. Will these exercises help for a trigger finger that will not straighten out anymore? It's not completely bent over but it won't straighten out anymore and the base of the finger through the first knuckle is painful.

  37. You guys are absolutely amazing. I've had trigger finger for a few years now and it got really bad, and I just did everything that you talked about and it released it within minutes thank you so much!

  38. Mine is with the little finger – when it first started 2 to 3 weeks ago I read up on it and it suggested putting it in a splint w/rest. I did that but after wearing the splint I couldn't move my finger at all "is that normal"? Does ice help with the inflammation? Thanks

  39. literally just got back from the doctors and thought I would watch some videos on youtube, stumbled on this. I have trigger finger in my middle finger on my right hand (the exact same as the dude in the video). I started massaging the area and it seems to be working. My trigger finger is quiet bad now after having it for around 3 years but now its got worse. I'm definitely going to be doing these and I also have some apple cider vinegar with mother as well!!!

    Hopefully this helps over the next few weeks as I am waiting a letter from the hospital to have a steroid injection which I obviously would like to avoid having.

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