How to get your credit card bill processed by Verizon Business Credit Card

A new tool from Verizon Business has helped the struggling consumer get their credit card bills processed quickly and safely.

The company launched a program called Business Credit Cards, or BCCs, in the fall to help consumers who are struggling with low credit scores and high interest rates get their bills paid.

It allows consumers to set up a new BCC account and get paid monthly payments, as well as pay for purchases with an automatic debit card.

The new BCTs, which are backed by the company, allow consumers to get their balances paid and pay their bills in a timely manner.

“Business Credit Cards help consumers manage their finances, make payments, and avoid debt by reducing the cost of paying off credit cards,” Verizon said in a statement.

“We know that sometimes credit is harder to get than you think and you may be stuck with the bills.”

For consumers who have low credit score, BCC can help get their debt paid off in a matter of weeks, said Jennifer Lee, senior director of consumer programs for the American Bankers Association.

Lee noted that some consumers have had trouble getting paid for purchases, and some people can’t afford to pay their credit cards on time, making it difficult for them to pay off their debt.BCC can also help consumers pay off debt by automatically paying the balance in their BCC after 30 days, said Lee.

“In a nutshell, you can set up BCC as a prepaid credit card and pay off the balance over time.”

Verizon also offers an app called, which helps customers get paid by using an automatic credit card.

“Bcc is a convenient, convenient, fast, easy and free way to pay for your purchases,” said Lee in a press release.

“With a simple and quick payment, Bcc helps you pay off your credit cards faster and get your monthly payment quickly.”BCCs have been available for about a year, and customers can use the BCT app to set them up for free.

The program allows consumers with low score to get paid on time for purchases and other services, and it can also be used to pay down a credit card debt.

“We know how important it is to have access to financial services that can help our consumers get paid when they need it most,” said Julie Eichenberger, senior vice president and general manager for Verizon Business.

“Today’s announcement by Verizon gives consumers more options and better tools to pay.”

For more information on BCT, including how to get started and set up, visit:

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