How To Get Rid of Muscle Soreness (NEW STUDY) | Soreness Trick

How To Get Rid of Muscle Soreness (NEW STUDY) | Soreness Trick

Before we start, I do wanna mention today
is the last day to cash in on preorder discounts for the new PicFit hoodies, now available
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you guys, and hope to… uh, love the rest of you too. I already do but just a bit more love. I recently bumped into this new study and
I found it to be something worth bringing to your attention. After all, we all deal with delayed onset
muscle soreness, aka DOMS, and it would be absolutely lovely if we can deal with it less. Unless you’re into that kinda stuff, no
judgment from me. Anyway, this new study looked into tackling
muscle soreness before you actually have to deal with it. More of a preventative approach. But how exactly? The researchers proposed that you first come
back to the gym by initially limiting your exercise options to a particular type. That is, when you come back to the gym, first
do some isometric exercises. Isometrics are exercises employing static
muscle contractions. One of the more popular isometrics is the
plank. But it can be done with virtually any type
of exercise. You just simply hold a position while under
tension. But now let’s take quick dive into the findings
and see how we can apply it for ourselves. This studied looked at 64 young men with no
regular training in the past 6 months. Kind of mimicking the person that is either
returning after a break or never trained at all. The subjects were placed into four different
conditions: Two where they performed a maximal isometric
exercise two days before engaging in slow eccentric training or fast eccentric training. Eccentric training is where the muscle lengthens
while under tension, like lowering a dumbbell while contracting the biceps in a bicep curl. The other two conditions were controls, where
subjects ONLY did either slow eccentric or fast eccentric training. The isometric was an elbow flexion, aka a
bicep curl, at MAXIMAL contraction held for 3 seconds 10 times at a 20-degree flexion. 45 seconds of rest were given between each
of the 10 reps. Their findings… were pretty clear. Isometric training two days before fast and
slow eccentric training led to lower reductions of maximal voluntary contraction, and yes,
smaller increases in muscle soreness. Preponderance lies with mitigating exposure
to immediate eccentric exercises, which are very closely tied to DOMS. Plus, creating some sort of adaptation, a
repeated bout effect, can also explain the lower soreness magnitudes when employing isometrics
beforehand. In short, doing isometrics can help “prepare”
the muscles before dealing with heavier eccentrics loads. Considering how easily this can be done, we
all can employ this ourselves and see if it can help with that messy messy DOMS. If not, hey, at least we tried. If you wanna give it a go yourself, perform
10 max isometric holds, typically under long muscle lengths a couple of days before you
jump back into your regular program. Of course, there are plenty of other options
to deal with muscle soreness, and I’ll be covering this in another video very shortly. If I already have by the time you’re watching
this video, then the new video will be linked in the description as well as in the video
cards. Let me know what YOU think about doing isometrics
to deal with soreness in the comments below. Or any other cool tricks you might have. If you enjoyed this video, give it an isometric
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100 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Muscle Soreness (NEW STUDY) | Soreness Trick

  1. Trust me try HMB and don’t bother with the free acid(muscletech clear muscle) just go with the HMB calcium salt. I’ve tried both and there’s no difference and get same benefits. I buy in bulk powder form as it’s a lot cheaper than capsules. This will get rid of soreness in less than 24 hours in my experience.

  2. do people hate soreness that much? when im sore im just happy imma get gains the pain is my last worry

  3. Sorry who would actually do this? DOMS is not bad at all 😂 if you’re worried about the pain from DOMS then idk how u cope with the pain of actually working out haha

  4. Isometrics are for people who don't know what they're doing. "IT BURNS!" …. doesn't mean it gets results. You EARN your soreness, stop being a baby about it and learn to love it.

  5. cant believe people wasted time and money to test this shit… train your muscles a bit then train harder so you get reduced soreness what genius came up with this lmao you just splitting it up over more days genius… i always appreciate your videos and this is in no way a comment on your channel or this video because i like both but these people are silly

  6. Hi, i am a huge fan for this channel keep it up! I just want you guys to make a video about gym and irritable bowel syndrome and how to keep your calorie intake sufficient despite of loss in appetite. TA

  7. I found that just making sure I'm getting my protein needs made a HUGE difference in DOMS. It's still there, but not nearly as painful or long lasting.

  8. Love the vids man! Can you do a vid tho on knees over feet for squatting ? I googled it earlier today but thought it’d be a great vid

  9. Awesome! On a side note, mr. Muscle Voice, how do you keep in touch with the latest researches? Do you have journal subscriptions or just check google scholar every once in a while?

  10. But does it decrease muscular hypertrophy? Wouldn’t shocking the muscle and creating more micro tears yield greater muscular development?

  11. Worse case scenario, you’ll get crazy soreness because since you’re recruiting more muscle fibers, then feel you can increase the intensity. 😂🤦‍♂️

  12. Also, I'd like to add that you can reduce DOMS and EMD (Exercise-induced Muscle fibre Damage) by eating a lot of high-oxidant fruits and vegetables:

    – beetroot
    – spinach
    – sour cherries (and all berries in general)
    – blackcurrant juice
    – citrus fruits
    – green tea
    – watercress
    – green algae

    have all shown to induce less DOMS and let athletes recover faster

  13. If you want to entirely remove muscle soreness just run fast for two minutes at the end of every workout – youll never be sore!

  14. I like most of your videos but I think this is fluff. Doing isometrics days before a real training session won’t do much for most. You have to build up work capacity and have proper cool down and recovery/nutrition protocols.

  15. nice, and cybergenics, forget the commercials, actually did a lot of contraction and streching in between sets and has, looking back, got quite respectful approaches from competent people.
    I trained for a period, every bodypart quite hard but with low or med sets every day and never had signs of overtraining. I ate enorme amounts of antioxidants too.

  16. Could you do some videos on pro hormone supplements like PCT and Test booster like turkesterone and how they work and if any studoes have been done?

  17. I'm currently writing my undergraduate thesis on the protective effect of prefatiguing a muscle (literally 5sec before, not days prior) before exposing it to eccentric contractions on the amount of short-term (sub-20min) damage in-vitro, and I'm pretty sure I can finesse this study's findings to work in my discussion! Thanks for another reference PictureFit!

  18. Might actually be true, I've been doing planche leans for years and I've never been sore after them. But from bench I'm sore very often.

  19. Please do a video on the validity of DNA based diet/exercise plans. My skepticism, led me to this article

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