How to Get Big Biceps – IN THE HOME!! (Without Equipment!)

How to Get Big Biceps – IN THE HOME!! (Without Equipment!)

100 thoughts on “How to Get Big Biceps – IN THE HOME!! (Without Equipment!)

  1. I tried doing the leg barbell curl and i noticed that i dont feel anything in my biceps, but my forearm hurts a lot after the exercise

  2. this did not help at all I'm going to try going to go and do something else because you suck the knot helps my biceps on the same picture

  3. Ты чмо, зачем почти все видео говорить и показывать движения, которые всем

  4. Oh man I went to a holiday that is 2 months long!! and I forgot to bring my dumbbells!!! and I was afraid to lose my bicep and thank god this miraculous video just popped up

  5. Just tried this , simply amazing . I’m getting dumbbells next week so I can workout my biceps at home when I don’t go to the gym.

  6. 1. Walk for 10 minutes
    2. 30 push ups
    3. 50 sit ups
    4. 30 lunges
    5. 30 triceps dips
    6. 30 squats
    (Is this good for a teenager who doesn’t have a lot of muscle and isn’t chubby)

  7. Also you can find a rail and do bar curls or Australian chin ups with a close or regular grip, very effective. Turn your wrists backwards when doing a pushup while pushing the center of your shoulder blades up as you reach the top

  8. I'm gonna try the doorframe thing asap. crunches hurt my back really badly (always has since I was a kid) so i try to find ways around the pressure on my back.

  9. my dog watched this video and now he has bigger biceps and he is now working as a police dog, and now its my time

  10. Quick question to anyone. I have just under a year worth of experience lifting and I recently started a 4 day upper lower routine. For push movements I focus on chest shoulders triceps. Would an effective way to train be for example:
    Week 1 – chest/strength, shoulders/power, triceps/size
    Week 2 – triceps/strength, chest/power, shoulders/size
    Week 3 – shoulders/strength, triceps/power, chest/size
    Or should I do say chest would be strength for the 1st workout and power for 2nd, then the next week have chest for size the 1st workout than strength. or just go heavy for all 3 on 1st workout, and then do volume? Sorry for long ass comment, I don't feel I've made my point unless you know all the details. Any input would be appreciated.

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  12. el primer ejercicio se puede hacer con el otro brazo. no hay necesidad de agarrar la pierna, apoyarse en la pared y jorobarse de esa manera

  13. If your not flexable… youll break your legs.. if your too flexable.. youl just feel stupid, puting your foot on your neck for like 1 minute before realizing this man is dumb like bru…. your better off lifing a jug of milk or 2 hahahahahahah

  14. THUMBS UP!!!
    then watch!!

    errr. uuumm. so i was multi-tasking. looked away from the screen for a sec. looked back at the screen. thought i saw dude…errr…uumm lifting his leg????

    started giggling. it's about 2am. slept earlier bc ASSWIPE neighbor threw me off my sleep schedule last night. was up nearly 24 hrs. i usually get up at 2:25am…..

    anyhu, THIS DUDE IS SUCH A CREATIVE FITNESS GOD that he actually shows how it's possible to work your biceps using your frickin' leg as the weight!!!!!

    i giggled throughout this ENTIRE video. then i added it to my not yet made public "greatest yt vids ever" list!!! another one of his vids made that list.

  15. God damn it the whole point of my watching this damn video was to exercise without a wall and you’re telling me I need to go buy a wall? Nah man you got me fricked up

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