How to Get a 6 Pack (WITHOUT “Ab Exercises”)

How to Get a 6 Pack (WITHOUT “Ab Exercises”)

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  1. Jeff, please do a video with best stretches for all major muscle groups. This is one important part of my workout, yet I struggle to find good stretches for some muscles.

  2. Hey Jeff,
    another great video from an incredible channel,
    i know you have mentioned in some videos about people doing too many sets and to make sure we avoid over training, and in this video you talk about how much is too much. If would be great if you could do a video talking about set ranges we should be aiming for, for each muscle group. I have seen websites talking about this but would be great to hear your point of view

  3. jeff can you make a video on limb dominant body vs torso dominant body and how to achieve each, i really like the limb dominant look (like yours) and i wanna know how to get that look. please thumbs up so jeff can read, thanks

  4. Hay, just an idea for the seated long leg presses, do them whilst sitting off the end of a bench so you have to hold your legs horizontally and don't allow them to fall to the floor.

  5. Good point! I noticed its one of the few things people forget to do. It prevents injury and makes workouts more effective

  6. I'd like your opinion on this exercise Jeff……..there's a lot of people who say there's NO physical benefit for the abs. Maybe not the safest training for the beginner…but "NO" physical benefit ??? YT- " Mike Tyson Takes a Beating From Kevin Rooney ".

  7. Jeff, I like put a link to some of your videos on our high school's Crew team Facebook page. Your advice is AWESOME. One request, however. If you could make an effort to refrain from the use of profanity it would be a big help. In this video you use some language around the 2:00 minute mark. I cannot, therefore in good conscience recommend this video to my students, and they're missing out on some good stuff. Just a humble request. Thanks!!

  8. how about a video relating to stretching,using a roller, or even exercising and strengthening the rotator cuff muscles

  9. I'm not Jeff, (sadly), but try a rope climb. I like to do it without using my legs at all; let them hang our extend them horizontally, but just use your upper body to get up that rope. Great grip strengthener.

  10. Great work out Jeff. As a personal trainer and professional Judo coach I'm always trying to incorperate abs indirectly into my excercises.

    This workout is great!!!!

  11. Jeff first off enjoying all of your videos. Anyway at gym I saw some folks doing Battle Rope exercises? anyway I had not heard of them before so I asked. I was told they are an excellent strenght and cardio exercise. The task looked simple enough all you had to do was hold some rope in your hand and wave them up and down for up to a minute and you were good to go. I was toast after about 40 secs. Have you ever considered a video on this type of exercise.

  12. Geff I know that the abs need to be worck every day but what about the rest of the core? Like the obliqus and alumbare fasha do they get worked every day to or are they worked like all the other muscle groups? Thangk you vary much this will take a huge load of of my shouldes.

  13. when I graduated high school I weighed 115 pounds. watching your videos over a month working out with no protein or supplements I got up to 120, and within the next month I weighed 130, still not a lot, trying to get to like 145ish, but you have the physique im going for, I don't want to be huge I just want to be cut, thanks for the help

  14. hey so i am acyually doing the athlean x system, and jeffs ab workouts are laid out like this: Lower abs, obliques,, total core, uper abs. So thats how you should do your ab workouts. stuff works too dude.

  15. Hey Jeff, I was wondering if I, a 15 year old very active football player, should be taking bolthouse farms protein plus shake. My main concern is the soy it contains. Is that a problem, and if so how much is to much , what are the problems, and what are the pros. I'd really appreciate the feed back!!

  16. What a fantastic teaching video. Thank you for this insight. I always learn something new when I watch your videos.

  17. Excellent video. I do calisthenics so I do a lot of various pull ups. This exercise has helped me a lot to strengthen and flatten my stomach.

  18. Got problem with pullups, the Cartilage in my shoulders is all but gone and pullups cause a lot of pain. Can you give me a couple of exercise that won't cause me so much pain? I can do the lat pull downs if thats a good alternate exercise.

  19. Great video Jeff!!! Very creative. I'd love to see some workout viedos (Chest/Shoulders/Tri's for example) with a focus on ab's in every exercise.

  20. @ Matthew Smith try assisted pull ups either use the machine or put a band under your feet to take some of the tension off

  21. Hey Jeff, what you do is great. Can you do a video in trying to develop the lower abs and help move that last stubborn lingering fat around that area.

  22. Hey Jeff, amazing video as always your the best out there! I feel these workouts that incorporate abs are great for hockey players and I really want to start doing them more often. Can you show us more of these? Thanks!!

  23. Ummm, Jeff is the certified physical therapist here not Elliott. One guy gets paid to know this stuff and the other guy acts like he should. I'll stick with Jeff.

  24. First Off: Thank you so much for this Video. Very informative

    Secondly: I agree with what "allcartuner" said: allcartuner
    2 weeks ago
    Jeff, please do a video with best stretches for all major muscle groups. This is one important part of my workout, yet I struggle to find good stretches for some muscles.

  25. Hi. Im skinny and the thought of supplements, besides training, is always on my mind. However, im a bit afraid of them. We hear that they may not be safe, because of cholesterol, or because they may damage your livre ir kidneys. Could you make a special vídeo on the risks of nutrition, and btw, the importance of drinking water?

    Thanks from Portugal

  26. Hey I'm a fan. All your videos are so true your are so right.
    Tell me about p90x.?
    1. Good
    2. Ok
    3. Great
    4. Idk.
    5. Absolutely phenomenal an awesome
    Lol. Thanks

  27. What are some good direct ab workouts that stimulate a thoracic extension? The video was really helpful and will implement the workouts in my regime each day.

  28. It's comforting to know, that as a relatively newly qualified PT, I'm training clients in the way you are advising.  I'm 43 now so have the understanding of ageing, injury, effects of poor technique and posture etc…. So I encourage everybody who trains, to do so Functionally to prevent future issues….. They don't all listen of course but hey !

  29. I really like your videos. so many of the other videos I watch have total touch bags. you seem like a genuinely cool guy who's really trying to help others get into better shape. I really appreciate your stuff man. keep up the good work.

  30. Love the channel I have a question though I have a very strong core but when I do different core works aside from sit ups my abs shake when I do various core and j would like to know how to stop them from shaking thanks

  31. Been watching several videos you have done and today i finally decided to try some things you talk about. Did shoulder press on a machine been stuck at 60 lbs per arm tighten my core and chest and holy cow i did 90lbs with just activating core and chest then did best i could to focus on shoulder while chest and core activated well it helped and as crazy as it sounds helped a whole lot more than i realized my abs and obliques feel like i worked them longer by doing this than the ab excersices i was doing im 46 trying to lose the love handles and fat on abs these methods also helped a bit more with barbell curls and tricep press looking forward to seeing what you program is all about. Soon

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