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  1. Also you have to consider what the attitude is like in general, I have been to a place, which WAS the home for a good team that had people who fought in UFC [however this team has been declared dead now] and I took Brazilian jujitsu classes there, there was some things I did not like, such as 30 min warm up 10 min of actual technique then 20 mins of sparring, but regardless, the main thing that I had a problem with….was the attitude, it was kinda "kill the new guy" attitude, slapping on submissions on 100%, wrist across face, really trying to destroy the other guy because they had the gaul to be on the same mat as you.

    Then I eventually started to get better and got some of the guys in bad positions such as the fact I got one guy in the crucifix position, and he could not get out, so he stood up and slammed backwards, bare in mind, this was BJJ with the gi, not mma style grappling, then yet again there was this other guy who did mma for at least a year, maybe more, I ended up submitting him once, probably when he was tired, but I was tired as well.

    The very next day, we were paired again, he was fresher then me, so he ended up passing my guard but he really struggled to do anything other then this, I ended up escaping into turtle, he then proceeded to give 3 light taps into my kidneys then BAM one hard shot into my bad kidney [had an operation on it when I was young] I went into the fetal position trying to catch my breath, he proceeds to take my back and took 2 mins to rear naked choke me when I put up little resistance, then eventually neck cranked me. He said "I barely hit you, so shut up you pussy", I showed him my kidney scar and his response was "oh well" the teacher saw it all and just said "no hitting during jujitsu" in a tone where he did not really care.

    There were other things going on, such as getting slammed, neck cranked, heel hooked by people who had no control, It was amazing I was not injured at that place. So I ended up leaving and joined a place that was just ment to jujitsu, and it seems to have an amazing attitude, if anyone starts being a meat head, they are quickly sorted out, the more experienced guys are told to go easy on the lower grades, so they can at least learn, but when you go against the same grade you can go 100%, just make sure not to hurt one another, if you get caught slamming, neck cranking or heel hooking you are quickly and firmly told off. Some may get the impression that this school can be too passive, but I disagree, seeing as it promotes people to compete and usually our dedicated competitors win, even more so in higher belt ranks.

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