100 thoughts on “How to Do a Squat | Gym Workout

  1. I just pulled a back muscle recently with bad form. remember to never round your back, keep it straight. I rounded mine and am just now recovering after almost 3 weeks, keep your chest out, and chin slightly up to help out, also always go low, lower than 90° if possible

  2. how long did it take u to get those abs man? I'm about 8 weeks in doing ab workouts 2-3 times a week and I'm seeing it come in but I'd like a little better results. any tips? I hear cardio from some people but they don't have a 6 pack so I tend to not really listen to them haha

  3. No coverage about: footwear, ankle mobility, hip mobility, limb differences, upright squatting, shoulder mobility, spine positioning, multi directional movement pattern, low bar vs high bar and worst of all this ''trainer'' doesn't even squat below parallel

  4. Thanks for the tip Max. I had back surgery two years ago and I'm needing to strengthen my core and I am considering putting this into my routine. Do you know of anyone that has had back surgery that do squats?

  5. I was looking for how to do squad, and was like ohh "this one" but then I see the protection for his back and like: Bye Bye

  6. I saw your foot is not the same place. .your left foot is a little bit forward than right. .. this make the balance of body not staple for back

  7. He didn't get set up properly. Your hands need to be balanced. Use the smooth rings or the starting of the knurling for reference. His right hand had the ring at his middle finger, and his left hand was completely inside the ring. This will cause the weight to not be balanced on your back.

  8. People say keep feet parallel to shoulders but if you're 6'1" like me then you have to spread more and you can't go as deep as shorter people lest you cause injury.

  9. Guy did it correctly, horrible filming though.. you would think a how to video would show an angle where you can actually see the proper form

  10. Thank you so much. You are the first person to explain it where I understand how to do squats properly and my mistakes when doing squats. I feel confident going into leg day tomorrow.

  11. This is nice movie I think. However, You should take instructions from Unflexal if you want to learn more about workouts.

  12. Not a bad video. But gotta talk about breathing techniques during a squat. That's where a lot of people can get injured if not done correctly

  13. Question.1) How much should we go down through squatting?
    Question.2) how should we know how much we're goin down without mirror? With the backbone?

  14. My spine tends to hurt when I do this exercise…
    I think it’s because when I place the bar on my back it hits the spine as it’s not thick.

  15. I just do not recommend anyone to squat unless they fixed their muscle imbalances first. Second, it is more important to strengthen the muscles by using machines and lastly if squatting is the ultimate goal, start with box squats!

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